Religion Living Deeper in God

If we want to live deep in God, we need to experience Heaven while here on earth. How many people are hearing Angels, living with God changing their reality and knowing society is the illusion? Jesus walked this earth, giving us the way to know God was living beyond religion. Heaven is the world with human consciousness creating its version in matter.  Creation tells us every child being born including every cardinal, bishop, and pope is born into darkness from our making money a second God.

We never understood the consequence because we never understood what matter was. Darkness is energy we’re living through that’s in our thought process. Human beings have to process energy for living conscious of matter. The level of energy we process determines the level of light in matter we experience. God told us to live for His light because His energy would process higher. Without doing that, the devil lives in human consciousness.

Hell and Heaven are a good way to understand energy in consciousness. If we process lower earthly energy, living for materialism and self, we live through ego, satan and the little person. Which creates hell on earth. If we live higher in God; we create more Heaven on earth by living through Love and Christ. We’re born into a world that has made money a second God and doesn’t live for enlightenment but thinks having wealth or fame is success.

Jesus told us, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,” because consciously we make society reality and we only live at the level of money. We don’t live higher in light and therefore have no way to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Entering the kingdom of Heaven is a having a thought system that lives heavenly with Angels, celestial races and God while here on earth. The Holy Spirit moves through us. If we’re placing meaning in matter and our self identity in materialism, we’re in lower earthly energy not able to live higher in God. When God told us not to make money a second God, He knew the level of earthly energy would create darkness and never lead us deeper into Him.

We’ve been living on a planet floating in space with everything we need. Never knowing creation, what being alive is or what matter is. Science hasn’t understood consciousness in matter for knowing the atom’s existence. People know the story of Nebuchadnezzar who thought he was invincible until God gave him humility. Our world is changing from money to enlightenment. We created the house of cards instead of building the soul of humanity on rock. Humanity will never again believe that money is greater than God. Enlightenment was always the way of the world. People that live deeper in consciousness holding principally in God, peace, compassion, Love, and oneness will benefit better. Far too long money has created people to appear better off than anyone else. That’s changing. Money doesn’t discern intelligence, compassion, riotousness, Love for humanity, ethics or morals, so why should it cover up the truth of the human being? It shouldn’t. We need truth for evolving.


Our reality of God has never lived out of ego, satan and the little person. Human beings live in lower mind because money shaped our thinking, and it’s been this way for thousands of years. We’re in a reality that doesn’t give us the level of our world. Religion has never evolved beyond itself to know creation or God any deeper. People come into the world learning to live for society, wealth, fame, and status instead of enlightenment. No one lives for knowing God beyond religion.

No one has understood that living with God takes you out of society’s reality for only living God as reality. It’s literal. Our consciousness when we live deeper in God changes for hearing God more profoundly than we ever imagined. Our lives flip upside down and everything we’ve ever thought as life changes for knowing God. It's the opposite of how society is living with God.

When religion created its hierarchy, practices and protocols, it wasn’t living deep in God. It was living society as reality not knowing creation or how matter existed. In the 300’s, the Roman Empire gave legal status to the papacy. The papacy started creating itself as the authority of God. It was trying to establish doctrinal authority. It never lived deeper than any other human being with God. It only created its role in society as living deepest with God. We want to live consciously evolving carving our Soul in God for knowing more of Him. Until then, we’re living at the level of society from the little person level with God. No one can know God any greater than they do today until they consciously evolve.

While the intent was wholesome, the ignorance was pervasive. The devil lives in those who live for power and control. We created a papacy which taught humans to believe the pope had authority with God when he didn’t. No human being has greater authority or decree with God over any other human being. Except for when a human being lives in Heaven while here on earth. The papacy will evolve quickly for telling people to live beyond itself for knowing God because they know Heaven is on earth through these writings. If we don’t live for enlightenment, we don’t live expanding our light in God.

Human beings have known God from one level of consciousness. We’ve existed far too long not learning more of God and life. The reason religion never understood its own position is that human consciousness can’t live outside of itself. We have to live through our consciousness to light. Hence, why conscious evolution is mandatory. Religion didn’t evolve and wouldn’t, if not for God. The last time this happened was two thousand years ago, when Jesus was crucified because religion lived so deep in satan it didn’t know the Messiah right in front of them. Jesus tried to teach religion society’s level won’t know God beyond itself unless it lives consciously evolving.

God Is The Light All Life Is In

If we would have listened to God, humanity wouldn’t be in such darkness. Making money a second God was like Adam and Eve taking the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge. We didn’t understand the consequence was darkness and unleashed millions of tiny little snakes in our thinking. We’ve been raised in practice, protocol and Bible study, instead of living Christ consciousness. We feel we know God perfectly but don’t experience Him in conversation dismantling our reality. One way to know our living with God is by our understanding of how He exists. If we know we’re living through another race for living in matter, then we’re knowing God and Heaven better. If that’s alarming, then we’re not understanding how matter exists. We’re living through Heaven in order for matter to exist. God is in every atom giving the light in human photosynthesis for our experiencing a world only in our perspective. God is hundreds of billions of years alive. Saying, “God is the light all life is in,” needs to be understood.

“God is the light all life is in,” means He is in every atoms nucleus giving the light for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. God exists in every atom throughout trillions of galaxies, subatomic particles and trillions upon trillions of elements making up our world. His energy is the light giving human photosynthesis to us. His existence is extremely quantum. There is no level of God living at the level of human consciousness. God created human consciousness and created everything in existence. He’s so far beyond a human beings’ little person level. Matter is the gift God gave life. We wouldn’t experience the body, people or the universe if not for living through Conscious Energy in God. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. So when we think “God is the light all life is in.” It’s understanding God is at an incredibly quantum level giving us the light in every atom as energy to be able to experience matter.

God is beyond religion and society. Reality changes the deeper we live in God. Religion created its depth of knowing God and has never lived beyond itself. When God created human consciousness, it was for consciously evolving deeper in Him. When we didn’t do that, we didn’t have the way to understand creation. We want to experience God changing our little person into higher light, evolving to higher levels of consciousness. Living in conversation with God, hearing Angels and living with miracles is a natural part of being with God.

Jesus spoke in parables because the human mind couldn’t process greater light. Jesus told us we’re the ones forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing because we haven’t opened our light deeper in God. We experience religions level and master what religion is giving and don’t go beyond it. We’re living with God staying at the level of a world deep in Sodom. Not trying to know Him more or live in enlightenment.

What God created as life is the opposite of what humanity is creating. That’s why matters level is considered the devil’s level. We believe society is real and reality and that people are living outside of us. When people only live through us. There is no place I begin or you end. There is only energy existing. Society is the backdrop for carving our Soul deeper into God. It’s the illusion and the temporal level of life we’re passing through to others. We want to evolve through society to Heaven. Not master society but live through it to God.


When Christianity established its hierarchy and doctrinal authority, it established the depth of knowing God, which kept us from knowing Heaven. Jesus, two thousand years ago, tried to teach us to not live religion as the authority of God. He knew we wouldn’t live beyond the institution if we made it the authority.

There are billions of Christians only knowing God from society’s level instead of living Christ consciousness. Society is reality to them and the knowledge that society is the illusion is now a level they have to carve their Soul to understand. The more we don’t live Christ consciousness and we don’t live God as reality, the more darkness we have from living society as reality. So we have more darkness we have to live through to God. The reason society doesn’t know God at a deeper level is that practice and protocol doesn’t live Christ consciousness. It lives worshipping God with society as reality not knowing God’s light in life.

No one in the Vatican ever held the light for having God teach them about creation. Which is the only level people need to know for realizing our living with God isn’t at His level, we’re living society’s level. The debate between faith and science would never have existed if religion had lived consciously evolving in God. That conversation comes from living in Heaven while here on earth. Conscious evolution must be lived for hearing God in the light of Love. People can only receive their little person level until they consciously evolve, carving their Soul deeper in God.

The level of consciously evolving is the unravelling of our thought system at society’s level. It’s living through the devil in human consciousness. God isn’t an add on at our present level of thinking. He’s the level of everything trying to have us leave one level of thinking for another. We’re dismantling our thought system for having greater light in God, for seeing Him beyond any level we do today. We don’t want to keep our level of knowing God at the present level. There is more to Him we need to experience.

The disciples showed us the way with God, which was beyond any level we’ve been willing to live. We’re living with God comfortably at society’s level not trying to live beyond it. We don’t go beyond religion or society. No one knew Heaven was here. People are living with God wanting to experience Him profoundly but live Him at society’s level, which doesn’t open that door. We have to live carving our Soul in conscious evolution living God as reality not society. Living Christ consciousness is the way. We’re living through the little person trying to become Love so we can consciously evolve to Heavens level. Living Love gives us God’s energy in our light, which expands consciousness.

No one is being born to live beyond religion to then turn around and teach religion about God. When that’s exactly what we should be doing. Instead, we’re taught to only master religions level. No one in religion has lived in Heaven while here on earth or in enlightenment for knowing God greater than anyone else. Which created humanity to never evolve in God. This is exactly how the high priest lived oblivious to Jesus’ and instead lived in satan. They believed they knew God better than anyone else. There wasn’t any way for them to know they didn’t because they established the rule with the authority. If we only live religions level and no one evolves, then the world falls to satan.

The Apostles

The Apostles should live only in the light of their lives. There isn’t a human being giving Christ to humanity ever again or creating a pathway to God as they. No cardinal or bishop is in the light of an Apostle. There’s no passing of the baton for knowing God. It’s a deep process consciously evolving beyond society and the devil in human consciousness. Without conscious evolution carving our Soul deeper in God, we don’t have substance for understanding Him. No one has Apostolic authority for living a role in society. Just as I can’t communicate with God or Heaven for anyone else. There’s a journey we take changing consciousness for knowing God greater, and it’s a path unique to our Soul. I would take the Soul’s journey away from people if I just played their messenger. It’s our experience to have with God and not mine to take. No one would evolve or have eyes to see with or ears to hear with if they didn’t carve their Soul into God. We have to evolve deeper in God for substance and for our eyes and ears to open.

No one can fish one time and understand fishing. No one can work out in a gym and then believe they know the magnitude of running in a triathlon. Or hike in California and think they know what it’s like to hike Mount Everest. We have to carve our Soul deeper through experiences that give greater substance to our Soul. Gaining maturity and depth in God is how the Apostles lived.

Unraveling Our Thought System

People have learned to live more for self than for others. Believing society is reality and they are their thoughts.  We live Love only at the level that works for us and is convenient. The moment it doesn’t work for us it’s no longer Love.

Self doesn’t exist and others are a level of energy in our Soul.  We’re not our thoughts they are a transitory level of the mortal world.

Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” because how heavenly it’s when we live giving to light we live through. Most people don’t want to live beyond their convenience. We’ve shaped our reality at the devil’s level, not knowing we’re in Heaven. We want to understand that the world is like a personal curriculum giving us the way to live deeper in God. Energy is all there is, and ultimately there’s only one of us here with God. We’re making choices through the devil to Heaven. We get tempted by money, materialism status and lose energy for consciously knowing Heaven. If we can understand God created life selfishly for us to only know Him, we understand why the world only lives at our level of consciousness.

When God unravels our thought system for living Him as reality, it’s not aligned with how we think or live today. We’re opening opposite directions for seeing what we never knew existed or wanted to live through. God creates the experiences that carve our Soul. He works in our mind through the light in human photosynthesis, changing our light for Him. He’s giving us the way for understanding His teachings. Most people never stretch for living outside of what’s comfortable, pleasing, and easy. God’s teachings remove the barriers we’ve created as the perfect life. What we think is perfect is learned, and we have no way to know what is beyond it until God helps unravel it. The whole idea of losing our lives to gain our lives in Christ is losing everything we created from the little person level for living in higher consciousness in Him. Most people are not willing to give up wealth, fame, status, and their lives for reality with God. The journey is intense, but the reward is the light in God.

Think about Abraham walking up the mountain with his son Isaac to sacrifice Him. If Abraham would have asked Sarah or Lot about it, they would have screamed telling him it was the devil and not to do it. It wasn’t in society’s light it was in God’s light. God knew the Angel was there and nothing would happen to Isaac because Isaac never existed in the way Abraham saw Him. The journey of Abraham carving His Soul to trust God and live God as reality was done. Human beings only want to live what is comfortable and in their knowing. Anything greater than that doesn’t get lived because we don’t go there. God lives outside of our comfort zone, level of thinking, and knowing. Where we don’t go is where He is. We’ve been taught to master living in society when God masters taking us home.


Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We experience matter only in our perspective and never live outside of our thoughts. God created us for experiencing the world at our level of consciousness, which is incredible. The atom is living for having different light from any observer’s mind. Only through human photosynthesis does the atom live, giving every observer exactly what they’re thinking. Consciousness is more heavenly than anyone is conceiving.

Every thought emerges out of consciousness. Thinking is the transitory mortal world level only processing the human story. We’re not our thoughts, and they only serve for processing the temporal level. When we evolve to higher levels of consciousness, we’re aware of lower mind and higher light. Little person is out of lower mind and isn’t a level we need. It’s darker energy we’re living out of and isn’t who we are. Energy is creating our perspective and livingness. We shape our entire being from energy and it becomes who we believe we are. When it’s not who we are. We are beyond every experience in matter and exist as Love in Heaven. The Soul is what is living, and the Soul is Love. The Soul gives Spirt the way to live in matter.

Human beings are trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy. And within this pool of consciousness, there is darker energy and higher light. If we live in a higher consciousness, it’s higher energy in God that’s in our light. There are higher levels of intelligence merging with our energy. We live in Conscious Energy, which is another race in the conscious space of God. We see the body, buildings and earth, but what is here is grids of energy in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. No where is there matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re living through images in our Soul in Heaven. This is the gift God gave us. We live for eternity because as conscious energy we’re always changing form for new experiences in matter for different levels of consciousness. When God created the word it created the world. The human story is just one level of consciousness we complete. The universe is consciousness, as is all matter.

The Other Being

A human being is other intelligence living as energy. There’s another being within our light we can live. Energy is creating the being that lives this life in matter. There isn’t anything else alive other than every thought we have. If we create the lower energy as our being, we experience the devil’s level of the world as life. We want to lose the little person for living higher light in our Soul. With higher light in God, we create the being more heavenly.

Energy is always merging with our light based upon the Love we live. We’re not our thoughts and self doesn’t exist. Self is like a costume we put on and take off in every life. It only serves this one experience. In every life we have a different persona, body and level of Love to live. The energy we can experience is much greater than any level we do.  We have more light in our Soul we don’t live because we don’t live for enlightenment in God. Other races live in our light for conscious evolution. Energy is creating the human experience in matter. We want to see the human being as trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. We’re always merging with other energy from our little person’s vibration, gradually increasing God’s energy in our light for higher levels of consciousness.

Our thinking creates a filter we live through and we don’t go beyond it. It shapes our eyes and ears to its level and becomes normal to us. Human beings live with childhood pain, accumulating pain energy throughout life. We want to release it for having the light in our energy. If we don’t, it becomes a subtle level that shapes our being. There’s two distinct levels in a being and one is with darker energy than we need to have. We don’t know we’re living that level until light comes in. When we live in higher levels of consciousness, we experience the two different levels profoundly and lose the darker one for only living light.

Animal in human consciousness is from lower earthly energy. Human consciousness keeps the devil’s level in life through this energy. Evil only exists out of human beings that harness lower earthly energy. The little person is a pain vessel moving through life in a thought system from lower energy. The more Love we live the less darkness we have.

Heaven is living for giving us the way to live deeper in God. Angels are part of our lives and people have many Angels with them at all times. We’re a species that lives with different levels of intelligence in our light for consciously evolving. We’re always living in other races for living in matter. Celestial races don’t have facial features or bodies. Just like God is of no form and is of all form. We’re the same. Human beings are not the body we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. Our species existence is as energy. We’re at a young level of consciousness and we need matter for knowing we exist. As we leave the body, we’re with many Angels for helping us into the next level of light.

There are Celestial races living as energy that can communicate effortlessly and some take form. There are races that look like objects and shapes we probably wouldn’t know were higher intelligence until these writings. Some can form as the level of a craft. There’s a lot of intelligence with us for living in matter. The atmosphere is alive and the fabric of our world is Conscious Energy.

We’re living at an amazing time with God. Every human being has the same opportunity for living in Heaven while here on earth. Understanding creation is imperative for deeper living with God. Heaven will always be a level with us helping us live deeper in God. Religion is a beginning, and our Soul opening in God permeates the effervescent journey.


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