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Living with God is hearing Him teach about Himself. 

We don't live with our thought system changing, reality changing, or losing our lives to gain them in God Most people don't even know what that means or care to understand it. They don't know that consciousness is all that is alive and our world only lives through God. Everything about God seems religious instead of the blueprint to life. We never knew reality was acting as an illusion until we made it to hearing God teach about Himself. When God let us know He existed it was for only living with Him teaching about Himself. 

Our light in God is either going to live at the devil's level making matter our world or knowing Heaven on earth. If we only live the little person's version of knowing God and make human precepts our guide we never acquire depth in God for hearing Him. Knowing God is hearing Him teach about Himself. We've made knowing God human precepts with false idols only knowing practices and protocols. There's a reason no religion on earth has ever had an increase in knowing God in over two thousand years. No one has held a conversation with God since Christ walked the earth. 

We don't understand creation at the level knowing society is an illusion or that there is only one of us here with God. Those ideas seem crazy for people living society as reality. They have never heard God's voice or lived losing their lives to gain them in God. We don't learn that when religion only lives society as reality. But we understand easily that living with God is beyond everything religion lives today as knowing Him. The idea that so many people claim to hear God and know Him perfectly while only living society as reality is knowing they don't know God's voice. No one in religion has lived with God teaching about Himself. We would have enlightened masters all over the world and would know about creation. Every religion only teaches what was given thousands of years ago because no one hears God today. 

We're in lower earthly energy only living the devil's story in life.  Having no way to understand creation or that consciousness is all that is alive. We don't live knowing the invisible is more alive than what we see. Thousands of years ago Jesus gave us the Trinity for living with God teaching about Himself. We don't consciously evolve in God for knowing that. We live with human precepts satisfying human beings while not hearing God's voice. No one can know God by having degrees from colleges about God. We can't know God by mastering scripture or listening to people talk about God. It's to be lived and is the process of carving our Soul deeper in God transcending society as reality to only knowing God as reality. Our temple in God is through Love with our thought system changing for only knowing His voice. 

Losing Our Lives to Gain Them in God

Losing our lives to gain them in God is not walking across the street and becoming religious. It's a profound reality change with God changing our thought system for Heaven's level. We lose everything we made ourselves be in satan.  We no longer live society's purpose because our light is deepening in God's purpose. The light for losing our lives is through hearing God and Heaven over everything else in life. 

Society fades away as Heaven pours in. When God came into my life there was energy flying all around my apartment and I began recording voices on videos telling me about God and humanity. It grew profoundly to only living Christ consciousness with God teaching about Himself. Once we hear God there is nothing else to live. No one can hear God and pretend they are knowing society as reality. It's impossible to live hearing God and not do everything under the sun for Him. 

Our lives must consciously evolve beyond society's level for living deeper in God. We can't live society as reality and know God. It's impossible. The little person's level is deep in satan and ego. Most people only know society as reality because they haven't awakened for knowing how thought shapes matter. We have to lose one thought system for another and go through a process of living last in society as we live first with God.

This takes us through the devil in human consciousness with God shaping our armor. God is the light that keeps us moving deeper in Him. No one gets to God by making the journey religion has set out as living with God. Studying scripture only keeps society as reality, not grasping God hundreds of billions of years alive or heavens level in our world. Most people telling others about God have no idea about His light in matter or human consciousness weaved within higher intelligence for living in matter. They have no aptitude or maturity for God's existence or knowing other races of Love. Most people are incredulous to Heaven's level in life because their thought system is in lower earthly energy living with God at the devil's level in life. We don't find depth or substance until we begin holding greater trust in Him teaching about Himself. 

No one wants to live like the disciples, Moses, John the Baptist, or Abraham for depth in God. We think going to church on Sunday is knowing Him because we have no magnitude of our existence in Him. It would be ridiculous if it was so easy to know God by going to a church or studying scripture. We're not grasping what thought is or reality. No one who lives society as reality can get to God until they get beyond it. When Jesus called the disciples to Him they never went back. They entered into a level of life that was far beyond anything they had once imagined as life. Our journey with God is the same. When w hear God's voice we never go back to society as reality. 

God Teaching and Showing Bone

We can hear God Teaching

God was teaching and said, ” Stop Thinking You're A Body.” He was teaching how we believe the body is the light of our existence when it's not. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The conscious energy inside of the body is living. The body is nothing more than a temporal outfit for experiencing matter at one level of consciousness. 

Audio of God's Voice

God Teaching What Being Alive Is and Isn't


Knowing God Exist

Living with God teaching about Himself

If we believe God exists we should be living with Him teaching about Himself. God never needed a middle man. We shaped religion from not understanding the Trinity or our world. Knowing creation shapes the bridge for deeper salvation in God. We want to consciously evolve deeper in God living for only His instructions in life. 

We Made Living with God the Godless Era 

When Jesus taught us that religion didn't know His Father He meant it. The reason religion doesn't know God is it lives society as reality and has never lived outside of the devil for God. It only exists at matters level in status. Nothing religion gives has to do with living with God. It's teaching about its idea of the word. No one lives beyond religion to God which makes religion the depth of knowing God. Religion never knew how to live with God because it was the high priest who schemed to crucify Jesus. At no time has religion lived with God in conversation. 

God never needed a middle man but He needed for us to live to Him beyond everything else in life. Abraham lived with God beyond Sara & Lot. John the Baptist lived outside of society with God. Moses lived beyond the Pharoah and the Israelites to free them. Their realities were far from the little person's idea of life. They lived with God as reality and not the world as reality.

Moses parting the red sea was because of His light in God living through the ten events that led to the Pharoah freeing the Israelites after four hundred years. Every time Moses went back to the Israelites and they hadn't been freed.  Moses had to listen to their disparity, disappointment, and not believing in God. Many people probably thought if it was God why didn't He free them the first time. Moses lived deepening his trust in God and having faith that He would free them beyond what anyone can imagine. It was a psychological battle living through the devil in human consciousness with God. His light went through more than we know.  

Living with God is for knowing Him beyond everything in our world. The idea that someone can live society as reality and know God is not possible. Our journey with God rips our thought system into pieces for light to rid the dark.  Hearing God immediately shatters our reality and starts the process of losing our lives to gain them in Him. The journey of leaving self for light is the journey of reality changing as we deepen our living with God teaching about Himself. 


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