The Spirit is the level of the medium and the experiencer living through the light in our consciousness. We have a different Spirit and medium for every life to experience our new level of consciousness. The level of light in consciousness is the level of the energy Love that has accumulated in the Soul. The level of the Spirit entering the world is entering at the level of the base collective consciousness. The Soul is the light Spirit will live through in matter. Spirit is only existing for the Soul to live in matter becoming greater levels of Love.

Spirit will live at the level of the base collective consciousness in the level of Love we are of. The experience in matter is giving us every level to carve our Soul into greater light.  We are living to become more conscious of Love because Love is the energy in the Soul that is giving us our level of light in consciousness. There is no death and there is no birth for conscious energy is only renewing itself in form. Energy is always changing form. Human beings are not the body but the conscious energy inside the body. Spirit is only the level of the medium for consciousness to experience the world in matter.

The Soul is the level of the energy Love and the Soul is what is alive. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. Our Soul is in Heaven giving the level of light for Spirit to live through. Everything is in the conscious space of God. Consciousness is outside of us in a level of light that is giving our level to experience matter in.Life isn't outside of us it is only existing through us. The world is an image in photosynthesis giving humanity the ability to live in matter at ones level of consciousness.

Consciousness is the knowing of all and managed in Heaven. The Spirit and body are transitory only living through consciousness for this level of experience in matter. The mortal world is temporary and only existing for this level of consciousness.

The Soul is living through every life carving itself into greater levels of Love and eventually to the level of light that can help sustain all life. God is Love and God created life in his light to live Christ. Humanity is living to consciously evolve and become conscious of Love  giving humanity the way to bring Heaven into matter.

The Soul is what is alive and is the energy Love. The Soul is giving Spirit the level of consciousness to live in a medium experiencing matter at different levels of consciousness. We will have a different medium and Spirit in every life for the Souls new level of consciousness to experience matter through.