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When God created creatures with consciousness, He created Angels for living in matter. 

We never think about Angels in our mist. When one of the most amazing gifts God gave us was living with Angels. Our world has always been with celestial races. We're a species created in the likeness of God and God is hundreds of billions of years alive. God is energy living as consciousness. He created us in His likeness as conscious energy. The world we see at matters level exists as energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Human consciousness is inside Heaven, and we create the version of living at our level inside the conscious space of God.

Angels are another race and part of the fabric of our world. They are Conscious Energy. God is of no form and is of all form. Angels are the same. But they can take on form for our level of consciousness. There is no place we look that isn't alive with Angels. If we don't keep God first and live talking with our Angels, we lose the depth of our knowing our divine world. People think hearing God or seeing Angels is weird when that's the normal. What is weird is living in Heaven and not experiencing God profoundly or Angels. We've become incredulous to living in light because we stay in lower mind living in materialism.

We take life for granted even though most people know we're on a planet floating in space and that God is the only level able to give human beings the way to have atoms in individual light for experiencing matter at our level of consciousness. We would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or have bodies if not for living in God's light.

We're surrounded by Angels living happily as the light we live through. Our world is Angels, celestial races, and God. Every human being has God and Angels with them. We literally could not hear our thoughts if not for living through God's energy. That's how close we are to Him. We live through Him and through Conscious Energy. We're always with Angels. Some Angels keep the diary of our lives, which is a good way to know them. Our lives live in a life continuum becoming Love and they record every living moment for creating the next level of life.

Angels live in different ways. Some are the level of creation and part of the fabric of the world. Others help us through our light. They are energy existing quantumly as light in the conscious space of God. They're all around us and even through us. Human beings are not the body. We see the body at our level of consciousness but only energy is existing.

The Angels in my light gave me the way to live Christ consciousness and experience God in the light no human being had experienced since Jesus walked the earth. Through Love, it began.

When they entered my life, I had no level of knowing Angels or living with God. I was more atheist, but they still came when my life was being destroyed by people who wronged. I had chosen Love and wasn't defending myself or attacking back. I was living Love because I didn't want to live at their level of energy.

I went from Beverly Hills to below poverty and after four years below poverty, I began having energy flying around my apartment. Some times I recorded fifty or more videos in one day of orbs and different energy flying around. That eventually led to hearing voices on the videos. Which then became hearing them talking to me directly. Angels became a normal part of my life.

I even went on social media and started listening to other people's videos to see if they had Angels with them. And every video there were Angels. Which I know now we all have them. Some videos I responded letting people know I heard their Angels. One was a couple not sure what their baby was responding to at night and it was Angels playing with it during the night.

I would listen to any video and hear Angels and other levels of light with people. After a while, my ears opened for hearing Angels and God effortlessly as if they were right in front of me talking. Sometimes I hear them from across the room, behind me, and above me. I can be in bed listening to Angels in the kitchen. When God communicates, it can be through anything and there are many times, He talks in ways no one would expect by using different light in matter.

When I flew to Saint Louis to care for my mom, there were Angels on the plane and outside of my window talking to me. This amazed me and knew the flight would be fun. There hasn't been a day since this began that I haven't been with another race living with God teaching me about creation and living Christ consciousness.

There was a time I thought I might be an Angel whisperer, but it was living for carving my Soul deeper into God's light for living Christ consciousness. They helped me understand more about living with God. People never comprehend God's intelligence is nowhere at our level and is far beyond any we can conceive. God living in every atom throughout the universe and in all matter should give us the depth for hypothesizing His level and how far away it us from our little person's level of thinking.

I've physically experienced Angels moving objects, pulling blankets and making things very heavy or light. They showed me how our world is existing in energy and how it's living in Heaven. And how their role is part of the fabric of our world. Heaven is also the place Spirit goes to rest with Loved ones after every life. The Soul is in Heaven and giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is alive and everything else is temporal.

I've experienced other races having no facial features or bodies and yet can communicate effortlessly. I'm the only human being to know definitively creations level and our living through another race to exist in matter. Everything I've experienced and learned has never been in my repertoire. My education is high school, and I was a singer. If my life wouldn't have experienced the situation that had me choose Love beyond society, I don't think any of this would have happened.

There are different levels of Angels just as there are different levels of consciousness. There is another level of Angels that sometimes comes into my light to tell me about people who are leaving the world for Heaven or have already left. They also tell me about loved ones in Heaven. Then there is another level for teaching and keeping my light deep in God. Different Angels have light at different levels of our living. They are with us always. Some people live knowing guardian Angels. I live with many Angels and not just one particular and I do not have names for them but know them uniquely through light. Years ago, for a brief moment, there were names for Angels but it seemed to fade the deeper I went into God.

They live energy and I define what I hear and feel through uniqueness within light. It's beyond human senses and in another light, we are of.

Angels are non-gender. They're not human. But their light can feel male or female. God is dynamic energy and His light feels male and his voice is male. When I hear the Angels, I live, and Conscious Energy their voices are non-gender. The Angels that tell me about the departed or soon to depart will speak in the departed one's light as male or female.

When I lived in Sherman Oaks destiny paid a visit and her light was remarkable and female. I was lying in bed and a massive light came over the bed covering it and there were colors of magenta, white, blue, yellow and many others. It was so beautiful it took my breath away. I've seen different levels of celestial races with us and my seeing Angels is as light.

Heaven can only travel on our road. Our level of thinking is the only level we can know them from. When we are leaving the body for new life they are with us escorting Spirit to Heaven. When my mother was in hospice I felt a legion of Angels and God himself there with her the day before she left. Her Spirit went to Heaven and the next day her body stopped.

People can know their Angels by speaking to them and knowing they are with them. If we never acknowledge them or live with them than how do we ever know they exist? We don't. We need to live acknowledging them and then see the miracle of life open up for experiencing what we never thought was possible.

Live Love as deeply as you can with infinite compassion, mercy, and kindness for others. There's a knowingness with people that live with Angels and it's beyond the eyes and deeper in our Soul. We only experience Angels from our level of consciousness. Life is enormous and divine. The gift of living in Heaven while here on earth is not to be missed.

Start a conversation with God. Ask for guidance and questions for Him to lead you deeper into light. Live happily with your Angels.

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