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We Are Energy in Light

Love is the energy that gives us the light in consciousness to receive higher levels of intelligence. Light is what is opening consciousness to greater levels of energy. Without greater levels of light we can only receive input at the present level of the mortal world. Having the ability to live in a different levels of light is a gift God gave every human being. Having the ability to choose whether we live the level of Love that gives us greater light is our choice.

Spirit is only living in matter through the light in consciousness that is from the level of the energy Love in our Soul. Love is the energy giving humanity the ability to exist in a world with people and in matter through photosynthesis.

Light is the level in consciousness giving us our interpretation in how we see other people and believe the world is existing. Light is energy and what we are seeing is only energy in photosynthesis giving us images in our level of consciousness. Nothing is existing outside of our level of consciousness.

The way the world was created was in energy for photosynthesis to give levels of consciousness the ability to experience matter through ones own level. The level of human consciousness has been at the level of matter since the beginning of life not having the level to realize humanity is living in consciousness and the world is only energy.

Every level of what is being lived is consciousness trying to evolve and awaken to higher levels of what being alive is and the level of the mortal world in Heaven. Human consciousness is now evolving from living at the level of matter to the level of energy. Which means consciousness is having greater levels of light for having greater levels of energy in matter to go beyond the present level of the mortal world. At the beginning of human life human beings had greater relationships with Heaven giving them greater ability to live aligned with God and experience higher levels of life. As humanity was building the outer world the connection with Spirit and God frayed. Life began only living for what money could buy and for what was in material. Today, like the beginning of life, humanity is again connecting for the final time at a very deep level to live with God and Heaven through levels of light in energy for eternity.

Human consciousness has not been able to conceive the greater level of the universe or the world living in Heaven. When we know the level of the world is energy and life is in consciousness existing through photosynthesis it’s the beginning for understanding how to live on earth having the ability to experience Heaven. We have the ability to change the level of energy we are of and therefore change the experience we have in matter. Love is the only energy in the Soul giving us the greater light for consciousness to experience a different level of matter.

Humanity’s existence is for conscious evolution because life is in consciousness and all matter is energy which means what we think is all that is alive. The more conscious we become of Love the greater light we have in consciousness to create in matter what is of Heaven. Consciousness is all that is in matter. The Love we give is the Love we live through.  Nothing exist except energy. Matter is only one level of consciousness and the gift God gave to each of us is to live as energy able to experience matter at our level of consciousness. Everything in matter is images in photosynthesis from the light in our Soul.

The level of the world we live through is created through the level of the base collective consciousness. Human consciousness is the level we enter life in. The level of human consciousness is from God. God created the word and the word has always been what is building the world. Today, the level of the world is from humanity’s present level of consciousness at the level of Love being lived. The level of meaning in matter is only one level of consciousness. How the world is existing is only in the light of human levels of energy.

Every level of what we experience is either adding levels of the energy Love or not adding Love to our Soul and that is giving us our present light in consciousness. As we become more conscious of Love we are increasing the light in consciousness which is giving us the ability to go beyond the present level of thinking to higher levels. The experiences in matter reflects our present level of consciousness giving us the ability to have reason to live and choose Love through.

When we enter higher levels of consciousness the level of the world is not living outside of us, it is only living through us. It is a world that has every person, event and level of matter only in our light for us to live Love through. There is no one living outside of our light. Human beings are only energy in the light of our Soul. What is being experienced as life is only levels of energy at the level of the energy Love in our Soul. We learn there is only one of us here with God.

Life is only existing for us to experience Heaven. At younger levels of consciousness we experience a world outside of us having many different levels that seem separate from us but there is no place you begin or I end. Life is in energy with energy revealing through people and matter the places within our light that are of Love and not Love. Everything other than Love is the way to Love. The experience in matter is intricate and personalized levels of energy that are equal to the level of Love we are of and not of. It is a world only reflecting our level of energy in matter. All matter is malleable with energy changing form that is expressing our level 0f energy and giving us reason to live Love through.

God created a miraculous life in consciousness for every human being to experience a world in matter at their level of consciousness. He created the way for us to have the ability to experience Heaven while here on earth. As we become more conscious of Love we increase the light in consciousness giving us the ability to create in matter higher levels of life. Every level of what we are observing as life is only a level of light within our Soul and is malleable to our level of energy.  The level of what being alive is, is Love.  The level of what living is, is living levels of energy in different levels of light with images in matter at our level of consciousness. Experiencing what has us become more conscious of Love and as we increase the light in consciousness we create in matter what has greater levels of Heaven eventually realizing God is reality.

Human consciousness is all that is building the world. Love is the way of the world and is the only energy in existence giving the human race the ability to live and create in matter at our level of consciousness. Love is the key to living in matter. Living aligned with God  gives us the way to consciously evolve into our level of potential in any one level of consciousness. God is the light giving us life in matter and the level to live in Heaven while here on earth.

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