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Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is the energy Love. Consciousness is an algorithm out of the energy in God’s light. God’s consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living as the light everything lives out of. Every thought we have create’s the Soul’s journey unraveling its light back to God.

God is Love and God created all life to live in His light which is the energy Love. God created human consciousness. He gave humanity its first level of consciousness to evolve through. Genesis 5: And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night. The “word” builds the “world.” Human consciousness and our level of words originated with God. He gave human beings the beginning to evolve through. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

Everything we needed from the beginning of life to eternity has been programmed in life for life to evolve through. Love is the energy that is the light in consciousness giving humanity the way to live in matter. The world has been created to live through awakening to higher levels of consciousness. It has the ability to expand infinitely just as the universe does.

Humanity is an idea in the mind of God. We experience a world only as an idea in our mind. Everything we see is only existing in our level of consciousness. God is the intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive that created the way for energy to live through matter in different levels of consciousness. While providing the world for life to always advance and exist. A seed is programmed to become a tree. An embryo is programmed to be a senior. We are programmed to age effortlessly into a senior and eventually beyond our bodies. Everything is living forward in a process in God’s conscious space. Life doesn’t ever stop. Consciousness is always living forward.

The human body is consciousness designed to age and move forward into new life. Consciousness is the level of energy that is continuously creating what it lives through. All energy changes form and all energy have the ability to repurpose its own levels for what it needs in any one level of its process.

When God created life He created humanity in His likeness which is Conscious Energy. A human being is Conscious Energy. Every human being coming into the world is taught to exist at the level of humanity’s present level of consciousness. We give meaning to matter from our level of consciousness. The meaning creates an attachment that is lived through a level of our light. Meaning in matter is only having its levels through the level of Love in our Soul.

The Soul is what is alive and the Soul is the energy Love. The level of self is a transitory level of the mortal world. Self is only created to live in the mortal world at our present level of consciousness. Self doesn’t really exist because it’s temporary and only existing for this one level of consciousness. In every life, we create a new level of self for Spirit to live through in matter. Love is the light in consciousness Spirit is living through.

The world in matter is only levels of energy creating images in our Soul. Every level of matter is only existing in photosynthesis.

The Spirit will live through matter creating a story at the level of the base collective consciousness. We are not our thoughts though, they are only creating the story we live through becoming conscious of Love. Thoughts are energy at the level of the mortal world. They process the mortal world for us to observe our consciousness in.

As we live Love we increase the energy in the Soul for the light of consciousness to expand.

The more light in conscious we have the greater level we have in living Heaven while here on earth.

Thinking is the processor, it’s processing the mortal world level in matter. Consciousness is the level of Heaven. It’s the level of life that doesn’t change as thoughts do. The brain is an organ created to have thinking through consciousness in the level of light that the Soul is of. Consciousness is the level thinking is created out of. Thinking is the level giving human beings the story to live through. Every thought is all that is alive. Humanity thinks incessantly from one thought to the next weaving a level of reality from every thought.

We constantly think of the past and future creating a narrative to live through in our minds. What we are thinking is creating in matter what we live through as life. Our incessant thinking from one thought to the next creates our reality. The level of our thinking is only based on our level of consciousness. Consciousness can only increase if the energy Love is being lived. Love is the only energy that expands consciousness to give a greater light in matter for us to live through. Different levels of light in matter give us different perspectives to live through.

Every thought keeps a human being moving forward. Our level of meaning in matter is processing energy in our Soul. We live in a process moving in a forward motion to keep life existing. Every experience while on earth gives the opportunity to live Love through. The more we live to Love the greater levels of consciousness we experience. As consciousness increases the level of thinking decreases. We are living through thinking to consciousness.

Thinking is only being used for The mortal world experience and is a level that isn’t living beyond this mortal world.

Consciousness is all that is alive. It is the light in the Soul. Consciousness is coming into us from Heaven. Consciousness is not transitory like thought is and is the deeper knowing of all. The level of the mortal world is only a level of thinking out of consciousness. It isn’t a level that is existing outside of the experience in this life. In the next life, we’ll have a different level of consciousness and a new level of the world to experience. Our level of thinking will be brand new again.

Consciousness is living in the conscious space of God. The mortal world is living in Heaven. Heaven is giving humanity the way as energy to experience matter. Heaven is giving photosynthesis for matter to have its livingness. God’s light is in every atom giving humanity the ability to live in matter at our own level of consciousness. Between every thought is the conscious space of God. We want to go beyond the mortal world level of thinking to Heaven’s level of consciousness. The mortal world is the illusion we create to live through at our level of thinking to become conscious of Love in. As we become conscious of Love we live deeper in God’s light understanding eventually that God is reality.

WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Consciousness is energy in holographic light. The energy Love is consciousness giving Spirit the ability to experience matter through human photosynthesis. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us through Heaven. Energy is giving light in levels that are having holographic levels in every atom in photosynthesis giving human beings the ability to live in matter at one’s own level of consciousness.

The energy is the level of Love in the Soul one has accumulated in their life continuum. Spirit is living through the medium from the level of light in consciousness. The light is a level of energy only having its existence through our Soul. We experience matter through images in the Soul.

We can understand consciousness on one level when we understand this scenario. If we are in a room with seven hundred people,  what is alive is only the one who is observing the seven hundred people. No matter who it is. Whoever is observing the others is living through the light. Everyone they see is only existing at their level of consciousness and only living in their light.

HOW DOES CONSCIOUSNESS GIVE LIVINGNESS IN MATTER? Through human photosynthesis. Consciousness is a level of energy at a level of light living through Conscious Energy which is giving the livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Humanity is a living level of energy existing in another level of energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God.

The mortal world is energy existing in human photosynthesis. Humanity’s level of Love is creating the level of the world. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Humanity never sees the totality of anything in matter including our children, friends,  colleagues, earth or universe. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world at their level of consciousness.

Humanity took matter for granted because we come into a world with it all around us. Matter is the gift God gave humanity to experience at different levels of consciousness. God is the light in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. We could not touch our face, see our body or the earth if not for God in every atom giving us the way to have consciousness.

HOW DOES MATTER EXIST? Consciousness and human photosynthesis.  Humanity is living in the conscious space of God. Every thought a human being has is energy giving Conscious Energy the level to give human photosynthesis its level in matter. Human beings are living through the light in their Soul and everything being witnessed is an image within that light. Humanity lives in two worlds at one time for human photosynthesis but we are only conscious of one world. Matter doesn’t have a level in it except for energy at the level of one’s consciousness.

WHAT IS BEING CONSCIOUS? To have knowing and be conscious of light or matter.

WHAT IS THE SUBCONSCIOUS? The level of what is being called subconscious is only in humanity’s level of consciousness. No subconscious exists. Energy is moving in higher vibrations for creating active consciousness in human thought. The activity of the brain is constantly giving images in one’s light that are existing in their level. The level of what is being called the subconscious is energy living in one’s light that is passive energy rather than active energy. There is only one level of consciousness having different levels of energy from within in a level of light.

WHAT IS BEING ALIVE IN CONSCIOUSNESS? The level of being conscious is only a level of observing and knowing one is observing. The level of being alive is when a human being is living through experiences in matter having energy process energy in the Soul. If one is in a level of what is called a coma, unconscious or asleep it is not a level of being alive at the level of the Soul processing. Being alive is only when consciousness is processing matter through energy in the Soul. A state of unconscious or asleep does not mean one is not living in the mortal world it only means they are not having energy in matter processing energy in the Soul. The level of what being alive is, is when the Soul is processing greater levels of light through experiences in matter.

Unconscious is a state that is in levity. There is no level in living not consciousness on some level because of light processing the level of the being. Whether they are conscious of it or not is not defining the level of what being alive is. What is defining what being alive is, is only when energy is processing energy in the Soul through matter.

WHAT IS A HUMAN BEING? Conscious Energy.  The Soul is what is alive and is the energy Love giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live in matter. Consciousness carries celestial life within its atom for human beings to live in matter. We change form to experience new levels of consciousness. The human being is not the body we are the Conscious Energy inside of the body.

WHAT IS A DREAM? A level of energy is always active in every human being. When one is sleeping it is the level of consciousness not experiencing matter. When one is having a dream it is only levels of energy processing and moving in light. No level of sleeping is giving energy to the Soul except for when one is waking and keeping what they dreamt in thought to live through in matter. Sleeping is a level in life that is in levity giving to the level of the body in consciousness its levels needed to exist.

WHAT IS DEATH? There is no death. There is only consciousness living and Consciousness is continuous. The body is temporal as is matter and only existing at one level of consciousness. Human beings change form for living in different levels of consciousness in matter. There is no death only continuation of consciousness in matter.

WHAT IS BIRTH? Birth is consciousness coming into matters level. Birth and death do not exist only the continuation of consciousness experiencing matter does. The Soul is what is alive and is the energy Love and is consciousness. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter in every life. The level of matter is temporal because all energy changes form.

HOW IS INFORMATION LIVING IN PHOTOSYNTHESIS TO HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS AND MEMORY? WHAT CAN STORE DATA IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE AND LIGHT?  Consciousness is in holographic light in decimals smaller than the smallest known atom in human consciousness. It’s existing in different frequencies, and resonance giving to the light in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and they give light for human photosynthesis.

Memory is little bits of subatomic particles having energy in temperatures that keep the resonance in place for messengers in physical levels to receive. Everything in thought is temporal. It’s an image in energy.

WHAT IS THE BRAIN?  The brain is an organ being used only for the temporary experience of the mortal world. The purpose of the brain is to give the levels needed for regulating the body in matter and the experience in matter through consciousness.

The brain is only a processor. There isn’t any level in it that serves life other than giving the human being the level of processing matter in consciousness. Energy is always moving for future thought to live. Human photosynthesis is creating the level of matter through a deeper level in subatomic particles that live quietly behind our own light existing in Heaven’s level for being the functioning force in thought. Levels of thought only exist in levels of consciousness existing primarily for Human beings. The level of Heaven is the only existing level in human consciousness for creating matters level.

Every level of the brain is living through levels of carbon dioxide having levels in energy that give hydrogen for the level of neurons to live with oxygen. This gives little subatomic particles the electricity to produce a greater level of energy for living in human photosynthesis.

ALZHEIMER  is the darkness in human consciousness creating energy to live deformed in levels of nitrogen that create sub-atomically a hybrid of energy existing in the neurons. Our light isn’t able to exist having medications that alter neurons for desensitizing pain and anesthesia with properties that lay dormant within the electron executing long after patients have been awakened and living. The sub-atomic particles are creating what slowly emerges sub-atomically deformed in resonance.

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