• The theory of everything
  • Jupiter is the earth's regulatory system.

Since the beginning of human life, the message has been Love. God told us not to make money a second God or live for false idols because He created life in consciousness. We never listened. Now we learn why He told us that and how we created darkness by not listening.

People know Love is what they want to feel but they don't understand how thinking is energy that needs Love. When Jesus walked the earth He gave us the way to Love and taught us that loving beyond society's measure of Love was a necessity. We never realized the power of Love because we never understood creation.

When God told us to not make money a second God or live for false idols He was giving us the way to shape consciousness in light and in the direction of Heaven. We didn't realize how life was existing in energy to understand the importance of doing that. We weren't at a level of thinking to really understand we've been created. I don't think we live remembering we're created.

We come into the world already existing and immediately start living at society's level never questioning anything. We haven't been a species living for intelligence. We're not being born to live for enlightenment or to live beyond world government. We're being born to uphold a money realm system which has created humanity living for money as a second God.

Our level of consciousness doesn't understand reality is celestial races, Angels and God. We believe reality is accumulating in excess and becoming famous or wealthy. One has substance and the other is exuding shallow consciousness. When life was trying to teach us to live according to creation we didn't listen. We discarded God and instead created life in what was tangible not realizing it was the illusion.

This writing is to teach us what living in God is for and why we need His energy in our consciousness. Understanding matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness is imperative for understanding what we're doing on this planet floating in space.

We made what was tangible the reward making our senses live at matters level. We surmised a three-dimensional theory which was the only level we could hypothesize and bring into being at that time. We've been expanding through that theory ever since not understanding matters level for understanding our world.


At the very beginning, light was all there was and energy was beginning to know Love. Destiny is the malignant energy that became conscious, and through her came God. This is the beginning of life.

God became the energy to all in existence. God is the only power to have the level of osmosis to give life in His light living. Nothing can ever exist that's not in His light. Destiny rests in God. Energy is the only reason anyone is alive. There has never been a time energy did not exist, it's the beginning of all life. As energy became conscious life began to have a process for conscious evolution. 

There have always been other races living in God. Hundreds of billions of years alive created a universe as diverse as anyone could imagine in consciousness. Other races have been part of the light for human beings to live in matter. All races in existence have intelligence different than ours and have been existing millions and hundreds of billions of years longer. As life becomes more conscious of itself we have a greater opportunity for realizing our light in God. 

Human photosynthesis is the only existence for the human race because we live for eternity in different levels of consciousness consciously evolving in matter as we awaken to God. 


Jesus told us there was more living than what we were seeing. We didn't know energy or how the atmosphere was giving us life. We weren't understanding Spirit. We shaped human consciousness for matters level instead of God's level.

This placed a veil over our eyes and created our living in the illusion as life instead of understanding what reality was. We didn't realize we were living in tiny molecules in holographic light in decimals.

Energy was the level we needed to realize. Everything we see including buildings, trees, the sky, ocean, people and all matter are tiny little atoms and we're imprinting upon them what we see. We didn't understand what matter was and that became the greatest error we made for understanding creation.

We shaped our reality into what had some answers but it didn't give us answers about life. When Jesus walked the earth He spoke in parables because human consciousness was already in darkness. Over thousands of years, we have only lived creating greater darkness by living earthly in lower energy.

By not listening to God we're like Adam and Eve taking the fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge and unleashing a thought system at the devils level instead of in God. Now we think through lower mind instead of processing higher energy. Our thought process lives in energy that doesn't comprehend the very world we're in. Until these writings, we never understood what matter was.

Consciousness is all that is alive and our world is energy. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. In order to see greater light in matter, we have to process higher energy. When we didn't understand how matter was existing we had no way of understanding consciousness.

Most people don't know they're living in their own perspective. Never outside of their thoughts. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. We will never live outside of what we think. Our thoughts are the only level we live through as life.


People don't realize they're living in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next. We live in self-chatter talking to ourselves non-stop as we move forward in matter. We live in our narrative and every thought is life. We don't live in the present moment because we live in self chatter talking to ourselves about what we're doing, going to do and have done. Never pausing our incessant thinking for living in the conscious space of God. Every thought we have is what is alive.

Most people don't know thought is living. It's a profound level to realize the power we have for building our lives in Heaven. And yet we don't try to control thinking through light to do it.

Love is the oldest and most powerful energy in existence because it's God's energy. God gave us the way to always have Love in our lives. He gave us a level of Love at birth to increase. Love is the energy humanity needs to live for. When we live Love we have God's energy in our light which gives our consciousness the light for intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.

Humanity has never gone beyond matters level to understand consciousness. This is a sobering level for humanity to come to terms with because we've been creating life without understanding consciousness, what matter is, what being alive is or the level of our world. Which makes everything we've been living a level that needs repurposing and greater living for our species on earth. Enlightenment is our sole purpose because otherwise, we have no way to build a reality that's sustainable and aligned with God.


We've been living in linear consciousness through earthly energy. This is why humanity has been creating money as life. We've lived for a million dollars and then a billion dollars and now people live for a trillion dollars. It's also why we created luxury brands and continue to find reasons for people to accumulate in excess. We're expanding the use of money and matter as life instead of living for enlightenment.

We also continue to use weapons even though we have the ability to transplant hearts and send satellites into space. Consciousness isn't having energy in higher light for living as one. Linear consciousness took us from using sticks and stones to using sophisticated weaponry instead of evolving beyond using weapons altogether. Our thought system has been in lower energy which keeps us in primal energy.

We haven't lived a greater level of intelligence for replacing fear with Love or creating a world with no needless suffering. We have continued creating success as money while depleting the Soul. We've been living in darker veils that miss the meaning of life for false idols and self-centeredness. We create billionaires in a society that has thousands of children starving to death every day. Not understanding the consequence in human photosynthesis. Our humaneness requires our having an ability for giving to life what it needs to exist.

At what point do we start giving to life. When we have a million dollars, billion dollars or a trillion dollars. What's it going to take for the human race to start caring about other human beings more than material and money. How does human consciousness have the ability to exist if we can't comprehend money's level in gross excess has no purpose for a species living in consciousness. It doesn't shape a thought process that gives us light for being conscious of life. The depth in human consciousness is deteriorating for shallowness and greed. Which is why God told us not to make money a second God. It only creates darkness in consciousness.

The first are last and the last are first when we don't follow what God tells us. Greed is the sneakiest snake of all because we succumb to matters level which is the illusion. We build our Soul on sand enticed by false idols and status lured by thoughts that have no substance in light.


We made the three-dimensional theory what life expands out of even though scientist knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave. We didn't know how the wave was existing until now.

At the time God was telling us to not live for false idols or make money a second God human consciousness wasn't able to understand atoms, quantum molecules, holographic light, human photosynthesis or Conscious Energy. God told us from the level we were thinking from to not live for false idols or make money a second God. He even gave us the Ten Commandments which we didn't follow.

Humanity didn't evolve beyond matters level because we didn't live deep enough in God. We didn't have the ability to conceive matter was energy and life was in consciousness. A thousand years ago our level of consciousness wasn't ready for that conversation.

Today, we have a state of mind for understanding a level of creation but we don't have the substance for comprehending the enormity of life in consciousness. We think society is the reality when there is no level of it existing outside of our level of consciousness. Our reality has become the tiniest example of life.

What God created is not what we created. We did the opposite of what God told us and have this illusion for it. We're living for wealth and fame as life instead of living with Angels, celestial races and God teaching us. We don't live the supernatural level in life.

God created life far more advanced than we're living. We only interpret life from our present level of thinking but God is hundreds of billions of years out from us. He has the level we want to experience.

We're a species floating on a planet in space among trillions of galaxies with the sun 93 million miles away giving us the elements for living on earth. We haven't comprehended the magnitude of our existence, what being alive is or who God is. Heaven, celestial races, miracles, and Angels are normal parts of life but we think they're supernatural. We only think this because we never understood reality. We only know God from religion instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

Society has debated about creation and human life because human intelligence never understood what matter was or the level of our world in energy. Once we understand matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness we understand there is a higher intelligence creating matters level.

We had no way of understanding God was in every atom even though people know God is the light all life is in. Energy is the most important level for humanity to understand. We knew Spirit was not matter but we didn't realize what Spirit implied. We're not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body.

We're in a world of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. And when we didn't listen to God and made matter our reward, we fell into another reality that never had the way to understand how our world was existing.


The theory of everything is molecules in light having their purpose and livingness in human consciousness. Every atom in existence only lives in our light. Whatever we see is our interpretation. We only live in our level of consciousness. This is why matters level is the illusion. It's a temporal level that has infinite versions depending upon the light we live through. We have the ability to experience matter from any level we can think. We're imprinting upon energy the level of matter we experience from our level of consciousness.

Every building block for life on earth lives in the universe. The sun is aligned perfectly for giving us elements to be alive. We have bodies existing of hydrogen and water at levels that beckon us to understand energy as life.

We also know oceans don't cover the entire planet because temperatures contain them. We've all been to the beach watching the beautiful waves crash in and out in a sequence. Marveling at trillions of gallons of water remaining in place, while other parts of the ocean roll in and out all day long.

Temperature is creating the ocean tides from Jupiter. The tide is little atoms in temperatures that live in direction of the atmospheric temperature and wind current coming from Jupiter's hydrogen gases. Which form holographic tunnels in our environment for keeping polar levels at temperatures that give every element in nature its atmosphere. Every atom on earth is regulating and communicating with levels off planet.

The moon plays a minuscule role in our world. God created everything contributing to earth through different elements which each planet gives. Jupiter is the planet for the earth's regulatory system.

It has liquid hydrogen creating hydrogen and carbon dioxide to give homage for trillions of little organisms to live happily on its outer ripple. Every level of Jupiter is existing for the regulatory system on earth. It's a planet with elements of life living in intelligence.

Our world is a juncture in a very big pool of consciousness existing for life to expand infinitely and eternally. We are a level in Heavens Love. Every human being is on their journey unraveling their Soul out of darkness into light slowly awakening to God.

We haven't been thinking about our existence as deeply and maturely as we should. God created life in consciousness giving us the ability to experience a world only in our perspective. This gives us the way to observe our consciousness and make choices that help us evolve into Love. Everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul.

Society is created out of human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in holographic light in decimals. This is creating the light we live through by taking levels of energy from our livingness. Every circumstance a human being can experience is created from the level of Love we're living as a collective. We're creating the world we live through. The collective consciousness is creating everything we have as life.


Society is an illusion. We created society to be the reality when we didn't know what matter was. We didn't understand energy or consciousness. It's acting as our human story to live through as we awaken to God. Society is the transitory level that gives us the way to carve our Soul becoming conscious of Love. We live society as reality because its what we've been taught. We don't live what Buddha, Hare Krishna, and Jesus taught. We're not trying to see beyond matter for what else is existing. We're only living believing every thought instead of having hypothesis in higher thought which sees more.

The veil of illusion only exists until we understand consciousness is all that is alive. God created humanity for living deeper in Him whether we know it yet or not. We have the ability to live through any level of matter we can think into being. Our world is energy with humanity imprinting upon energy matters level at our level of consciousness.

I've experienced an extremely malleable world with human beings only living as an energy that God could change in a blink of an eye. I've witnessed reality not having any permanency with the ability to change completely. Photosynthesis is giving every atom the light it lives in. The world is trillions upon trillions of tiny little molecules living in holographic light in decimals.

We've been conditioned to see matter at its level and live it from face value because we don't understand matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. When we made society reality we didn't have a way to live beyond that for knowing Heaven. Understanding creation is imperative for people to understand what being alive is and how to live in God's creation for experiencing the bigger miraculous world.

We are consciousness leaving self for light.  And our world is energy only existing in consciousness. As we live through society we develop Soul intelligence. As we shed the veils of illusion we open our world for living deeper in God.


There are many different races living alongside us. We're a species changing form for living in different levels of consciousness through matter. We have bodies changing cells constantly with bacteria crawling all over us. We don't see most of our world. We only see what we can hold at our level of consciousness. There are trillions and trillions of energy living in us and through us.

What is existing is incredibly representative of God's intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive and not ours. Our world is extremely quantum and severely advanced with other races helping us live in matter.

When we say God is the light all life is in. We want to go deeper and understand He lives in every atom. God and Heaven are levels of light that exist as energy in greater quantities than we can conceive. They're not living in a thought process as we are. They're the energy giving us the way to hear our thoughts.

Humanity is conscious energy living inside of Heaven which is the conscious space of God for experiencing matter. We're energy inside of other energy and matter is images in our Soul.

Most people can understand God is not in human consciousness because He created it. God is hundreds of billions of years alive. He created us in His likeness which He is dynamic energy and we're conscious energy. Matter is the extraordinaire gift God gave us. He created us to live eternally having the ability to consciously evolve living through matter from any one level of consciousness as we awaken to Him as Love.

Most people think of other races as living as bodies on other planets. Think of God and Conscious Energy because both are formless yet both can be of all form. There are many different levels of life that would challenge the greatest imaginations. Life doesn't need facial features in order to communicate because we live in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. And our world is energy.

We see the sun boiling and think no life can live there but we don't understand other races don't live in our light. Energy can live at any temperature and does for us to live in matter. It's not living in our light nor does it feel as we do. We live in human consciousness and our light is living in matter. Energy is part of the bigger world we're in. It's part of the fabric of our world giving us the way to live in matter.

There is no place we look that doesn't have living energy able to communicate. Every part of our world is alive including the air. Other races live in other light but can pay homage to humanity just as we can pay homage to them.

At this juncture, we haven't even been trying to understand God beyond religion. We've only been living society's level instead of understanding quantum living in holographic light. We took life for granted not questioning matter or society's level of consciousness for living enlightened.

Our atmosphere has many different races. Snow squid is a great example of another race with intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. Knowledge from experiencing other races is insurmountable. It's a gift for thinking beyond any level we presently do. Learning to place hypothesis beyond matter is the way. We want to live for expanding consciousness.

Everything we can experience is for evolution. Conscious evolution is the purpose of all races because it creates worlds to live through. Other races are opening higher dimensions in galaxy's we haven't even begun to know exist.

Every human being has the opportunity to experience what seems impossible and not conceivable. Living with greater life has been one of the extraordinaire experiences with God. If we're to understand the magnitude of life its through experiencing the enormity of our existence in God.

Conscious Energy is a race living in human consciousness. They're the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. When humanity was created the light of our world was in God for having everything in our consciousness already for living through. In order for us to live through our own perspective, we have to live in Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy gives us the world we think into being.

The more we understand life the more we gain maturity, substance, and greater hypothesis. God gives us everything we need for moving through matter to light. Living Christ consciousness opened my world for experiencing more races than any human being and they'll be more I'll greet. Our world is for living in higher levels of consciousness.

When we experience what is beyond any level we know existing we have deep questions about life's existence and that's good. The joy of living with God is letting Him show you His world by living Love at the level of Christ. Sometimes we don't understand but eventually, we realize there's a greater depth for seeing more maturely the magnitude of life. Other races provide an understanding of life existing beyond our level and show us how much more advanced life is.


God is profoundly living beyond any level we can fathom. While I don't see Him He changes my thinking, while I don't see Him He changes human beings right in front of me, while I don't see Him He changes my experiences completely. While I don't see Him, I see Him in everything. I can hear God and feel Him sometimes tapping on my head or moving swiftly through me. His voice can live in any resonance and sometimes its exactly as we would imagine in deep resonance.

Only God can change our thoughts and open our eyes and ears. The more we trust God and live through faith the greater we understand Him. We have the ability for experiencing a multitude of life in greater realms of our world when we live deep in God. Its almost as if a call goes out to the universe for opening every level of what wasn't for what is.

Living with God blesses us with experiencing a world we could never experience. Humanity has only seen one level of Jupiter not realizing the intricate level it holds. Our solar system is not able to live in any other light than for earth to exist. There is no other planet for galaxies that has our system. Though there are many other planets with our system and even more evolved systems for life. Our universe has billions of planets with other life in different levels of consciousness. We will never meet another human being because we're the only race in that light.

We are being born into an existing consciousness. Our consciousness is from human photosynthesis. We grow from embryos to adults never feeling any pain from our bones stretching or forming. Nor do we have anything to do with aging effortlessly from babies to seniors and out of the body. Our existence is moving forward in a higher intelligence without us doing anything. Consciousness is continuous and the body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off.

Through the three-dimensional world, we brought into being gravity and general relativity. If we would have understood energy, our lives would have understood everything was consciousness living in quantum molecules having holographic light in decimals a lot sooner.


Our minds live in greater light. Jesus knew what people around Him were thinking and what the high priest were thinking. He even knew His future. Heaven knows ours. I've experienced Heaven knowing years in advance what my life would be experiencing. We think in space-time but there is no space-time in Heaven.

Telepathy is a natural part of human consciousness. We already experience it except we live through our darkness instead of light. What we feel is energy living in everything we are conscious of. We have receptors in all matter. If we can feel someone on the highway wanting to get over without a blinker or communicating with them. We have the ability for greater experiences. Which most people live that experience all the time.

Everything we are conscious of is an image in our Soul. There is no matter existing outside of our consciousness. We've been conditioned to see other human beings as separate than us instead of knowing they only exist living through us. There is no place we begin or they end because everything is energy. The body is existing in consciousness.

Every human being has more ability than they've ever known. We made success live at matters level in what's transitory instead of with God. Our living in Heaven is for us to experience what is supernatural as part of life. Its to experience what the impossible is with more advanced life. People think biblical times ended thousands of years ago but biblical times never ended because God never goes away and nor does Heaven. Only human consciousness veers away.


We process energy for intelligence. It's imperative we acquire the highest level of energy we can which is Love. Love is the oldest and most powerful level of energy in existence because its God's energy. We want to live Love for having God's energy in ours.

When we made money a second God we shaped human consciousness earthly. Which created a thought system in lower energy. We've been living through lower mind or the little person instead of through the higher light in God.

We placed our self-identity at matters level making the body the person. Thinking who we are is the body instead of the conscious energy inside of the body. We live in a life continuum having billions of different bodies so which one is self? None of them. We're beyond the body living as Love. Every life is giving us the way to carve our Soul into higher light. We're Love just like God.

When Jesus said, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of an needle.” It was said because consciously if we live at matters level we have no light in God that lives Heaven. We get the temporal part of life creating a life continuum in darkness. Consciousness is all that is alive and we have to build our Soul on rock instead of sand. Which means build through the light in Christ in Love instead of through the illusion in false idols.

Living God first was a necessity for intelligence. Every thought we have draws on energy. Keeping God first keeps our energy in higher light. Which means we can see more, change perspective, know more and relate to a greater part of our world instead of only in the circumstances of the mortal world.

We want to give our thinking the energy to live at the highest level we can. The thought system of matter lives in fear living through ego, satan, and the little person. The thought system of Heaven is Love which creates our thinking through God, Spirit, and energy. We understand the Soul and the higher light life is in.

When Jesus spoke about Spirit it was giving us the way to know about energy. No one can live outside of what they think. Herein lies the sinister level of darkness. Those in darkness don't know they're in darkness until the light comes in. The human mind processes in one level. Where we focus we develop consciousness. Once we weaved our thought system at matters level we could only identify reality through that same level. There wasn't a way for us to see beyond it until we had greater light for hypothesis outside of it.

Matters level keeps us chasing the empty bowl for happiness because we place meaning erroneously not understanding thought. Living with God guides our thinking to higher energy for living through light. Scripture was giving us the way to keep our thought process out of the darkness and into light. As did Jesus. When we live Love we stay in prayer energy.

In order to control what we feel, we have to control how we think. And in order to control our thoughts, we must control the level of energy thoughts emerge out of. Here in lies why Love gives us light. Heaven travels on the road we think from. We want to live miracle-minded with open vessels.

Consciousness alluded us from understanding our journey in life. No one realizes they're only living in their perspective until it's pointed out. Then we still don't comprehend there is only one of us here with God.

We've been conditioned to live in the illusion because we didn't understand what God created. We took everything for granted without questioning anything beyond what society was giving.

Most people praise God when they've increased in material or money not realizing the gift God gives is beyond matter and is eternal through light. It's easy to make money Gods level and to make matter Gods level but that's the devils level and it becomes the reward. What God is giving us is Him. When we pray to God or have a blessing the light within opens for feeling a higher level of light for living through. The light we feel is God and is living within us for experiencing.

Living with God beyond matter is the light in our Soul for living Heaven. We want to understand society's level is the illusion keeping us paying homage to material and money instead of our divine light within.

There is a profound level in our existence that has a blank spot which we filled in with the devils level because we had no clue how matter was existing. Which kept us forever seeing but never seeing and listening but never hearing.

God can only travel on the road we think because we live in free will. He can't live outside of how we think. Our ability to expand our light is the crux for having the way to live Heaven while here on earth.

I remember when God was a name I couldn't stand to hear and people would speak about having Jesus Christ as your savior. That it would keep you out of hell. I never understood it until all of this happened. If we don't live knowing who God is how can we shape our consciousness for light? We can't. If we don't live understanding Love how do we live shaping consciousness in light? We don't. If we don't live in a thought system paying homage to Jesus Christ as our Savior how are we ever saved from experiencing the devils level in consciousness? We're not.

We literally have no way for experiencing Heaven if we carve our Soul in darkness instead of light. We can only receive what we can conceive. Which means how we think is the only road God will travel on. If we deny God's existence our thought process deflects the light. If we choose false idols and money over Love our thought process deflects the light. If we live society's level instead of God then we create our life continuum in darkness.

Humanity has to lose reality for living in God. Jesus once said, “He that find his life, shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake, shall find it. (GNV Matthew 10:39) Humanity has to unravel our thought system for awakening to higher levels of consciousness. We have to leave the mortal world level for living in Heaven. Consciousness is an amazing light that can take us into any realm we can bring into being. Love is the only energy that gives us the pathway to higher levels of consciousness.

Miracles are a natural part of our lives. Living with God, Angels and celestial races is life. Everything else is the way to life. We are living through everything other than Love to Love. Thousands of years ago Kings relied on sages and prophets who lived closer to God. Life interacted with Heaven as a natural part of life. Over the years we've lost our divinity to money and material.

In Mathew Jesus asked the blind men if they believed so He could heal them. Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Our thought system is only existing according to our faith. We can't experience a world beyond the one we think. We want to have faith like Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist. Keeping God above all things. If we don't live Him as reality we can't live that as our reward.

We've been fitting God into our lives at society's level and now its time to live Him beyond society's level. Living more in conversation with Him than listening to our self chatter is the way. We must pause our narrative to hear His level.

Living for light is the only way we come to understand our existence and why we're born. Outside of society is Heaven and only through our minds do we open the divine world in waiting.

May this writing bless humanity for living Christ consciousness through society to Heaven.