Living with God has given my life the way to understand our existence. Even though my feet walk the earth my consciousness is in Heaven. Heaven is living in every atom we see but our level of thinking keeps us from experiencing the bigger world we're in. How we think today only gives us a tiny fraction of our reality because we're living at matters level which keeps us earthly. Living in Heaven means living out of our present thought system into the thought system of Heaven.

Society isn't teaching anyone to go beyond its level, it's only having us live within it. We didn't know we were to live through society's level to Heaven.  Our world is a false reality living out of false idols.  And that created the earthly level human consciousness stays at. We've created reality 360% degrees away from Heaven. As humanity understands how God created life we will understand why it's imperative to live beyond society's level for experiencing miracles, higher realms, and greater life.

Our thought system is trying to evolve into higher light but we must live through the darkness we've been living in our thought process at matters level.  We are the only ones making matters level as real as it is and if we identify matter as what is living we shape human consciousness at the same level. If we would have been identifying with Heaven and our divine light within as life we would have shaped human consciousness for living at that level. Which would open up higher realms of our world. We have stayed earthly which gave us eyes that are forever seeing but never see.

There is a veil over our eyes we are trying to pierce holes through for light. And every time we choose Love we pierce those holes. We haven't been given anything to live through except for passed down ideas in consciousness. We all come into a world already existing with society at a level of consciousness teaching us to live at the same level. All of our basic human principles always live only through what level of consciousness society is presently at. Which tells us if society goes off course everyone coming onto the planet will also live on the same level.


No one born into our world is being taught to live beyond societies level or religions. Even though both only live at matters level of knowing. We've been brought into a world where theologians and the Vatican claim authority with God when neither have lived in Heaven while here on earth to know God beyond what they have been taught.

Our interpretation at matters level is like the high priest claiming to know God all the while it was the high priest living at societies level which crucified Jesus. They had no way to know anything beyond their level of thinking because matters level shielded their eyes from seeing the Messiah right in front of them.

A simple way to understand how theologians and religion are not able to understand God any greater than society's level is to understand no human being has ever understood what being alive is or even what matter was. How can we believe our level of thinking understands God level while living in a world that doesn't even follow the Ten Commandments. 

There hasn't been a time that human beings understood why they were living this planet floating in space which subsequently only gives us eyes for God at that same level.

The Vatican has definitely blessed humanity by giving everyone a way to know God exists. The light needed for humanity is for them to live Christ consciousness beyond society's level. There isn't a way for any human being to experience a greater level of God if they do not live beyond society's level. Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist all lived beyond society's level with faith only living God as reality. Which means living in what doesn't fit into what we have been taught. There is a reality when living with God at society's level that only reaps the same level of reward. And then there is living with levels of faith in light beyond society that enters Heaven while here on earth.

All saints have lived in a level that did not fit at society's level. They lived with God in greater levels than having anything at society's level. Only through our level of thinking can we evolve deeper into God. Our present thought system determines our eyes and ears. If we live at matters level for status in society we change what is living for God for what is living in matter. Living with faith beyond society is a requisite because it is the thought system of the mortal world we begin to unravel and dismantle.

When Jesus said those first would be last and those last would be first. He meant it. We lose our lives at society's level for living in Heaven. What would be first in the mortal world is last in Heaven and what is first in Heaven is last in the mortal world.

Jesus said, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than it would be for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.” And He meant it. Because we shape our consciousness to where we focus and those that have focused on false idols become last in Heaven because of the darkness we create for our Soul to live through.

I don't believe anyone believed God when He told us not to live for false idols or to make money a second God because we did not understand how consciousness was living in matter. Knowing consciousness is all that is alive gives precedent for understanding why living at matters level would create our level in darkness.

Right now a child born on earth is being taught that religion is the authority of God when there hasn't been any level in human consciousness understanding human photosynthesis.

No level of religion has light in God greater than any other human being on earth even if they are atheist. There will never be a time that God is giving to one level of consciousness over another based upon darkness. We all have a choice to either live with God or the devils level in life. But that doesn't mean God isn't available to us if we choose dark over light.

We are the ones that have to live through our darkness to light and that journey is hell if not for God being available to us no matter where we are at our level of consciousness. He is always there to save us with our slightest invitation.

No level on earth has ever lived in God greater than society's level over the last couple thousand years. When we live in practice and protocol at society's level we're not carving our Soul for living deeper in God. We're living how we have been taught not going beyond any level of what protocol defines. Understanding life is in consciousness tells us we better consciously live evolving deeper in God to know Him and not linearly but vertically.


It's only through consciously evolving do we carve our Souls for seeing through greater light which gives us the thought process to understand God deeper.

If we stay at the same level of thinking we only have that as our reward. Faith is truly the matrimony of Heaven because we have to go beyond our level of thinking to live outside of what we know. Only through infinite faith and experiencing that trust in what is unknown do we find what is known.

We are a society that has never understood our own creation or what being alive was. We could put all world governments together, their scientist and resources and none knew what matter was or how matter was a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Nor have we had the light to realize we only live in our perception. There is only one of us here with God.

Scientist have known at the smallest particle there is only a wave but they did not know consciousness was all that is alive. Nor did we even understand what a human being was which is conscious energy.

We can't live outside of our level of consciousness. We experience the world in an individual curriculum having everything we see only live in our light.  Which that one knowing changes a world from living three-dimensional to energy. Energy is living in the trillions and trillions and trillions through holographic light creating temperature for density in matter. There is nothing in matter existing outside of our level of consciousness. Whoever is the observer is living through the light.

As an example, if we're in a room with two hundred people whoever is the observer has everyone in that room living in their light. Everyone is living through their perspective and at their level of consciousness and that's perfection for Heavens level in our existence. There is no level in life able to give human beings their very own level of a world. To experience from their perspective everything in existence. Having the ability to change the light in matter by changing the energy we live through is leaving consciousness for conscious evolution. That is the gift God gave us. We have the ability to live through anything we think in matter.

Heaven is the world we are in and our level of consciousness is creating the story we live through. We're trying to become conscious of Love because the energy Love is God. As we have deeper levels of Gods energy in ours we acquire wisdom and knowledge from His light living in our consciousness. The human mind has the power of God behind it but when we choose Love we open His level of light for living through.

Every thought we have is living in energy at different levels of light. The more we can live with God's energy the greater light we live through. We would not be able to hear our thoughts if not for human photosynthesis.


NASA including every space agency on the planet has searched for other life. All the while never had the capacity to understand we were living in another species for living in matter. Human consciousness has not had the opportunity to understand its level is not matters level it is light.  God is the dynamic energy that created us in His likeness which is conscious energy. The world is only living at levels of consciousness for experiencing matter in higher levels of light.

The human race lives in another race that is Heavens level in our world. Everywhere we look is energy constantly reforming in levels that would be mind-boggling to comprehend until we begin to understand human photosynthesis. There are literally trillions and trillions of energy reshaping light for the conscious experience in matter.  Conscious Energy is the living species we live through. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter.

Our atmosphere has many different races living to help us live in matter. Humanity has always looked at the world at face value and didn't go deeper into how matter was existing. The level of creation is a hundred and eighty degrees away from any level science believed was existing as life. There is no level in human consciousness living in light. We have only been living at matters level. Which gave us eyes to see with that do not see in the light we need.

As humanity understand the level of the world human beings will live to have light to see through and realize thought is the only road any level of lifes existence can travel on. If we do not have higher intelligence living beyond society's level of knowing we have no road for traveling into the universe greater. We must have a hypothesis in light beyond any level we have presently been living for.

I have videos of other races in our atmosphere that are intelligent and able to communicate which one I named snow squid. Snow squid is part of the plasma that keeps elements at their level for us to live in matter. You can watch the video on the website along with many others and download them as well. All the experiences I've had with creation have been for learning how enormous our world is and for how it's existing. God has blessed me with experiencing a deeper level of life living right beside us.

Human consciousness has never been able to live seeing what was part of our world because we never lived as God asked. He knew how to shape our eyes, thoughts, and ears for experiencing the bigger world.

Conscious Energy not existing in human consciousness is telling of how life is existing beyond how we think. They're not at our level. Human beings think of other races from a young perspective of searching for green aliens. There are races of energy having intelligence in all levels of matter having the ability to exist with a medium or not.  And the purpose is far beyond what our life purpose is. They are giving us life. There isn't a way to quantify our level of intelligence to life that is part of the fabric of life itself.

They are living in levels of creation that have given us the way to live in matter. We truly take our world for granted and at face value and because of that have not had the aptitude to go quantum and understand a world in energy that is intelligent and alive. The fabric of our world is is the conscious space of God. Intricately human beings exist with multiple races giving different levels of energy for life.

Throughout our universe, there are over a million planets with other life living happily and in the light of God. No other race in existence will ever look like a human being. They will live in the light of their race and life purpose. Which life purpose is key for understanding the pool of consciousness we live in.

They are living for conscious evolution because matter is only existing in consciousness. As humanity lives in enlightenment with Heavens level with peace and caring for other human beings deeper. Our light will open the universe for greater experiences of life. Everything is dependent upon our light. If we are a people still hurting human beings savagely we are in a light that is dark and will not open other levels of our world existing right here beside us. We don't have eyes to see with.

Human consciousness is creating the light of the universe. The universe is in consciousness as is planet earth. If we hold darkness instead of light in our thought system we then only experience what is in the same level. It's like being plugged into plug A. We only get what is existing in plug A. But if we plug into plug B we get what is existing in plug B.


Conscious evolution is for experiencing greater levels of our world but we have to have the stature of life for experiencing greater life. Someone who was ten years old wouldn't be able to handle doing heart surgery. They have to acquire knowledge, substance, and maturity to have eyes to see with.  We want to open the universe with God through Love.

Human consciousness is still not understanding life because we kill other human beings even though we can think. We're not being able to process in higher levels of intelligence for living in unity as we should be.  No level of life outside of the human race is violent. They are living in light in consciousness giving to life's greater level of living. Human life must care infinitely more for each other in greater levels of Love for understanding the universe and how enormous it is. Our eyes will always only see from the level we exist from.

To live having experiences with life that have no facial features and live outside of anything we ever imagined is through carving the Soul to have stature for our enormous universe.

If human beings live at matters level we're not acquiring handling life beyond society's level. We live in a thought system of fear that is a veil being kept over our eyes. We want to replace fear with Love. Life lives in God and God is Love.  Only human consciousness creates fear and what is living in the devils level. The devil doesn't exist outside of human consciousness. We create the darkness we live through, through our thought system in lower energy. As we live greater levels of Love the world will open to give the level we can handle life at.

No level in life can receive what it can't conceive and no level of life will live in higher realms without living the Love that takes them there.  Having knowledge is what opens our world and knowledge is key for continuing through doors. Our level of consciousness has never been at a level to have eyes to see with. We haven't experienced creation we have only experienced our tiny created reality.

Every building, tree, and human being is tiny little atoms. Matter is very real for us to touch and feel because we have atoms in temperatures giving density for images in our Soul. But our world is never living in the light we think it is.  We don't even see the bacteria that's covering everything or living having particles blocking our eyesight. We don't even experience our skin shedding or bacteria crawling all over our bodies. Our consciousness is very comfortable never seeing how the world is existing but always living through what we think.  If we can keep thinking quantum we can begin to understand how consciousness is all that is alive.

There are only waves in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Everything we see is particles that are waves of energy living in human photosynthesis.


Human photosynthesis will be one of the greatest learnings in human consciousness because it provides us with every level of understanding that our consciousness only lives in our light.  If we can comprehend there is only one of here with God and the world we experience is an illusion living only at one level of consciousness. We can understand why living through society's level is a requisite. We would understand its the level of the devil with false idols, temptations and everything for shaping our consciousness at matters level instead of releasing us for light. Herein lies the quest for faith giving us a deeper level in God for living beyond false idols and second Gods. It's not easy to not fit into society's level of status. But as we understand there is only one of us here with God. People will understand a greater reality that is Heavenly.

Most people haven't been living for enlightenment or understanding Heaven is all around us. They can't fathom Heaven and greater realms of life because matters level keeps us at its level instead of experiencing the enormity of life.

Life is created out of energy in human consciousness from two levels. One is all the places we're not living Love and the other is from all the places we are living Love. This creates the light in matter.

Darkness and light create two different levels of energy. Darker levels of energy live earthly and the other is light which is in higher levels of God. Human beings are trying to process higher levels of energy for living deeper in God. By doing so we acquire greater levels of light for consciousness. If we understand energy we can understand that everything is living at a level of energy.

We are trying to acquire greater levels of light by becoming conscious of Love for expanding the light in consciousness. And as we do this we increase God's energy in ours for living through greater light in matter. Every enlightened master that has walked the earth has done so with Love because it's God's energy giving us the universe to live through.

The suffering in humanity is the little persons level creating what keeps us at the devils level. It's living through ego, self-interest and matters level. Today, most people believe who they are is based upon the job title they have, the car they drive, square footage, the neighborhood they live in,  hairstyle, clothes, and bank account. If I asked anyone who they were they would tell me their name and identity based upon matters level.

We made the temporal world reality when it is transitory and the illusion. What is Ultimate Truth and eternal is Heaven. Reality is knowing there is only one of us here with God and we live in human photosynthesis.

We've been attaching self-identity to material and placing meaning in matter which keeps our thought system at the same level. Not understanding this experience and all matter is temporal and has nothing to do with who we are.

Ill now tell you about who we are at Heavens level. There is no self. Human beings are living in a life continuum that exists for eternity. When God created life in consciousness He created the way for us to experience matter at any one level of consciousness. This created our path for living eternally creating in matter at different levels of consciousness what we live through.

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on to live this one level of consciousness in matter and then we take it off. The Spirit will rest in Heaven while the Soul continues creating new life at a new level of consciousness to experience matter in. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body.

Self is a temporal level of the mortal world story we have for living through the human story.  Energy is always changing form.  In our life continuum, we will have many different mediums for experiencing different levels of consciousness. In every new life, we will have a different medium, family, friends, and level of the world we experience. Only consciousness is continuous in every life. There is no actual birth or death there is only the continuation of consciousness having the experience in matter. Everything in matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

So if we live for billions of years which medium was our true self? None. Self doesn't exist. We are the light giving every level of matter its existence throughout our life continuum. We live beyond this body and we live beyond all experiences in matter. We are much more powerful than we have ever been led to believe and we are much larger than any one level of self. We are consciousness leaving self for light.  We'll call every medium we have self until we understand we are Love. Just like God is Love the human race is Love. The only difference is we don't know it.


Everything in life is to live Love through. There is no level in existence that is not a call to Love. Everything in life including the snowflake, blade of grass and tree is only existing in its light. When God created humanity He created the way for every human being to experience a world only from their level of consciousness. We only experience life from our perspective. We never live outside of what we think.

Herein lies the key to life. Love is the energy of all life. It is the source of all and it's God. We live in the conscious space of God creating out of our level of consciousness the world we experience. Every level of how we think is emerging out of our energy. Our thoughts only live in our level of Love and not Love. This is why becoming conscious of Love is a requisite for every human being.

God is ready for every human being to live Love at levels of knowing Him. Love is the only way we can live deeper in God. The rest of what we experience in life is trying to lead us to Heaven. We are living out of darkness or the devils level or satans level in our mind to God. We are literally living through everything other than Love to Love.

God created us for living Heaven on earth. When we chose false idols and money as the way of life we created human consciousness to separate from knowing God for only having a knowing of Him at matters level.

God told us not to live for false idols and money because He knew that energy would be to low for acquiring higher light. Without greater light we would have no way of acquiring knowledge and wisdom needed for understanding His creation. Living in free will made it impossible for anything to be done because we have to live through how we think. Energy will only process at the level it's living from. Which means we live only at that level we are of or we find a way to live in higher levels of light that take us out of that level. Without living deeper in God or living Love at the level of Christ we had no way to acquire greater light.

For thousands of years, we have been shaping human consciousness 360% away from Heaven. Humanity has been living in linear consciousness at matters level which prevented us from having conscious evolution vertically to go up the pyramid of knowledge.


We have been living linearly making society into the devils level because without ascending into higher light we stay earthly at matters level. Essentially we have been spreading out the pyramid of knowledge horizontally instead of going up vertically.  Linear consciousness kept us at the same level going from sticks and stones to using sophisticated weapons. We didn't have the light to not be violent we only found ways to live in it. And that is the crux of living linearly we keep building through what is living instead of moving out of it.

We also went from living for one million dollars to living for a billion dollars to now living for a trillion dollars. We also had one home but now try to have three homes. We went from a comfortable house to needing mansions. Always going linearly for bigger and better while making our consciousness smaller and darker. We keep living for more luxury and creating life to live for accumulating in excess or what is being created as expensive because we only live in linear consciousness.

Accumulating in excess has become humanity's way of life which is the quintessential level of human beings living in ignorance instead of light. We're on a planet floating in space and yet have believed life was about money instead of understanding a greater existence of Heaven in our lives.

Linear consciousness keeps us in a box that just keeps spreading instead of ascending beyond the box.  Knowing that matter is an illusion that will take our Souls into darkness if we don't keep our thought process in God is what every human being needs to understand.  We created a reality that never has eyes to see with or ears to hear with because it is only living in linear consciousness. It's like a baby bird never breaking out of its shell. We are living stuck at one level of consciousness not going beyond it for knowing the bigger world we are in.

There is a profound reason why world governments and every human being who has ever published any thesis on life had no way of understanding any level of life. We didn't live in what God told us.

Knowledge doesn't live in college or in human consciousness at the level of God. That only comes from us living in light with God beyond society's present level. Society will always exist from the majorities perspective which doesn't try to go beyond itself because it lives complacently.  The individual has a preference in light. As people understand human photosynthesis society will soar to higher levels of consciousness.  With more people living Love which only benefits life.

Right now human beings live in darkness sustaining human consciousness in fear, greed, opponents and combat consciousness. We live in a psychological level of constant attack and defend. Which would not exist if we understood energy or how there is only one of us here with God.

Literally, every thought we have is living through God. There are no secret conversations or any level in life not being heard by Heaven. We only exist in matter from God's energy. All life is in His light. We experience life from level of consciousness 360% away from Heaven all the while we take every breath in Heaven. When we didn't listen to Jesus, The Ten Commandments or the Bible we lost the way to evolve deeper into God.


There's a reason we do not live the Ten Commandments and Thou Shall not Kill. We have little faith in God and do not believe in Him at the level to trust him. Because we've lived for thousands of years at the devils level our faith in God is weak. It's important we live faith like Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist always making God first before anything else in life.  They showed us the way to experience the power of God by trusting Him above all else.  They all lived beyond society's level of reality.

Only through faith at greater levels than we have been living do we open greater levels in God. Having an entire society living for money as a second God and no one following the Ten Commandments doesn't give the human race the way to know Heaven is on earth or how to live in God's creation.

Every human being coming into life is only understanding God from religions level which never knew anything of creation. Understanding human photosynthesis is imperative for understanding God. There will never be a greater level for unraveling human existence and our journey into God other than human photosynthesis.

Our world is living extremely quantum through holographic light in decimals. God is hundred of billions of years alive and beyond time and space.  God is not in human consciousness. He created our consciousness.

Heaven is beyond what a human being is. There is no level in understanding another race giving us the way to live in we matter if we don't have greater levels of substance and maturity for hearing levels beyond our level of thinking. Even though most people who believe in God would say they knew God was the light all life was in they didn't break that down into what that actually meant or what it would look like. If they did they would have gone to human photosynthesis.

And then that thought would have taken them into a deeper quantum level of our world and living in another level of energy for existing in matter. Everything has been at a surface level for humanity in thought and now its time we go deeper into how life is actually existing at a very raw and organic level. We have to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper to the quantum level of life.

It hasn't been possible for us with our limited intelligence at matters level to comprehend the nature and enormity of God. We need to qualify ourselves for understanding Him because our level of perception and logic has only lived at matters level rather than in light

Human ego creates inaccurate interpretations because it's earthly energy processing in darker levels.  Purifying our thought process is a requisite for understanding God. We want to understand Love. If we're learning calculus we have to understand arithmetic. Otherwise greater advanced levels won't make sense. Love doesn't live at society's level it lives at Christ's level.

If we are to understand God we have to filter out of the darkness and create greater light to live through. Qualities of greed, desire, anger,  and selfishness must be purged to take ego out of thinking. At the same time humility, compassion, mercy, charity, forgiveness, and Love must be lived greater than all other levels.  Purifying our thought level is a requisite for understanding God.

Spirit is the greatest way for us to identify with God. God comes through our level of consciousness today and will come through our level of consciousness a thousand years from now. No matter our level of consciousness or how human consciousness is existing. God is always in our light because He is giving us the way to live in matter. We are the ones changing consciousness trying to go deeper in Him. He is always ready for us at any level of consciousness we are of.


I've experienced Heaven knowing my future years in advance. Our lives  already exist in levels of light as we live realizing the light which can create any scenario to live through. Kind of like the seed becoming the flower because it has an imprint already existing as the flower. However, the flower may not get beyond the soil or it may grow sideways or upright.

God created self-organizing energy in the trillions and trillions and trillions for living through any possibility a human being could think. There is no level in life that does not already exist. We live in the mind of God and His mind has already created everything in existence now and for eternity.

As an example, if in this moment I think to create a floating phone that follows me, it already lived in God's light. There is no idea a human being can think of that lives outside of God's light. Everything is giving to us for living through it as we consciously bring it into being. We are the ones that make everything as real it is. Only through our mind do we create the world to exist at the level it does. A tidbit of macro to the micro – We live in the mind of God and He created us and we create everything we live through in our minds.

Every thought is in temperature and every thought has its own signature. All thought is in algorithms in light existing for hundreds of billions of years.  Self-organizing energy is creating every particles livingness from our level of consciousness.

How we hear is through vibrations. Humanity hears words and sees words but it's only through resonance we have comprehension. It isn't the words we actually live its vibrations in a language far beyond what we have understood giving us the consciousness of everything. Our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

When God hears us it isn't through what we hear at our level. There is another level of light existing with algorithms in levels of other languages we're never going to understand because it lives out hundreds of billions of years. Our level of intelligence is never going to have the same level of what is living out hundreds of billions of years. As we live Gods level He constantly expands. This is also why the universe is always expanding.  We will never see the totality of the universe because we can only experience it from our present level of consciousness.

We will always be living deeper in God and having greater levels of understanding as we consciously evolve. We're not yet even digesting living in another race or that the fabric of our world is Conscious Energy.

Everything in life we can stumble upon will always be for expanding our level of consciousness. We want to live with open palms having hearts filled with Love for what God can give to us for realizing our potential at any one level of consciousness. Everything in existence is an experience for living Love through. And everything is living as a teacher helping us live deeper into God.

The greatest gift we have is to live Love because through God's energy we open ourselves for experiencing the remarkable and extraordinaire in life. Our slightest invitation to God creates a level that opens higher levels of life. As we live more with God it is our relationship to life that becomes more heavenly.