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Going Beyond Religion to God

We don’t consider living with God outside of religion. We’re being born into a religion and immediately placed in satan because human consciousness is in lower mind. Thousands of years ago, when we placed money as a second God and material as a reward, we placed self as the body and matters level reality. This took us away from Spirit and knowing our eternal path with God. 

Over the centuries, we’ve been solidifying religions as living with God instead of living to God teaching about Himself. We’re not consciously evolving or moving towards enlightenment because we don’t leave ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life. Once we make the body self, we begin building our representative for being someone to society. The state of mind that builds the body as self is the state of mind that stays asleep.

As long as we move in religious ideas, we live society as reality and the body as self.  The purpose of Christ giving the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit was for living with God teaching about Himself, not human beings playing God. We’re not getting to light because of the dark religion has made as knowing God. The idea of any human being assigning their decree in God while standing knee deep in the devil is satans ideas. 

We’re not following God as long as we choose religions and make traditions, rituals, and human precepts the light of living with God. The journey reaches deep into the Soul and removes us from this world. We’re living for Christ to begin the journey to Love. The depth of knowing God isn’t ours. We can’t pretend to know God. When we hear God, everything in this world falls apart for unraveling our thought system for knowing Him. The immediate striking level of God speaking out of thin air is enough to change reality and begin the journey to Love.  

No one is going to hear God and continue living society as reality. Jesus calling the disciples to Him was reality-changing. Most were uneducated fishermen that, after Jesus called them, began only fishing for men. The mind has to evolve for substance in God. Without increasing depth, substance, and maturity with God, we only live ideas at matters level. When we made the body self, we solidified the ego, satan, and the little person. We placed meaning and attachment of self around us. Self-identity at matters level makes us attack and defend. We create opponents to be someone to others. We’re trying to find ourselves without knowing what the temporal world is or the eternal.

Without knowing creation, we’ve been going along with religion which has led humanity into the dark forests of satan. We do not know there’s only one of us here with God. We can’t fathom it being true because we don’t exist with light.

God created the word, and the word created the world.. He placed human consciousness within His light for living in matter from any one level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. God gave us the way to live, experiencing a world only at our level of consciousness. We never leave our narrative. We only experience our thoughts as life. There’s only one of us here with God living through stories that live very real, but they are illusions. No one lives outside of us; they only live through us. 

The mind won’t deepen in God when its living matters level. We have to go to Spirit and the eternal existence of our Love. The existence of God with us and our not hearing Him is because energy is at matters level instead of deeper in Christ. When we try to be someone to society, we begin a journey of stories that will place self as the body and our doings as who we are. We make our name, family, hairstyle, car, clothing, job title, neighborhood, and bank account who we are. We are not our thoughts; they are storytellers trying to get us through matter to light. 

Two different thought systems live simultaneously, and we either strengthen one or the other. One is self as the body and society as reality; the other is Spirit and God as reality. As long as we identify the body as self and society as reality we only know satan. The mind isn’t carrying light; it’s struggling to make the dark light. We have to live beyond everything in this world to know God. 

We can claim religions and partake in family traditions, but until we hear God, we are in our narrative only experiencing incessant thinking, which is satans favorite place. We’re sleepwalking in daydreams and not noticing it. Human beings subjugate thinking with daydreams. We think about the past and future and don’t live present to the present moment. We’re always carrying stories about what we did yesterday or need to do tomorrow. The mind quickly jumps from one thought to the next, living through incessant thinking. Without observing our thoughts and having deeper inquisitions, we don’t carry any way to light. 

Kenosis is the process of self-emptying. It doesn’t come to us because we want it to, nor does it live out of our ideas. There’s a light in the world we don’t always see until we do. When we do, and the Soul is aligned for knowing Love, it travels into deeper parts of the world for placing teachers. The unraveling of one thought system for Spirit is in Christ. Only through Christ do we begin to deepen light in God. 

The mind is working for us to know consciousness. Consciousness is the light thinking lives out of. Consciousness is the light in the Soul and is the light giving Spirit the way to live in matter. If not for other races, we wouldn’t be able to touch our faces, see the earth and have bodies. We think of other races as something outside of us instead of intertwined within our light. God created us out of His light, which is hundreds of billions of years alive. The enormity of higher intelligence with us is consciousness. We are a speck in a pool of consciousness living with different levels of light. 

The enormity of Heaven is the depth of human. We don’t know what being human is because we disregard being created by intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. As we awaken, we learn about creation and the depth of our divinity in God. The process for knowing more is leaving self for light. We learn about the body living like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We’re living far beyond our idea of life. 

The human isn’t the body. We’re the conscious energy inside of the body. God created us in His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy. God living of no form and of all form, told us this. The world is consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re experiencing our narrative as life moving out of the body to light for carrying ideas of Heaven. 

The individual will always be the only one knowing God. Only one of us is here with Him going from the many to the one through society as reality to God as reality. We move through stories to our awakening and deeper into God. Magnitude of knowing God isn’t a belief, religion, or idea that mainstream society has. It’s experiencing God teaching about Himself while He changes our thought system to know Him.

We leave society’s ideas, purpose, and livingness. The last are first, and the first are last with God. We lose our lives to gain them in Him. The light for humanity will always be living beyond the world with God, just as Moses, Abraham, the Apostles, and John the Baptist did.  No one with God lives mainstream ideas of Him, and no one lives society as reality. 

Living with God is surrendering our identity of self for knowing more. We’re deepening a walk out of the body for Spirit and leaving the temporal world for the eternal. The existence of religion has been a teacher for seeing the magnitude of satan and deepening our existence through Christ instead. The way isn’t always obvious, and the path can be viney and hidden. Through the narrow gates, we enter Heaven, and out of a deeper light in Christ do we deepen our journey with God. 

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