Moses who God gave the Ten Commandments was a commoner after living in the Pharaohs light. He was a shepherd who saw a bush on fire and heard God speak to Him to go free the Israelites. At the time this happened he was nothing but a shepherd. No one knows how God moves in life or who He will move through. Religion doesn't decide where God is going to live or if it will have any level in their light at all. For God has never been living in religion and has always been living giving every human being the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness.


Institutionalized religion is living at societies level of consciousness. Religion came out of human interpretations through Jesus's life and teachings. Jesus is the Son of God who lived in Heaven while here on earth giving every one of us the way to live Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is living Love at the level of Christ with God coming into one's light helping them consciously evolve deeper into Him. It invokes Heaven in our light and takes us out of the level of the devil in human consciousness.  God is reality. Never in human history has a person lived Christ consciousness until now.

Humanity began separating from God when matter became the reward. To this day humanity does not live in our divine light but instead, we compromise our light for living for false idols.

Institutionalized religion has been the only way someone learns about God. But religion created itself to live as the authority of God even though no human being has greater authority with God than any other human being. Nor has any level of religion lived in Heaven while here on earth. If that was the case this writing and podcast would not exist because someone would have already taken the human race out of the devil's grip. And humanity would already have been living with Heaven greater than we are today.

Our premise is to live Love at the level that gives us greater light in matter and to live beyond human consciousness to Heaven. We are existing to live deeper in God.

God isn't in religion because God is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. God is the blueprint to life and not living in humanity's level of consciousness. He is far beyond what we are being able to conceive. Humanity has never known what a human being was or how we got on earth so how can anyone believe they have the authority about God? The level of religion is not the authority of God.

God is the blueprint to life. We are living becoming conscious of Love to live deeper in God. We have been living at the level of matter with our senses telling us what was living was what was tangible. When it was the divine light within we were living for. What we couldn't see had greater living than what we could.  Here is a passage.

“Ever since the creation of the world His eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things He has made.” Romans 1:20

Our world is extremely quantum. We live in atoms with holographic light in decimals in photosynthesis. We see matter comfortably and don't experience layers and layers of bacteria living on our bodies or on matter. Nor do we experience consciously cells changing and massive amounts of skin dropping off our bodies every day. Instead, we experience a level of consciousness that is comfortable. We don't even experience pain as we grow from an embryo to an adult. There is a huge level in life we have never been conscious of even though it was right in front of us.

Everyone is coming into a world learning about religion through our parents. Whatever our parents have as religion becomes what we live as religion. God is only being taught through religion. We are learning from this level of consciousness who God is. The community and our family teach us how to think of life. What is being taught has been passed down to everyone teaching us and is a level of consciousness everyone today is living as life, our world,  history and who God is. Religion has become the only way someone learns about God and yet religion has no authority in God. God is beyond any level of religions perspective on all accounts.

The human race has never known what a human being is or how we are living on a planet floating in space with a sun ninety-three million miles away giving us the way to live on earth. The idea we knew who God was never possible because we never even knew what being alive was.

No one has had any understanding of how a human being is living in consciousness. Or how the embryo has everything in it to live a level in matter out of nothingness. We have never understood what matter is, what light is, how the universe formed, our atmosphere is alive, the intelligence in organs and bones to grow exactly as needed for consciousness to experience a body, or how trillions and trillions of living organisms are giving us the level for breathing.

Every blade of grass is living in its own light. Every leaf is living in its own light. As well as every raindrop and snowflake is living in its own light. And every human being is living in their own light. And all of life is living in God's light.

The human body exists around seventy percent water in levels of hydrogen that give human beings the ability to have levels in carbon dioxide along with other elements just to breath. That alone is beyond a miracle and a level we take for granted never having the aptitude to question how the earth is a living organism giving us essential elements to live. What is off-planet is regulating with our atmosphere to give humanity life on planet.  The level of water in life is because energy is all there is. Life is in energy.  Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

Yet, no level of world government or scientist has ever had the aptitude to understand life regardless of anyone's level of having power, wealth, being a genius, having college degrees or stature in society. Because God lives in every atom ready to give to those who live Love at the level of Christ greater levels of wisdom and knowledge. This is why the human race is living to become conscious of Love.

Human consciousness for every generation has a slow churning with humanity slowly becoming more conscious of life. Slowly having the ability to think outside of what is being taught as life. Heaven is the only level giving every human being the way to live in matter and yet the human race consciously can only live in a level outside of knowing Heaven. Only because we haven't lived Love at the level for greater light in consciousness to live deeper in God. We cannot receive beyond what we can conceive and we cannot live in another light beyond our own.

How detrimental it is for the human race to live for conscious evolution because if we do not continue growing outside of how we think today we can only create life in a box as reality. There is no way to get out of our reality without living with greater light in greater hypothesis. Life is being passed down from generation to generation. It is upon us all to live for evolving beyond societies level. The human race must live in a light having possibility beyond what is living as normal, comfortable and in complacency. Because everything beyond our present level of knowing and not knowing is having greater life waiting for us to realize its existence, like Heaven.

God is dynamic energy hundreds of billions of years alive. He is the light in every atom giving mankind the way to live in matter through photosynthesis.  He created us to live in His likeness which is conscious energy. Matter is tangible and gave us rewards that shaped consciousness to believe life was at the level of matter when what is living greater is in what we don't see. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

We never went deeper to understand how matter was existing or why every particle at the smallest level is a wave in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We never thought about the atmosphere living intelligently alive or it being another species we are living in.

When people think about God being the light all life is in. What does that mean? It means God is energy and a living species with intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive  creating photosynthesis, conscious energy, and the way for matter to exist at any one level of consciousness. Humanity's level has never been anything other than living in God's likeness.  Holographic decimals in every atom provide the way for self-organizing energy to create matter in photosynthesis. Here is another passage.

In him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). 

We never knew what a human being was or what being alive was.  Consciousness is all that is alive and consciously evolving deeper into God is what life is.

We have heard God is Love. It is not just because of His light it is actually becasue of what what He is. Love is an energy and God created human beings out of His energy. Our level of Love has been at our level of consciousness not understanding energy or God. God created the “word' and the “word” created the world. Human consciousness was created by God and has been trying to become conscious of Love which is God, to live greater levels of consciousness in Heaven.

Love is the level of the Soul and the light in consciousness giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Love is the light that expands consciousness. Enlightenment has always lived through Love and it's Gods energy in their light that gives enlightenment.

Love is the way of the world. God created matter for us as energy to have a way to observe our consciousness making choices towards Heaven. Without matter human beings would have no way to understand life. Our existence is at Heavens level and that is far beyond our level of consciousness.  Every experience is a God faculty giving us the ability to evolve towards Heaven.

We live in free will creating through our level of thinking the world we live through. Everything in matter has been brought into being and is only living at one level of consciousness. How we live is solely being created by the level of consciousness we live at. The base collective consciousness is creating the light of the world we live through. By becoming more conscious of Love we increase God's energy in our light for living greater light in matter.

Jesus tried to teach us to live Love but was crucified for living Love greater than religion at that time. The high priest felt threatened by Jesus and lived blasphemy having the Roman Empire crucify Jesus. Love has always been the only level God has been trying to teach human beings to live.

Love will never be lived from the majority at the level of Christ but for those who take it upon themselves to live Love at that level, it is God Himself that will be in your light in ways you never fathomed could even exist. God is living only for life to experience Him deeper. He created us and gave us everything to live for living deeper in Him.

The Bible has been with humanity for a long time and yet the Ten Commandments are not being lived nor is living only for one God. We live for false idols and have made wealth what life is about. The exact opposite of what the Bible tried to tell us not to do and it was for good reason. We live in consciousness and will only be able to create our reality at the level we focus on relentlessly.

Most people have heard of the Bible parable called Adam and Eve. God had Adam and Eve living Love. They had no inhibitions and lived naked with levels of peace, bliss, and light. God told them to never eat from the Tree of knowledge because He knew they did not understand life and there was no way they would be able to create the world that lived in Love. They were lured by satan and when they ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge they unleashed fear, sin, shame, and resentment.

This is the perfect parable for humanity to understand why living in consciousness requires living for Christ. Love is the only antidote to darkness because it is God. Love is the only level humanity must always live for and living it beyond societies level is a requisite in life. It is the only level even in this moment that is giving humanity the ability to live.

Without Love, we would have no civility or light. There would be no patience, tolerance, compassion or the ability to reconcile differences or have any conflict end in dialogue. There would be no peace. Love is the energy in consciousness giving us the ability to have emotions, feeling and light in higher levels that help us think with Love. All thought emerges out of consciousness and having consciousness living Love is the greater attribute for having thoughts that live Heaven.

God is living in every level of human consciousness and has witnessed the light in life that is not having its level in life as it should. Jesus said the meek will inherit the world for a reason. Eventually, life realizes it doesn't have a level to give what life needs the most. What is of Heaven will always be the only level that blesses the human race with the way to survive. We want to live Love relentlessly and have infinite compassion, empathy, charity, Love, humility, kindness, givingness, and light. This is what life needs the most.

Let us always live Heaven while here on earth by living Christ consciousness with God helping us to Love to realize our potential at any one level of consciousness. God is the blueprint to life with humanity consciously evolving for eternity deeper into Him.