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The Divine Light Within

Every human being is unraveling their Soul in God. Slowly becoming a greater level of Love. We have opportunities every day to live Love through people and situations. Creating in our lives what helps us understand a deeper level of who we are and the divine light within. 

From childhood, we’ve had many different experiences on a path of acquiring greater intelligence. Humanity taught us to be the people society wanted instead of telling us about the light we were of.  We didn’t know we were living with everything we ever wanted inside of us. Most people try to acquire material for happiness instead of deepening their relationship with God.

They don’t understand who God is because religion hasn’t understood what being alive is and didn’t have a way of understanding His level in life. God is the light of life.  Every human being will one day have an epiphany that provides a greater understanding of life.  At that moment there is clarity and knowledge that creates a glorious reality to live through. Every person has been trying to acquire that epiphany through money and material but that never deepens the knowing of who we are because it’s living in the illusion. 

Only through Love do we acquire wisdom and knowledge. Life was created specifically for what brings more Heaven to our lives. This has been with us since the beginning.  It’s the ancient light that has been giving to us throughout the ages but never understood.  Every human being has stored inside of them a divine light with Heaven.

Understanding creation is the key to living in miracles, happiness, and peace. If we don’t understand what we’re living in, how can we live happiness and miracles? We can’t. This writing will bless everyone it touches.


It’s important to understand creation for having a life that gives us the opportunity to live our dreams. There is knowledge in this writing not known before in human consciousness. It’s written with God. 

Our version of God has been at matters level instead of Heavens. Everyone has heard God is the light all life is in but we didn’t break that down to understand what that meant. Our world is in trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of energy in a very quantum existence. 

We see our bodies and only relate to the surface level instead of seeing the deeper level of our being which is tiny little atoms vibrating in waves of resonance. God has been living for hundreds of billions of years and is the energy we are living in for seeing our bodies.  We’re living through His conscious space which is through energy called Conscious Energy.  Conscious Energy is spelled with a capital “C” and “E”. The human race was created in God’s likeness which is conscious energy.  Spelled with a little “C” and “E”.

We’re are tiny little atoms living through other levels of energy to have the experience of matter. We imprint upon energy what we see. Consciousness is all that is alive with matters level living as images in our Soul. 

The body and matter only live in consciousness.  There is more living than what we see. We only see a world we can conceive. God created human consciousness to only see its thoughts. We don’t see the level of creation in life. We’re not seeing the bacteria crawling all over our bodies or covering all matter. We see comfortably only seeing our thoughts. 


God is the energy Love. Love is very different than how we have known Love. Love is the oldest living energy in existence and has been living from the beginning as the light human beings are living through. Love is the energy in human photosynthesis creating the level of our world we experience. 

It’s the greatest power in life because it’s God’s energy giving us the way to process higher light.  When we process higher light we increase our intelligence. The more light we have the more we understand what reality is and what the illusion is. This gives us the ability to live in Heaven while here on earth.

As we become more conscious of Love we become more conscious of life. The power of Love takes us beyond society’s level to higher realms in Heaven. This gives us the power of living with Angels.

People meditate, do yoga and other spiritual practices for holding the energy of Love. Prayer has also been a powerful part of human life. The key to praying is to live in the prayer energy after the prayer.  If we pray for a miracle to live happy with a co-worker but then afterward only live in thoughts that crucify the co-worker, we deflect our miracle. If we pray to have peace but afterward only think in worry and anxiety we deflect the miracle of peace. We want our thoughts to always live in the light of our prayer. This gives us the way for miracles.

The same is with meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. If we leave that practice and resume living in incessant thinking we dismiss everything we just did. We end up living through society’s level of energy instead of Heavens. Our level of thinking must stay in meditative light in order to experience our world in that light. We want to carry our thoughts in energy that keep peacefulness and compassion as the energy we live through. Keeping our thoughts out of incessant thinking and in light. 

Because we live in consciousness every thought we have is the only level living as life. Heaven can only travel through our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality.  Love is the light we want to live through because it invokes the highest levels of energy into our light. 

The Love I speak of isn’t society’s level of Love it’s deeper than that. There is a Love which is lived when we go beyond our own interests and live for others that’s of Heaven.  It’s a Love that knows all life as one. Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul existing for us to become Love through.

Today, most people believe they’re loving and compassionate. Yet, we walk past homeless people every day not seeing their suffering. We don’t speak to them, offer a prayer or go out of our way to get them food, water or shelter. We judge them from the darkness that lives in us. Our eyes see out of our darkness and our non-action is the devils level in human consciousness.  Its where we have become hardened and removed from the miracle of this life.  We live through darker energy not realizing we’re not having the depth for seeing life in suffering. 

We’re living from everything other than Love to Love. The places that have us live for self more than others is the little person level not yet understanding the divine light within.

Most people Love when it works for them and is convenient but if it takes us away from what we want to do, it’s no longer Love. When what is convenient and works for us is called self-centeredness which keeps us from knowing our light within. We have to go beyond our needs caring for other people for understanding the holy light within ourselves. The more we understand our holy light the more we understand life and live in joy. 


Having eyes that see but never see and ears that listen but never hear is from our level of consciousness not treating people like ourselves.  When Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He meant it.  People including strangers are levels of energy in our Soul. They show up as teachers, lessons, reflections, and tests for where we need to live Love. Even if we only see them on TV or in passing they live in our light. And every thought we have of them is trying to have us live Love. They’re giving us a reason to Love and the choices we make are awakening us to a deeper part of life and greater intelligence. 

We never know where the opportunity is coming but in every experience, there is Heaven. Even in the worst experiences, there can be miracles and deeper blessing than we can imagine. How we think determines what we can receive. We always want to go inside for reflecting on where there is a teacher trying to have us live Love. 

It doesn’t always seem obvious or through the people, we think.  It’s usually in the people we dismiss and don’t recognize as a loving opportunity. Everything in life is a curriculum for opening higher levels of Love and intelligence in us. It usually happens in what is disguised as something else and outside of how we think it will show.  

If we never live more Love we never become more conscious of life. We want to live Love beyond the level we do today knowing it creates a greater happiness in life.  Giving Love to everyone we meet first and last is the way. It carries knowledge and light for living through.

Everyone we see only lives through us. They live through our thoughts. We’re imprinting upon energy the level we see in people. There is no place we begin or they end.  We think because they’re in a body they’re separate than us, but what we don’t realize, is there is no body in consciousness. There are only waves of energy and we’re imprinting upon the energy what we see.


In Ultimate Reality, there is only one of us here with God.  As people begin to understand creation they will know the world responds to Love. Our existence isn’t in society’s level it’s always been in Heavens level. We just never understood consciousness was creating the world we experience. 

Our level of consciousness lives earthly because we’ve shaped it for living in false idols and made money a second God. When we began having tangible rewards in matter humanity kept expanding material and money as what life was. Never living out of matters level to Spirit we stayed in linear consciousness. 

We shaped the human mind away from Spirit and into materialism as what was living. Instead of understanding consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect.  As we lived deeper into lower mind we diverted away from knowing our divine existence. We moved away from living the Ten Commandments and making God first which was the only way for acquiring greater intelligence. Our ability to understand life could only come from living deeper in God.  When we didn’t do that we shaped human consciousness at earthly levels keeping our thought system in lower energy instead of ascending higher in God. 

This created reality to only exist at matters level. We brought the world into materialism and money as life instead of intelligence. Since the beginning, the human race has been on a path to nowhere. We needed a purpose beyond matters level in order to unlock our potential in life. Understanding our divinity and God is a necessity for us. 

Matters level is the illusion and the temporal part of life. It shields the Truth. Our reality is light.  What has been taught as life is just a temporary veil for awakening through. Society’s level is only for living through to Heaven. It only serves the purpose of awakening us to God. It’s not the level we think it is. God created our world to live through society’s level to Heaven. We’ve never known the Truth of what society was or how human photosynthesis was creating its level. 

Understanding human beings are conscious energy and not the body is detrimental for acquiring the intelligence for understanding how matter is existing. 

As we open our light we live deeper in God. God is the only one who can work within our consciousness changing our thoughts for seeing more. He also knows more about our world than we do. We only live from our level of knowing and not knowing. God knows His creation and can bring us to a part of the world we never knew was existing. He gives us the ability to experience our highest potential at this level of consciousness.  


The majority of people have never lived for enlightenment to know what being alive is or who God is. We’ve been knowing God through false idols and living money as a second God. We live society’s level of God instead of living deeper in light through Heavens level. 

We make God live through our lives, through our plans and way of life. We don’t live with God like Abraham, Moses or John the Baptist. We try to drive instead of letting God drive. We live with practices that only know Him from what is comfortable living with Him. We never let go and surrender letting Him rearrange our lives. 

If we always know God from our same level of thinking and never go beyond it, how can we understand God any more than what we do today? We can’t. The whole idea of living with God is to evolve beyond our present level of thinking so that we live understanding greater levels of our lives in Him.  When we don’t,  we become the same people as the high priest who crucified Jesus only knowing God in darkness.

Society teaches us to live in materialism as life. Keeping everything outside of us as life instead of knowing our divine light within. Material and money only live in lower mind through earthly energy. They are the illusion. What is reality ascends into higher levels of consciousness. This is why Jesus said, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”  When we live for wealth and false idols we shape our thought system in lower energy with no light for living higher in God. 

Earthly energy doesn’t live higher in God. The lower mind lives through ego, self-centeredness and a thought system in matter.  Wealth at this level makes a home live in poverty because it never understands conscious evolution or the Souls salvation. We create eyes that forever see but never see. Always living at a deficit focusing on the illusion instead of building our house in God.

God knew what could happen to human consciousness if it didn’t live for light.  Matters level is the lowest level in the pyramid of consciousness.  It stays linear only stretching itself horizontally instead of ascending higher towards the all-seeing eye.  At this level, our feelings, emotions, and perspective live in darker energy which keeps our little person living instead of the divine light within.

Most people believe who they are is what they have identified at matters level as self.  They associate self through their name, hairstyle, clothes, square footage, job title, neighborhood, and car. They don’t have greater wisdom about their own existence because they’ve never been taught to live for higher intelligence. We are only educated at society’s level instead of being taught about the divine light within we need to live through.


Darkness continues creating what keeps us in the dark. People live with anxiety, opponents, pain, fear, sadness, resentment, competition, jealousy, guilt, anger, shame, and worry. Never living in the peace of God. Darkness is an energy that holds pain in human consciousness. It’s like a million tiny snakes reproducing in our thought process weaving everything other than Love. This shapes a veil over our eyes and keeps us thinking incessantly in stories that carry negativity. 

Consciousness can’t live outside of itself it has to live through itself. This is why it’s imperative we increase Soul intelligence. We want to have a hypothesis in a greater light. Living in God gives us the path for always ascending in light.  Matters level only stays earthly.  We want to be living in a higher light for experiencing a greater level of our world. 

Humanity is living through everything other than Love to Love and as we live greater Love we begin to renew our thoughts to light. As we replace darkness with light, we begin knowing a deeper level in God.

We want to change our energy for higher intelligence.  This is done with Love and by living in conversation with God instead of in conversation with ourselves. We want to open our lives for the miraculous level we live in. 


Pausing incessant thinking is imperative. Most people don’t realize they talk to themselves in self-chatter living through their narrative as life. Human beings live in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next creating the story in matter to live through. We never realize we only live in self chatter. We constantly hear ourselves talk about what we’re doing, where we’re going and what we should do.  

We live in our perspective. Every level of what we call life only lives in our mind. Nothing we live is ever outside of our thoughts. Our thoughts are the only level we live as life.   

Incessant thinking keeps us jumping from one thought to the next moving through matter. Never living outside of the story we create. We live through assumptions and fill in stories that live insinuating as life instead of what is life. We’re literally moving forward through matter with every thought creating our existence. People live thinking about the past and the future for what they need to do instead of experiencing the present moment. Our thoughts keep us from living in the present moment which holds the most light, peace and miracles. 

Controlling how we think through energy is the way. We want to increase the space between our thoughts for living deeper in the conscious space of God, quieting incessant thinking.  We want to increase thoughts of Love. Even if we randomly throughout the day take five minutes to send Love to everyone we know we begin living greater Love. Only in light do we begin to understand the power of Love in our minds. 

Just as people live in abbeys for only living in Love. Humanity wants to keep God first above all things. We want to live God as reality. Understanding there is a higher intelligence we are with that can rearrange and show us a deeper level of our world. 

Some people think of God as the source, life force, higher intelligence or universe, it doesn’t really matter what word we use because we’re on a path to knowing Ultimate Truth. Intelligence only comes through Love. We want to live happily carving our Soul into higher light. The more we can live with God the better our lives. 

Incessant thinking will slowly fall away for living in higher levels of consciousness as we move through Hyphen. We’ll open a greater level of our world outside of lower mind.


The brain is only a processor giving us the way to live in matter. Our thinking doesn’t live outside of this one experience. When we leave this world our thoughts leave as well. Only consciousness is continuous. 

Thinking gives us the way to create our story in humanity’s light.   The mind is capable of holding two thoughts at once and even more. We live conscious of one level of thought while other levels of energy move in our light. But we have no level for hearing them so we don’t and for those that do there are opportunities for greater experiences in higher realms.

Consciousness is living in trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy creating matters level from light. When we can live deeply in God we can access higher levels of our world that only live at those levels. 

Human beings are not the body or any level of matter we are conscious energy existing as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The Soul is not in the body it’s in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. We have no body in consciousness. Our consciousness is creating the image of the body to live through. 

The body is part of the experience in matter we’re living through. It’s giving us the way to be conscious. Human beings live in one level of consciousness inside of Heaven slowly having greater consciousness in Heaven. As we go from the thought system of the mortal world to the thought system of Heaven we imprint upon energy greater levels of Heaven. 

Every thought is writing our story we live as Love.  The observer is the only one with God. There is no level of society at the level we think it is.  Human photosynthesis is giving us images in our Soul for living through. We’re only existing as tiny little atoms through a veil of images created from our level of consciousness. 


Reality is relative to our level of thinking and is the illusion we are living through to knowing Ultimate Reality. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. This is why everything is only in our perspective. 

We’ve been taught from childhood life is about society’s level going to kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and maybe college. Then we want to get a job, have a partner, buy a house and later retire. This is part of the human story living at one level of consciousness.

In the 300s life saw another universe and their level of consciousness gave them their perspective of life which was very different than ours. They shaped life based upon that one level of consciousness. Today, we see the universe from our level of consciousness and shape life at our level of thinking. Ten thousand years from now we’ll see the universe completely different and shape life from that level of consciousness.

We can never see the totality of the universe, people or any level of matter because we can only experience them from our level of consciousness. Human consciousness creates the entirety of what life is out of that one level of consciousness. We will always create the past, future, history and all-knowing of what life is at every present level of consciousness. What is of Heaven is continuous in all levels of life. Consciousness can only live through itself hence why we must live for conscious evolution. 

We’re living through veils of consciousness and as we become Love we pierce through a veil for higher light. The illusion of life lives very real. If we fall and scrape our knee we feel it and act upon it. Our interpretation and the energy it lives in is only from one level of thinking out of an infinite. Our level of light is created from the level of Love we’ve become and it determines seeing with little substance or seeing with a lot of substance. 

Living in a world only existing in consciousness gives us the ability to change our little person for living through our divine light. As we do we live deeper in God in higher intelligence. 

God created human consciousness for becoming conscious of Him. All levels of life are leading us to live beyond this level. Our thoughts do not tell us the truth and we do not see everything here. Our thoughts only live out of this present level of consciousness.  


Substance is a depth within our Soul that garners greater maturity for seeing more of our world. Substance is light and is the only level in existence that brings a deeper knowing of life in wisdom greater than any other. 


Humanity has created its own level of intelligence.  Not realizing we shaped intelligence from a level that never even knew what matter was.  No level in life has been trying to live for enlightenment. We come into a world and immediately are taught to live at society’s level of success. No one has ever been able to understand the illusion because the majority has never had a chance to understand what being alive is. 

Our education system and our institutions only live at matters level. We created institutions to live in dogmatic systems that placate to political agendas instead of intelligence. Life doesn’t tell NASA they are way off in understanding other life.  On the contrary, people believe NASA is the authority of understanding other life. Which is only because society has never understood what being alive is. 

NASA never had a chance for understanding we were living in another race, or that our atmosphere was other races. Because society has never understood matters existence. People look off planet for other life when we’ve been living with other races from the beginning. There are more races living in our light than we can count. 

We’ve been living in a world not seeing the bacteria crawling all over us which tells us there is more here we do not see. And we never knew what matter was or how we were only living in our perspective. There is more here we do not see and know. We don’t think in the light for understanding the greater part of our world and the plethora level of races existing.  

Heaven has always been living in greater levels of intelligence than ours. We are the creatures that have been created by God. The world’s existence is in greater intelligence for human consciousness to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. 

God is dynamic energy and He’s not a human. Humanity didn’t know what a human being was and we’re living as one. We have always associated the body as what was human instead of consciousness. We’re not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body having an experience in matter at our present level of consciousness. Life is in a pool of consciousness. 

God created human consciousness and matter.  God is hundreds of billions of years alive and lives in every atom giving us the light for human photosynthesis.  When we think of any level of consciousness that can exist we have to understand its already been realized in God. And that implies a level of intelligence so far beyond any level we’ve ever conceived. 

We want to have greater maturity for understanding the intelligence of God and life. We’ve not grasped the enormity of life and higher intelligence even though we’ve known we’re on a planet floating in space with a sun ninety-three million miles away. We didn’t absorb how that implies our existence is in another race for living in matter. 

We’ve been living with seasons changing, perfect degrees to live in, the sun aligned just right and every level of vegetation living in our light. Existing in an eco-system that was provided. We didn’t create the sun or planets and we had nothing to do with the elements that are giving to us for breathing in space. We don’t scream from our bones growing and had no say in aging effortlessly from an embryo to an adult. 

We’ve been taught to think of life is about a white picket fence and fame. When we’re in a divine existence with a world far beyond any level society is teaching. The maturity needed is for understanding we’re living in Heaven. 

Human consciousness and matter is the gift God gave us. We haven’t been living in the light God created as life. We shaped human consciousness to live the illusion instead of reality. This is why we’re 360% away from Heaven. 

When we create authority in institutions that placate to dogmatic levels of society we cut off the ability for furthering the knowing of God and life.  No level of government should live creating what doesn’t have conscious evolution or a species living enlightened.  We should always be striving for understanding life even if it challenges our very own level of thinking. Its suppose too. 

When money equated to power and who would have an impact on shaping human consciousness the world fell into ignorance. There is no level in life able to give to what leads the human race to sustainability if there is no intelligence gaining substance and maturity.  Life has been living for superficial and shallow levels as if they were the most meaningful in life. Creating luxury brands and a species to live accumulating in excess is the epitome of ignorance. It only served to build an outer world while depleting the inner one. The Soul of humanity needed greater intelligence for understanding what matter was and how to live in consciousness. 

We didn’t understand how to live through our divine light. As we begin to live for greater levels of God we will create what shapes human consciousness for always living in the light. 


We’ve always been living for conscious evolution we just didn’t know it. Human beings must have higher levels of energy to see more in matter. Living in consciousness requires light beyond the present level we have and that’s only acquired through Love. 

When we started making false idols and money a second God we lost our way.  God has been giving humanity a greater light for understanding what being alive is, the level of our world and creation. This is the only time a human being has ever lived in Heaven while here on earth for greater light to be given. 

We want Soul intelligence because it’s living out of God. It’s the deeper knowing that connects us to our light in Heaven. Only through God do we acquire higher wisdom and knowledge.

Since the beginning of life, people called upon sages, ascetics, and prophets for experiencing higher knowledge. People wanted to live as ascetics. Power existed by having a communication link to God.  Prophets were the only way for Kings to have greater knowledge.  We lost the ability to live with higher intelligence the more we lived for money and material. Our thought system slowly changed away from Spirit to only living at matters level. 

Our belief in a world with Angels, miracles and supernatural ways as normal was lost for living for luxury. We want Soul intelligence from the Kingdom of Heaven.  If we understood God we would live in Heavens level with miracles, Angels and light. We are among celestial races living hundreds of billions of years alive that live as the fabric of our world. We should live in a deeper conversation with what can enlighten us.

Love opens us to Heaven. We want to acquire substance in life. Soul intelligence comes from Love. It seems like a simple way to live but Love has eluded the human race since the beginning.


Thinking is matters level and has the personality, emotions, and ego, from the temporal part of life. It’s only existing at the level of the illusion and in incessant thinking.  It gives us the story to live through to higher levels of consciousness. 

Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change like thoughts do. It’s the light we think out of and lives in Heaven.  Consciousness is the level of everything in life. There is no level in life existing other than consciousness.

Human consciousness was created from trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy in temperatures for human photosynthesis. There are different hypothesis in hundreds of trillions of energy living through holographic light in decimals for human realization. Making it infinite and unlimited.

God created the way for us to live in free will which means we can live through anything we can think. Living through a “Word” only in our perspective created the way for us to live with God slowly awakening to deeper levels within Him. 

Our world lives in our mind at our level of thinking. The observer lives with everything in their light. As an example, if we’re in a room with two thousand people the one who is the observer is the only one living in the light with everyone existing at their level of consciousness. No one in that room is existing other than in the observers level of consciousness. Life only lives in our perspective.

Human beings live as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Immortality is all there is because life only lives in waves. All form changes and all energy is changing form.  The body isn’t living only the conscious energy inside of the body is.

As we understand what being alive is it helps us for understanding self as only existing as the illusion.  There is no self-existing because it’s the transitory level of the mortal world we create for living this experience.

The illusion in life is every thought that gives matter a level. 

Having greater levels of energy in our light gives us different light in matter. There are greater realms we can experience in different levels of consciousness right here on earth. There are other life forms and races who only exist at those levels of consciousness. 

During the past six years with God. He has blessed me with experiencing other dimensions filled with other life. Life has always had gateways to higher levels of our world. We’re the only ones that cut ourselves off from experiencing greater levels of life by not living deeper in God. 

Consciousness doesn’t live matters level. We create matters level. Consciousness is endlessly existing in greater levels of light beyond any dimension in human consciousness. 


The Soul which is Love is consciousness. The Soul is consciousness because it’s living in our Father. We are an idea in the mind of God.  The Soul is creating the light for Spirit to live through in matter.   In our life continuum, we will have many different bodies and for each one, we’ll have a different Spirit for living through that level of consciousness.

After every life, the Spirit rests in Heaven while the Soul continues on creating a new level of life for evolving through. Our life continuum is created from the level of Love we are of and not of. We are only experiencing what becomes greater light in God. 

Spirit lives from the Soul.  In every life, we have a new body, family, je ne sais quoi, personality, and level of being in human consciousness. Which has Spirit for that new level of being. 

The Soul is the level giving Spirit the light to live in matter. Which is never serving any other purpose than becoming Love.  We are living through everything other than Love to Love.  Love is creating our life continuum.  We live in two worlds at one time for creating our life continuum but are only conscious of one.

When we think of Heaven we can understand Heaven is in a parallel universe already awakening us to the light beyond this one level of consciousness.  


We’re following Gods path for awakening as God. Eventually, everyone has an epiphany for living through to understanding deeper levels of our world. God created us for slowly living Him. 

God moves in ways we never expect and when He does it’s not in any order or the way we’re ready for. He doesn’t use the people we think He should. He tends to use the doubter, the less expected, the broken and underdog for changing the world.

When He came into my life it was for living Christ consciousness.  He has been teaching and giving to me for understanding human consciousness and creation. Everything in this writing is with God. 

When humanity made the world three-dimensional we created our thought system to only live through matters level in the illusion. We’ve been expanding the use of money as life ever since because our three- dimensional theory only gave us that level to live through.

As we understand human photosynthesis and our world living as energy most of our theories that have been used in technology and science will be obsolete for creating what lives in higher light. 

We’ve been living in linear consciousness creating more uses for money and accumulating in excess instead of living for awakening in conscious evolution. We needed to fast from society’s level for finding our Fathers domain. 

Buddha once made the choice to live as an ascetic leaving his fathers kingdom for trying to understand a deeper level in human life. He went through many stages including starving himself to try to understand human suffering.  He didn’t want society’s level of knowledge. He wanted Heavens level.

In other parts of the world, people leave society’s level for trying to understand the higher light in life. This practice has been in human consciousness from the beginning. We’ve always been trying to connect with the higher intelligence in life. Never has the majority understood to live for enlightenment but we’re now understanding it’s the way of life. 

Living for enlightenment is mandatory because we live in consciousness. As people understand creation they will want to live for unraveling their Soul in God. Having access to celestial races and Angels is our birthright. Having greater knowledge about what being alive is helps us to understand consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

If we want to live our ultimate lives awake to the bigger world, we have to live Love. Happiness is the brother of Love. As Love is lived we begin to understand our existence much better. 


There is no idle thought in life. Every thought is dynamic energy creating the world we experience in matter.  For example, what we defend against we create because we build in fear energy.  This is why when we try to bring peace through war we only manifest greater need for weapons. Consciousness doesn’t evolve when we don’t acquire higher intelligence for leaving levels of human life behind. Leaving weapons behind is a requisite for humanity.

When weapons increase it’s only because we’re not increasing in intelligence. No human being wants to be harmed and therefore if we had the way to not be, we would live it.

We’re not creating a world in harmony and balance because money’s level of energy keeps us living in lower earthly levels. We try to have power and control instead of realizing our divine light in life.  Society is only existing to live through and not stay at the devils level.  Our eyes want to see light and more of Heaven. 

We want to understand there is only one of us here with God and society is the illusion based upon human consciousness. It’s trying to teach us to choose Love and to choose living deeper in God. But we fell to the devils level and live in the illusion creating our Souls journey in darkness instead of Heaven. 

We want to never match what is being given in darkness with darkness. We only create more darkness to manifest in life if we do.  Our consciousness will keep everything living and expanding if we live at its level. We want to live light and understand what we ‘re perceiving has another perspective with a choice in light. 

God created Love for living through knowing it would always be the saving grace in human consciousness. When we live Love we invoke higher levels of God’s energy. This gives us the power to see in matter what others don’t see. It gives us the power to know what is beyond matters level living in a greater light than what is on the surface.  What is beyond matters level has the power to change what is in matters level. Love is the alchemy in life that changes life.

Energy is living higher than our light and we want to acquire it. When we live in attack and defend we live in frightening levels. The level of defending becomes the same as the attacking. There isn’t a way to not live in fear if we don’t choose differently and make the choice in mercy, forgiveness, and Love. Our eyes keep us having opponents. As we understand our thinking is creating the light we understand why Love is the way of the world.  We understand our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and defenselessness is light.

When we live creating our light to harm other human beings it stays in our light for living through to Love. When we Love others we live through that light. When He gave us free will it was having the ability to make any choice whether in hatred or Love to live through. As we do we create the Souls journey in our life continuum. 

This is why when we judge others we live in judgment. When we persecute others we live in fear of being persecuted. When we live oblivious to human life suffering, we live through life opening to human suffering. Everything we are doing is only for us to become Love. The path we take to Heaven is our own and we can veer off into hell for as many lives as we do before getting back on path. In free will, we’re the only ones creating the Soul’s path.  God has given us everything we need for making that path Heaven. 

Even as sinners we have grace. We live making mistakes and doing what is wrong having time to change and do what is right. We can atone and choose to correct our path at any moment and that’s the glory of God. Energy changes as we change the light we live through. Living as peacemakers gives us life in peace. 

When we focus on what we don’t want we end up putting more energy towards its existence. All our worries, fears and anxieties create living through that energy. Anger only destroys the angry. There is no level of energy we live that doesn’t become us.  This is why Love is the way of the world. As we choose Love in life we begin to understand Heavens level in life.

We want to live with outcomes as if they are already existing.  As already being done. What is on the surface doesn’t need changing. The person seeing what needs changing is the one that needs to change.

Love is the energy that creates beyond any level in life. Having knowledge about energy and living in consciousness empowers us to keep our thoughts in God.  We are more powerful than we’ve been led to believe and we are more divine than we’ve ever known. 

In video games, people move through every level acquiring something new for taking them to a higher level. No one stays at the same level otherwise they lose. Our reality is the same. As we become conscious of Love a veil falls away for entering another part of our world. God created life in conscious evolution because every higher level of consciousness creates a higher level of our world to live through.

God has held our Truth, our miracles and our light in Trust for us.  We live intoxicated by Jesus but we never live trying to quench our thirst in Him. We came empty into the world and will leave in an empty world if we don’t open ourselves for being thirsty. Wisdom lives beyond society’s level and is through a narrow gate in God.

We want to live in the Kingdom of Heaven while here on earth. We move through veils when we live in higher levels of Love.  Life can only reveal what we can conceive and this is why conscious evolution is the way to live more in God.

Blessed are those who have heard the word of the Father and have kept it in Truth. God gave us the way to understanding creation and human consciousness. We want to live through our divine light and open ourselves to Angels, miracles, celestial races, and joy. 


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