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Living with God is hearing Him teach about Himself. 

We don't live with our thought system changing or losing our lives to gain them in God going through a process that completely changes our reality. We never understood that living with God was hearing Him and not practices and protocols. When God let us know He existed it was for only living with Him teaching about Himself. 

Our light in God is either going to live at the little person's level not understanding what reality is and isn't, how Heaven is on earth, or how God exists. Or we are going to acquire depth and substance for hearing Him with God changing our thought system for Heaven's thought system. Our reality changing is mandatory for knowing God. 

If we only live the elite person's version of going to church and studying scripture we never get to God. We only live the depth of the religion and satisfy's the devil. Getting to God is hearing Him speak out of thin air. There's a reason no religion on earth has ever had an increase about God in over two thousand years. It's because no one has held a conversation with God hearing Him speak back. We don't live understanding creation at the level of knowing society is an illusion and that there is only one of us here with God. We don't learn that life is only living in our narrative and the entire world is living catering to our level of consciousness. 

No one in religion is an enlightened master because they only live society as reality and have no idea the world is Heaven. They don't live higher in God's light. They are still in lower earthly energy only living the devil's story in life.  Thousands of years ago Jesus gave us the Trinity for living with God teaching about Himself. We don't consciously evolve in God living Christ consciousness. We live with human precepts satisfying human beings and not God. No one will ever know God who gets a diploma from a school about God. No one will know God who thinks Sunday church binds them. Our temple in God is through living as Love with our thought system changing for only knowing God as reality. The world is an illusion for carving our Soul deeper into God. 




Losing Our Lives to Gain Them in God

Losing our lives to gain them in God is not walking across the street and becoming religious. It's a profound reality change with God changing our thought system for Heaven's level. we live losing our lives because society's purpose no longer exists and Heavens is building inside of us. The light for losing our lives is through hearing God and Heaven over everything else in life. 

Society fades away as Heaven pours in. When God came into my life there was energy flying all around my apartment and I began recording voices on videos telling me about God and humanity. It grew profoundly to only teaching living for Christ consciousness over everything in life. God began healing wounds from my past that were in my light as he began teaching me to know Him beyond our world. 

Our lives must consciously evolve beyond society's level for living deeper in God. We can't live society as reality and know God. It's impossible. The little person's level is with satan and ego. We lose one thought system for another and go through a process of living last in society as we live first with God.

This takes us through the devil in human consciousness with God as our armor. God is the light that keeps us moving deeper into Him. No one gets to God by making the journey religion has set out as living with God. Going to temples or bible study only keeps society as reality with people, not comprehending creation or even how God is existing. They know the devil's level of knowing God and are complacent for leaving it to God. No one wants to live like the disciples or Abraham for deeper light in God. 

It would be ridiculous if it was so easy to know God by going to a church or studying scripture. We're a thinking species and without our thought system changing we marginalize God's existence with us. No one is going to live with the creator of everything in existence and become a bishop. They are going to live becoming the light of Christ for helping people live with salvation hearing God teach about Himself.  


Knowing God Exist

Living with God teaching about Himself

If we believe God exists we should be living with Him teaching about Himself. God never needed a middle man. We shaped religion from not understanding the Trinity or our world. Knowing creation shapes the bridge for deeper salvation in God.  We want to consciously evolve deeper in God living for only His instructions in life. Losing our lives to gain them in God isn't living in practices, protocols, and traditions. It's a path of changing our thought system for Christ consciousness living with God above all things. Reality must change completely for knowing God.  

We Made Living with God the Godless Era 

When Jesus taught us that religion didn't know His Father He meant it. The reason religion doesn't know God is it lives society as reality and has never lived outside of the devil for God. It only exists at matters level with status. Nothing religion ever gives has to do with living with God. It's teaching about its idea of the word. Which is ignorant because without consciously evolving our idea of the word only dwells in the devil with satan, ego, and the little person. Religion isn't living for enlightenment for seeing another world within this one.

Living our lives for experiencing God teaching about Himself is what we are here for. God never needed a middle man but He needed for us to understand the Trinity and that He was upon us always for teaching about Himself. We must consciously evolve leaving society as reality to know God. The only reason no one understood this is because religion made practices and protocols what knowing God was. 

Abraham lived with God beyond Sara & Lot. John the Baptist lived outside of society with God. Moses lived beyond the Pharoah and the Israelites to free them with God. Their realities were far from the little person's idea of life.  They lived with God as reality and not the world. Moses parting the red sea was because of His light in God living through ten executions. Every time Moses went back to the Israelites and hadn't freed them he had to hear their disappointment and not believing in God. Many people probably thought if it was God why didn't he free them the first time. Moses lived deepening his trust and living with God each time for having the power to part the Red Sea. His light went through more than we know to do it.  

Living with God is for knowing Him beyond everything. The idea that someone can live society as reality and know God is not possible. Our journey is ripping our thought system into pieces for light ridding the dark.  Hearing God immediately shatters our reality and starts the process for losing our lives as we gain them in Him. 


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