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Heaven’s voices help us understand our world at a quantum level living in Heaven. If people lived with God deeper hearing Him, they would know this is nothing more than another level of our existence. We’re living in energy that is self-organizing intelligence giving us the way to live in matter. The human being is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body.

Our atmosphere is alive with energy having quantum living as a normal level of life. Our word is in Heaven with human consciousness creating its version of life within Heaven. The below audios give people a way to understand energy existing without facial features or bodies but able to live in all form and can communicate.

When people learn of God teaching me creation and living Christ consciousness, they don’t grasp I can hear God just as Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus did. Anyone can, we just don’t live God as reality we live God at the level of society. Hearing God is the same as a person being in the room except there is no body or form. He lives through all form and is of no form.

God opened my eyes and my ears for teaching religion and humanity about Him and creation. The audios below are a glimpse for coming to terms with how little we live with God because the concept of hearing life beyond human beings should be normal but it’s foreign. When its also the only way we hear God. God doesn’t have a body. When somebody hears God we are hearing Him out of the thin air which is living energy or we are hearing Him through other levels of matter. Because He is in every part of life. He is in every atom. We won’t see Him in body He is effervescently living in all things.

Hearing, seeing, and interacting with Heaven is a normal part of life. We should experience God profoundly in our lives teaching us about creation and Him beyond any level religion is knowing. Jesus walked the earth beyond religion teaching us the way to know God was through our Soul’s journey and not religions level. He tried to teach religion about God and was crucified for it.

Live Beyond Religion

Religion since Jesus has lived society’s level instead of consciously evolving deeper in God. The world became Sodom. Religion made itself the depth of knowing God while never consciously evolving beyond itself to know God deeper. No human being is being born to live beyond religion to then turn around and teach religion about God. When that is exactly what we should be doing. Religion doesn’t know God beyond itself and has never understood what matter is, or how our world is in Heaven, how God is existing, what being alive is or what reality is until these writings. Which are with God.

Religion lives God through practices, protocols and bible study, which is the only level a human being is living for knowing God. We’re not experiencing Heaven on earth profoundly. We could experience God like Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist if we live Him as reality in Christ consciousness.

Human beings need to realize we’ve been the high priest Jesus had a fit with two thousand years ago. We live in a world that has become Sodom making money a second God and we don’t live God first. We think we do, but we don’t. If a family member came to us and told us they heard God and He told us to move and He’ll show us where we’re going. We would think they were crazy and teasing us. We wouldn’t consider it for a second. We would think about our jobs, friends, community and belongings. And that is our truth with God. We don’t live with Him like we think we do. We’re not trusting that He could flip our lives upside down for living Him first.

Celestial Races & Angels

We’re not living in our world with God as reality we’re living with Him with society as reality. Our experience with God should include celestial races, Angels and hearing Heaven profusely in our lives. When people wrote the bible about hearing God they meant it and I can testify to it. It’s a natural part of our existence. Human consciousness turned it off through living incredulously with God for money and materialism through religions level instead of deepening the light in God in Christ consciousness.

To know God is to live last in society but first in Heaven. Dismantling our thought process for having eyes that can see and ears that can hear. Its consciousness changing beyond the reality of society for Heavens level.

When Moses listened to God, it was nothing as we live today. He made God’s level His only level. We try to live through society with God, which dilutes our knowing God. But we don’t realize it because religion happily feeds us our knowing of God and we never live beyond it to know more. We need to live for knowing God so profoundly we are then teaching all of humanity and religion what we learn. There is plenty for teaching humanity.

If we think Spirit is matter we don’t understand our existence as energy. Spirit tells us there is life without the body or facial features. The body is the temporary level. What is living is consciousness. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. God is of no form and is of all form. The experience in the body is temporal and only living for us to carve our Soul deeper in God. Matter is giving us the curriculum for awakening as Love just like God.

Heaven’s Voices are Normal

The supernatural is normal. The paranormal is null. Our world is in Heaven, and we are imprinting upon energy what we see from our level of consciousness. If we live more in darkness, we’re going to interpret what has darkness too. If we live more in light, we experience amazing and phenomenal levels of our world. If we live in fear, we create everything to have that nature. If we live as Love, we live with innocence opening greater life and the miracle of this existence.

Our atmosphere is another race. Its energy existing in the conscious space of God as the fabric of our world. When people describe God as being the light all life is in that is energy in the trillions and trillions and trillions living in decimals in holographic light. We’re talking about subatomic particles beyond any quantum level we know. God in every atom giving the light in the atom nucleus for matter to exist.

Every atom exists in hyper light in measure which is in God’s energy for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

When we made money, a second God human consciousness shaped itself to lower earthly energy. We live in lower mind through ego at matters level. Therefore, people think self is the level of matter. We think self is the body, car, hairstyle, name, job title, bank account, and neighborhood.

We don’t live knowing consciousness as self and matter as the temporal part of life. We are consciousness leaving self for light. We’re energy and the body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We live beyond the body in light giving to all levels of matter we live through. Not just this one.

The devils level in human consciousness keeps religion making God society’s level instead of knowing Heaven on earth beyond any level being experienced.

Im including audios in this writing of God and other voices of Heaven. Having the ability to hear this is a gift for those who have never heard voices beyond bodies. Opening Heavens level in life is through Love. The voices are of no bodies or facial features – you’re hearing the resonance in vibrations and frequency of energy with intelligence.

Many were the beginning of my ears opening with God. Except the audio that says, “Death” it happened November 7, 2019 and was letting me know my cousin had gone to Heaven for new life.

Heaven is self-organizing energy and every level of life is within a light and different levels of light communicate with us. This should be normal to us and just a fascinating level of life. We’re living happily in an advanced, complex world that is enormously quantum and brilliant. We’re with celestial races, Angels and God.

May we begin living with God more profoundly than ever before. Talking with Him, staying in conversation with Him, consulting with Him about every part of our lives.

Headphones are recommended. Heavens Voices have been looped.

  1. Death

2. Blue Light

3. God Saying Follow

4. I want to Help You Out

5. Throw the Halo

6. Breathe Debo

7. Death Hate

8. A Halo