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The Origin of Matter and Consciousness

The origin of matter is resonance. God is keeping measure of the atom and human consciousness is assigning the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle.  Only by God did matter and knowing come into being. Consciousness is all that is alive. God placed hundreds of trillions and trillions of layers of energy in temperature for light to live as we think it. The origin of matter is out of algorithms far beyond our knowing. We are an idea in the mind of God just as everything we know as life is an idea in our mind.  

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Matter is a temporal idea and is only experienced at one level of consciousness. Resonance is shaping matter out of trillions and trillions of algorithms. The origin of matter shapes human photosynthesis with algorithms and self-organizing energy in temperature. The origin of matter is living through many other races of intelligence for living as we know it.  

Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and is in Heaven on earth. The motion at the smallest particle is resonance and it’s living in light like tiny factories moving to another rhythm outside of ours. The origin of matter has intelligence in atoms that’s not ours. Its not in human consciousness as living level. Its light in God moving in other levels for giving us consciousness. The only reason we can place ideas in matter is God. His energy is the light propagating other levels of intelligence for shaping the word into the world. 

Our level of consciousness doesn’t consider other races shaping the origin of matter because we don’t grasp being created or God’s existence. We don’t think about matter as resonance and we don’t realize only our thoughts live as life. The world for a human being seems to be here sitting exactly as we think it to be. We’re not seeing creation’s level of life or higher intelligence weaved within our light. We only live what we think and we live it comfortably without questioning it. No one is seeing bacteria crawling all over their bodies and or particles blocking their view. We only experience what we think as life.  

Free will is living through anything we can think and bring into being. Our little person’s ideas of life have been the only reality we know as life. What we can muster up is what we live. God isn’t reigning over us. Our present level of consciousness is in lower mind. We associate matter as life. We don’t know Spirit or the Soul and instead, we make the body self. We place meaning and attachment in matter instead of living Love. 

God shaped human consciousness and placed a library for the word to shape the world. The origin of matter is hundreds of billions of years alive and beyond human consciousness. Human consciousness isn’t a single strand. It’s a plethora of other races within our light giving measure for knowing. Other races in our light is what places us in matter.

God’s light created energy to know its existence in Him. This is the light that became part of human consciousness.  

We placed matter as our existence and fell to lower earthly energy. No one understood the origin of matter or what consciousness was and wasn’t. We didn’t understand the illusory of thought. We’re not a species living for enlightenment. We didn’t even know we were a thinking species until these writings. The idea of Angels, Celestial light, and living with God is something we do. We’re living lower earthly energy’s ideas in satan instead of consciously evolving in Christ.  

The world we measure is our present level of consciousness. It’s not all that is here but its what we can see is here. It’s matters level. We shape our knowing out of lower earthly energy living money as a second God, the body as self, and society as reality. We don’t live with God teaching about Himself. We only live institutionalized ideas in human precepts. We’re living in a thought system that 99.9 percent of the time is active in incessant thinking not even present to the moment we’re in. Human thinking is daydreaming. we mostly live in ideas about what we did in the past or need to do later. We don’t live in the present moment.  We’re listening to our self-chatter as life. 

Without deeper inquisitions and kenosis, we don’t leave satan, ego, or the little person’s ways. The origin of matter means consciousness is all that is alive and we have no way to see the totality of anything. We’ll only see what we can bring into being but what we bring into being is one idea out of an infinite. We never see the totality of anything we only see what we can think is here. The mind is an instrument that delivers exactly what we think and only that but our thoughts are illusory being made real. If we place meaning and attachment at face-value levels, we only know that level. The mind won’t live outside of its walls in hypotheses beyond what it can conceive. 

As long as human consciousness lives at matters level it remains in lower-mind. We won’t jump to the next level until we transcend our knowing and not knowing of life. The mind doesn’t tell us what is here, it only tells us what we think is here. We only hear what we want to hear and don’t want to hear. We don’t interpret anything else other than our own idea of something.


Science never knew the origin of matter or consciousness. It hasn’t known how matter is existing or that consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. It assumed matters level was what we thought was in front of us and through our senses. It formed a three-dimensional theory out of that assumption. Which made a piece of the storyboard that gives human education the illusion as life.  

Gravity is one of the best teachers for knowing other races and the illusory of our world. The world living in resonance already tells us gravity is an idea being propped up by higher intelligence. Matter doesn’t live in anything but thought. The mind only associates matter at face value ideas because we don’t know the measure of anything else. When science placed matter as something outside of us its measure became only matters lower mind ideas.

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We see stars and planets far away and don’t recognize the light in our mind is the same as what is in the sky. The stars and moon aren’t sticking out of our heads but we see them in our mind. 

Quantum entanglement doesn’t sit in the right light but gives us an idea for knowing more than we do now. It leads us to deeper ways of understanding atoms nonduality. The world isn’t jumping with atoms in our heads and thirty thousand feet up in the sky for seeing a plane. The atom only knows the thought of the plane. It’s the light within human photosynthesis that brings the image for moving through our Soul. 

The temporal world is only existing for a little while. We shape our ideas, beliefs, and ideologies through taught ideas that are existing as storyboards. We see parents, teachers, and friends as people outside of us instead of levels of energy within our Soul. We don’t see them as storyboard ideas for a world to exist. We’re only calling upon them for the idea at this one level of consciousness.  The world doesn’t move at any other level than how we place it. If we see our parents as parents we live our parents as parents.

If we knew creations level we would know there’s only one of us here with God. Energy is all that exists. Human consciousness is shaping every circumstance we can know as life.  1AD was living in a reality and level of consciousness very different than how we are today. They didn’t know microwaves, cars or planes would exist. Nor did they know the future would have satellites in the sky. We’re not measuring our reality by God but by our own fruition and what we can muster up as life. We don’t shower ourselves in dirt and we only measure our door for walking through it. We don’t see the world any differently than our present level of measurement. 

We don’t see creations level of life and have no idea other races are with us. Until we grasp we’ve been created it’s futile to consider what being human is and isn’t. Only ignorance claims it because we haven’t lived with God to know it. 

We’re not understanding the origin of matter to discern reality or what being human is. God created us in His likeness and God is hundreds of billions of years alive. His consciousness is energy. He shaped human consciousness out of His light. The gift God gave us as conscious energy is matter. We live for eternity experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness. We are not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s a temporal costume. 

The origin of consciousness is God. The light in life is His light. We sometimes call it the Tao. It’s the essence of all and of nothing. 

Human Consciousness

Human consciousness isn’t a single strand of light. We’re blended with other races. God weaved light for us to have the way to increase in matter. When something is created it’s mixed with something. It’s brought into being from elements coming together. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and He used His energy to blend other light for human consciousness to exist. We’re not alone and never will be. We’re living through a plethora of other races to exist. 

We live through God to hear our thoughts. We wouldn’t be able to see our hands, the earth, or trees if not for God’s light in every atom. We don’t think of our existence as resonance. The quantum world eludes us but is more living than the idea of matter. It is the quantum world of energy that lives. Our light is blended with Conscious Energy and Celestial Light for living in human photosynthesis. We’re moving through Conscious Energy for knowing matter exactly as we think it to be. 

Conscious Energy, Celestial and light, and other races of Love are part of our existence but we don’t see them or know about them until we do. They are part of Heaven on earth. We don’t experience Angels or light either. Nor do we live in conversation with God. The invisible world is always with us and when our time comes we know it. 

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