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What is Consciousness?

The science of consciousness is algorithms living in decimals in holographic light. Knowing creation gives us the way to understand how matter is existing for consciousness to know itself. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It was shaped out of many other levels of intelligence for knowing itself in matter. The human idea of life is that we are alone beings. We’re blended with many other levels of intelligence for our light to move from an embryo to an adult. Light in matter changes and that’s only by higher intelligence weaved within our light. We live through God’s energy just to hear our voices. 

The body is consciousness. Nothing in our world swims in anything else but our thoughts. Consciousness isn’t the mind it’s the light in the world. Thinking is part of the temporal world and is processing the story. Consciousness is a much deeper knowing that doesn’t change as thoughts do. It’s the living identity of Love not yet making its way into Christ at the level for knowing it is Love. 

Consciousness doesn’t discern our world. It discerns the light thoughts can invent themselves out of. It brings Spirit into the light of matter for carving itself to Love. The Soul is consciousness and the Soul is Love just as God is Love.

Consciousness isn’t the same as thinking. Our existence is enveloped with other levels of intelligence for living in matter. The human being is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. our entire existence isn’t out of thought it’s deeper. Thinking only provides an idea based upon this one level of consciousness. Consciousness is light that is beyond this one idea and is eternally living. Consciousness is continuous in life while thinking leaves when we leave the body. Every thought and idea we had of life leaves but consciousness continues shaping another light for living in matter at another level of consciousness.

Human thinking subjugates reality for daydreaming and fairytales changing stories for what we want to have happen and not happen. They are ideas swimming in our mind coming into matters level when we react to them.  Thinking is the transitory level of the world and doesn’t live in anything but for a brief moment in time. 

Our idea of life is finite but the truth of our living is eternal. When God shaped us out of His likeness he gave us the way to live constantly changing form for new stories in matter. His light gives us eternal living taking on new matter as life for every new level of consciousness we live. 

The idea of matter being outside of us is the idea from face value. The world is energy which means the only real attribute of our existence is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Nothing is living as we see it. The world is in human photosynthesis living out of hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy making temperature for matter to exist. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

The only idea we have is what we experience as the story of life. Every human being only experiences a world at their level of consciousness and we only live through our narrative. There’s only one of us here with God living through a story going from the many to the one. Society is an illusion giving us the base level of human consciousness to move beyond.

Consciousness isn’t an idea from human beings. It’s an idea in the mind of God that is hundreds of billions and billions of years alive and won’t be realized by human creatures. It’s a profound idea that is shaping matter exactly as we think it to be from anyone level of consciousness. The entire concept of life can change overnight. We don’t recognize the power of consciousness because we don’t live conscious of life. Human beings are conscious of only stories until they get to God teaching about Himself. 

Consciousness is the identity of all races in existence near and far. The body, habitat, and livingness have nothing to do with existing. its consciousness. The bodies in our existence can change form constantly and look outside of our bodies. Objects and shapes live as intelligence. Higher intelligence doesn’t need any facial features or bodies. Energy is consciousness. God of no form and of all form told us our entire existence was energy. 

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