We can understand God through how miraculous our existence is as energy in matter. There is no other way to conceive God in a greater light without understanding our very own existence. We've been on a planet floating in space with hundreds of billions of galaxies. With a sun ninety-three million miles away giving us the elements to breathe. When we consider the sun living ninety-three million miles away and it being the most profound element in keeping us alive. It beckons us to understand how sophisticated and intelligent our existence is.

Human beings take everything around us for granted because we're born into a world with it existing. And we're taught by others what we see is normal. Society teaches us their level of reality but there is much more existing.  We don't question anything because we are learning from birth that what we see is normal and just life. Which there isn't a way to open the universe if we don't question how we perceive life and understand our perception is only one level of consciousness. There is more here we don't see.

We want to see the bigger world we're in and live with the hypothesis in its extraordinaire level of creating life on earth. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. It comes into us from our Soul. Consciousness is not in the body. Literally, there is nothing here except energy living in levels of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance giving us the density to live in matter.

When humanity was created there was energy living in light that helped create matter to live in different levels of consciousness. That light is in God's conscious space. We don't think about living on a planet in space or how other levels of life give us our livingness. We only live at society's level. Living with the sky, trees, earth, and air as if it is all normal and nothing to marvel or question profoundly. When we are living in a miracle that has been created for us to experience as normal as we can slowly awakening to the profundity of our existence.

Humanity is slowly awakening to God. We're now learning about living in photosynthesis, that a human being is not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body. And that matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. When we live from a surface level we can only understand life from that same level. Living at matters level kept us in darkness not able to understand our own existence.  We want to live inward through Spirit with God keeps us living for enlightenment.

Living intelligence is everything humanity has to understand for conscious evolution. Realizing the world we live in is consciousness demands humanity to live for conscious evolution. Right now we take so much for granted we don't question the intelligence we live in. Even our bodies are beyond a level we are understanding because we only relate to matters level instead of energies level.

Having little faith in God only create's a perspective that lives earthly.  Our senses only give us a little bit of what is existing because our senses live through our level of consciousness. Jesus had telepathy. He knew what the high priest and other people were thinking. He even knew His future. Human beings have greater abilities when they live in God. There will always be more levels through God to open in life.  Living deeper in God is everyone's path but few heed the call to live in the level of faith to receive Him.

Energy is living in everything we see and how we live with God dictates the experience we have. What a human being feels is greater than any other level in life. What is felt is communicating with everything before thought is formed. It's in another language in resonance through everything we are conscious of. This frequency is part of the energy thought emerges out of. It's in the universe.

Consciousness is living outside of the human body. The human body is only the container for human beings to experience having a body. Its an image at our level of consciousness. Life isn't the body it's the conscious energy inside of the body. We want to understand how living in matter is existing for understanding creation and God. Human beings are only levels of energy in light creating images in the Soul for the experience. Consciousness is coming into the body from the Soul and the Soul is in Heaven while the body is experiencing life in matter.

The Soul gives Spirit which hosts the body the light to live through. Spirit is only existing for this one experience. The Soul is continuous in every life and in every life, we'll have a different body and Spirit to experience matter in. Spirit gives us the persona we call self. Which self is only living for the transitory experience of the mortal world. It doesn't exist. It lives as part of the costume to experience consciousness in.

Heaven is all there is in life. Human consciousness creates its version of life within Heaven.  When God created life He created human consciousness to have a beginning which was the word and the word created the world. The word will always create the world we experience because it's thought and consciousness is all that is alive. When God created human consciousness He gave every human being the way to experience matter in their own light. Whatever level we can think we can live through. That is free will. We have the ability to live through anything we can think.

Which is the most incredible gift for humanity to have. We've been created and live not having a master or any level of feeling someone's will over ours.  Our level of consciousness is giving us our sense of life. As we understand our existence we begin to have the ability to understand God living hundreds of billions of years alive.

God is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. When we think about God as every atom we should image hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little balls living everywhere we see. And in each of those atoms is intelligence giving us the way to have our energy in matter. Our world is in His energy. God's energy created everything in existence to live through photosynthesis. We're an idea in the mind of God. Just as everything we experience as life is an idea in our mind.  We make everything real and bring it into being.

Human consciousness is creating the world we experience through the energy Love being lived.  Love is the energy that creates the circumstances we can experience. The light only lives through each observers individual level of consciousness. Every human being experiences a world only in their light. There is no way for anyone to experience life outside of their perspective. We only live through our perspective. The observer is the light all life is in and is the Love all life lives through.

When understanding God we want to realize He exists in all levels of consciousness in existence now and in the coming age. His light is in the future already and has been. We are the ones slowly awakening and realizing what is already here and then moving forward. Our level of consciousness doesn't discern God and yet our level of consciousness is the only level we can understand God from. We have the ability to call on God and allow Him into our lives or not. Eventually, every human being does because life is leaning towards Heaven and understanding  God is our path.

Consciousness only allows us to understand God from our present level of thinking. Humanity living with little faith in God only created darkness in how we understood His existence. That darkness kept us from understanding what a human being was. When consciousness doesn't live evolving there is nothing that can be done except learning to evolve and then living through what has been created. Human beings will live through the darkness to light because we created darkness in life to live through.

Living with God is the way because of life's enormity and His consciousness being hundreds of billions of years alive. He knows how life has been created and the ability of every human being at every level of consciousness. The level of self-organizing energy existing in God is greater than human energy by hundreds of trillions of trillions of trillions. Every thought we have is only heard through the living species Conscious Energy. We would not be able to hear our thoughts or the sound of our voices if not for Conscious Energy. There would be no livingness in matter if not for them.  They are the livingness in all matter giving us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are the fabric of our existence.

Our world in Heaven has different levels we experience. The experience in matter is one level and the experience out of the body is another. In matter Heaven is creating our livingness and creating our future. Love is the energy creating our life continuum and is the only level alive. Just the same as God is Love we are Love. Love is consciousness and is the Soul. When we leave the body Spirit rests in Heaven with all loved ones from this experience. While the Soul continues on creating new life for a new experience in matter. Everyone we experience life with is a level of energy in our Soul that stays with us for eternity manifesting differently in every life. We are living to become Love and will live through every level of energy in our Soul doing so.

We think about other species or races from a very young level of consciousness because we haven't comprehended the enormity of life. Even what is living all around us has alluded us for thousands of years because consciousness is living at the level of matter. We didn't understand how far in advance the human being was. We're a species that changes form for new levels of consciousness.  That's a very different concept than how humanity is understanding life today. There is no death and there is no birth because we are consciousness living continuously in different forms. Living for eternity isn't an idle statement it's literal. Living in consciousness created the way for living for eternity.

We consciously evolve creating new levels in matter to live through to higher levels of consciousness.

Human beings are living in another species and always have been. We live in Gods light. Humanity has lived saying that but never understood what it meant. Most people understand we live in God's light but have no idea what it actually means from the perspective of creation. Knowing about photosynthesis and Conscious Energy puts those pieces together. Literally, we are living in His energy to live in matter. We're living in photosynthesis through self-organizing energy in holographic light.

A human being is conscious energy. God is dynamic energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. The level of life in our atmosphere is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy that live in different shapes and sizes. They have been living for hundreds of billions of years. Able to communicate when we live in the light to have eyes to see and ears to hear with.

How we live today with other animals and human beings dictate how we can handle living with other species. If we live afraid, killing and being cruel to life we are still at a level of consciousness unable to experience greater life. If we live in peace through Love open and unafraid we allow greater life to open to us.

Intelligence is living unafraid and in peace. When we don't it's only because of our inability to process greater light. We have to consciously evolve to strengthen our core in intelligence to understand the depth of our existence. It's only through great maturity and substance we have the level to process more.

We think of other life we live with as being dogs, cats, whales, birds, insects, and other animals. That is a tiny fraction of what life is and what is living with us. What has intelligence is almost everything we live with because Conscious Energy is in everything we see. We haven't understood bacteria having the ability to communicate once it reaches levels or how molecules regulate outside of itself in environments that can live hostile or friendly.

The intelligence in every cell is another level human beings haven't been understanding. Communication with all living organism is a fabric that weaves what keeps other levels existing at their levels. Every part of life is living communicating with another no matter how small or what level of living organism it is. Meaning the drop of rain, grasshopper, and human being all live in a light regulating levels to keep everything in existence.

Including what is on the planet with what is off the planet. There is no space-time in Heaven. Life is one living organism in the conscious space of God. There is only a pool of consciousness existing. The level of holographic energy is living in every atom there is. More is here but we simply have no level of consciousness to conceive it.  Living organisms communicate with all life. There is no place we see that does not have other intelligence living in its space. Meaning the air around our furniture and our homes, the air in our rooms, the air outside around all buildings and from the earth to the sky it is living energy.

Life in our atmosphere is living hundreds of billions of years alive and can live in form in different levels. There's a video I'm putting on the website that shows a level of Heaven here on earth. It will be for viewing and also downloading.  The life form looks like a hummingbird coming out of light into form that flies through the room and then goes back into light. It happened years ago in my bedroom in Los Angeles.

I'd posted it on social media and asked if anyone knew how to slow it up because what flew through my room was fast. A woman slowed the video and sent it to me. When I posted it another woman noticed a figure at the end. At the very end of the video, you can see the shadow of another life form looking very different than how we imagine other life existing. It's a living creature very different than our form, has intelligence and extremely Loving.

It's perfect for understanding the enormity in energy existing as the fabric of life. We're the ones that have consciously not been able to conceive how enormous life is to understand how much more life is existing beside us. Life has an enormous amount of different shapes and sizes including objects we would never imagine having intelligence or ability to communicate.

The world is extremely quantum while human beings experience natural consciousness in levels of light. One way I began understanding the atmosphere was by realizing how much life is in the ocean we know little of. Even how a jellyfish looks there is a very similar level in the atmosphere. What is underwater is very different from what is living on earth and the same is for what is living in the atmosphere. The ocean creatures remind me of what I have experienced in our atmosphere. Life is in many variations and forms hundreds of billions of years old. What we think life should look like simply isn't going to be because our level of consciousness isn't grasping God or how we are living on a planet floating in space.

We have to understand more maturely what a human being is and how life is existing for understanding Heaven and our light in God. As we do we begin to comprehend a miraculous existence filled with extraordinary life able to teach, guide and help in living in higher levels of consciousness. Human beings have only begun to open Heaven's door for living in Heaven while here on earth.

Living with faith is the crux of understanding God. There is an interesting light for humanity to live more through and it's in believing beyond society's level. Fairytales that speak to believing in what lives beyond normal or is in a light of brilliance beyond everyday living is mandatory. Having faith is living with a spark within that's lit in another level of life where all things are possible. There is no ending in what can exist in life. That is our natural level. Human beings bring everything into being. We want to live in everything we can think of as being possible.

When we live like an innocent child we are able to understand God better. When humanity doesn't carry the level of faith or belief in God to live the Ten Commandments. It's only because our eyes and hearts have become calloused to living in fairytales, miracles, and Heaven. We're choosing darkness instead of light.

In Matthew 18:3  Jesus says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Living as innocent children running through a candy store for the first time is the way we want to live this life.

Even Moses taught us to keep faith when He was freeing the Israelites. It took him ten times to free them. His heart didn't become calloused when He was on the eighth time asking the Pharaoh to free the Israelites. He believed in God just like it was the first time. He stayed in a light living fairytales because He was believing in a reality that was beyond the level of the mortal plane. Which is perfect when you live in a world that is consciousness. What we think is all that is alive. The choice is ours to live big or small. Living with faith beyond the mortal plane is the avenue Heaven will travel on. If we only create a path at the level of matter well then that is the level Heaven will travel on.

There would have been no way for me to live through my four years when my life was being destroyed from people doing the devils work. If not for believing in a world beyond the mortal plane. That was the beginning of how God came into my life.  By believing in what was beyond my experience I kept hypothesis in a miraculous level of our world. Not understanding anything but not living making it something either.

Many times human beings want to control and create their knowing from their level of what is comfortable. But we have to live through our level to what is beyond it and that's only done by living outside of what is comfortable. It's better to live surrendering to life than trying to make things happen. When we try to make things happen we override the natural intelligence of the universe working for us to experience our level of Heaven.

The orbs and the supernatural experiences kept me believing in what was possible as I consciously evolved to understand God and Heaven. Having faith in what you don't yet understand is key to opening secret doors in the universe. We cant discover them unless we live like a child open to everything. Living through Love is living ready for what life has. When we live in fear we close ourselves off from what is miraculous and extraordinaire.

As children, we all dreamed of greater life through imagination, wonder, and possibility. We marveled at life's opportunities and kept life open without any judgments or perspectives that made it live small. We want to live through that light forever strengthening it.  Always believing beyond what society says is reality, real or fact. Reality and fact are relative to the present level of human consciousness and God is beyond that present level. Live with God greater than anything else in life and let Him teach you about life.

Our journey into God is through living like a child surrendering everything we are of for His guidance. Life all around us is awe-inspiring amazing.  We can experience what is beyond our world as the child open to experience ultimate truth.

Keep wide-eyed and innocent for what else is existing in our world and for how God lives in your life. We can experience Heaven more when we seek for what is beyond the mortal plane. Stay in thinking that doesn't keep the experience of the mortal world greater than what is beyond it. Which means live in conversation with God instead of through self-chatter in your mind. Know that what we see is the illusion trying to have us live Love to open our world. Living through life knowing there are other versions tells us to be mindful of that relentlessly. Pausing our thoughts and opening the space between our thoughts is the way to open the conscious space of God. We quiet our minds and create stillness for opening a world beyond the present one.

God is literally with you now. Only living for you to live deeper understanding Him and what He has created as life. Angels surround us in a world living with life in extraordinaire shapes and sizes. The miracle of life is in what we don't understand today but have the opportunity to experience tomorrow. Live your life innocently free of fear open to Heaven giving the way to ecstasy, peace, and light.

Life will only reflect what we can believe in. It's an infinite and unlimited field when we honor God for ultimate truth. Faith is the way into God. Make today the beginning of experiencing miracles, ecstasy, and Love by opening to everything Heaven is.