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Leaving Religion for God

God teaching about Himself

Light in God

Jesus was Crucified by the High Priest

Religion doesn’t hold the pathway to God. Living beyond it does.  Life with God is consciousness changing that takes us from living society as reality to living with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is the devil’s level only keeping society as reality. There’s a reason Jesus taught the high priest they didn’t know His Father. 

Nothing happened during that time except for Jesus being crucified while religion continued in satan. Religion never learned how to live with God because it made human precepts the living with God instead of living with God teaching about Himself becoming enlightened to Him. 

This recording is the first recording in human history of God healing a human being. He was taking childhood wounds out from my past when He came upon a deeply traumatic experience. When I got super upset He said, “Follow” and His Angels said, ” Happy, Happy, Happy.” in a blink of an eye the pain was gone. 

Resurrection Sunday has been a tradition that focuses on Christ rising to the right hand of God. What has been overlooked is why the resurrection existed in the first place. We don’t focus on what happened to Jesus with religion not knowing the Messiah right in front of them. Instead, we focus on Him rising from the dead. The lesson was for knowing religion didn’t know God and for knowing our temporal world doesn’t keep us from living greater in God. We are eternally dwelling in God’s light renewing our existence in Him. 

Back in c.30 AD, the high priest made Jesus a blasphemous human being that needed to be killed so that the Pharisees of that time could continue having status and authority over the word of God. Jesus lived going from temple to temple teaching religion it didn’t know His Father. They marveled at His knowledge and couldn’t believe the miracles He gave to the blind, crippled, and deaf.

The highest levels of religion had no eyes to see the Messiah but the common people could. Uneducated fishermen knew the Messiah was Jesus and became disciples but the highest level of religion didn’t. They had no way to know God because satan gave them rewards with status as upper-class citizens. Religion never learned how to live with God because it killed God’s only Son. That consequence has been religion’s depth in God ever since and to this day we do not live with God teaching about Himself. 

It’s always been human beings creating traditions, rituals, practices, and protocols that satisfy an idea upholding the institution instead of living beyond it to God. We’re not experiencing God at any profound level but we think we live deep in God because religion tells us we do, but religion doesn’t know God. History shows living with God is a journey that’s beyond society’s little person level.

  • Many stories in the Bible teach living beyond society with God

Abraham, John the Baptist, and Moses all knew God beyond religion, as did Christ. That’s part of the journey of the Soul living beyond society to God as reality. We’re not realizing religion’s level in life not knowing God because we’re born into it. Jesus teaching the high priest didn’t know His Father is one of the most vital lessons for human living with God. 

Human precepts and living in practices and protocols are nowhere near God. We created the exact same level as the high priest. When Jesus was charged with blasphemy it was the high priest who was actually blasphemous. This continue’s today with preachers and hierarchy in religion believing that a title or position out of human origin is depth in God. They are blasphemous because they’ve never lived a day with God teaching about Himself or out of the devil’s level in consciousness. They still live in ego with satan and only know society as reality. Hierarchy, titles, and positions never have depth in God because the position is the reward and not living beyond it to God. They don’t live with God teaching about Himself and they only live society as reality in status. 
Preachers have never lived with God teaching about Himself they have only lived in what the institution requires to be a preacher. There’s no carving of the Soul for knowing God. No one who lives hearing God ever lives a day making religions little person-level living with God. They live with God teaching about Himself.
The disciples lived with Christ teaching about Himself and through the devil in human consciousness. When the disciples began spreading the word society was already deep in the devil having made money a second God. People only knew society as reality and hadn’t lived with God teaching about Himself as the disciples did. They had no aptitude to live with God even though they had the Trinity for understanding God living of no form and of all form. 

Jesus placed the Trinity within our light for keeping God as our teacher and not another human being. Most people will never leave society as reality for God. We must live through the devils world shattering the dark for light when we hear God speak to us. No one who hears God speak out of thin air ever walks the purpose of society again. We begin trying to figure out what is happening. Society as reality is one world and living with God is another beyond anything we fathom. We will leave the darker earthly level of society as reality for only living with God teaching about Himself.

    • Religion doesn’t live with God it only lives society as reality

    Out of all the major religions on earth no one has ever lived in conversation with God to have an increase in knowing more of God. Our knowing God has been exactly the same for over two thousand years. Who lives in a relationship with anyone especially God and not have an increase in knowing them? No one in religion has held any conversations with God and lived as an enlightened master on that subject. God will never keep satan in human beings that hear Him.

    The teachings Christ gave us were to live beyond religion to God teaching about Himself. That’s one of the reasons Jesus taught us why the high priest killed Him. Billions of people claim one religion or another and believe they know God perfectly but live society as reality with no enlightenment about life, self, or what being alive is. They only know the little person’s story. 

    No one needs four walls for living with God. The church is the light in Christ and our depth in God is the living of Christ on earth. Nothing gives more to God being in our lives than the Love we are. Our walk with God is like Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, and the disciples who all lived beyond society with God teaching them to have more faith in Him than the world they wandered through. 

    Living with God is our journey for knowing God as reality. Just as Christ battled satan for forty days we must live out of satans diminutive snakes in our thought system to God. When we live with God teaching about Himself we’re living in Heaven while here on earth with Angels, Celestial light, and other races of Love.

    • Love carries our light in God

    Resurrection Sunday is the ascension of Christ in God. Let the Soul live for Love and may our minds be filled with light for having substance, depth, and maturity in God teaching about Himself. Light isn’t the lower earthly knowing of God, it’s living with God opening our eyes and ears for Him teaching about Himself. 


    God teaching about Himself

    Love brightens everything in God.