Religion and God

People know God from society's reality and never question society's level of consciousness. Which the entire planet living like Sodom with money as a second God should tell us – our reality knows God from matters level and not Heavens. We're born in a world already existing and go along with what is taught. Not having a way to question any of it.

Everyone born lives the devil's level because our world made money a second God and matters level shaped human consciousness in a thought system that doesn't live God as reality first. People live believing they are their names, hairstyles. clothes, car, neighborhood and bank account. Having no idea God lives deeper than any level we are. God is in every atom giving everything in form the way to exist at our little person level of consciousness.

We're not living God like Abraham, John the Baptist or Moses. We don't even live the way Jesus taught us. We live Love when it's convenient and works for us. Creating our boundary for what Love is. No one is willing to lose things for Love giving more to others than self and having a moment for God to provide. We instead give what works perfectly for us to feel like we gave and herein lies why few people ever experience the glory of God moving in their lives. We live within society's boundaries of what is living with God and we don't live beyond that.

Science and religion should never have any question about God. If religion would have lived deeper in God it would have understood how God is existing and how human consciousness exist in matter. Religion has never understood creation because people don't learn to live God as reality they live God as part of society's reality.
Religion created its depth of God never going beyond itself to know God greater. No one is born to live beyond religion to then turn around and teach religion about God when that's exactly what we should be doing.

God knows what matter is. God knows how He created us. God knows human consciousness. Why didn't religion? They live like the high priest having status and doctrinal authority while having no idea of God at a deeper level. Ask your pastor what is matter? Or what a human being is and tell me the answer. No one on this planet until these writings understood living at the level of God. There's a reason this is happening and its to teach humanity creation and to live Christ consciousness. Society goes along with religion when religion isn't consciously evolving in God. Jesus two thousand years ago taught us to live beyond religion because of this very reason. We lose our living in God if we live Him at society's level.

Most people don't know matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Or that we experience this life only in our perspective and never outside of our thoughts. God gives only what takes us beyond our present level of knowing Him and He is blessing us to live with Him in another reality that lives Him as reality and not society as reality.

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