Algorithms and Quarks

Everything we see is living energy. Algorithms and quarks give us light for experiencing life at our own level of consciousness. They’re unique to us. Algorithms are the entire basis of life’s self-organizing energy. There are hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy all living within different light for human consciousness to experience matter. Nothing is living outside of energy.

Matter is only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from their level of consciousness. Quarks are only a word being used for applying the level of minuscule beyond any level we have known. Atoms exist outside of our light and what we see is only from our level of consciousness which never understood how matter was existing until now. The light in every atom lives outside of human consciousness for human consciousness. There other races of light existing within human consciousness for giving matters level. Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive and Heaven giving our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and can communicate when we live with God teaching about Himself.

We live in photons bringing light beyond the level we see. The light is living quantum with levels of leptons and quarks that are different levels of energy were only beginning to comprehend exist. The energy we know as atoms doesn’t begin to come close to what an atom looks like or how it interacts in life. God created human consciousness and the word shaped the world. We haven’t increased the word for knowing more of our world. No one is living for enlightenment and we don’t live to go beyond society with a greater hypothesis or for deeper living with God. Life has been moving in linear consciousness without climbing the pyramid to higher levels of light. Without that higher light we only see atoms at the level of matter.

Human consciousness lives in the algorithm of God’s energy at the level we sustain. Since the beginning, we have only lived matters level which is considered the devils level because it shapes human consciousness to what doesn’t give light. As science opens the door for knowing God they will begin understanding creation. Algorithms and quarks will be the next level of knowing for placing quantum entanglement with human photosynthesis.