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At the very beginning, light was all there was and energy was beginning to know love. Destiny is the malignant energy that became conscious, and through her came God. This is the origin of life.

God became the energy to all in existence. God is the only power to have the level of osmosis to give life in His light living. Nothing can ever exist that is not in the light of God. Destiny rests in God. Energy is the only reason anyone is alive. There has never been a time energy did not exist, it is the beginning of all life. As energy became conscious life began to have a process for conscious evolution.

The origin of life is in the conscious space of God with the purpose of humanity living in consciousness evolving to the level of the energy Love. Love is the energy that give’s the human race the path for living and is the level in photosynthesis giving humanity life in matter. God is the conscious space all life is living in and is the light all life lives through.

Every element in the universe is part of the building blocks of life such as carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen gas, and nitrogen. The origin of life is levels of light far beyond human consciousness. The universe is consciousness giving life what it needs to exist. Life is living in consciousness through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the level giving humanity the ability to live in consciousness through matter. Energy is all that exist and the level of matter is only in the light of one’s consciousness in photosynthesis. The light in consciousness is the level of the energy Love that has accumulated in the Soul. Spirit is living through the level of Love in the Soul which is the light in consciousness.

Conscious Energy is the living species God created with humanity giving photosynthesis for humanity to live in matter. At the beginning and in the level of the origin of life Conscious Energy has always been the level of everything in existence. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy. Conscious energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter.

The premise of life is to become conscious of Love and live with God creating life through matter at the highest level of Love. Human beings are not the body, they are the conscious energy inside the body experiencing consciousness in matter. As conscious energy, the human body is an image that has no beginning or end. There is no birth and there is no death. There is a continuation of conscious energy living through different levels of matter for Spirit to experience the light in one’s consciousness becoming love. Energy is constantly changing form. All life is energy existing beyond the body and in the light of the world. Life is living through the mortal world level of consciousness evolving consciously to living in Heaven.

Life is a pool of consciousness in an intelligence hundred of billions of years alive. At the origin of life the entire universe is one living organism with all levels of life off-planet giving life on the planet what keeps it alive. Humanity is living in the conscious space of God. The level of life living in the universe is race specific for the level of life and the role in keeping the universe alive. There isn’t a level of life existing in the universe not playing a role for the other level to consciously evolve in the pyramid of life. The level of life off-planet is to help humanity consciously evolve into higher levels of life.

Levels of intelligence in life have been living hundreds of billions of years. Just as humanity is not the body but the conscious energy inside the body. Other levels of life in the universe have different shapes and forms but they’re not the form they are the conscious energy inside the form. Every race is existing in its own light in the universe with very different levels of consciousness that by design are playing a role for life to exist. The atmosphere is in energy that is levels of plasma producing what helps the planet live in levitation. The world humanity is living in is Heaven and the energy in life is in different levels of forms, shapes, textures, sizes with abilities far beyond the human race’s level of consciousness. The level of intelligence in the universe is the level of Heaven consciously living to give humanity everything needed to experience life in matter.

God is giving humanity the ability to expand infinitely into higher levels of consciousness through matter when Love is lived. Love is the level of what life is existing to live. There is only Heaven with humanity but humanity is in a level of consciousness trying to become conscious of Love. Life’s experiences only exist as the God faculties to give humanity what is the pathway to choosing greater Love. Energy is all that is existing with matter at the level of one’s consciousness in photosynthesis. Life is living to live Love. Heaven is existing for life to live Love.

The universe is consciousness and all life in existence is in the conscious space of God.