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Love is the Dominion of Life

The world was here when we came into it. It was already in a story. We grew up with family values and ideas of what good is and isn’t. We knew which road to take because somebody else had already walked it. The innate idea of living has always been society as reality and the body as self. Knowing it as an illusion isn’t easy because we’re walking, talking, and moving. When we place meaning and self-identity in matter we live lower mind’s idea of life instead of knowing the eternal light of our existence. We won’t carry depth in Spirit as long as we carry the body as self. 

Living with God is a profound walk through reality. The developing of the mind in God isn’t from matters level. It’s the Soul’s journey to Love. Jesus taught about Spirit and the Father for knowing the invisible light. Being human doesn’t live first with God. He created us out of His light, for consciously living to our Truth. We come into the world to experience one level of consciousness in matter. We are not the body; we are the conscious energy inside of the body. God of no form and of all form told us we are spiritedly living. Spirit is our first, and matter is second. The human idea of self as the body is the temporal idea of living. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s the temporal vessel for moving in thought. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. The body is temporal, and Spirit is eternal. Our livingness is from the Soul in Heaven. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. 

The world is a playground of ideas. We only experience our narrative, which is the voice in our head. We live in self-chatter and have to awaken to know it. We can change our thoughts, choose Love or hate and walk shallowly or deeply. Only our perspective lives as life. There’s only one of us here with God, but we won’t grasp that until we hear God. We shape our knowing and not knowing and don’t leave that reality until we hear God.

Placing family, friends, and co-workers shapes life as real and brings storyboards for living through, but everything is for Love. We’re journeying through ideas in matter, acquiring Love to know God. Self-emptying ideas of self, family, and reality for depth in God is real. It doesn’t come from worldly ways, religion, or trying to be someone to society. It’s leaving self for knowing Spirit. Very few have lived hearing God. We don’t live knowing His Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Heaven.

Our pilgrimage is for breaking the world we stand in. Everything in life leads to one finding. We’re finding the way to choose Love. God gave us His energy for moving higher intelligence into our light. The more Love we live, the more knowledge we gain. Love brings light into our lives. We join with God for living through life situations. The eyes that see with Love have dominion over matter. Learning about kenosis and Love is our way for knowing light. Love is energy in God that is weaved in human consciousness. It’s the light we live through, whether we choose it or not. The Love we are of and not of is how thought delivers itself. It’s living through energy.

God gave us the way to know Him first, last, and in all things for having the way to light. When we live with Christ, we open the universe outside of mainstream knowing. Learning about creation and living with God teaching about Himself is our birthright. Love is the dominion of life. Every time we choose Love, we increase light for knowing our Truth. 

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