Heaven is all there is as life with human consciousness inside of it making its way to Love. There is no place where one begins or another ends. There's only a thought continuing in a new light bringing into being the level of its light for experiencing consciousness in matter.

No one enters life without exiting Heaven. No one lives in life without living in Heaven. No one ever leaves Heaven who enters Heaven. “No one has ever gone to Heaven except the one who came from Heaven“- the Son of Man. 

Love is the energy giving life the ability to live. Love is Heaven to everything in our world. Everything in matter is leading to a thought. There is no-thing around us in form that is not inducing some level of thought. We only live for light in our thoughts. 

Everything is a level of consciousness. We have always been living through matter and bringing matter into being. Humanity saw birds and thought how to have flight. Humanity saw horses and thought how to have them carry levels greater than one person. Humanity's process to imagine and create began because of what God created as the level of the world. Everything has played a part in what has been brought into being for humanity to live creating in matter. Celestial light is Heaven's level in life blessing us with creativity, imagination, and deeper thinking than our own ability. We open a door and celestial light rushes us through it to know more than we ever could on the other side of the door. Human beings have to bring something into being to live through no matter what. Whatever level we bring into being is what we get to live through. Heaven is giving us ways to carry light for blessing matters level as Heaven instead of hell. Heaven has always served in giving humanity greater life.

The present level of human consciousness is lower mind because we made money a second God. By making matters level our existence we live processing only lower earthly energy in consciousness. No one is living with God teaching about Himself and everyone is living the devil's level because we live society as reality not knowing God as reality. As we open our light deeper in God human beings will Love knowing Heaven on earth as oppose to satan. As we move through ego, the little person, and incessantly thinking through matter we add light in our Soul for Spirit to know Heaven as all there is in life. 

Only through consciousness can a human being understand only consciousness is alive. Heaven is all there is with our little person's level of consciousness creating a story inside of it for getting through it to God.