Atoms in Consciousness

Consciousness is beyond any level of neuroscience, biology or physics has known because humanity never understood what matter was. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Matter is living only at one level of consciousness in human photosynthesis. No one lives outside of their one level of consciousness. The world only exists in their narrative. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them.  We are living through images in our Soul.

Atoms are living within temperature in decimals in holographic light. They are not living within human consciousness. Our version is only our level of consciousness. There is more there we have no light for seeing until we live in higher levels of intelligence.

When God created human consciousness, He had to create a way for individual atoms to respond to algorithms in self-organizing energy. Human beings are living in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for living uniquely in our own light experiencing a world only existing at our level of consciousness. Read the Article