The greatest blessing of our lives is upon us with God giving everyone a way to live deeper in Him. God is the blueprint to life and every human being should have a way to live as deeply as they can in Him.  Religion should not try to determine the depth of the Soul's journey into God by claiming any authority of God.  

teaching religion about GodReligion has never looked at itself with eyes from Heaven. Most people have been brought up with God from a perspective that hasn't evolved beyond itself deeper into God. We don't live to go beyond religion and no one in religion is living to go beyond itself. Even though Jesus walked the earth teaching us there was more to know about God beyond religion. He knew more than the high priest at that time and was trying to teach them about God. When they couldn't handle His knowledge they crucified Him.

We live in passed down idealogies never carving our Soul beyond religions present level. Jesus was teaching us to live deeper than practice and protocol into God. We want to live Christ consciousness beyond any level in society for living God as reality.

Religion shaped God at society's level instead of as the blueprint to life. We haven't had conscious evolution deeper into God for thousands of years. Even though most people realize they only know God from one perspective we don't live for enlightenment to know more. We made society reality instead of God as reality. The high priest who crucified Jesus never knew the Messiah was right in front of them. This tells us we can never believe we know God perfectly even if we think we have doctrinal authority. The only way we can know more of God is when we live in higher levels of consciousness.

Thousands of years ago when humanity began learning of God it was through a time human consciousness knew very little about life and creation. Jesus tried to change that. He gave us the way to live deeper in God. When Jesus told us we were the people forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing it was because we lived God at society's level not living Him as reality. Religion never made a pathway deeper into God because it never consciously evolved in Him. Human consciousness hasn't lived out of linear consciousness. We pass down our knowing of God and teach everyone to live in that concept. We never know any more than what we're taught.

No one is being born to live beyond religion and then turn around and teach religion about God. When that's exactly what we should be doing. Never has anyone in religion lived in Heaven while here on earth or had higher enlightenment beyond society. Society has never lived for enlightenment.

When we didn't live to go deeper into the God the consequence was darkness. He told us to not make money a second God because our identity in money would shape our thought system in lower mind with darker earthly energy. Everyone on earth including the bishop and cardinal has been raised through society's darkness. The most saintly of us all can't escape being born into humanity's present level of consciousness.

We all come into human consciousness through a world living like Sodom. We made money a second God and live for false idols. No one is taught creation for understanding what being alive is or how the world is existing in consciousness. Instead, we live for materialism going along with what society is doing. No nation on earth follows the Ten Commandments which is a terrible testament for our believing in God. We haven't even begun to open the miracle of life. Our world is in Heaven with celestial races, Angels and God living with us but yet how many people live with that as a normal part of their lives. We want to live knowing creation for experiencing Heaven on earth.


We didn't realize how serious God was when He told us not to make money a second God. We knew nothing about creation and had no idea of the consequence in human consciousness. God knew what He created and He knew we needed to process His energy for living in light. Making money a second God created humanity to live at matters level. It shaped human consciousness in lower earthly energy instead of higher in God. No one can live without money which makes money more powerful than the human being. Money has nothing to do with how life was created. It only exists in human consciousness and has existed because human beings never understood life.

Living with money created our thought system to stay in survival. Every human being is still hunting and gathering for what they need to live every month. Even though the world has an abundance and there is no scarcity for what life needs to live. This level of consciousness keeps human beings in lower mind thinking through ego and little person instead of higher in Christ.

Money made us only expand out of matter which created materialism and consumerism as the way of life. Which keeps us identifying life at matters level. It created a thought system at the devil's level because it lives more in earthly energy through fear instead of higher in God through Love. We unleashed millions of tiny snakes in our thought system and they only weave a filter to live through in ego and fear.

Every day we live with choices of keeping God first or society first. We live choosing to live through fear or Love. Heaven is in everything but in a thought system that stays in darker energy we have no way of seeing what else is existing in life.

People don't have to do anything heinous in order to suffer on earth. They can simply not have the right amount of money and will live with deafening consequences. While people who have millions of dollars can live horribly hurting people and have no terrible consequences because they can buy their way out of it. The reality money created is false and doesn't serve the balance in life, equality, justice or conscious evolution. There is no light where darkness becomes light. Money has been the gravest mistake in human history because it made money live more powerfully than human intelligence which will never give humanity the consciousness for living sustainably until we evolve out of it.


Every building, car, person, and the ocean is trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little atoms. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Society is the temporal part of life and is the illusion. It only exists at one level of consciousness. Society is the backdrop we live through consciously awakening to God.

The world is energy and what we see doesn't exist at the level we see it from. There is only energy existing. There are no human beings walking the earth. We live through images in our Soul. What we see and experience is self-organizing energy in temperature creating levels of matter from our level of consciousness. Everyone seems very real and if we fall we scrape our knee and it can bleed. What we experience is through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul only existing for us to live Love through. Life is like a personal curriculum only existing in our narrative for choosing God and living deeper in Christ for opening the Truth of our existence as Love. Society is the temporal level of life that we live becoming conscious of Love. There is only one of us here with God.


How did God create human beings? God was never in anything other than osmosis and consciousness. When living as the level of everything He began changing temperature for hearing other levels of resonance which was out of His energy. Within hearing that resonance He began changing energy at record levels for creating consciousness in matter. As He learned light in frequencies humanity became an idea in the mind of God which we live in today.

God created the way for energy to live in matter. God is dynamic energy and He made form out of what was void. He created human consciousness for living in matter from any one level of consciousness. Giving us the way to live for eternity shaping what we live through continually for consciously evolving deeper in Him.

We're evolving into the light we came out of. Life is only living for becoming Love while uncovering the depth of God and as we do we create in matter Heaven on earth living infinitely deeper in God.

We come into the world already existing and take everything for granted never questioning society's level of consciousness or how life is existing. When I tell people we never knew what creation was they always say, “Yes, I do. God created everything in existence.” I'm referring to understanding what being alive is and that we're living in consciousness in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

When humanity made tangible goods life and only related to living through our senses we missed how God created us in His likeness. We instead identified life at matters level. When God isn't matters level, He is the light giving matter the way to exist. He created everything in existence not through a magic wand but by being the level of hyper light in every atom in human consciousness.

God is dynamic energy and He is the level of all life. He created human beings in His likeness. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Genesis gave human beings the way to know we were created and who our creator was. God gave us the ability for living with Him in faith and Love unlike any other creature created. Matter is the temporal level of life. Consciousness is all that is alive and is the continuous eternal level of our existence.

Scientists knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave but what they didn't know was how that wave was existing. Which is the most crucial level for understanding God. Every particle is living in God's light. He is the level giving every atom the way to exist in human consciousness. We're assigning the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Nothing is existing except our light in matter. Otherwise, the world would be void with only energy existing.

God creating matter gave us the way to know we were alive. If we only existed as energy we wouldn't know we were living. We needed matter to experience the trials and tribulations of life for awakening to being alive and carving our Soul deeper in God.

The word created the world and has been ever since God brought consciousness into being. Humanity knowing the “word created the world” is the greatest indicator of how life is existing but we missed it because of living at matters level. Consciousness is all that is alive. We're an idea in the mind of God and everything we live as life is an idea in our mind. There is nothing we experience as life other than what we think. Every word is lived as life. We never live outside of our thoughts.

The Bible gives us the way for increasing intelligence by creating a thought system in God. Which is the only existence for human beings. Eventually, everyone awakens to their living in God. We just needed to understand He was the blueprint to life instead of only in religion. God created Heaven for our living in matter. We're creating our version of life within Heaven from our level of consciousness. Conscious Energy is the living species in God and they're the fabric of our world giving us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are Heaven on earth.

Genesis is humanity's story and is given for the understanding of the people at that time. The Bible provides the structure for living in God's presence and lays the foundation for God's presence on earth. This was set thousands of years ago for giving humanity the way of living in God.

People never understood the level of God in every atom. Even though most people have heard God is the light all life is in. They just never broke it down for how it was existing. God is a different level than human beings. He created us and is an intelligence hundred of billions of years alive living quantumly in every atom. We can hear Him in resonance, and He can move in us and in our world. God is of no form and is of all form. There is nothing in existence He is not. His establishing direction for Heaven in a thinking creature that lives in free will was brilliantly done.

Humanity didn't understand what matter was and we didn't listen to God when He told us not to make money a second God or live for false idols. We made both the way of life and the consequence was darkness. God knew we would separate ourselves from Him if we didn't live deeper in Him. Which we did. Our level of knowing God is not at the level of Abraham or experiencing Angels, celestial races and God profoundly. We don't live God as reality we instead live society as reality and add God into our lives. We have never been brought up to only know God as the blueprint to life. Society has always taken precedent.

Genesis gives us the level of consciousness we're living through. This version began many thousands of years ago with the Soul of humanity on a journey millions of years before that. Life has lived becoming the level of consciousness it is. Human consciousness had an infancy. When God created human beings it was through light He had cared for. Adam and Eve are the human beings that initiate this present level of consciousness. Everything we know as the history of the human race is only existing in this one level of consciousness through human photosynthesis.

Heaven has always been giving to life from the light of humanity's Love. The form of the human being is an idea in the mind of God just as every living creature in existence is. We think the human body is normal and living because it's all we've been taught but we could look like pink elephants and would never know it. We can't live outside of human consciousness we can only live through it. Everything in human consciousness will always be normal to us. Consciousness is creating all form.

We never see the intricate raw level of creation. God created our consciousness to live comfortably only experiencing what we think. We don't experience bacteria crawling all over us or see the dust from cells shedding. We don't grasp the depth of how life is existing or how advanced it is for living in matter. We're living in trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy for experiencing matter from our level of consciousness. We've taken life for granted not understanding this incredible miracle of being alive.

Most people never realize they only live in their perspective from their narrative. We never live outside of our thoughts. The entire experience of life will be lived in self-chatter talking to ourselves every moment of the day as we move through matter. We only live through thinking. We never question how our thoughts exist for matters level to be exactly what we think it is. We just take it for granted. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

God created every single little nuance life would need for conscious evolution for increasing intelligence. We only know life and its existence from this present level of consciousness until we live in another. What is in level A only experiences what is in level A. What is in level B only experiences what is in level B. They can't experience each other. Our present level of human consciousness created its entirety. We create everything life holds including human history and what the universe exists of. It's just the present level of human consciousness.

The universe is consciousness as is the earth and all living things. We never see the totality of anything including our children, parents or friends. We can only experience them from our present level of consciousness. They live in another level of the world experiencing life from their level of consciousness. We never see the totality of the moon. We could send a satellite up and take pictures all around it and we would still never see the totality of it. We can only see it from our present level of consciousness. The reason we always believe we know more than we do is our light never quits reaching for explaining the void inside. The void is knowing our home in God.

We never understood living in consciousness because we conceived a three-dimensional theory of life and have only expanded out of it. Today, human consciousness has the possibility of understanding energy more profoundly than ever before. God created everything we would need for uncovering our world but we needed more light for comprehending its existence.

Adam and Eve gave us teachings for living in God. They gave us the way to understand thought multiplying in satan. As well as generations passing down the little person level in ego. They carry the archetypes of humanity living in God. God created everything they knew as life and was their reality and that's the same for us. We just don't live knowing God as profoundly as they did but we're the only ones keeping our light from experiencing God the same way.

In human photosynthesis, we think the earth is 13.8 billion years old and human life lived 200,00 years ago but we have a narrow band for understanding consciousness millions of years ago. Just as human consciousness thousands of years ago had a narrow band for understanding creation and the light of the world. Our level of not having a greater hypothesis in life is the incredulous living from darkness at matters level.

Genesis gives us the way to understand our world created in human photosynthesis. Our world is so malleable it can change in the blink of an eye because it's energy. There is literally nothing in existence that isn't malleable. Creating the world in six days is the light of God's supreme intelligence over all living creatures in existence. Matter is only existing in consciousness through human photosynthesis. Matter is very real to us and if we trip we fall but it's energy living as images in our Soul.

There has always been figurative light for the eternal living of Heaven on earth. The Old Testament and the ancient world have always given a greater Truth than we've been able to conceive. The Bible has many parables and scripture for deepening the light in our lives. The meaning of the writings carry knowledge and wisdom beyond the pursuit of details about them.

What was written in the Bible was compiled over a thousand years from different sources existing at different levels of consciousness during different times in human history. Yet, the Bible holds greater intelligence about life than we know today. The Holy Spirit will continue to illuminate us for eternity.

Human consciousness misses Heaven in life. If there was a TV show being filmed there would be multiple cameras and scenes. The director would have someone edit the raw footage taking away most of it for specific scenes that capture the story. No one watching would have a way to reconstruct the raw footage from what was selected. If we tried to do that we would miss the entire point of the story. Trying to find details within the Bible keep human beings from hearing God. The light in scripture is for living Christ.

Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in holographic light in decimals. Energy in temperature is creating the density in matter through light in human consciousness.

Everything we see including people, buildings, trees, and oceans are tiny little atoms living in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Consciousness is all that is alive.


The government is learning for the first time in thousands of years the power of God. Until these writings, no one in world government or its institutions knew what being alive was or what matter was. Society has been shaping institutions as the authority on subjects when they're not living any greater level than anyone else. Agreement doesn't always discern the level of Truth. Our world is in consciousness which tells us there is always greater hypothesis in existence to bring into being. Everything is bound to change when light comes in.

Institutions have been serving dogmatic political systems and don't serve the infinite. Which creates incredulous living in life. We made dogmatic political systems the only way a human being increases knowledge which underminds human intelligence. God is giving everyone a way to live beyond society for the Soul's journey realizing its potential at any one level of consciousness without society creating that depth.

Money doesn't discern intelligence, consciousness, morals, ethics, righteousness, Love for humanity or principality in God. The government has become an institution based out of having wealth instead of intelligence. It's not leading humanity to greater levels of living it's only placating to money's level of life instead of conscious evolution. Humanity needs to exist realizing the seriousness of life and what it needs to live sustainable. The foundation of human intelligence and conscious evolution must live greater for maturity and depth into God for handling the enormity of life.

We're living at a time technology holds greater light than human intelligence which signifies a species unable to exist. Human beings are not developing substance for seeing life. We miss the higher ability of what is created for a lesser level of its use and protocol. Life is always existing with trillions and trillions of combinations to give human beings greater life. Our level of consciousness will only bring into being what we can conceive. We're facilitating technology that is primitive for what it holds. If technology can transplant hearts, back cars up by themselves and create satellites it can feed every child on earth and create solar power for all nations.

Solar energy is the greatest level for earth. Nothing else will give human beings free energy at the level solar can. In time a huge building will be powered with technology from the size of our hands with solar. This tells us the enormity of what can be given to life for living in a higher existence. We're not giving life its due diligence with a deeper fundamental infrastructure for life. Only by living in light do we have cosmic forces, Angels and celestial races bringing wisdom and knowledge within us. We need to live in light of what God created instead of trying to live at money's level.

The sun is a gift from God and it's imperative we don't create profit from the gifts given. God is living with greater precedent in our lives for correcting life just as He did thousands of years ago. We want to live aligned with God for experiencing the miracle of Him.

Technology can solve human suffering but has been used for increasing wealth and power which also signifies not living for what life needs to exist. If we had greater intelligence we would understand how serious creating a foundation with all basic human needs being met along with community, living for others, equality, balance, and peace in life is needed for a thinking species to live sustainable.

Technology will never signify human intelligence because it can't discern the depth of the Soul. It only shows one level of its existence while showing the light of the being in how it's used. What signifies intelligence is technology not used for money's level but for making the foundation of life powerful for mankind to live in peace along with all basic human needs being met. Conscious evolution is not in technology it's the depth of the being. When we no longer need weapons, have children starving to death and can live happily we will experience higher knowing of intelligence.

A world that creates billionaires while tens of thousands of children starve to death every day is a world living unconsciously to life. Never forget when Jesus said we were the people forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing it was because our level of consciousness didn't comprehend the world or how life was existing.

There isn't a way for any human being to continue trying to make light of billionaires on a planet floating in space while needless human suffering is existing. It's the greatest tragedy of mankind. All suffering is the absence of Love. The human mind not making the choices to live Love is from the primitive mind only focused on outer levels in life instead of inward at the depth of the Soul. No industry serving the needs of whether someone lives or dies should live for profit. There isn't intelligence in creating money to live greater than life.

Never in any intelligent existence has the very same species carried out such malicious attacks against its own kind as human beings have. Only human beings live hurting each other because of superficial levels of intelligence living moneys level as life. If the human being had greater depth, substance, and maturity about life the answers would be through Love. Humanity needs more living in what creates intelligence in power from substance instead of giving power from money.


The government has long believed it had the right to more information than the individual. God created every Soul with the alienable right to discover life in their own light from their level of consciousness. The universe is enormous and everyone has the alienable right to experience anything in existence including other races that have been our world from the beginning. When people think about greater life they have no idea it's not living outside of us but only through us.

Our world is in Heaven. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. Conscious Energy with a capital “C” and “E” is a living intelligence and is another race in God. God created their existence as our self-organizing energy for giving us the way to live in human photosynthesis. Once we understand creation we realize the world as other races. Heaven is the epitome of what anyone at NASA would Love to understand for knowing our universe.

Society has been living in linear consciousness. This is why we first lived for a million dollars, then everyone lived for a billion dollars and now people live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness. We continue accumulating in excess at matters level as life. We created luxury markets for moneys use and began identifying our livingness in material instead of intelligence. We placed our meaning in matter and created self to only exist at matters level. Herein lies why status became our identity and why people believe they are their name, car, hairstyle, job title, square footage, clothes, bank account, and neighborhood. We have no depth of our Truth for knowing the divine level we are of.

We live creating more problems to live through because we don't understand consciousness and the world as the illusion. Our living in linear consciousness is because we just keep doing the same things over and over again. Most human beings live in routines that never change. Our thought process keeps living through the same tunnels never having a way to live in any other perspective or versions of life. If we've been at the same job for three years our Monday routine will probably be the same as it was two years ago. Our thought system repeats in algorithms based upon our identity with matter. Human consciousness hasn't been living for conscious evolution. We don't live for going beyond society we only try to be the best in society. Consciousness needs for us to experience hypothesis beyond any level in existence for bringing it into being continual.

We once used sticks and stones and now we need sophisticated weaponry. We never evolved out of needing weapons we only increased their use. That's linear consciousness. Conscious evolution would be evolving out of needing weapons and answering human life with greater intelligence. We should live creating what eliminates human suffering and build balance in life. Conscious evolution must live in a species that lives with consciousness as cause and matter as the effect.

Spiritual light is a must in world government. We can only create matters level from how we think and live. We need to always acquire greater intelligence for giving life what it needs to be sustainable for living consciously of life.


In the beginning, religion established doctrinal authority for teaching others from the interpretation of that time. As life moved forward religion became a passed down level from people who never tried to understand more than what was passed down. Which we can understand simply by realizing today we are still not living to know God beyond religion to turn around and teach religion about God. We only live in what we're taught we don't go any deeper for knowing more.

When I tell people we haven't understood what being alive is they say, “I'm right in front of you breathing. I'm alive.” I'm referring to knowing we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. There is no human being walking the earth there are only images in our Soul we're living through. We are consciousness and the world is energy. Everything we see is particles in light existing in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The human being is trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little atoms.

When I tell people the only level existing is consciousness they don't carry the aptitude for conceiving what that means. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Consciousness is light out of the Soul having its living in matter through self-organizing energy in holographic light in decimals. The light in temperature is creating the level in human photosynthesis for our level in matter.

The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness comes into us from outside of us from Heaven. We live for eternity in different bodies for experiencing consciousness in different levels of matter. The Soul is the only level living and is continuous in life. Everything we experience including the body, people, universe and all matter is the transitory level of life. It's the veil of illusion existing at one level of consciousness which we leave in higher levels of consciousness.

When God began teaching me about creation the experiences also showed the devil in human consciousness. The energy in human photosynthesis is creating the devil's level. Every circumstance a human being can experience only lives out of the Love we live or don't live as a collective consciousness. We're living through everything other than Love to Love.

When God created human consciousness He created the way for living in free will for living through anything we could think in matter. The energy in temperature created the way for density in matter. The light human beings live through is beyond any level we're seeing. We don't see creation's side of life. We only experience our thoughts comfortably in matter.


The theory of everything is consciousness living in human photosynthesis. Our world is extremely quantum. Matter is the nothingness only existing in consciousness. Consciousness is assigning the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle. There is no electromagnetic field keeping any particle existing. God is the conscious space everything in existence is in. He is the level of hyper light giving the atom the way to exist in human consciousness. The level to understand matter existing is out of energy created for every atom to be lived in human consciousness.

The world doesn't live outside of us. It only exists through us. Gravity and general relativity only lived because humanity was only able to bring into being a theory at matters level. Soon human photosynthesis will exist allowing science to leap beyond any level they thought imaginable. We need to go beyond the present theories for living in the light of what is possible for bringing more into being.


Abraham is someone in the Bible that lived deeply in God having favor that gave him descendants as numerous as the stars. Abraham was living God as reality beyond society. When Abraham heard God say, “Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house unto the land that I will show thee.” (Genesis 12:1 GNV) He ran back to Sarah and Lot telling them what God said. He believed what he heard and had infinite faith in God. We don't live in that light. We made society reality instead of experiencing God profoundly like Abraham.

We don't live with the depth for telling everyone in our family God spoke to us and we need to move because He's guiding us to a new land. People would think we were crazy and would think about their job, friends, house, and community before thinking about God talking to them. We're not in Abrahams's light. We live God from religions level praying, going to church and living society as reality instead of living Christ consciousness. We might have a hard time believing God is with us at the level He is because we haven't been living deeply in Him like Abraham. We live with faith incredulously.

We want to change that and experience God teaching us to live in His creation. Surrendering blindly and allowing Him to rearrange our lives for knowing Him. There is a profound level for humanity to realize we are the only ones not hearing God and experiencing Him based upon our depth, substance, and maturity in Him. It's how society learned about God and lives with Him that keeps people from the ultimate experience of Him. The pressure to only live religions level has kept the human race from opening Heaven on earth.

When Jesus said we lose our lives to gain our lives in Him. He meant it and its not about becoming religious. We need to strengthen our faith in God allowing Him to open our journey beyond society into Him instead of placating to society's level. Our Soul's journey is opening other depths of reality in Heaven beyond what society is living for. Trusting God's reality is greater than status in society or the reality of society.


There's never been a time God was not inspiring human consciousness to know Him. All major religions have influence by God. How we understand and what we bring into being is out of our level of consciousness. Which has come from different times in human history and from many parts of the world through different cultures. All religions speak to God through different algorithms in human consciousness.

God inspires those who live out of society and postulate in higher light. Our exegesis of God is from our present level of consciousness. Everything living is trying to know God. Only human consciousness creates the barrier. If we're not living for enlightenment we're not understanding God or life any greater than we do today.

If human beings were living extremely enlightened the world would carry no separation in religion. We would live as one knowing God is the blueprint to life. The reason people believe they know God deeply is because religion allows knowing of God through experiencing Him in practice and protocol instead of living Him in Christ consciousness.


No one knows the totality of anything. The doctrine within the Catholic church has lived creating authority of God, while no one in Christianity has lived a day of Heaven while here on earth or in higher levels of consciousness beyond society. Worship, practices, and protocols don't define knowing God. Consciously evolving deeper into Him gives us enlightened levels of knowledge but even then, we don't have any authority in God because we can't see His totality beyond this one level of consciousness.

When God created life He did so giving every Soul the alienable right of living as deeply as we can into Him without anyone preventing that depth. Religion created itself to live as that depth. When it hasn't lived a deeper journey into God. Religion today is the only way a human being born on earth learns about God but God isn't in religion. He is the blueprint to life. God has always been in every atom giving us the way to touch our faces.

No scripture should be experienced in finality. We can only understand scripture from our present perspective which beckons us to live for evolving into higher levels of consciousness. Living for enlightenment places more light in scripture.

This is the second time in human history someone is teaching religion more than it could ever learn within its own existence. It's happening because religion isn't providing a way for living beyond itself deeper into God.

There isn't a way for anyone to hold doctrinal authority without having light in God for teaching humanity a level beyond anyone they have known. God is the only one giving someone that light and when it happens its clearly happening for teaching everyone more than they were able to know. Life needs Heaven and religion has always carried the torch for God on earth.


God taking a female into Heaven as the first human being to live Christ consciousness in the history of the human race is the impetus of Holy Orders changing. Heaven isn't calling one gender above any other to serve God. Love is all there is.


Why did humanity make believing in a papacy discern a human being's belief in Christ or Christianity? The papacy has nothing to do with living in Christ. We made a human being who is not of Heaven hold a place with God when there is no decree with God in the papacy above anyone else on earth.

We have billions of Christians only knowing God from society's level instead of living Christ consciousness. The reason society has no idea the depth of God in our world is because they live what religion has become instead of living deeper in God. Living God as reality was never established because we never lived deep enough in Him to know society was the illusion and God was in every atom.

When we see the pope go out on the street to greet people he's treated as someone holier than anyone else with thousands of people trying to get a glimpse of him. We created that and it's not living as a reminder of Christ. The pontiff has never lived a day holier than any other human being on earth with God.

This isn't speaking to his Love for God or his trying to bring God deeper into the hearts of mankind. It's not about the person it's about the position and what society is learning to live. Society is seeing the papacy as having greater decree with God over everyone else and that's blasphemy because it's not true. The pope has never lived a day of Heaven while here on earth, lived in enlightenment or in higher levels of consciousness beyond humanity. And no one is living with the pontiff's same recognition on earth.

When God created Heaven it was for carving our Soul into Heaven. Not living society's level of status. Jesus two thousand years ago had the same upset as God has given me today to confront. There is a reason religion is living in the light of needing depth. It hasn't lived outside of society's level with God.

The papacy's existence should not live making itself part of accepting Jesus Christ as our savior. The Christian church needs to revisit God's light and the purpose of giving humanity the path to God. It was never to end with religions depth it was always the Soul's journey to live beyond any level in existence to our light in God.

Creating a society to believe someone has greater doctrinal authority or decree in God isn't living for knowing God. The Apostles gave us a path for living deeply in God. Life can only carve the Soul as deep as we live it. If we believe a papacy has authority because of a position in life we take the Souls journey out of God.

Everyone in religion was born into a world already shaped with the positions created for living successfully with God. Society created the pope's position and no one on earth knew any differently until now. It's been thousands of years the papacy has been existing.

Apostle Peter was never a designated Pope. He was the disciple of Jesus Christ. He tried to instill profound living in Christ. The Roman battle for supremacy created a papacy to ratify their position as the authority of God.

Humanity deviated away from the biblical pattern and instead fell to the devil's level trying to establish power, control, and distinction of favor with God. In 313-314 at the behest of Roman rule, the pontiff was granted greater establishment. Christianity was given legal status within the Roman Empire. Which came out of a dogmatic political system trying to have authority.

The papacy was trying to have supremacy over the east. When Siricius in December of 384 was elected pontiff he demanded greater authority over all bishops and began claiming inherent authority to gain the power. Inherent authority doesn't exist. Living in God is for consciously evolving and carving our Soul into Him which unveils a greater light in life.

No one has an Apostolic authority for living a role in society. There is no passing of the baton as a successor to an Apostle for what has to be established through light in Heaven carving our Soul. God gave the disciples the light. No one can pass on that authority just as I can't communicate with God or Heaven for anyone else. There's a journey we take changing consciousness for living deeper in God and its a process and path unique to our Soul through conscious evolution.

Peter is a great example of living with God moving in him to know Him. Peter saw the Messiah when many didn't. His light grew deeper in God and so deeply He lived the highest level of light while living through persecution. The Apostles actually lived making a path into God. We want to make a path into God beyond society.

When people were creating hierarchy, practices, and traditions as part of establishing Christian rule they didn't understand everything about God at that time. They only knew Hm from one level of consciousness and it was a tumultuous time deep in the devil's level of darkness. They were trying to create favor in holding supremacy of God over others. The level of Christianity that gave God to humanity today never had the light to know Him any greater than how they did at that time.

The banquet of Christ doesn't place anyone at the head of the table living greater than anyone else. Only Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. No one on earth has knowing of God beyond society until they have lived Heaven on earth. The light in life Jesus refers to in Mathew 16:13-19 is inevitably the level of all there is in life and that's God working through us.

MATHEW 16:13-19

In Mathew 16:13-19 Jesus asks, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” The disciples give various answers. When He asks, “Who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answers, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus then declares:

Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Jesus isn't speaking from matters level. He's not speaking about building a brick church it's beyond that. He's telling us He realized God moving in Peter and that God can move in human beings that are not of Heaven as He is. He is realizing a very profound level in God. He's seeing God move through Peter and God revealing to Peter who He is. “On this rock,” is speaking to Peter knowing Jesus is the Messiah revealed not through flesh and blood but through God. God gave Peter the eyes to see Jesus. “Blessed are you” is said because Jesus realizes God living in Peter.

Jesus says, “On this rock, I will build my church.” Referring to the Holy Spirit. Telling everyone through light there is knowing God. Spirit is living greater than we're aware of and Heaven speaks through a deeper level in us. What is not seen has more power than what is seen. When Jesus speaks to Peter He is solidifying the work of God in us all living based on our faith. This is the crux of our living with God. It's a key moment when Jesus realizes people can feel God beyond any knowing in flesh and blood for the church within to be built in God.

When Jesus says, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom.” He is referring to God living in Peter and all that God can bestow upon humans. Just by us having greater faith in God over anything else. Peter was living happily with faith in Jesus being the Messiah from a knowing beyond anything in matter. It was through Spirit He knew the Messiah was Jesus. When Jesus knew God was moving in Peter He knew Spirit could move through everyone who held light. The church would be built on that. We carry the temple within us. Everyone has the keys to the kingdom when we have faith, trust, and belief in God. “Whatever you bind in Heaven will be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven,” is talking about our spiritual light.

There isn't any authority in this passage being given to Peter for building a brick church nor is it about building something in matter. It's building the Father in people. It's Jesus proclaiming the power of light moving through Peter and it building the church in us. It builds the believer in God. It's God giving us eyes to see with and ears to hear with. He knows Peter will carry the light to others. Just as we carry the light to others about Christ. There is a deeper living with God in us through living God as reality.


There is no level in life we see that doesn't have living intelligence. Every building, car, tree, ocean, and pebble lives in Conscious Energy. We are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. God is the light all life is in means He is in every atom giving the light for human consciousness to live in matter.

As humanity understands what being alive is and the level of our world the conversation about other races will be subtle and we'll know it's just a normal part of life. We've had a young interpretation of our existence. Never understanding the depth and how advanced our existence is. When we think of living in God's light we want to realize we are living in another intelligence that created us for living in Him.

Our only reference to life including the sun, stars, and sky is what God gave us. We have no idea of any reference to life other than what has been set up for us to live within. We never live outside of human consciousness and the human story was created for our building what we live through to God. Everything to us is normal. We've been given the start of our consciousness for creating our version of life in God.

God isn't a human being He created human consciousness. Never has humanity gone to the depth of understanding an intelligence that creates trillions of galaxies and trillions of creatures including one that can think happily are only existing because of God's consciousness living hundreds of billions of years alive. God is dynamic energy and is living far beyond any level we can fathom.

Human beings have been created to exist in human consciousness. Every other race in existence has been created to exist within its own level of consciousness with its purpose in life. We are constantly changing light for living in higher levels of energy for conscious evolution. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body able to increase our energy into higher levels of intelligence.

As we consciously evolve we ascend into higher levels of God's energy becoming another level of consciousness within Him. If there were no bodies and we only saw consciousness and energy the continuous cycle in life would be energy morphing into other levels of energy for higher levels of light to live through for creating matters new level. We enter other levels of light in higher intelligence as part of life. Every time we live Love we are having more of God's energy in our light.

The seven pillars of Heaven are like seven rays of light having properties of God in every level of existence. The light is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy in God living in holographic light in decimals. The seven pillars of light give consciousness the ability for infinite and unlimited expansion in matter. Everything we can think into being is out of these seven pillars of light and already existing. They renew life, restore life and keep order.

Self-organizing energy is an amazing level. They don't live as we do in emotions or for dreams. They are literally the fabric of our world in human photosynthesis. Our atmosphere is living energy with other races. Some live as the plasma in our atmosphere which enables other light in elements for us to breath.

I've experienced Conscious Energy in many different ways. They've lived in bottle caps making it impossible to twist off and then effortlessly come off. They made my laptop weigh like fifty pounds and then be as light as a feather. Once when pulling a blanket it became like concrete. Even while eating food they changed the properties in my mouth to be hard. There have been hundreds of thousands of experiences over the years because I've lived with them every day for almost seven years. Their livingness is beyond our level of comprehending because they are part of creation. We live inside of Heaven.

There was a time no one could have convinced me there were more races existing or that God existed. There will never be a way to capture what it feels like to hear voices from thin air or process it actually existing. There is a world beyond any level we know and it's definitely the one we want to experience. We just don't have a way to grasp the profundity of life until we experience it.

Other races give the enormity of life because they range in so many different forms and levels. The mind has to reach to comprehend their existence. Some we would know immediately as another race and others we wouldn't. Many don't have any facial features or bodies. They can look like objects, energy with shades, shapes, and nothing we would think had intelligence. But they are able to communicate at our level for giving us greater light. They are part of living beyond society's level.

Every race I've experienced is in another level of light far beyond our level of consciousness. They live for conscious evolution along with having a purpose that keeps human beings living in matter as well.

God created us to live in conscious evolution for knowing Him. For some people, other races will never be an experience. For my life, they are the epitome of understanding an infinite and unlimited existence. As life begins a deeper journey into God. Humanity will rise for greater maturity and substance about the depth of our world and who God is.

When Abraham heard God it was through the air in resonance. When Moses heard God it was through the burning bush in resonance. The world is quantumly existing in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We are inside of God's conscious space and there is nothing He cannot come through for us to experience Him. Hearing God is effortless once your ears are opened. Jesus lived telepathy hearing the thoughts of the high priest. He was able to know His future as well. I've experienced God knowing my life years in advance. Telepathy and hearing voices in resonance are the same as someone being in front of you. I can hear God and Heaven effortlessly. They're living in their own light.

On Heavens.Love there is a recording of God's voice in resonance. It's the only recording in human history.

May this writing be a blessing for everyone. God is with us and there is nothing in this world we should live in satan when we have God. If we are with God than we know we are victorious. May this be humanity's victory.