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Celestial Life and Other Races


At the bottom of this writing is a link to download raw videos of life never seen by human beings. Including a video of another race living in our atmosphere. The video is called Snow Squid.

Celestial life is only different levels of consciousness in our universe. Everything in existence is living in God’s light. When God created life He created levels of energy to live in photosynthesis infinitely expanding to the observers level of consciousness. Every human being is living in energy. The body is not who we are and our thoughts are not who we are. The experience of the body and the level of self was created for consciousness to live through matter. Consciousness is all that is alive. Consciousness is the only level in existence whether one million miles away or four hundred light years away.

Humanity has been living at the level of matter which created a level of consciousness not understanding the universe, what being alive is or the level of our world. Living in energy meant humanity would have to live through Spirit in order to live conscious evolution.

There is a unity in life living through the solace of life itself existing.  No matter what race, consciousness or level of medium life is living in miracles far greater than we have conceived. Our very own existence in photosynthesis tells us how far out God’s consciousness is compared to ours. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and His consciousness created the way for conscious energy, which is us to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. God created matter and He created consciousness.


We want to understand what being alive is and the level of our world because without having that knowledge we can’t perceive the universe or celestial life in the context of living in energy.  Knowing a human being is energy changing form living in a life continuum with different mediums to live through is a higher Truth to realize when someone says they believe in eternal life or the afterlife. We are a species that lives in matter only in consciousness having matter live through the light from our Soul.

Matter is a nothingness and this does mean humanity, the earth and universe only live in our level of consciousness. How we should understand celestial life is the same way we are now understanding our atmosphere is living plasma. Or how we know Conscious Energy the living species in the conscious space of God giving us our livingness in matter. Without Conscious Energy we would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or experience matter.


Every level of what is giving us life is beyond the human race. God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive. No one could fathom God being the level of a human being and that is because His intelligence had to be the greatest level in existence to create consciousness in matter at any one level of consciousness. He created photosynthesis and energy, hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of energy in holographic light to live in self-organizing levels. The self-organizing energy is giving humanity the level of livingness in matter.

Which is a blessing beyond what we can imagine.  We  never understood how matter was existing even though we have known at the smallest particle there is only a wave. Matter is the gift God has given us as energy to experience.

Our world is in photosynthesis living in Heaven because Heaven is the only level giving us the way to live in matter. God is in every atom giving the light for photosynthesis. There is no level of our existence not in God.

The world is levels of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living through holographic light in decimals. Decimals are important to note because it is giving levels of living infinite light to give matter its purpose at our level of consciousness.


Humanity’s reality is only based on one level of consciousness. Living at the level of matter created human consciousness to live in a level not comprehending the enormity of life or the intricate level of our existence in energy. The outer world has been the focus of humanity without understanding what is creating the outer world is only living in us. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

If we are a species putting meaning in material and in levels of wealth rather than living through Spirit. We have no way to understand energy at the level we need. We want to live deeper in God for higher levels of consciousness. Having God’s light in ours is what gives us different levels of life beyond humanity’s present level.

As we understand our living we begin to understand our universe. A good example is there are video’s I’ve posted on the website for download. They show life no human eyes have ever seen before. Never in the history of the human race has anyone captured a species on video of another race.

This video was posted years ago on social media with no one responding at the level they should of. They were seeing for the first time in human history another race living right beside us. Which air energy has always been part of our atmosphere.  They are able to communicate and are in a far greater level of intelligence than humans. Even though this video showed life beyond the human race no one did anything. Our level of consciousness isn’t being able to grasp the level of miracles in our existence. We grasp darkness but we don’t grasp light.

We miss life because we are not living in a greater level of light with God. It’s like having dark spots in our mind creating a veil over our eyes not comprehending the enormity of life and how much other life is living right here beside us.


Humanity has never been able to comprehend the miracle of this existence. We even took matter for granted even though for centuries we knew it was energy. We didn’t put the pieces together because our level of thinking isn’t giving us the depth we need to understand consciousness and photosynthesis.

Celestial life is only an extension of consciousness. The concept of celestial life is non existent because all life is living in consciousness at different levels. The body doesn’t matter it is only where reference is. There are very different levels of life living with us that can are in different sizes, shapes, textures, and objects having no facial features but can communicate easily. Different levels of consciousness have different mediums.

Some are resembling what we would call an insect but they are living only from a different light in life and their body is much much bigger. There is a race living with us but a human being will never see them. Only God will show then in higher light. Deafening rare but they look like an ant seven or eight feet tall and are as gentle as a dove. They only live in a light deeper in consciousness greater than humanity is presently living in. As an example if we are living at one level of consciousness plugged into outlet A we will only experience what is living in outlet A. If we are living in consciousness plugged into outlet B we will experience what is in outlet B.

There are races having the ability to be transparent, can clone the atmosphere and live communicating telepathically. All races live in their own light with their own level of consciousness. Most races other than humans are communicating telepathically. The body for all races is in their own level of consciousness.


The level of races off planet are as vast as the level of different species on earth. All by design have Gods incredible creativity and light just as life in humanities level of consciousness does. For other races, the human being is very extraordinaire having the ability to live multiple lives with different bodies and consciousness in an internal life continuum. We are a young level of consciousness only beginning our understanding of energy and consciousness. Other races live for hundreds and some for hundreds of billions of years and have the ability to also live infinitely because they are energy living in consciousness.

We will never meet another race that is human. We will always meet what is extremely different than anything we ever imagined as life.

Our atmosphere is living in Conscious Energy which is the level of Heaven because we are in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is able to talk to us just like a human being can. They can also interact by giving us the ability to understand their existence deeper.

I’ve been blessed to experience Conscious Energy in every level of our living having them make something that weighs five pounds weigh fifty pounds. Or something that weighs fifty pounds weight five pounds. I have experienced lettuce in a salad extremely difficult to budge because Conscious Energy was making it denser.

The same way Conscious Energy can communicate is the same way God can. Every level of our world is God. There is no level in what we are seeing that does not have living energy in it. The space around furniture, between us and the sky is all living energy that is able to communicate in higher levels of consciousness.


The enormity of life is overwhelming and living right here beside us. We live in consciousness comfortably. We do not see trillions of layers of bacteria covering everything including our bodies. Nor do we have particles and resonance blocking our view. The level of life living in energy is giving us the way to live in photosynthesis.

Human consciousness has lived at the level of matter in a very neat, pretty hypothesis of what life is. We didn’t go deep in Spirit to understand God and what being alive was. Consequently, we didn’t go deep into the quantum level of our existence and how it is actually possible to live on a planet floating in space with trillions of galaxies and planets in hydrogen. Just the level of hydrogen and water alone should have had us consider the sun ninety-three three million miles as a source of photosynthesis for human life. Important to note our interpretation of photosynthesis is not the level of photosynthesis for humanity.


Photosynthesis is energy in holographic light in decimals. Having its levels in light greater than any level humanity has known to exist. The level of light is in different temperatures with different properties in microorganism levels through extreme quantum levels of frequencies, vibrations, and resonance.


There are over a million planets with life. Life outside of the human race is beaming and has been since the beginning of life as well as in other dimensions and levels of our universe. Elder levels of consciousness live in peace because they are in higher levels of intelligence having the consciousness to live only for conscious evolution. All races in higher levels of intelligence live only for conscious evolution because the light in consciousness is creating the experience of life in matter. So the higher we can live thinking in photosynthesis the greater experiences we can live in matter.

Knowing God is in every atom and Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter gives us a humungous ability in guidance and teachings for living beyond what we can fathom. Living with God is the way because God is the only one that can change our eyes and our thinking to live in heavenly light.


Space-time is levitation in higher levels of light bending the level of instances greater than the light within. It is only living in humanity’s level of life. Heaven has no level of space-time. Hearing someone in Africa and the United States at the same time is instant. Space-time only exist in human consciousness for living in matter. Gravity is another level that does not exist and also general relativity. If the universe was blindly deciding an atoms purpose or a particles livingness the world would be ripped apart. Consciousness is. The universe is consciousness and it’s responding only to our level of consciousness.

We are in the conscious space of God. And an easy way to understand this is to first only think of energy and then realize your life is lived only from your perspective. Everything you see and do is out of your mind and only your level of thinking is creating what you live through as life. So everything we think is all that is living. Human beings bring everything into being out of thought. Therefore, every level of life we are experiencing is only living in our individual conscious space.

We are an idea in the mind of God. We are living in His conscious space. Just as we can bring everything into being to live through from our minds. God has brought us into being to live through in His light. He is the consciousness all life is in. The only difference is God created us and we are creating what we live through.


Every level of life is only levels of consciousness having a medium at their own level of consciousness. Energy lives without any kind of necessity a human being needs to live. Energy lives without food, sleep, or oxygen. What human consciousness deems as life is not life for elder levels of consciousness or energy. Their purpose is starkly different than ours and what living is for them holds a very different meaning in conscious evolution.

The entire premise of the human race is to become conscious of Love because as we gain greater levels of God’s energy in ours, we gain wisdom and knowledge to move through matter in higher light.

Life has always been far greater than humanity’s level of consciousness. That is by design. As humanity evolves levels of life come into being through Gods light. Cherish the miracle of all life and marvel at the ability to witness what you never thought possible. It is an honor and privilege to live going deeper into God for what is beyond this present level of consciousness. When we think about life off the planet or other races in our light we must think of it as heavens gift. The level to live from is Love. Fear will blind us and lead us into darkness. While Love will open us to experience heavenly levels of life in greater wisdom and knowledge for learning more.

The pyramid of consciousness has different many levels of life for different levels of consciousness. The unity in life is all life is connected through light. We live only at our level of consciousness with much more life beyond this one level. Celestial life is only elder levels of consciousness part of our living in consciousness. They give us the way to dream, imagine and extend our consciousness into experiences that teach and guide us to live deeper in God in all ways possible.

Watch videos of other races.

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