The level of matter is subatomic particles even going smaller than quarks. There is no level of life in matter as we see it. We're experiencing consciousness in matter through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Human consciousness is an algorithm out of God's consciousness.

Consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in decimals in holographic light creating temperature for density in matter. We're living through images in our Soul as life.

At no time has there been a human being walking the earth as we see them. There has always only been images within our Soul to live through. When God created the word He created the world for human consciousness to create its level of matter to live through at any one level of consciousness.

Heaven is the only level existing with human consciousness inside of it. God is the light all life is in means He is keeping measure for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. Never has there been a way for humanity to know creation because of human consciousness being shaped in darkness in lower earthly energy. We didn't have the way to see what was here in a higher level of intelligence for understanding who God was or how we were existing, Instead, we created our version at matters level making money a second God and only living in lower earthly energy.

Humanity has remained in linear consciousness for two thousand years. Religion has been living as the high priest creating society to believe they know God perfectly from never evolving in Him. People go to Bible study, practices and protocols and believe they know God because religion has made that the depth of knowing Him.

No one has had conversations with God about creation in religion and no one is living hearing God at the level of Heaven. If they were they wouldn't be in religion. They would be living God as reality giving to humanity what God was teaching. Who would be going to church if they are hearing God? Wouldn't you live with God teaching you instead of a human being teaching? Going to church is for paying homage to Christ and living within a community. Learning about God is to be done through God.

The level of religion has made humanity a level that's never understood who God was or why He created human beings in the first place. It wasn't for paying homage to Him while making society a reality. It was for making God-reality and living consciously evolving in Him to live with Him teaching. With God, we know our light in life and our truth in living. Without consciously evolving in God we don't exist knowing Him at any level except the little person level of society.

Humanity lives only in consciousness which means we need to live for enlightenment. Higher consciousness gives us greate light in matter to understand life and who God is. Humanity is living too shallow wanting wealth and money instead of knowing their truth as a human being. People haven't experienced God at any level to know He exists because we're living at matters level caring about having square footage or caring more for having fame or status in society.

We have to live beyond society. When Jesus was telling us we need to lose our life to gain our life in God. He was very serious. We have to lose our lives at society's level in order to have the substance and the consciousness to be able to exist with God in higher light. If we only live society's level we're going to placate to religions level in Bible study, practices and protocols and adding God to our lives. We don't want to add God to our lives. We want to actually live with God as reality.

The world has lived at a quantum level from the beginning. God is Spirit and is consciousness which is energy quantumly existing in decimals through holographic light. The gift He gave human beings was as energy to live experiencing matter exactly as we think it into being. Every human being is experiencing a world to themselves. Living only at their level of consciousness with God. Ultimately there's only one of us here with God.

We never live outside of our thoughts and we never hear anything except our narrative. No matter who we speak to as the observer we only hear our narrative. No matter what we're listening to on TV we are the observer and we only hear our narrative. It doesn't matter what we do in life we only hear our narrative.

That's a level we really want to have sink in. We'll never live outside of our thoughts. Everything we're experiencing is to bring God into our lives as reality. As we do we lose our lives to gain them in Him. We open Heaven's level in life. Which increases at an insurmountable level for shaping our lives with God.

People will only live with God from their level of thinking. If we don't live for consciously evolving in Him we stay at society's level and never open the bigger part of our world. Soul intelligence is what we want and that only comes from carving our Soul deeper by living Love like Christ.

We'll hear God from the little person level of consciousness as long as we live society as reality. The light we hear God in will only be at our present level of consciousness and that's all we can receive. When we live for Christ consciousness the light changes for having eyes that can see and ears that open to hear. Without consciously evolving in God that doesn't happen. Linear consciousness created religion and everyone who comes into life to live with God only at society's level. We're making society reality over God as reality.

As people begin to understand the quantum nature of our existence they'll understand why they only live in their thoughts, why at the smallest particle there is only a wave and how there are hundreds of trillions of pieces in life all living for this one level of consciousness. They fit perfectly with how we think and they exist separately perfectly and together in synergy. They weave a beautiful reality perfectly handed to us. Nothing in life is anything other than what we think. We're the ones creating our narrative in life. something we're creating except what we live through.

God gave us hydrogen for living through our personal curriculum deeper into Him consciously evolving from everything other than Love to Love. There will never be another human being living Christ consciousness if humanity doesn't change because our reality is shutting God out of our existence at the level we need for experiencing Him.

Our world doesn't live in anything other than human consciousness. We've made every circumstance a human being can experience exists from our little person devil that lives in ego and satan. Without living for enlightenment and having Soul intelligence we build life like a house of cards on sand. We've had no idea how life is living or what makes it sustainable.

We think we know but let me give everyone a reality check. Until these writings no world government, institution or scientist understood how matter was existing or what consciousness was. No one understood the world as an illusion or living in human photosynthesis. Our intelligence is nothing able to give living sustainability because we're creating darkness at a rapid rate in human consciousness instead of light by living deeper in God.

We want to open up the universe to know how life is existing and we can't get there if we stay at matters level. The human race must live for conscious evolution in order to get out of linear consciousness and evolve vertically instead of horizontally.

Two thousand years ago Jesus had to speak in parables for people to hear Him. He told us then we were the people forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing. It was true.  We're worst now than we were then. People don't live with God teaching or even see what is right in front of them. We're incredulous but need faith to live beyond what we see.

The growth is out of the hypothesis. Teaching someone to support a knowing doesn't give to life. Money and materialism take light away from energy in consciousness. It's not living for consciously evolving or opening the world to God. We're suffocating itself without knowing how consciousness lives in matter. God told us not to make money a second God because of the consequence of darkness. He told us to keep Him first because of the consequence in our thought system when we don't. We either shape consciousness in light or in darkness. There's nothing else we do except process energy for living through.

When God created Adam and Eve and they took the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge they unleashed sin, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame, and fear. When humanity made money a second God we shaped human consciousness in satan with no way of knowing how deep in the devil we are until we get out of it. Only by consciously evolving beyond society deeper in God do we see the gaps and know the difference in light. The thought system of the human race is barely living in light.

Knowing God doesn't automatically mean we're living in light. People live worshipping God all the time while never living a day beyond society in Him. Living Christ consciousness and consciously evolving deeper in God gives us light.

People say all the time they hear God and know Him perfectly. They do at their level of consciousness. When we hear God it should be the most riveting experience of our lives. Trying to figure out how we're hearing a voice out of thin air. It's surreal and makes you question reality and what is possible in life. It's not an idle level that society has created as knowing God. There's a deeper level we want to receive and it's only going to come from consciously evolving in Him through Christ consciousness.

Living with God is for Him teaching us about Him. It's very real and literal. We want to hear God at such a level that it freaks us out.

Science knew the world was energy but had no substance for understanding how it could be living in individual consciousness. When God created human consciousness He created self-organizing energy for light to live in temperature. That created human photosynthesis. Once He created human photosynthesis it began another process for algorithms that live in individual light for consciously evolving deeper into His energy.

How we think we live isn't anywhere near what is existing. There's no self. Our idea of self is part of the transitory level of the mortal world. We're hundreds of trillions of subatomic particles living as Love becoming higher light in God. Personality and charisma are part of the human story in consciousness and live out of algorithms within that light.

Human consciousness is a level of mixed races. We're energy out of God along with self-organizing energy within our individual light. Personality is different algorithms coming together for complimenting the light within the Soul. God created every living creature at a level that increases over time within His light.

This is why it doesn't matter if you're atheist or don't believe in God. God isn't in religion He's the blueprint to life. Sooner or later everyone knocks on His door.

Dimensions have been thought of as time dimensions instead of consciousness dimensions.

Our world is living quantum and science will learn more about holographic light and dimensions over the next thousand years.  There are higher realms we can experience and live through as we consciously evolve. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. When we live in Heaven's level, dimensions are another level of life when God creates the light to experience what's existing outside of our light. Only God can give consciousness light at the level of Heaven.

Other Races and Creation

We never understood the world as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance and therefore didn't know matter was energy or that other races were energy. We should have known because God is of no form and is of all form. Science knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave but they didn't understand how that wave was existing in intelligence.

Every atom lives with infinite light for human consciousness to assign the individual purpose. They live unique to any observer's light. Which is quantumly living in decimals in holographic light.

Everything we see is living energy.  Conscious Energy is another race within God's light and is the fabric of our world. They give the mass, force, velocity levity, and temperature in all matter. Every bus, tree, human and ocean is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. When we see the videos on the website we're seeing Heavens level in life. The shape isn't the being the quantum level of energy giving us the way to see that shape is.

We would never be able to know about God existing or Heaven if not for what is supernatural and beyond human consciousness. In John 14:16-17 Jesus speaks to the world not being able to accept God it neither sees Him or knows Him. But those that know Him live with Him. Our knowing is only from our level of consciousness. If we're not living beyond religion deeper into God we're not experiencing what gives us the way to live with Him teaching us about Him. Humanity wants to live hearing God and Him taking over our lives and the level of the world becoming Heaven and not anything of society's purpose.

God is of no form and is of all form is literal because He's the light in every atom's nucleus giving us the way to live in matter. The world is alive and energy can't be seen unless it shows itself as something. It's so quantum even beyond quarks there isn't a way for us to know His existence until we consciously evolve to hear God. Or we live with Him in our hearts so deeply that we claim Jesus Christ as our savior and we know that level of God.

Consciously evolving in God is the only way to know more of God. And its the only way to experience Him like Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist. We want to go as deep as we can in God to have that experience of Him.

Heaven is all around us trying to have us live for what we don't see. 2 Corinthians 4:18 While we look not on the things which are seen, but on the things which are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal. Tells us our lives in matter are temporal and only giving the experience for living deeper in God. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. What is eternal is consciousness.

The world is quantum and if we're to live deeper in God its by understanding creation. Knowing creation gives us a sense for living beyond society to Him. The more we can experience God the deeper our willingness to lose our lives to gain them in Him we live.

Other races are different levels of consciousness. God is another race, Angels are another race, Conscious Energy is another race and many other celestial races exist within our light as part of creation and Heaven. The plasma in our atmosphere is another race. Energy is many different levels of consciousness able to communicate. The human race is energy and the body and matter is the brief gift of living at this one level of consciousness in matter before changing form and living in new life.

Some other races don't live with our purpose, eat food or even exist in any of what we can comprehend as being another race. Conscious Energy is a great example of this. Conscious Energy is light and it's a level of Heaven in our world. It's literally what is giving us our livingness in matter. We're living in Conscious Energy in order to be able to touch our fingers, touch our faces and see the earth. Just as we're living through God's energy in the nucleus of every atom.

Our world has many races existing and they're not in the light we think their going to be when we think of other races. We tend to think about seeing a body blue or green or something different that gives us the sense of, “Oh my gosh that's another race.” What we've never done is understand our level of creation and how life is existing with other races and that other races are a much deeper more mature level we want to understand as part of a normal level of life we're living through.

Conscious Energy is light but can communicate and teach about God. Life is living in Heaven creating its version in dark trying to get to light to know I am the universe and everything I see is a level of energy in my Soul for living Love through.

Our enlightenment is to live in Heaven while here on earth knowing we're Love living for existing as light just like God. Every human being will one day have something that gives them a choice to either have faith or live Love or something else that has the ability to open another door in life for them. Knowing how much is living with us and how far beyond any level of our reality life is should help us make the choice for living Christ consciousness. Live Love over everything else in life for opening a world beyond any level you've imagined existing.