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Hearing God

We never consider living deeper in God because practices and protocols keep us feeling like we are with God instead of actually hearing Him out of thin air teaching about Himself. Most people live only at the level of their religious institution and not a drop beyond it because the institution defines living with God. Nothing about religion has been living with God teaching about Himself. Before Jesus walked the earth religion was only living society as reality. It didn’t move into deeper levels because human precepts made it live deeper in the devil than in God. 

No one who hears God ever does anything else but live with Him teaching about Himself. We no longer carry purpose at society’s level and don’t live society as reality because everything is for Christ consciousness with God teaching about creation and life. Everyone with God knows to go to Him and not a human being at church for hearing about Him. With God, we live with Heaven, Angels, and celestial light.

Religion shaped the godless era by making itself the authority of the word and creating a hierarchy that makes society believe people live deep with God. No one walks the earth enlightened even though everyone believes they hear God. No one who lives society as reality has ever experienced God at Heavens level of life. Society as reality is the illusion and doesn’t know God as reality. When we live with God teaching about Himself we live in another light within our world for doing the work of Christ on earth. 


Society as Reality VS. God as Reality

When God let us know He existed it was for only living with Him teaching about Himself. We never understood what it meant for the disciples to live with Christ and what losing our lives to gain them in God was. It’s far beyond any level we’re living for experiencing God teaching about Himself.

If we live society as reality we don’t know God. The reason is simple. No one who hears God out of thin air can explain the level of reality changing or how it’s possible. No one who hears God speak ever lives again going about society’s little person level in life. They live with God teaching about life and Love.  Our living with God has never been out of the devil’s level because humanity made money a second God. We shaped human consciousness in lower earthly energy instead of higher in God. No one who lives religiously with practices and protocols lives consciously evolving in God. They live the human origin of that which never lives deeper in God than the institution’s idea of God.

We fell thousands of years ago from God by making religion our God. No one understood the Trinity for living with God teaching about Himself. No one in religion has ever lived knowing more about God than what was given thousands of years ago which makes no sense for so many to claim they know God. If we live with God then we should be increasing in knowledge and in our own intelligence. No one can live with God teaching and not become an enlightened master on some level.

Living with God is experiencing reality changing, hearing Him teach about Himself. There is no purpose ever at society’s level because we’re only living to satisfy God.  

Losing Our Lives to Gain Them in God

Losing our lives to gain them in God is not walking across the street and becoming religious. It’s a profound reality change with God changing our thought system for Heaven’s level. we live losing our lives because society’s purpose no longer exists and Heavens is building inside of us. Most people have no concept of that because religion makes living with God practices and protocols. There is nothing about religions little person level that is with God. It’s all human satisfaction. 

Our lives must consciously evolve beyond society’s level for living deep in God. We can’t live society as reality and know God. Our lives will never experience God teaching about our truth in Him as long as society is reality because our thought system is living within energy earthly and at matters level. We have to evolve beyond society for opening Heaven on earth. This takes us out of satan and the devil in human consciousness for Heaven’s level in life. When we live with God teaching about Himself we experience other races profoundly. Angels, celestial races and our world is higher in God. 


Knowing God Exist

Living with God teaching about Himself

If we believe God exists we should be living with Him teaching about Himself. God never needed a middle man. We shaped religion from not understanding the Trinity or our world. Knowing creation shapes the bridge for deeper salvation in God.  We want to consciously evolve deeper in God living for only His instructions in life. Losing our lives to gain them in God isn’t living in practices, protocols, and traditions. It’s a path of changing our thought system for Christ consciousness living with God above all things. Reality must change completely for living with God teaching about Himself. 

We Made Living with God the Godless Era 

When Jesus taught us that religion didn’t know His Father He meant it. The reason religion doesn’t know God is it lives society as reality and has never lived outside of the devil for God. It only exists at matters level. Nothing about religion lives evolving beyond the institution deeper into God. Without consciousness changing, we can’t know more of God.  God as reality is the only level we should live to obtain. Without God teaching about Himself, we are deep in the devil’s level circling Him with satan. 

No one has ever understood satan and Christ battling Him for those forty days. Our journey is our lifetime living only God as reality battling the devil in human consciousness. We’re living for consciously evolving towards God as we live through everything other than Love to Love. Our only existence is awakening to Him as reality. Only by God do we open our light for knowing creation, what being alive is, and Heaven on earth. 


God Teaching About Himself

Knowing God’s creation more than Genesis is why we live with God teaching about Himself. He doesn’t serve one generation and not another with information about Him. We’re the only ones that live with our eyes shut and our ears closed. God gave us the way to live with Him teaching about Himself for living through His creation and not our devil version. Our version keeps us in darker earthly energy. God needs us to live Him as reality above all else in life. This is literal. It tests our faith and trust in ways we never fathomed. If we don’t live beyond society to God we have no idea who He is or what he is to us.

Our version of God is dogmatic and practical. It’s not living with Him. It is living an idea of Him that has never given anyone deeper conversations about creation or life even though everyone claims they hear Him and know Him well. We are in the godless era because of religion making the entire human race live in practices and protocols without a clue as to who God is. Jesus taught us religion did not know HIs father for a reason and we dismissed it because religion branded itself as knowing God.

Never doubt that when you hear God your entire reality changes and everything about your life flips for experiencing what you never fathomed possible in life. God didn’t make butterflies, rivers, and trees for human beings to live with Him in practices and protocols. He created us for knowing Him and that means a proud level of living with Heaven on earth beyond any level religion has fathomed.

We’re an algorithm of light in God living through decimals in holographic light. We see buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. Human beings are not the body we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. God of no form and of all form tell us He is energy living as consciousness.

He created us in His likeness for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. This created the way of living for eternity in God. We’re living through our story living through everything other than Love to Love. The world exists only at our level of consciousness for having the way to observe our thoughts in matter. God literally gave us the way to experience a world only with Him. We live in our narrative for changing how we think and therefore can change the world we experience. Living with God is a requisite for enlightenment and knowing our truth in Him. 

Learning our light in God
Hearing God

Change for Experiencing God


We’re living as an algorithm in God with the world only existing at our level of consciousness. We never live outside of what we think. God is giving us the way as energy to live in matter exactly as we think. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 


Society is the illusion only living as the backdrop for having choices towards God. Nothing we know as reality is. Our version doesn’t live with God teaching about Himself. The disciples were the last ones to live with God. We haven’t understood our existence for knowing how far from Him we are because of society living s reality instead of living God as reality. 


Hearing God out of thin air changes reality instantly because our world breaks open for experiencing what we never fathomed possible. Hearing God speak changes everything we knew about life. His voice out of thin air only creates a quest within us for figuring out how it’s possible His voice comes out of thin air. Our light in Him changes from society as reality to only living God as reality. 


Living with God is experiencing Him changing our thought system through tests of faith. It’s a journey that takes us from first to last and out of society’s purpose altogether. Society has nothing to do with God. It’s only the backdrop for moving through to God. Living with God is His teachings and living Heaven while here on earth.  

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