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There was a time when flying had very little turbulence. Turbulence was an anomaly rather than a regular part of flying. Today, through human consciousness turbulence and our earth is being shaped to live at the same level of human consciousness. The universe is a level of consciousness.

Humanity living in fear, threat, and with problems that do not evolve is beginning to create humanity’s universe to live at the same level of energy. When we think of meteors hitting a planet we think of them as being outside of us.  As something that originated in the universe. When the universe is only living through our level of consciousness.

The universe isn’t deciding an atoms purpose or the livingness of any particles, human consciousness is. We are living in photosynthesis through holographic light in decimals.

We can understand this through this example. As an individual, if we live as if we are a victim and see everyone doing something wrong to us. We are creating a reality that will give us a world to continue living this in. We will experience people not helping us or making our lives harder. This will expand and become a level that lives in all areas of our life. Our reality is only living at our level of thinking. What we think is all we can live through but when we change our level of thinking we change the world we experience.

Consciousness is like a veil. If we are living in a level of thinking that create’s problems this energy will manifest in other levels of our world. It’s living in consciousness. We cannot live hostile in one part of our lives and it not affect our outlook on all life. Our level of consciousness is creating the entire veil we live through.

Consciousness is a level of energy manifesting in all matter. Everything is living in consciousness. The earth is a living organism and the atmosphere is living only at our level of consciousness. If we are living in levels of energy that are in hostility it is a hostile universe we will experience. There is no way we cannot because it is only existing through us. The universe is only going to be what we are living as.

Everything in matter is only existing for us to observe our consciousness and live Love through.

As a collective consciousness, we are creating the universe from our level of thinking. If humanity is having opponents, living in attack and defend we are creating the energy that will manifest in all levels of life. The universe is needing for humanity to evolve to give life the Love it needs to exist. If we do not evolve we change the level of light the world is in.

The universe is only one level of human consciousness.

We are giving matter its energy in how it is existing to us. If humanity continues to create threat instead of harmony that veil becomes the level in all levels of life we experience. This happens because our conscious energy will grow until it is alchemized.

Consciousness is a level always moving forward. We live from one thought to the next creating what we live through.

What we are creating in thought is the energy we live through in matter.

Human consciousness is creating the earth’s atmosphere and creating the level of the universe we experience to exist. Nothing else is. This is the gift God gave humanity to live as energy in matter. We create in matter from our level of consciousness what we then live through. The universe is only reflecting our present level of consciousness. We have all heard the saying. ” You can only receive what you can conceive.” What we live through in matter is the level we are able to conceive. This is our creation and only living at our level of consciousness for this experience.

We never see the totality of anything in matter including the universe because we can only see the universe from our level of consciousness. There is no way to see the totality of any human being including our mom, dad, child, or co-workers. We live them only from our level of consciousness. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness.

Humanity has never understood how matter is existing because we are born with it all around us. We took matter for granted and missed a very important level in our existence by doing so. Even though most scientists know matter is energy, no one knew life was living in consciousness through photosynthesis or living in holographic light in decimals.

The weather, planets, and people only live through our level of consciousness. There is no level of their existence for us beyond what we make real. Everything in life is living through us. Our level of thinking will live the experience.

If we are not creating answers and solutions that lessen lifes suffering. Then, we are living from a level still creating it.

We want to recognize all areas in our world that are problems as where our level of consciousness needs to evolve. There isn’t a them, group of people or a problem existing outside of us. Everything is only existing in our light for us to live Love through.

Conscious energy is always manifesting in matter trying to have us live in greater levels of light. All of the places in life that are problems, challenges, adversity, and issues are the God faculties existing for us to evolve through.

Consciousness is the only level living in matter. This means the universe, fish, and wind are temporary experiences through our present level of consciousness. Their existence can be in any light. We will create their existence only at our level of consciousness. Our opinion of the universe is relative to our level of consciousness. Human consciousness will never see the totality of the universe because it is expanding infinitely at God’s level of consciousness which is hundreds of billions of years alive. We will always only see the stars, moon, and planets from our present level of consciousness.

We can see greater light in matter by living greater levels of Love because Love is the light in consciousness.

The world is only living through the level of Love we are of. Love is the energy in photosynthesis giving us the level of circumstances we experience. Love is the light in consciousness that gives us the greater light in matter to see. When we see greater light we have a different perspective because we are living in a level beyond any level we once lived.

Humanity wants to replace living through fear with Love because the energy Love in consciousness will give greater light in matter. Fear is an energy that closes light. When we are in fear we are the level of a clenched fist. We are tight and not expansive. Fear is an energy that collapses other energy. In consciousness, fear creates a veil living through the devil. It will keep a human being consciously living with problems through defense,  attack and opponents on some level in their lives. It is everything other than Love we are living. When we live Love we are living through God’s light and live with open palms instead of clenched fists. We are living to have greater light in matter to live what takes us beyond the present level of human consciousness.

Problems are relative to consciousness. Humanity believes what everyone is thinking is the level of the experience. When there are different versions based on the level of light we see matter through. We want to live a greater level of Love in our lives to experience the light in life that is Heaven. Jesus tried to teach us to live Love because He knew I am the light all life lives in.

God created matter for us to observe our consciousness to have a way to consciously evolve. When we don’t live greater Love we create life to live through what would be called hell. Eventually, humanity chooses the Love that leads us towards Heaven. This is why when someone hits rock bottom they finally change their lives and go in a different direction. Love is the alchemy in life giving us the way to live Heaven while here on earth.

Consciousness is all that is alive. We can only create what we live through from thought. Turbulence has nothing to do with anything other than humanity’s present level of consciousness and what is being created in all levels of life. We can gage our level of consciousness by the level of what is happening in life.  Humanity’s level of consciousness will believe the world is changing. The world isn’t existing outside of us, it is only living through us.

The world isn’t changing, the level of our consciousness is changing the world.

When consciousness is not moving forward it decreases because energy is collapsing. This creates the world we experience to continue having the same problems that exasperate into other levels of matter. We can see this through life’s examples of suffering. If we increase using weapons every year it’s a sign we do not have the level of answers to decrease hostility in our world.  This is a level we have to see as a red flag leading us deeper in humanity’s consciousness to question how humanity is living, life’s purpose and the level of Love human consciousness is living.

The level of harming life can only be healed by Living Love in greater levels throughout the world. Peace doesn’t come from a weapon because the level that needed the weapon is in consciousness. Peace lives through consciousness.

We have been at the level of thinking that chooses weapons to combat hostility. If we killed everyone we see as an enemy, hostility would only continue to manifest in matter because we didn’t heal the energy creating in consciousness what is living in us. We instead became the same level of energy we wanted to stop. Life in energy is telling us what we are thinking is creating what we are experiencing. It is our reflection to observe. We live a level of every thought and quietly think a world into its existence to live through.

What we perceive to be outside of us is only living through us.

We end hostility in our world by not living hostile. The level of the death penalty is another good example. If the state is killing people the individual will always have levels to kill. There isn’t a level in energy that is any different than the state killing or the individual. Our thoughts only create what we think is different but the energy is the same. Humanity needs to focus on energy instead of what we think because thinking is the illusion that is relative and transient. Energy is a deeper level with a greater ability to create in matter what is in a higher light.

Every level of life decreases when human consciousness doesn’t evolve to greater Love. When we withhold Love it is the light in our consciousness that begins to lessen. Our perspective in life becomes the same level. How we see the world, universe, life and other people begins to have that same veil. Our conscious energy will create the universe to live at the same level.

Humanity has the power to change how we think and therefore we can change the world we experience. The power of consciousness is living in deeper levels of energy that bring higher levels of light into matter.  It requires living enormous levels of Love in all levels of life and becoming conscious of what we have created. Where life needs to change and where our moral compass has been off. It is a call to reconnect with God deeper than we have been living. Our level of consciousness is preventing us from experiencing Heaven. The more Love we live the more light we have to live greater levels in matter.

Understanding consciousness and the world is energy gives us the knowledge to live in the energy that creates a better world. Humanity is living in free will which means we can create what we live through at any level of consciousness. If we don’t consciously evolve energy will collapse and we will create in matter what lives towards hell rather than Heaven.

We will never live anything other than our own level of consciousness trying to become conscious of Love. Life is already leaning towards Heaven because our world is in Heaven and God is Love.

As we become more conscious of creation and our universe we will live for conscious evolution becoming conscious of Love to experience higher levels of life. There is no reason for humanity to experience suffering when every solution to every problem is already existing. The world is programmed with answers at the level of cause to help us live greater and more heavenly. Every level of life is programmed for higher levels of light. Becoming conscious of Love is the only level that unlocks what is already programmed in us to evolve.

We have everything within us to create a world to exist in levels of Heaven. Consciousness is the only level in life creating the level of matter we live through. The universe can be an experience beyond any level we have ever imagined it could be.

As we understand consciousness we understand how we are shaping the universe we experience and the level of our earth. Love is the key to the universe. When we live in levels of Love we invoke God’s light to live in ours giving us the guidance to live through matter at the highest possible potential we can realize at this level of consciousness.