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Living with God teaching about Himself. 

Enlightenment is a walk through our story to higher light in God. We can't carry the little person's ideas in light. We walk through a process of dismantling everything we think is self, life, Love, and the world.  The thought system changes, reality changes, as we lose our lives to gain them in Him. 

Our light in God is either going to live at the devil's level with matter as our world or opening Heaven on earth. Matters level is living in lower mind in lower earthly energy. It's believing there are human beings walking the earth as we see them. We don't have any aptitude of knowing there's only one of us here with God or that society is an illusion. 

If we only live mainstream spiritual ideas or religions little person-level we don't live deep for knowing God.  No one who hears God will walk into a church to listen to human being talk about God. Knowing God is hearing Him teach about Himself. Our ears and eyes open to a world beyond our knowing. We walk out of ego to light.  only living for Love. 


Light is the only level in our existence that carries the magnitude for hearing God. The dark in human consciousness is living in lower earthly energy with society as reality. We shape ego, satan, and the little person trying to be something in society. Most people believe self is the body, hairstyle, car, clothes, name, family, job title, and bank account. They don't know their divine light or Truth.

The level of our existing with society as reality is lower mind. It's the beginning stage of living but not the end. Our starting with a story already here gives us the way to move in that light for leaving it for God. We just never learned to leave it because religion plays God while not knowing Him. Consciously evolving is our main goal and that is achieved by becoming Love. 

Living in the light of Christ is a process that turns the world into our personal curriculum. We move through how we think from everything other than Love to Love. The light we live out of is our present idea in life. It's one level of consciousness out of an infinite trying to break through this illusion to Truth. 

We live at face value through our senses with identity, meaning, and attachment at matters level. We don't live for enlightenment. The idea of hearing God from religions perspective is everyone hears God. They don't discern satan, ego, or where thought is coming from. If everyone heard God religion wouldn't exist because we would be living with God teaching about Himself and wouldn't live for listening to human beings talk about Him. 

 Our thought system must change to hear God. If we are living society reality in lower mind we are hearing satans ideas of God. Anyone who hears God will live enlightened knowing society is an illusion and that there's only one of us here with God. They don't live as society does and will become the light of the world for humanity. 

When Jesus walked the earth He told us we were the people forever seeing and not seeing and always listening but not hearing because the world is in lower earthly energy only knowing the world as it stands in front of us. We're not knowing life outside of this story. our thought system has been shaped in lower mind. We only live in the story of society as reality. As we lose our ideas in lower earthly energy we begin to rise into a bigger world. 

Human beings are living in incessant thinking only listening to our self chatter as life. We jump from one thought to the next without observing where thought is coming from or why we think what we do. We don't realize only our narrative is existing as life unless someone points it out to us. Until then we only know our own narrative as life. Everyone we meet will always only say what we want them to say and what we don't want them to say. Our perspective is the only existence of life. Human beings will talk more to themselves in this life than to another human being. Everyone we see a fragrance of our Soul. 

Only by living for Love do we begin to dismantle satan. The invisible world is living more than the one we see. Thousands of years ago Jesus gave us the Trinity for living with God teaching about Himself. We have to live beyond society's ideas of God. It's deeper and more arduous for depth in God. Our journey is the journey of Love that leaves being first for living last. The light we are walking is losing our lives to gain them in God. It's everything we know as self and our world dismantling for depth and substance.

Knowing God isn't the mainstream idea. It's knowing the many to the one and His light in us. Having ears to hear is through Love in Christ and it's the leaving society as reality to God as reality. There is no human being on earth or in religion living with God in conversation. If it was the case religion would be teaching science about creation and we would have billions of enlightened masters walking the earth. 

No one can hear God that lives the little person level with purpose at society's level. We all have help with higher intelligence but the light is the light and the dark is the dark. 

Losing Our Lives to Gain Them in God

Losing our lives to gain them in God is not walking across the street and becoming religious. It's a profound reality change with God changing our thought system for Heaven's level. We lose everything we made as self in satan. We no longer live society's purpose because our light is deepening in God's purpose. The light for losing our lives is the journey to Love. 

God Teaching and Showing Bone

We can hear God Teaching

God was teaching and said, ” Stop Thinking You're A Body.” He was teaching how we believe the body is the light of our existence when it's not. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The conscious energy inside of the body is living. The body is nothing more than a temporal outfit for experiencing matter at one level of consciousness. 

Audio of God's Voice

God Teaching What Being Alive Is and Isn't


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