“As thou knowest not which is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: so thou knowest not the work of God that worketh all.”
-Ecclesiastes 11:5 (GNV)


Life is a journey in consciousness. There is no other way for human beings to understand life other than living in a light that gives greater levels of knowledge. There will always be pathways to help us understand more but ultimately it is up to each and every one of us to live the Love that gives us greater light in consciousness.

Humanity didn’t realize God had nothing to do with religion but had everything to do with life. Consciousness is all that is alive and God is the energy giving humanity the light to live in. We have been created by God and therefore have a level at birth that is of Love. Love is the light in consciousness we are increasing to live in matter.

God is dynamic energy hundreds of billions of years alive and is the light all life is in. Mankind is a light in God created to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. Through God's light, we have levels in matter. The mortal world is living in Heaven in the conscious space of God.

Living through the mortal world to Heaven is why we were created. Everything in matter is helping us become conscious of Love. As we live greater Love we evolve towards Heaven creating in matter what is of peace, joy and Love. Heaven is the only way to enlightenment. Everyone who has lived in greater levels of consciousness have done so through Love. Love is the only energy giving human beings greater levels of understanding and light. God's Love is the light in consciousness giving us the way for enlightenment.

Human consciousness was created by God at the beginning through “the word.” The “word” created the world and is the only level creating human life. Living in consciousness is a very intricate level for humanity to understand because the very level we are of today is the only level we can conceive from. Yet, in order to understand consciousness we have to visit levels beyond what we have been able to conceive or even imagine as possible.


God is hundreds of billions of years alive and His level gives us an idea of how far in light human existence is. He created every living creature in existence and is giving every living creature its levels to live through their own light. Humanity is energy just beginning to learn how to live in light.

How God created humanity was out of His light to live in matter through His energy. We are living in photosynthesis which means we only live through what we think. There is no hypothesis in existence outside of consciousness. Understanding that sentence is understanding there is no level of matter in existence outside of each of our present levels of consciousness. Life is only living through our level of consciousness and everything we see in matter is a level of energy in our Soul. The level of the world is energy living in consciousness. Every human being is living in their own light experiencing the world in matter through photosynthesis.


Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Everything in life is energy. Humanity's collective consciousness is creating the light we see as our world through the collective level of Love we live in photosynthesis. This is creating the circumstances we can experience as life.

Understanding consciousness is imperative because every thought is living in matter. What we think is all that is alive and if we think outside of Love we are creating darkness to exist in matter. We didn't know matter was only living in consciousness and the only way we could was through higher teachings like the Bible and Jesus. Jesus was teaching humanity to Love and teaching us about God so we could understand how to live this life. We didn't live Love at the level needed to have greater light to understand His teachings.

Humanity living in consciousness means we can only live in what we can conceive. There is always more life but if we can only conceive a little bit that is all we can be conscious of. Having the ability to go beyond one's present level is through a light open to possibility. Then when something happens we are able to visit that level.

As a whole in consciousness, we are levels of energy in the process of evolution in the conscious space of God. We are part of a pool of consciousness living throughout the universe. Ascending through levels in consciousness that have us first live with the world outside of us, and then we are conscious of the world as only living through us knowing every human being is a level of energy in the light of our Soul. Then as we become more Love we realize God is reality and there is only one of us here with God and then we live God. As one with the all we live Love deeper in light giving to all consciousness for greater levels of living.


Jesus was teaching us to live Love and helping us to learn about God. He told us Love was the way of the world because He knew God and the key to life. We crucified Jesus because we were not able to conceive what He was teaching. Religion at the time didn't understand God and didn't want anyone having greater authority with the public to live beyond their level.

The Bible is a light in life with great wisdom and knowledge for humanity but humanity didn't live the principles to gain that knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are requisites in life and can only be achieved through the energy Love. Love is the most powerful energy in existence because it is God. The level of the world is energy needing higher vibrations to give life the light in matter that is heavenly. Without greater light, human beings cannot acquire wisdom to evolve through greater levels of life. We are consciousness leaving self for light and have to live increasing energy to move beyond our present level.

In life learning from people that never seem to have anything to offer, rub us the wrong way or are not welcome in our hearts are the very blessed teachers in life. No matter how much we think we know is fact or definitive there is always more existing for us to learn. The light in life extends outside of humanity's collective consciousness with individuals having light no one has begun to understand. There is more to life beyond what we think we know but we have to live the Love that allows us to formulate its existence.


Humanity is living in free will. Free will means we have the right to think anything we want and live through it. What we didn't know was that what we think is all we can live through. There is nothing in matter except for consciousness. Free will is a gift in life that makes understanding consciousness a requirement for every human being coming onto the earth.

It was always imperative for humanity to understand God, consciousness, energy, and Love. But there was no way for humanity to live beyond the light we were living in. The Bible and Jesus gave us knowledge about Spirit but we chose instead to live for material. Spirit was the only level we could live to have the light to understand our existence. We didn't live the level of Christ to know Gods level is the energy in our light giving us the way to live in consciousness. We needed to increase Love in order to increase God to live with greater wisdom.

God gives every human being their ability to live in matter having greater levels of energy in their light when Love is lived. If humanity can understand consciousness is all that is living in matter then understanding the importance of Love as a requirement for life to exist can be understood as well.


At the beginning, we were having tangible rewards in matter and material. The reward became our way of life. We didn't understand Spirit was the level we needed to focus on. When we couldn't see Spirit we couldn't understand what being alive was. We thought the body was alive when it was the conscious energy inside of the body that was living. This began human consciousness being shaped to live at the level of matter instead of with God.

We didn't have the consciousness to understand what Jesus was teaching or why it was imperative to live Love. Our depth in living was focusing on material and wealth. We weren't living principles like Love thy neighbor as thyself or living the Ten Commandments. We instead placed God into religion and took knowledge into matter. Love was the only level that could give humanity knowledge to understand our existence and we weren't living it. Living as energy makes it critical to understand principles in energy and consciousness in order to create life with Heaven.

Humanity is changing from living at the level of matter to energy with light. We want to understand our existence has always been living for wisdom that creates in matter Heaven on earth. Living in consciousness is giving every human being the infinite capacity to create in form any level in light to experience. Living with God is the key that opens the universe. We are not of the earth we are of the light. Matter is only one level of consciousness having an experience with matter at the same level. Our light is beyond this level and as we live Love we understand the greater light of all. I am not matter. I am Love. I am not matter. I am light.


Matter is only existing out of consciousness. Everything in matter is temporary and a level we are moving through to become conscious of Love. We live in a life continuum having different experiences in matter at different levels of consciousness. Consciousness is the only level continuous in our life continuum. Matter is transitory and only lives in each experience of the mortal world. Humanity is living beyond this one experience with greater light in deeper levels of Heaven. We live in two worlds at one time for photosynthesis to create our life continuum.

The more humanity made the mortal world our only existence the less we have been able to understand life beyond these bodies. By creating life to exist in a closed reality we cutoff humanity's ability to have the wisdom of the bigger world we are in. Humanity created a tiny level of reality at the level of matter instead of knowing consciousness is an unlimited and infinite light.

Creating life to exist beyond one level is detrimental for society to live through the present level consciously evolving to what is greater. Understanding matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness is telling us to live deeper in the light beyond our present level of reality. There is more life living beyond this one level of consciousness.


Everyone comes into the world with matter all around them and we never question its existence. From birth, we were taught to live in human consciousness. Everything we are associating as life is shaped by our families, teachers and societies level of consciousness. Everyone on the planet today only knows life from what has been handed down to them.

Not knowing about consciousness meant everyone would live at the same level of society's collective consciousness. We didn't have any other way to live in anything else for there was no greater light helping us to understand the bigger world we were in. Humanity had yet to live the Love needed to understand life. After Jesus walked the earth we literally went right back to sinning greater than ever before and this made darkness fall upon our eyes. It meant human consciousness was creating what was living in the belly of the snake instead of in God.

We want to understand Love is the light for wisdom and knowledge. No level of matter can give wisdom for it is only existing in earthly levels. Matter isn't our existence it is the accessory. Energy is life and light is all we are living for.


Love is what shapes society. The level of Love lived is the level of peace, light, and oneness in life. We diverted away from living through Spirit when we started living for only money. This created consciousness to not understand where livingness came from. Only in light can we build wisdom to understand life. We have been living at the level of matter rather than understanding our divine light within.

Love is giving everyone the ability to see greater levels of light in matter. This gives us the way to change how we think with different perspectives that create greater outcomes. Having the ability to perceive light differently helps us transcend what is being felt. We want to have the ability to live beyond our present level to experience greater Heaven.

Love is the only level giving us our light to live in a society. Without Love we would have no way to live with tolerance, patience, consideration, respect, community or unity in life. Love is the energy in human beings creating the light in consciousness that gives greater Heaven on earth.

The world is living from the collective level of Love being lived. This light is creating the level of our world. Consciousness is at cause and what is living in matter is the effect. The more Love we live the greater we have God in our light. This gives us the way to have better answers and solution through life's trials and tribulations. Everything in matter is energy and energy is only living in two levels which are Love and not Love. The more we can understand every particle is a wave existing in our Soul the greater we can understand how consciousness is living in matter and telling us living Love is the way.

Understanding how humanity is alive is the only way we can create in matter greater than how life is living today.


The body is living in consciousness and only existing for this experience. What is alive is the Soul in Heaven giving Spirit the light to live in matter. We are consciousness leaving self for light.

When we live relating to matter more than Spirit we live in earthly energy that is easily made dark. The meaning we place in matter becomes dark because matter is earthly and not of light. Humanity is presently identifying self with the meaning we place in matter. Human consciousness created the outer world to define the human being when what we are is the divine light within. We believe where we live is part of who we are when there is no geographic location that has to do with our Soul. Love is the light in consciousness and is the only level in God that matters. The world is only living through us and that is very literal.

The Soul is not identified by our title, clothes, car, square footage or bank account. Every human being has a light greater than what any level of matter can define. Matter is temporary and doesn't live beyond this experience. We are living to accumulate Love that exists beyond this experience in consciousness.

We are not our thoughts and our level of placing meaning in matter is only out of believing we are our thoughts. If we place meaning in matter we create what has suffering in our light because if anything happens outside of how we feel we are at the mercy of the meaning we have placed. This includes history and placing meaning in family history.

Every level is living for us to live Love through. What is existing today is transitory and will not live in the same light in another life. We are only moving through matter to observe our consciousness. What will exist in the next life will be a new body, family and mortal world. The human story will be in a different light. All energy changes form and what we are experiencing today is only for this one level of consciousness.


The material is only the means. We are moving through matter to have greater light. Matter is living in our level of consciousness and doesn't exist outside of it. How we want to experience matter is knowing it's only a level in our light giving us the way to observe our consciousness. The more Love we can be of the less meaning in matter we have because we identify with the divine light within rather than earthly matter.

All matter is temporary and has no level in life other than a means. The level of assigning meaning to matter creates consciousness to not have the way to live beyond that. Our thought process will keep us living in the level we assign.We don't want to give matter self-identity because it is transitory and consciousness is continuous. Matter is only giving us the way to become conscious of Love. Matter is a nothingness and we are the only ones placing its livingness to have meaning in our lives.

Human suffering is the absence of Love. Meaning placed in matter breeds darkness because there is no level of light carving the Soul. We live Love through matter in order to live in greater levels of light. Better to live having light in God that is continuous rather than placing meaning in matter that is temporary. My thoughts don't tell me the Truth. They see what isn't there. Only Love is real. Only God is living.


The devil is created out of human consciousness and is the level of energy that is dark. Everything other than Love creates this level to exist in matter. When we live Love we are giving the light of God to live in matter. Understanding how matter is existing in consciousness can help us to understand how darkness exists and how to live greater Love for light in life.

Every thought is living in energy. Focusing on energy is more important than our words. Thinking is only processing matter for us to observe our consciousness in. We want to have the energy that processes thought at higher levels of joy. Seeking the blessing in everything we are conscious of and keeping our thoughts as a nothingness helps us focus on energy that gives to our light. We want to bypass thinking for consciously living Love to go beyond the mortal world knowing it is only energy we are living through to become conscious of Love. My thoughts are a nothingness. I am Love.

The devil lives in how we think and will manifest in matter creating suffering and fear. Darkness spreads in our thought process like tiny snakes multiplying in every level of our minds spreading without our knowing. Thinking through anything other than Love separates us from light.

When we don't live Love we bring darkness into our thought process. Eventually, we don't have eyes that see the glory of Heaven on earth as we should. As we live Love we are staying in the light of miracles rising above our troubles. Love is giving us God in our light and this is a blessing for us to keep strengthening. I am not my thoughts. My thoughts are a nothingness. I am Love.


The devil lives through our light in choices that are not of goodness. Everything other than Love is darkness and Love is light. The devil will weave through our thoughts never letting us know he is there until it is too late. The dark grows very inconspicuous and grows through what seems normal. Justification, anger, fear, and our rationalizing of actions to be good when we know they are harming life or ourselves are only some of the insidious levels that give darkness a way to live in human consciousness.

Most people feel if anger is justified they are living it through light. There is no level of pain in light. Anger is energy that hasn't processed its levels to light. Our living is emerging out of our energy and our thoughts will reflect that energy. We want to deepen our energy in Love creating levels of Heaven to live in consciousness. Love is the energy that gives our thinking the light to live beyond the mortal world.

If we are not staying present to Love darkness will live justified in thought. Just like a frog that never jumps out of the boiling water slowly being turned up humanity hasn't understood how the devil is living in our light. The frog could easily jump out of the pot but instead never does because it isn't aware of anything. The temperature is living in its light slowly rising with no discomfort.

The devil and darkness never have us feel uncomfortable as they slowly creep in. They are disguised within our thought process living in fear, justification and our level of thinking. Everything other than Love is dark and will keep us from light. We won't know what we have become until it is too late.

Consciousness is having billions of thoughts creating what becomes the level in matter. All of our thoughts have energy and if they are living unconsciously to Love we can only live in what is of the dark. The more Love we have in consciousness the greater light we can live through. We have to keep living Love in order to have eyes that see with Love. Love is the energy in God that keeps darkness in levels of nothingness.


Fear is the absence of Love. Human consciousness is weaving many levels of energy into matter and when we aren't present to every thought we let darkness into our thinking. We need Love to keep fear as a nothingness. Fear is an energy-only living in human consciousness not understanding we are Love. Energy is manifesting in matter from our level of thinking.

Thought creates its equal. As an example, if we think in having money we live in energy that is of abundance. If we think in not having money we will live in energy that is of scarcity. Where we focus we create because every thought is energy creating what we live through in matter. If we live as a witness of fear we are strengthening it to live in our consciousness and therefore will create what we fear against. We do the same when we defend. We are always only creating the equal out of our energy to experience in matter. The only remedy for fear is Love. Every thought we have or action we take is either creating fear or Love in our light.

We want to live Love to rid all darkness in our consciousness. Everything we are being conscious of and experiencing is energy reflecting levels in our Soul. There are different versions to everything in life when we have the light to change our perspective. The mortal world is an illusion of energy in humanity's collective consciousness creating the circumstances we can live through. As we live Love we leave the energy from the earthly mortal world to light.

We want to see Love, think Love and live Love beyond all other levels of energy to live Heaven while here on earth.


Human consciousness must give life the Love it needs for every human being to have all life needs at humanity's level of living. The soul of humanity is in charity through a light in God and should live for Christ rather than any earthly matter. Living at the level of matter creates the darkness to live as life's purpose having humanity accumulate in excess. When every human being has the divine light within for discovering our divinity in Heaven.

We are on a planet floating in space having the ability to create in matter a world that is of Heaven. Living for Spirit is a requisite because we are living in God's energy. Matter is the transitory experience teaching us to Love. Every time we live Love we are feeding our Soul with God. Humanity is a level giving us the way to observe our consciousness through how we live life's purpose, meaning, God, morals, ethics, righteousness, integrity and selflessness. Our life is to serve others giving relentlessly because in our giving we acquire substance for greater light.

When we don't help people who are suffering it is the light in our Soul that diminishes. The light in consciousness is Love and if we are not living Love we are covering our light in darkness. Focusing on earthly levels takes us away from light. Living Love opens us to light. Everyone is living for us to live Love through. They are a sacred gift. Matter is never going to give life anything beyond the level of meaning we place in it but Love will always take us beyond our level into deeper levels of God.

We have to live in consciousness creating humanitarian principles to live beyond all others. Everything we live is giving heavenly light to the Soul of humanity. It's very imperative for the human race because we don't want to have a veil over our eyes stopping us from living the Truth in our hearts. When we live through Spirit we live awakened to Gods level in life. When we live for material and wealth we are living at the devils level who will happily keep our Souls out of Heaven. We must connect our Truth to our divine light and live with God to create on earth every level of Heaven to live through.


All life is living in energy. Order is only living in light out of God. What we create in human consciousness lives in matter for us to live through. When we understand the principles of energy and consciousness we understand order comes out of living with God. Every level of life is living in nine dimensions of light that live in holographic atoms in photosynthesis. This tells us how enormous order is in life.

We want to be more mature and deeper in creating our systems, infrastructure, and livingness because we are consciousness part of a greater level of order. As an example, how we live consciously of others will always create our Soul's livingness. The more we are conscious of others the greater levels of energy we have in our light. Living consciously of others is part of our Soul that brings order in human consciousness. We can understand how God created life when we can understand I am the Love all life lives through, I am the light all life lives in, I am the universe, and I am God.

Heaven is the level of everything in the mortal world. Humanity has to live Love in order to have light. Out of human consciousness, an order is born through Heaven's light. Understanding energy and consciousness are imperative for creating what gives every human being the opportunity to realize their potential at any one level of consciousness. Living for conscious evolution is detrimental for the human race because it is the only way we increase our light in God to live in greater order.

Order only lives in light that is of Love because God is Love and God is the only level in life that has order.


Adam and Eve is a Bible parable showing us how easy it is to not know life. God created Adam and Eve and they were the first human beings in this light. They were living in Love with God and lived naked with no inhibitions. Fear did not exist. God didn't want them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge because they would never have a way of understanding what they were unleashing to live through. They didn't understand how consciousness was alive.

Eve was lured by the devil to eat the apple and she shared it with Adam. Immediately sin, shame, guilt, fear, and resentment were unleashed in consciousness. They noticed for the first time they were naked and ran to place fig leaves over themselves and hid behind trees. Everything other than Love was unleashed in consciousness. From that time on we have been making choices either through Love or not Love. Once we had a choice between good and evil, Love would always be the only light to live through for Heaven on earth.


Everything other than Love creates a thought process that can only live through dark before Heaven is realized. Darkness lives when we don't choose Love in our thinking. Love is what invokes God because God is Love. The energy Love is the only level giving to humanity what gives consciousness the way to expand.

Humanity thinks incessantly talking to ourselves in stories as we move through matter. We block ourselves from the conscious space of God by living unconscious to light. As we live from one thought to the next we are only existing through our thoughts instead of living with God. We deflect higher energy in our light when we think incessantly from one thought to the next.

When we pause our thinking we are opening our light into God's conscious space. When we live Love we are living in God deeper and the more Love we live the deeper in God we live. Living light is living in the space between our thoughts rather than living in our thinking. Our life premise is to become conscious of Love so we become conscious of God and live entering greater levels of His light instead of the mortal world's level. I am light. I am never living in what I think I am. I am only living in Heaven. My thoughts are only living to become conscious of Love.


The moment we went towards money and material instead of Spirit we began disconnecting from God. We moved further away from the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom in the Bible. Thousands of years ago we had profound wisdom in light because we were trying to understand Gods. Kings lived by the wisdom of prophets and engaged sages for guidance in life.

By living surrounded my philosophers, mystics and prophets Kings felt connected to a greater power in life and that was God. The connection in living for light was the way of the world. Today, we have been living for wealth at such a level we live connected to money more than connected to God. We are not trying to be enlightened we are trying to be rich. The more we made matter as what was living instead of Spirit the greater separation with God.

Yet, enlightenment is living out of every level in what is keeping life alive. Love was our connection to God. How life is living is through consciousness. Wisdom is only coming from living with God having His light in ours. This is what gives us greater enlightenment. Humanity has never lived for enlightenment as a way of life we have only been living for wealth. Living for enlightenment is a requisite because we live in consciousness. Living Love is the key to enlightenment because it's the light in God that brings us His energy. Having light we do not create darkness in life. It is essential for humanity to live pursuing Heaven in conscious evolution.

When humanity didn't understand life was existing in photosynthesis we had no way to realize how imperative living Love would be to our existence. The only way to gain knowledge is by living Love because it's God's light we need.

As humanity continued towards living for wealth and material the light in consciousness dimmed. We want to go beyond these bodies into the light of our Soul to have the levels that keep us living deeper in God's light. The level of everything is living Love for enlightenment in God.


Consciousness is existing through photosynthesis in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance through light in different levels of density. The energy in photosynthesis is from the energy Love. The more Love we live the greater light in consciousness we have. This is why Love brings enlightenment. Love is God's energy in our light. With Love, we see the greater light in matter and this gives us greater perspective, versions, answers, and solutions. It is what takes us beyond the mortal world's level to greater levels of Heaven.

Consciousness is the only level in life giving us our livingness. Every thought is levels of energy in God's light. We live through Conscious Energy to have life in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and the living species in Heaven giving every human being the way to live in bodies on earth. They are with our consciousness giving us the levels in photosynthesis.


The level of the world is being experienced in levels of energy in shapes living in decimals with holographic light beyond human consciousness. Every atom is having God's light to live in matter. Photosynthesis is giving every human being the way to live in matter at their individual level of consciousness.

Energy is levels of water in hydrogen living in higher levels of light. The level of what we see in matter is actually particles in waves. There is no matter beyond one's level of consciousness. The waves are in different resonance and vibrations from energy in our Soul in the level of our consciousness which is creating the images through photosynthesis we live through. The images only exist in our Soul. We change our experience of the world by changing the level of Love we live. Love is the light in photosynthesis giving us the light we live through as our world.


Life is living in Heaven. The Soul is in Heaven giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live in matter. Love is the light in consciousness we are living through. Human beings are Love just as God is Love. The only difference is we haven't realized it yet. The Soul is Love.

We live in a body called the medium and the body has a Spirit. The Soul is giving Spirit the light in consciousness to live in matter. In every life, we will have a different medium and different Spirit we call self but what is living continuously is consciousness and that is the Souls Love.

After every life Spirit rests in Heaven with loved ones while the Soul continue's on creating the next part of life. The Soul is the only level in a human being that is living and continuous. Everything else including the mortal world is temporary. Self is only a temporary level of the mortal world experience. We will live in many levels of life and in each one, we will call our medium self. Consciousness is all that is alive.


God created life in a level of energy that would always be self-organizing in allowing every level of consciousness to exist in its own light becoming conscious of Love. God's level is beyond humanity's but we are able to understand God better when we recognize how every living organism on earth is also self-organizing and existing in its own light. Every blade of grass and every snowflake is in its own light.

God is living in every atom creating the way for humanity to experience matter at our level of consciousness. Just as every snowflake is in its own light every human being can only experience life from their own light.

There is no level greater to understand a human being from than understanding we are energy having light in God for livingness in matter. Everyone we see is only existing at our level of consciousness. No one is living outside of us they are only living through us. Our world is energy and everyone we see is a level of energy in the light of our Soul. Everyone is in our light reflecting levels of energy in our Soul for us to live Love through. No one is outside of us they are only living through us. Everything is energy.


We want to end thinking and instead be conscious of life. Thinking is a processor for the mortal world‘s illusion. In every thought there is energy that is living out of consciousness. Consciousness is the only level giving our thoughts the energy they live in. Thinking is never living beyond this one experience. It is a temporary level of the mortal world.

Consciousness is continuous and is the level living in ever human being. Thinking is only active for life to live through different levels of consciousness in matter. In every life we have a new body and Spirit the Soul lives through. What is living is consciousness and consciousness is giving Spirit the energy that thought emerges out of. The more Love we live the greater light we have in consciousness.

Thinking is creating the self-story at the mortal world level for us to become conscious of Love. Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next living in our own narrative creating what we live through in matter. We live quietly thinking to ourselves more than we speak to another human being. We are living in a constant conversation throughout the day moving through matter existing only from one level of thinking. It's a level that is on auto-pilot that has us live in our past and future instead of being present to the moment we are in.

We are living in energy which means frequencies are creating levels in matter for us to experience our light. Every thought is living in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Our thinking incessantly is a blind spot in living because we only live through that level instead of comprehending greater depth and light in our existence. We live thinking from one thought to the next moving forward from day to night never having the ability to live in the space between our thoughts. The space between our thoughts is the conscious space of God.

Humanity is able to live in greater levels of light but it's based upon having consciousness in higher levels of Love. Our thoughts will live in the energy we are of even though we have light in higher levels already within us but if we can't access it, we can't live through it. There is more to see in our world but we have to have greater light to see greater matter. We can't live beyond what we can be conscious of. Consciousness is what we need to focus on because it is the only energy thought emerges out of.

Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do. As we choose Love we are invoking levels of energy that give us greater levels of light to go beyond our incessant thinking. We eventually release thinking at the mortal world level for consciously living through Heaven.

The level of the brain creating thought is only a level used for this one level of consciousness and doesn’t serve in any other aspect other than processing the mortal world story for us to live through. Thinking is energy only existing at the mortal world level. Consciousness is existing at Heavens level. The brain is functioning in light living throughout the universe. Every thought is in light through levels of hydrogen only living for our hypothesis in matter. I am not my thoughts. I am Love. Thinking is only living for the mortal world experience. Love is living continuous in consciousness beyond this body. My thoughts are a nothingness. I am living Love.


There is no space-time in Heaven that concept is only living in human consciousness. We have light living in the future but we only live present to the light in this one. No level in humanity's existence is living outside of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is living in God from levels of holographic light creating our density in matter. God is seeing our entire life at this level of consciousness before we even realize it.

Space-time is fractioning humanity's level of consciousness to live in matter at this one level. What is being lived is far beyond what human beings are conceiving. There are levels of energy in nine other dimensions creating hypothesis in matter for light to consciously perceive their existence.

The world is filled with greater levels of life that can only be seen in different levels of consciousness. As we live Love we gain greater substance and this carves the Soul for higher light. Humanity is living to understand as we change our consciousness we change the world we experience. Everything we could ever imagine to live is already existing in light. Miraculous levels of life await our conscious evolution to realize their existence.


Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the level in Heaven giving humanity the livingness in matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. We see furniture and people but what is existing is energy in living images in our Soul. Everything we see is a level of energy in the light of our Soul. Photosynthesis is bringing us levels in density to experience our level of consciousness in matter.

Every thought is in God. God hears all thoughts and sees all actions because we are living through His energy to live in matter. There is no level of life that does not require God's level in light. We are energy existing through His energy. We would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or live in matter if not for Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God.


We never see the totality of anyone including our children, mom or dad. We can only experience them from our level of consciousness. They are existing in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We also never see the totality of matter like the moon or universe because it can only live through our present level of consciousness. In other levels of life we will perceive the universe differently.

We have more to see but it will only be conceived from different levels of light. We can only live in our light. This means our perspective is all we can live through. Any one observing life can only live through their perspective. Every living organism in existence can only live in its own light. There is no living outside of our level of consciousness.


Self-organizing energy is giving quantum levels of light in decimals through greater levels of holographic light. This is the quantum level of life responsible for everything we see in matter. Humanity doesn’t see the majority of what is keeping us alive. We only live in consciousness that is comfortable. We don’t see bacteria covering everything including our bodies or particles blocking our view. Everything we see has another level helping us to be alive.

Self-organizing energy is living in Heaven only having its light through God. There is no level in human consciousness existing as Heaven except for what human consciousness conceives. Life is existing for us to create our level of life through Gods light. Every level of Heaven is only living for human consciousness to awaken to God as reality.

Consciousness is living through billions and billions of levels of energy having many different levels of light. Self-organizing energy will live in any level of our thinking. Therefore, if we let the darkness in our thinking we literally unleash millions of tiny snakes that continue to reproduce not giving us the ability for light. Love is the only level in life that rids the dark and keeps the light expanding infinitely.


The universe is consciousness. Holographic atoms make up our universe. There is no level of space that is not alive. Every level of the universe is existing in a light only living at humanity's present level of consciousness. When we live in dark energy like war it is a frequency reaching far beyond the earth into levels of the universe creating energy to live at the same level. We want to understand consciousness means every level of what we are conscious of is existing in our light.

Dark space is nothing more than elements out of other levels in the universe giving to light in different dimensions of life. Every level of hydrogen in life has been living for hundreds of billions of years in Heaven before it was a level in human consciousness.

We live creating the experience of our universe through the level of Love we live in photosynthesis. Our solar system and beyond is living for photosynthesis to give humanity the elements for living in matter. Every level of the universe is having different elements for light.

There are greater levels to realize about our atmosphere and universe. A couple levels in human consciousness that have been brought into being but do not exist are gravity and general relativity. Gravity does not exist. If it did the world would be ripped apart because the universe isn't assigning any one atom its purpose or any one particle its livingness only consciousness is. This tells us general relativity is non existent. No level in life is living outside of consciousness and no level of matter is anything other than vibrations in light. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in all matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.


The earth is a living organism connected to human consciousness and in light living throughout the universe. How humanity is living Love on earth is an energy in all parts of life. Consciousness is living in everything we are conscious of.

Every element that gives human life such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen among others are all existing in levels regulated with what is off planet millions of miles away and as far as light years away. The planet is living in an intelligence communicating off planet with levels of elements produced through organic levels in the universe. All elements on earth and off planet must keep aligned to produce what give's humanity the ability to exist in photosynthesis.

Our atmosphere is alive and can only live in consciousness. Water is the level of everything. We are creating all levels of life to be healthy or violent. In addition, everything will always only build in one direction or the other and is living out of our collective consciousness and the Love we are living in photosynthesis. We want to give all levels of life the nourishment they need to live healthy. Love is the light in consciousness that has God giving us what helps every element in existence be healthy. The more Love we give our universe and earth the greater we keep our existence viable for future living.


Humanity doesn’t want to build a life on sand we want to create a solid foundation through Love. Substance is the light in consciousness that binds us together with a light in Heaven stronger than any level in existence. The blueprint to life for every child coming onto the planet must have our existence in God, Love, consciousness, energy, and living for conscious evolution. Otherwise, we will fall to the devil just as we did after Jesus walked the earth.

There is no level in life that can live outside of its own level of consciousness. It's imperative we live for the light so we live going deeper into Heaven. We are energy in God's energy and Love is the level in God that breathes life into us.

Living aligned with God is essential because He created us and no matter what we are in His energy. We have to understand how intricate consciousness is and how to live with greater levels of energy as we match our levels in theirs. Light is the only hypothesis to have living in matter because everything else will create dark. Matching energy is vital for living in matter that is of Heaven.

What gives us greater life is always going to be what has us living deeper in God. God is ready and will give every Soul on earth Heaven in their light. Everything is trying to keep us living in peace, joy, and Love. Having the ability to Love is always having the key to life. Heaven is in everything and all we have to do is seek it. The greatest foundation in life is out of Love because it is God.


Living with God is a blessing. We live in a light that is offering us Heaven. With God, we are able to realize our potential at any one level of consciousness because He knows us greater than we know ourselves. God knows how to live through our consciousness giving to us what changes how we see and think. Living with God is the light we have been living for that blesses us with eternal Love, happiness, and light.

Humanity has much to understand about life but as we live Love we will live deeper in God with Heaven guiding us to greater light. Never hesitate to live in prayer asking for help or guidance. Just living in conversation with God can create greater levels of light in our consciousness.

However, we have lived keeping God in religion is not how we should understand God. We would have no living in matter without living through Him. Our being alive is only because of His light giving us the way to have bodies, matter and an earth. Knowing what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven gives us the wisdom to experience God as reality. Wisdom is the Soul of humanity. All that we shall be is the result of our cause. Love is the way of the world and is the light that gives us Heaven while here on earth.

“Now, therefore, ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.” -Ephesians 2:19-22 (GNV)


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