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Human Consciousness and Creation

“As thou knowest not which is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: so thou knowest not the work of God that worketh all.” -Ecclesiastes 11:5 (GNV)

Life is only living for knowing God. There’s no other way for human beings to understand life other than having light that holds knowledge. There will always be pathways to help us understand more but ultimately it is up to each of us to unravel the magnitude of our own existence. 

Humanity didn’t realize God was the key to our existence. Religion bastardized us from knowing the blueprint to life. We have always heralded God as something religious instead of the creator of us. No one ever lived with God teaching about Himself to know what living with Him was. After Jesus walked the earth and the disciples held light in the world the human race fell into deep darkness and at no time have lived in light. 

Consciousness is all that is alive. God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. Love is the light in consciousness we’re increasing to move through matter in stories we can muster up. The idea of living in matter has never been one we have questioned because we haven’t been conscious of what being alive is or how reality is being shaped. Science never understood matter was a nothingness only existing in consciousness until God gave it in these writings. Our idea of reality has no existence in anything but a temporal thought about life. We’re not even being conscious of our own self chatter living as life. 

Human beings don’t exist deeper in God for knowing consciousness is all that is alive. We’re not grasping that only our thoughts exist as life. That’s a telling sign of a species still asleep to God. Our version of reality is the temporal illusion that’s living for us to live out of to God. We haven’t begun to walk out of the baby crib idea of life we made. Most people don’t question anything about life because human consciousness has made institutions live in branding and marketing. We think the world already knows itself like experts in science or professors at universities. No one is questioning beyond what is already here or beyond those being made to have authority on subjects. We believe them and go along with it as knowledge not having a clue about what being alive is or the level of our world. 

The idea that human beings needed to shape a knowing world was always going to b but what we errored on was keeping God in our lives for knowing Truth. We don’t have any way to know beyond what we can think as life. What we’re thinking doesn’t understand consciousness, thought, reality or creation. We’re literally like children playing house and making up what life is and isn’t. The problem with world governments discerning the world as legitimate is only because they need to be real to themselves in life. Nothing about their ideas in life has any bearing whatsoever on human existence.  We’re experiencing one level of consciousness that comes and goes over maybe a hundred years. World government is playing house in a home it has never understood. 

Our ideas of life have only come from human origin. We don’t understand anything except what we are capable of thinking and bringing into being. Human education made its own idea of intelligence without having a clue about intelligence or what being alive is. We have assumed everything without knowing anything. The idea of a world being an illusion is not something we are taught in school. Human ideas need satisfaction and muster up what works for them at all costs. We don’t live wanting to be unsure, vulnerable, or ignorant. We try to know it all and live assured what we are doing is good and right by life. Our ideas swim in satan and never leave the devil’s level in life because we don’t live with God teaching about Himself. 

The entire concept of life is living three hundred and sixty degrees away from God. Religion has no idea who God is or what living with Him is. They made up human precepts in practices that have traditions and rituals that make up for living with God. We don’t have any enlightened masters walking the earth but we have plenty of people swearing they know God and hear God.  The idea of living with God has been a child’s idea of simply walking across the street and claiming Jesus as our Savior. With no regard to satan or the devil’s grasp on our Soul. The idea that living with God is out of scripture, laws, or rituals is the epitome of why Jesus taught us religion did not know His Father. 

Living with God is a thought system changing as we leave one reality for another. Losing our lives to gain them in God is only by having a reality shift in our lives that is out of His light in our lives. Nothing we presently live as knowing God knows anything about Him. It’s standing as real because branding and marketing made it that way. When religion created hierarchy with branding in religion it literally began the journey of deepening the devil in human life. When masses of people believe that someone who is given a position or role out of human ideas of living with God discerns credibility with God we all lose.  People have adorned wardrobes since the beginning trying to show the world they know God. We have carried out satan perfectly thinking that if we can be something to society we have made our journey to God. When living with God is the opposite of that. 

Jesus lived with God teaching about His light in Him for many years before letting the world know He was the Messiah. John the Baptist lived with God teaching about Christ in the wilderness away from society and from the idea of life that society held.  Our living society as reality is only the first idea that only lives the devil. Not grasping the enormity of God is the second idea that lives the devil. And the third is believing that we’re existing in a world with billions of people lives the devil. Kowing what creation is and isn’t was mandatory for human consciousness to shape life out of the devil and with God. But when we made money a second God we began shaping human consciousness in lower earthly energy, making materialism our identity in life. This made matters level become our level in living. 

We only know matters level as life because we didn’t keep God above all things to know the bigger world. We made God part of society as reality. Religion adds God to the devil’s level without a clue as to what it’s done. Our building churches as the temple in God is the epitome of satan railroading what the church is and what the Trinity is. It’s the ignorance of people trying to have power and authority instead of trying to know God. Christ gave us the light for having the Holy Spirit upon us and we bastardize it constantly by making satans idea of life ours. Having depth in God is our salvation. If we claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and only live in the devil with satan as our thought system what is the idea of salvation?

Humanity doesn’t understand consciousness or thinking to begin dismantling satan out of our thought system. We’re not even conscious of life. People have no idea they made incessant thinking their holy grail in life. Every thought we have is all we live.  Incessant thinking is mindless existence. We live only in our self chatter jumping from one thought to the next without having any clue as to where thought is coming from. We don’t live deeply for questioning why we think what we do or who the thinker is. Most people don’t even care to know because they are children living out of stories they can handle at this one level of consciousness. They don’t have any aptitude for deeper inquisition or for getting out of the illusion and being conscious of life. Religion has been harboring satan as a saint since the beginning. No one has ever understood creation in religion because no one is living in conversation with God in religion. 

Trying to live a life for God while we continue deepening our depth in the devil doesn’t work. Our ideas of life and our ideas of God are out of satan because we have never been conscious of incessant thinking or that only our narrative is existing as life. We’re fast asleep knowing nothing more than what we can muster up as life. God was to live first, last and in all things so that our thought system could shape with light. When we made money a second God and matter our world we left God out of it altogether. Everyone in religion lives society as reality because the devil’s level is all they know. They’ve never heard God’s voice to know Heaven on earth. 

The thought system can’t live in two worlds at once. When we hear God’s voice our lives begin a different journey to the bigger world of Heaven we are in. Dismantling everything we have shaped as life is part of the journey with God. God is unraveling satan for light to live. We don’t ever live the purpose of society again. No one who hears God lives anything but for the light in Christ. No one is ready for God is living religions practices and protocols. They only want to devil level of living with God.  Our journey with God is outside of everything we have shaped as life and what works for us perfectly. 

Everyone is making God fit into their idea of life instead of realizing God rips apart our satan idea for giving us His idea of life. Our making of Him isn’t anything but the little person’s idea. When God gave us the way to live in free will it was for shaping our own ideas as life. He gave us the way to know He existed and told us to keep Him first, last, and in all things. We didn’t care and had no idea the consequences of not adhering to what He told us. We made our ideas the knowing of life. Religion crafted rituals, traditions, and protocols for living with God. They didn’t understand anything about God or creation as they made the branding and marketing of living with God live in human consciousness. 

We seem to forget that it was the highest levels of religion that plotted to kill Jesus. Religion has been depicted as knowing God when it isn’t in the ballpark of knowing Him. It was religion that plotted to kill God’s Son then turned around and branded and that they knew God.  At no time has any religion on earth lived in conversation with God except when Jesus went from temple to temple trying to teach religion it didn’t know His Father. He was stoned and chased out of many. How religion has branded itself as living with a decree in God is an abolishment of every idea Christ taught us. We are blasphemous and live it proudly having rabbis, preachers, bishops, cardinals, imams, and the papacy. 

If one religion knew God why would any other exist? We don’t have many God’s but we do have human beings shaping many ideas of God. Not one religion on earth has ever had an increase in knowing God in thousands of years. All of them only live from what was given thousands of years ago with no new information about God to share. The idea that religion knows God is ludicrous when basic common sense kicks in. We would have enlightened masters all over the earth if people were living with God. 

So many people believe they know God perfectly but only live in incessant thinking with society as reality. They have no idea only their self chatter is existing as life. Living with God shatters that. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself. It has to transcend through itself. If we keep the story of society our home we never open the world beyond it. The thought system will shape itself like a maze and we’ll never go outside of that maze. Our knowing God is in routine thinking that keeps itself comfortable and feeling good. No one is being born to live beyond religion to God to then turn around and teach religion about God. Religion is the depth of human living with God. It’s playing God.  The Vatican has no remorse for living blasphemy as the authority in God until God teaches it how much it has made human life at the devil’s level. 

The idea that the Vatican made itself a papacy and created a false idol for the world to adore claims the devil over God. We can’t know God when our thinking is deep in satan like the Vatican has made. Where in the Bible does Jesus shape a human being to live like Him in the world while holding blasphemy as life. People have slept so deep in satan for not understanding why religion would never know God. It’s not because religion killed His Son, it’s because the idea of society as reality never gets to God. We have no way to comprehend there is only one of us here with God or that society is an illusion when making our idea of living with God satans. Living with God is living with God teaching about Himself. God doesn’t need a middle man. He needs us to believe in Him existing. 

Why so many people swear they know God exists and then listen to human beings talk about God is the idea of the devil in life. We don’t understand that if we hear God we never listen to another human being talk about God. There’s nothing in life living but God when we know God. Society’s purpose is null. There is nothing in our lives but Heaven and deepening our light in God. he is changing our thought system and the world for knowing Him above all things. Nothing in religion has been with God since the inception of religion. It has led the opposite journey and Jesus gave us the way to know that. The Trinity isn’t for listening to human beings talk about God or for doing human precepts. The Trinity is for living with God teaching about Himself.

We’re not grasping our journey in life is like Christ. It’s the knowing of our divinity and the world as God. The idea that life is about white picket fences, fame, and wealth is the little person’s idea of life that couldn’t fathom God existing. We haven’t begun to understand consciousness or God because we are still in infant stages of incessant thinking without any way to pause it and shift into light. The storyboard is living greater than our existing with God. We’re not understanding what reality is and isn’t because we’re not being aware of incessant thinking and only living in our narrative as life. Until we have deeper inquisitions and conviction for Love we won’t begin the path for depth in God. 

Our greatest achievements have not begun until we know Heaven on earth. Until then Heaven’s level in life is upholding the species and blessing us with something to live through that we conjure up. Celestial Light is everything we believe we have achieved in life. A species that doesn’t know what being alive is, what consciousness is or how matter is existing isn’t actually shaping heart transplants, rockets, or microwaves. How we know intelligence is out of our own little person’s ego striving for achievement before knowing what being alive is or what being human is. We naturally made our intelligence in knowing what we believe to be true and factual.  No one knew the temporal world was an illusion or how matter was existing to know that what we conjured up was just a thought and the only level we could live at the time. What people thought was intelligence in 1AD is different than what we do today. In 1 AD they had no idea airplanes would exist or that people would walk around with phones. 

The idea of the temporal world being eternal is because we haven’t understood Spirit and the idea of life from God. We don’t know our life continuum is for eternity until we understand the human being is not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. What is continuous is consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. God created us in His likeness. God is of no form and of all form because as energy His light is consciousness. We’re an idea in the mind of God and everything we live as life is an idea in our minds.

God gave us the way to always live at different levels of matter based upon our present idea in consciousness. We are a thinking species always consciously evolving in God whether we know it or not. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. The world isn’t existing as we see it. Its hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles swimming in resonance. Everything we see is energy. The buildings, trees, and oceans only exist in consciousness. We wouldn’t be able to touch our faces, have bodies, or see the earth if not for God in every atom giving us the light for living in matter exactly as we think. 

Energy is always changing form for new ideas in matter. our ideas at this level of consciousness have been shaped out of tremendous ignorance of what being human and alive is. We mustered up what we could and brought it into being without having any idea about God existing. As science learns about resonance and energy living in algorithms with pulses as life they will know better than religion God’s existence. 

Living in consciousness makes the world ever living in what is the latest idea of its existence. Only thought makes us live at matters level and only thought makes us know God. We choose that choice. Human ideas of life from the beginning had barely any light for understanding God creating us. We have grown up for thousands of years godless. Our present ideas of God don’t come close to Him. And the temporal world was made into the eternal knowing of life  We’re not having light because we don’t live for depth in Christ. Without Love, we don’t carry the right energy for processing knowledge.

Consciousness is moving energy. It only exists for a brief time in matter before shaping another idea of matter. Human consciousness has never lived for enlightenment even though we are a thinking species. We’re not processing living in matter out of consciousness because we take everything for granted. Few know consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. We don’t observe our thoughts or try to change our perspectives. We move in a straight line only in our knowing and not knowing. Where we are at twenty-five is where we are at seventy-five.  We’re not moving through life knowing consciousness can open other light in life. We’re only trying to appease society’s demands. No one is questioning society’s level of consciousness and no one is trying to live beyond society to something else. 

We don’t see society as an illusion because human education made society a reality.  We’re not having any moments in life for knowing the truth because human consciousness shaped a tiny little box as our reality and there’s no escaping unless we get to God. Without God, we have no way to move our thought system to another reality. Just the idea of that would seem ridiculous to professors of human education until they understand how matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Every facet of college is for living society as reality with not one professor knowing there is only one of us here with God. They can’t live in the aptitude of higher intelligence because they shaped their intelligence at matters level. The idea of only of us here with God is preposterous until the professor knows they only live in their narrative and the entire world is existing only at their level of consciouness. Knowledge from God is the only light we have. Everything else is our little person’s ideas of life and God. 

Human education has been made into intelligence while no one understood creation or God as the blueprint to life. We didn’t understand what thinking was or even reality. We made something that fits the world we idealized into being. Our living in a world that has everything we need and a human story is the gift of Heaven. Human consciousness is only living within Heaven for shaping light on earth. Until we live with God we only know the devil’s idea of life. Once we begin living with God we understand the journey of Love we are on. Most people will read this and not make any adjustments for God because they are comfortable living everything exactly as they are. 

When we understand the journey of Love means dismantling our lives and living last in society it might seem easy to do. Until we begin experiencing just how real it is to lose our lives to gain them in God. The only reason society keeps the illusion as life is very few have the capacity to walk beyond it to God. Our idea of living comfortably and in our own ideas of happiness keep us from opening Heaven’s door. No one wants to experience their lives being ripped apart, being last in society, or living through everything they shaped as never wanting. We only want to live in what works for us and is our idea of comfortable. Nothing religion is offering will ever make it to God. If it did the entire world would already live Heaven on earth but we’re shaping hell on earth. 

Not one nation is adhering to the Ten Commandments and we don’t have any enlightenment as intelligence in life. Our devil concepts of intelligence are in dogmatic systems of ignorance. They breathe out of power and authority from the devil. When God gave people the way to know He existed it was getting out of the mortal world’s satan and overcoming the world for Heaven. The ideas of the temporal world carry satan and people bidding for control over other people. It’s Frankenstein’s version of life. Our making God part of the devil’s ideas is out of ease, comfort, and trying to live as happy as we can without moving satan from our thought system.

If going to church gave us God then life need not exist. We can be masters of the universe by twenty-five years of age from human education and then live unconscious to life never knowing the illusion. The journey in consciousness is for awakening out of satan to light. As long as the temporal world is the only existence of life we never leave the illusion for ultimate reality. Nor do we live awake to our divinity. The idea that human beings know the universe, heart transplants, and cars without understanding how matter is existing is not living in anything but asleep to being created and living in something. 

Human consciousness is being raised and has been blessed by God from the beginning. Never making us live in hell is His Love for us. We made the world the opposite of everything He told us to do. Our rendition of life doesn’t exist with depth, substance or maturity. We made being famous or wealthy the success of the human being. We don’t realize the superficial and shallow idea of life for making money expand as what we know as life. Human beings once lived for a million dollars and then we live for five hundred million dollars and then people lived for a billion dollars and then we lived for five hundred billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. We’re the epitome of ignorant. Shaping human consciousness out of money made the human thought system a linear idea in consciousness. We’re not climbing the all-seeing eye vertically. We’re stretching the bottom step closest to the earth horizontally. We’re crawling along with the devil’s level not climbing for light in God. The idea that money is the facet to life makes intelligence never live beyond that idea. It traps humanity in a box making more luxury items and accumulating in excess as our duty. 

Fame and branding is the marquee for human success. We made something up and have never lived for depth beyond it. The consequence is severe because human beings have made their entire existence matters level. We placed self-identity in matter as well as meaning and attachment in matter. We think our clothes, name, cars, square footage, bank account, titles, and positions define who we are. We’re the little person’s idea in life making ego our existence. We don’t understand what matter is or who we are. We’ve made everything in matter who we are. God living as no form and of all form should teach us about our magnitude in life. The body will come and go as well as the story we made up while here. 

The storyboard of life is giving us something to live through to God. We have the opportunity to observe our consciousness in matter and make choices towards Love. It’s the teacher and our personal curriculum for awakening to God. Whether we get there or not is upon us.  Self doesn’t exist nor does anything we presently carry as life. Nothing about this idea of life will ever live again when we leave the body. The story goes away for eternity but a new one comes in its place as we live through our consciousness in matter. The idea of life is a fleeting one. We don’t live for eternity at one level of consciousness because hell would be our destiny over and over and over again. Human beings are living through everything other than Love to Love. As we do we deepen our light in God and begin existing with more inquisitions about who we are and what life is. The substance we acquire in life is from Love. 

As we live selflessly and for serving others we begin to understand more about our Truth in life. When we live selfishly we stay ignorant of our destiny. People will make their entire existence in life exactly as they want it to be without knowing there was more living beyond how they could think. What we can think is minutely living compared to what is possible in life. Our thoughts don’t tell us what is here. They only tell us what we can think is here. There is more existing beyond how we think.  Our little person’s idea of self is from human consciousness living in the baby crib of life. We didn’t know consciousness was all that was alive and made matters level our existence shaping birth and death. When birth and death don’t live in anything. Both are continuations of consciousness. The body comes and goes as we travel in matter from different levels of consciousness. 

Consciousness is outside of our ideas of it. We’re not going to get close to the adverse idea of consciousness. We can’t even fathom God existing and yet people believe they have minds that can understand consciousness. We are a know it all generation that never knew anything about life. The best place to begin is surrendering everything we believe we know and don’t know to God. Our way of thinking isn’t accepting that we are ignorant, poor, and helpless in life. We only want to feel positive, vibrant, and knowing in life and we make that be no matter where we are in intelligence. We can’t live outside of our own ideas in life and this is why Celestial Light blesses us. We have no clue how ignorant or psychotic we are. No one thinks having billionaires in life is psychotic because we don’t understand consciousness and God. We made it the epitome of success in life. We don’t grasp the enormity of living on a planet in space with everything being given to us as we are raised by higher intelligence. 

The idea of other races for human beings is psychotic. We don’t understand we have been created and that means everything we think is human isn’t. We haven’t begun to know what being created is because our present level of consciousness is marching in a crib without ever losing the pacifier. God has kept us constantly living with Heaven even though we haven’t made an effort for making it ourselves. Everything we made as Heaven is out of money and is a shallow idea that doesn’t live enlightened to happiness. It brings darkness in everything we do. We make our light out of the darkness but believe we know light when all we have known is darkness. Darkness is why no one in science knew that human beings only live their level of consciousness as life. We don’t understand our own existence because we are clueless to matter only existing in consciousness. People shape life to be exactly what magazines dictate is good living. 

We’re not undertaking living as stewards of the planet or of life. We go along with everything here and never question anything for knowing more. The idea of human education is changing rapidly because human existence must deepen its light in God for getting out of the illusion and to Him. Once human knowing begins to understand God the entire world changes. Our existence in shallow water has been for thousands of years and once we know more about God we live for Him beyond the world we walk in. Life is for unraveling our light in God ridding the dark with light. It’s a solo journey that makes us understand our magnitude in Him. We live going from the many to the one. Enlightenment is our path and opening more of our existence as divine light is the way of life. Love is all we are and Love is all that is real. 

Nothing ever lives again once we leave this storyboard. Everything begins a fresh idea of life out of a new level of consciousness being lived in matter.  Society as reality has no place in God. It’s the beginning for having something to live through to Him. We leave family, friends, ideas of success, dreams, and ideas of self for knowing our divinity in God. We don’t have anything about this level as the way of the world because no one carries God in conversation. The moment we begin moving as Christ did our light changes for knowing God.

No one who knows God ever lives soceity’s ideas of life.  Moses didn’t live any level of what the Israelites lived as reality.  He was with God and was there to free the Israelites from being enslaved by the Pharoah. John the Baptist is extraordinary living out of the devil when He was a level of God in this world for His Son to walk the earth. John the Baptist knowing that Christ was coming is everything of Heaven a human being could carry. We don’t acknowledge John the Baptist as we should. His light is a profound idea in God that moved in the world knowing Christ was to come. Nothing about life with God has anything to do with being something at society’s little person level. We’re not here to teach about a God we do not hear. We are not here to live as false idols making status the idea of knowing God. The child’s version of living with God never makes it to God.

If only it was as simple as becoming religious, walking into temples, or mastering scripture. Its not in any of that because it’s a journey of Love with our thought system changing as we consciously evolve in God leaving society as reality for only knowing God as reality. It’s a walk that can’t begin to be understood by anyone who never heard God’s voice. God’s existence isn’t for keeping satan in our lives. He’s ripping our world apart for getting satan out of our thought process. Our ideas in life that shape our existence exactly as we want it to be damn us from the start. We shape our go-to places and our ideas for only serving what we want to feel. And what we want to feel is perfect and as the master of our universe. We don’t realize we are ignorant because the world says graduate college and you are smart. If we make lots of money we are smart. We don’t dare do what society says is ignorant. We’re only trying to be something at society’s level so that our little person feels good. 

No one ventures into vulnerable or living as a loser in life. We make the idea of successfully living only what society deems as successfully living. Our parents and school teachers uphold that idea as well. We haven’t graduated for knowing that if self doesn’t exist then the parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents don’t live as we think either. Consciousness completes itself at every level of consciousness. We come into a world having a history and future at one level of consciousness. Everything we know as life is energy within our Soul. We’re living through images that build a perfect story for living through to God. Our parents have no idea about life because they aren’t living in anything but our present level of consciousness. We don’t grasp our journey being created as consciousness gave us birth, life, and death to know at any one level of consciousness. As people understand God living hundreds of billions of years alive and our world living in other races for living in matter the little persons ideas begin to wobble. 


Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s a blend of many other higher levels of intelligence making the way for our light to exist in matter. God shaped us as an algorithm out of His intelligence. He gave us the way to live in matter by making human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) with self-organizing energy living at trillions and trillions and trillions of different ideas of temperature to shape matter exactly as we think it to be. We’re living with Conscious Energy as the fabric of our world. Conscious Energy is the species in Heaven giving us our livingness in matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. The quantum world is all there is with human consciousness having light for images to live through that are very real to us. If we fall and scrape our knee it may bleed but it’s only one level of consciousness experiencing itself from the story in human consciousness. 

We’re living in Heaven all the time with our Soul giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Spirit is like the sun rays all living with other light out of the Soul. We live for eternity in a life continuum that has trillions of different bodies, which one would we call self? None. Self doesn’t exist. Consciousness is all that is alive and we are carving our Soul into light in God. Every experience in matter brings Love deeper and deeper into our Soul for shaping the light Spirit lives out of. Spirit is only living for our quick trip in matter. The Soul is what is living and the Soul is Love and is consciousness. The light thought lives out of is Love. 

Thought is nothing more than a storyboard idea for awakening through. Its transitory and processes matters level for living through. Thought is part of the temporal version of life and not the eternal. Consciousness is eternal and is the light thought lives out of. Thought only gives matters level. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change like thoughts do. Thoughts come and go and we live incessantly jumping from one thought to teh next not even conscious for controlling thought. 

Thought is the storyteller that keeps us living in the past and future. We don’t live in the present moment because incessantly thinking has no present moment. The mind is constantly in the past or future. Thought makes daydreams and fairytales live very real. We can think of things about a person that happened weeks ago or even decades ago and still experience it as if it was happening right now. We carry pain energy from everything in satan that ever gave us something to live through. No one is living in the light because the pain energy shapes our ideas of life instantaneously. We move through thought not aware of thought. Human beings will live more in daydreams than in anything else as life. We will talk more to ourselves than to another human being in this life. 

Our idea of intelligence is riddled with nothing more than satan’s ideas in pain energy that have never understood even the most obvious levels of consciousness. We can’t know our truth until we awaken out of incessant thinking and the thought system in daydreams. No one at any level of what is being deemed intelligent knew that human beings were only experiencing their narrative as life. Not one college professor has known society as an illusion and not one doctor has understood consciousness was all that was alive. The thought system doesn’t tell us we are psychotic. It doesn’t scream the pathway to enlightenment and can’t carry God until God works in it for carrying Him. We have never given what consciousness is any serious thought because everyone believed they were conscious of life because they could touch their noses. 

No one garnered the magnitude of matters level living exactly as we think it to be as anything worthy to uncover more about. We didn’t live awake to life. Our assumptions and face value living through our senses made us the ignorant level without ever knowing it. Once in the box, we had no way out of the box for knowing any different. Only living with God keeps us out of the box. Without higher intelligence giving to us what has us know the world is bigger than us. Or that we have been created and are living in something we are clueless about what life is and isn’t. We have no way to know Truth if we don’t know God. God teaching about Himself is what gives us the way to live through His creation and not the devil’s little person’s idea of life. He gives us light and projectory out of one thought system to another.

Without having awareness of life as an illusion who lives out of it? No one. Religion has been godless for thousands of years but people live like they know God perfectly. The illusion lives very real and traps us effortlessly without a way out if we don’t live for God teaching about Himself. If only the human story lives and we’re not experiencing other races of Love or hearing God we are in the illusion still trying to get back home. Our journey is leaving self for consciousness. We’re opening light in God for knowing we are Love. 

Nothing in this life can give to us what God does. We can’t buy God. If we live for wealth and fame we shape the thought system in lower earthly energy only living for matters level in life. The journey of Love can’t begin until we begin living for a deeper inquisition into our own existence and meaning of life.  We’re not honoring our own story by only living society’s idea of it. Humanity has to awaken for knowing our existence on a planet in space is an adventure outside of everything we have made human life be. 

The quest for the knowing of God hasn’t lived for us to know it’s our own and is our unraveling of life itself. No religion can ever give our journey in God to us because He made each of us unique with our light in Him for living through our consciousness to Him. Knowing God is our own light beginning its journey home. No one who lives society as reality has opened that door. As we understand living in God we begin knowing everything society exists as has only lived for moving beyond to God. 


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