Love is Heaven

loveLove is the energy giving life the ability to exist. Love is Heaven to everything in our world. Everything in matter is leading to a thought. There is no-thing around us in form that is not inducing some level of thought. We only live through our thoughts.

Everything is a level of consciousness. We have always been living through matter and bringing matter into being. Humanity saw birds and thought how to have flight. Humanity saw horses and thought how to have them carry levels greater than one person. Humanity's process to imagine and create began because of what God created as the level of the world. Everything has played a part in what has been brought into being for humanity to live creating in matter. There is nothing on earth that has not served in giving humanity life.

Humanity's present level of consciousness is because God created the beginning level of consciousness for life to evolve from. Every aspect of nature was already here. The world was in place for human beings to begin living through. The level of what has existed since the beginning of humanity is a level that created humanity's level of consciousness. Never has a human being had to live without what was available in the world. There isn't a level in life not giving towards humanity's ability to exist. Every aspect of life was created to play a role giving life what it needs to keep moving forward. What is in the world is already able to live hundreds of thousands of years and beyond. Just as a seed already has the imprint for how the flower will look  or the embryo has the level to grow into a human being. The planet has everything needed as humanity consciously evolves. The world is a living organism in consciousness. As human beings developed language the level of the Word began to create the level of the world.

Water is used to drink, bathe and swim. The level of what is giving to life through plants, forests and the earth is a level giving to humanity's existence. Humanity did not create the earth or the ability to be conscious. What gave humanity the ability to be conscious is God. God started humanities level of consciousness and has provided everything including what is off planet to keep it moving forward.

Heaven has always been with humanity giving the way to live through matter. Matter is a nothingness that is only having it's existence through Conscious Energy, which is a living species in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is giving to the level of photosynthesis that gives us the experience in matter at the level of our consciousness. There is no greater level giving to humanity's existence in matter other than photosynthesis.

The present level of humanity's consciousness is only in the mortal world and not in Heaven. We haven't been living through the divine light within at the level to experience Heaven while here on earth. The mortal world is only the level of matter that has been created through humanity's collective consciousness. It is the world humanity sees but it is not the only level of living that is here. Humanity is living inside of one level of consciousness that they have reached to have as life. The world humanity has created is inside of Heaven with greater life all around but not yet able to observe consciously. No level of life could exist without Heaven giving humanity the ability to have livingness in matter.

Humanity lives through a world living very real and has everything one would live through as life. The level of what is being lived through is only an image in the level of our Soul. There is no level of what is existing outside of our own light. The purpose of living is to become Love through our own level of consciousness experiencing a very real world as we become conscious of Love. The world in matter gives us the ability to see our consciousness through everything in form. What we think as we experience life, see life and witness life is only in our level of consciousness.

If there is a room of twenty people what is alive is only the one who is observing the twenty people. No matter who it is. Whoever is conscious of the others is living through the light. Photosynthesis is giving us the level of everyone else in the room. They will exist to give us what we can live Love through. What we think is all that is alive. Every thought about other people, situations and what we see is only levels of energy in our Soul creating the level to live through. Humanity's base collective consciousness has created the level of the world that the experiences are born out of. Energy is always changing form and manifesting into different levels of matter.

When humanity is not living Love the world changes to what is not of Love. The level of what humanity will then experience is everything other than Love to choose Love in. This is as true for the collective as it is for the individual. The level of experiences begin to only exist through the level of energy we are living. If one is living through fear they will create through their thinking greater levels of fear to live through in order to finally choose what is not of fear. This is what living in energy does, it reflects our level of consciousness in matter. Where we focus or the energy we are of is the level of what create's the experience's. We want to replace fear with Love. Anxiety with Love. Anger with Love. Opponents with Love. Competition with Love. Attack with Love. Defense with Love. Judgments with Love. We want to live through this life seeing everyone in the light of our Soul only existing for us to live Love through so we can experience Heaven while here on earth. The power of consciousness is giving every human being the ability to live in freewill creating what they live through at the level they can think. This gives humanity the the level to cultivate through our consciousness how the world is shaped. If we live Love we bring Heaven into matter and if we live everything other than Love we live in a curriculum learning to become conscious of Love.

Every level of what someone is experiencing as life is only in their level of consciousness. All of the people and the communications, events and experience's are only in the level of the individuals consciousness. How we see people and how they reply is our level of consciousness trying to give us reason to Love. The level of family and friends is giving to the level of one's experience. The level of family and friends are only existing in the light of one's Soul. Every single person we work with is only in our level of consciousness. Everything we see is playing a role for us to live Love through. What we witness and observe is only having its level through our level of consciousness. It is only existing through the light in our Soul.

Humanity has never had the level to go beyond the present level of consciousness. Understanding what being alive is and the level of the mortal world is having to begin in order for humanity to have the way to consciously evolve. If humanity doesn't find within the level to see beyond the mortal world there is no level able to give what humanity needs to exist. Conscious evolution is the only way for a life that is living in consciousness.

Life was created for life to always be moving forward. The body ages effortlessly in a process taking the Spirit through stages of matter and then beyond the body. It is in the process of life moving forward. Consciousness must have the ability to continue it's process in moving forward otherwise the energy in life begins to collapse. Life doesn't have the ability to choose fear and then not find the way to live beyond it because we will live in it without being conscious and create our experience and the world at the same level. When there is anything other than Love as one's subject it's a call to live Love. We have to be present to the emphasis of Love in every thought. The world is living through us, it is not outside of us. We are the one's that bring everything into being that is life.

Life is giving everything needed for humanity to live eternally provided humanity can consciously evolve becoming conscious of Love. Every level of what is being experienced is to teach levels of consciousness to live aligned with Heaven and not in the levels of the devil. Everything other than Love is the devil. Everything in the emphasis of Love is Heaven.

Alchemy happens when we choose Love. Love is the energy in our Soul we are living through. All that is real is Love. Everything else we experience is only existing for us to live Love through. When we choose Love what we experience in matter takes on a different light. The light in consciousness is the energy Love and Love is the only energy in existence that expands consciousness. There will never be another way to have higher levels of consciousness other than through Love. God is the light all life is in and Gods light is Love. Every human being is born with Love giving them the level to begin living through. The only way to begin changing ones life is to have the level within to live Love in every level of ones life. Love is the way to experience life awakening to Heaven.  The more we can live Love the greater joy, peace and understanding of our existence becomes.

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