Science of Consciousness

science of consciousnessThe science of consciousness consists of deeper knowing of creation and the world existing in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy. God's consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living as the light everything lives out of.

Our world is energy living in human photosynthesis ( not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) and never lived in matter at all. Its light giving us the illusion exactly as we think it. We're living through images in our Soul through quantum entanglement. 

Quantum entanglement is giving our light in matter. It's the only example of living through Heaven in human photosynthesis.  No one is walking around with a couch sticking out of their head or a car running between their ears.  

Science never understood the world as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Continuing ignorance trying to make matter what life is. Nothing we experience lives as matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing ion consciousness. The atom is far more magical than ever imagined and is living through purposes in the infinite level of consciousness. 

Every thought we have is creating the Soul’s journey back to God. Most people never realize what being alive is until they understand consciousness is all that is alive. We're only living in our narrative for observing our consciousness in matter. Consciousness is outside of us coming into us from Heaven. Thinking is the transitory level of the mortal world.It's a temporal visitation from our Soul for experiencing matter at this one level of consciousness. 

Thinking isn't living. It's the storyteller feeding light for moving through at the present level of human consciousness. Consciousness is the deeper level of light that doesn't change as thoughts do. Consciousness is giving thinking the light to live. Thinking isn't living its the temporal outer layer of life that comes and goes every time we leave the body for new life. It's like a movie set we walk into for consciously evolving in one scene but doesn't define life or our existence. It's giving us the way to carve our Soul into light. 

When we made money a second God we shaped human consciousness in lower earthly energy with no idea what we were doing. We shaped human consciousness in the darkness making it a level that doesn't no life or work for consciously evolving. 

We have never understood what matter was for knowing what consciousness is. Consciousness doesn't exist within a human level. It exists out of Heaven's level for human consciousness to live in matter. Understanding creation is imperative for humans living in light. 

Consciousness lives outside of the body in all matter. The universe, body, and earth is consciousness. When people think of losing weight they think about which foods to eat and what cardio they need to do for burning calories. The world is energy. We could have made ice cream broccoli but our level of consciousness as a collective created broccoli to be healthier than ice cream. Nothing in matter exist randomly. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Consciousness is living in every nuance of matter. We've created what ice cream is to the human body and we created what lettuce is to the human body. Every animal, plant, star, and food only lives at our present level of consciousness. Human beings complete every level of consciousness with the future and past. Matter is only in human consciousness.

Heaven has no space/time because matter doesn't live. We begin our shaping of reality the moment we are born and continue to shape it as we grow older. We never live outside of our thoughts. Only our perspective lives as life.  

Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in decimals in holographic light. The reason everyone tries to skip over understanding what seems relatively basic is we never understood matter only exists in consciousness.  Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.

To understand our universe it's imperative we understand the science of consciousness and why God created human consciousness at the level He did. He gave us the way to live in free will having the ability to live through anything we can think. He also told us not to make money a second God because He knew the human thought system would shape to darkness instead of light. Our thoughts must live through higher intelligence in self-organizing energy and living at matters level keeps our consciousness in lower earthly energy instead of higher in God.

Living with God allows us to understand the world and what being alive is. Our little person has never lived for enlightenment when that's the only level we should be living for because consciousness is all that is alive. 

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