Christ Enlightenment

Christ Enlightenment

Seeing Others as Self for Christ Enlightened Living. 

God is giving us the way to live beyond any level we know as life. His light goes beyond this one experience and His Love lives in us for doing the same. When God told us not to make money a second God He knew what He had created as life. We didn't and the consequence of not listening has made human consciousness dark.  

We've been living in lower mind with God. Our knowing God has only been through religion at one level of consciousness. Most people believe if they worship God and have Bible study, practices, and protocols they live deep in God. We haven't begun to understand what reality is or how God is existing. Without our knowing consciousness is living in matter no one had the light for knowing God's existence. 

Our knowing God treats Him like a third person instead of knowing Him deeper hearing Him out of thin air teaching about Himself.  We don't live for consciously evolving deeper in God because religion doesn't know God to live Him as reality. Most people have no idea what the difference between society as reality and God as reality is. 

The difference is society is the backdrop for living deeper in God and the illusion. God as reality is literally living with Him teaching about Himself and the reality of life opens to only one of us here with God.  Religion never lived with God teaching about Himself. It was shaped by people who tried to spread the word and have authority over it. The disciplines were the only ones at that time to live God as reality with Jesus. After Jesus rose from the cross the disciples had the challenge of teaching what they knew to a society that only knew money as a second God. 

Society was deep in the devil and religion had crucified Jesus. Religion had no idea who God was then and still doesn't today. If people understood God is alive they should live with Him teaching about Himself. Never would life had questioned God's existence if religion knew God deeper. What religion became is the epitome of the high priest two thousand years ago who had no idea the Messiah was right in front of them. 

God gave us the way to know He was alive and with us. We're the only ones shaping a thought system to matters level trapping ourselves in darkness with society as reality instead of living God first. Most people thought living with God was a religious level and now humanity learns it was never a religious level because God was never in religion. He is the blueprint to life and created everything in existence whether we knew Him or not. 

Keeping God first is because we live in consciousness and can't live with two masters. We either make money a second God or live with God. The thought system needed light for intelligence and without our consciously evolving deeper in God we shaped human consciousness in darker earthly energy. 

Humanity has never understood creation and hasn't understood what being alive is. Without our having light we made the temporal level of life the permanent level of living. Society is the backdrop in life that only serves as the story for living through. Its the temporal part of life. Consciousness is the eternal level in life. Our living for God keeps our light in Him for opening the world beyond this one story. He gave us the way to live Heaven's level and in the bigger part of our existence. 

We made life the lower level which never lives knowing God teaching about Himself. It only lives money as a second God with our living in bible study, practices, and protocols. The world never becomes God living in Heaven while here on earth. For many people hearing God out of thin air reminds them of biblical days with Moses hearing God from the burning bush or Abraham hearing Him from thin air. Our world was given the way to live with God and we made it a religious level instead of our birth knowing.

When we made it a separate level in life we stole from God our light in Him. Our knowing God has been based upon human interpretation with human beings deciding what people should believe in God. Religion never lived a day in God beyond the devil's level and became the institution that dictates to humanity who God is when no one in religion has ever lived with God teaching about Himself. Our version of living with God is the devils because no one lives with God teaching about Himself. 

Heaven has no place in human life because humanity has no idea how the world is existing and what Heaven is. We think its a place we go when we leave the body instead of knowing our entire existence is in it. Having knowledge for what being alive is and who God is was imperative for human consciousness to shape itself in the light instead of darkness. When religion made itself the authority of knowing God without knowing Him, it made created humanity to never live beyond it to God. No one lives beyond religion to live deeper in God to then turn around and teach religion about God. Humanity only knows God in religion which doesn't know Him at all.  

This was the way of the world two thousand years ago and is still the level of religion today. Parishioners have no idea what creation is or who God is because they only know what religion lives which is the devil's level of living with God because no one is living with God teaching about Himself and everyone is living society as reality with no idea what God as reality means. 

Now God is giving what is needed to live with Him deeper than we ever have for correcting human consciousness out of the darkness. 

There's a reason no one in religion has ever held a conversation with God at Heaven's level. No one who would can live society as reality and they live with God placing them in Christ enlightenment. When Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago religion had no idea who God was and nothing since then has changed. We only made living deeper in the devil our reality because we live in lower mind with money as a second God. 

Satan is the level of human consciousness because the energy we process is darker earthly energy only living at matters level.  We're not living with God teaching about Himself.  We satisfy religion with our thought system living society as reality instead of God as reality. No one in two thousand years has lived with God teaching about Himself until now. We've only lived in practices and protocols without realizing consciousness had to change for living God as reality. 

No one knows creation and that keeps people who Love God from living deeper with Him.  We learn to only live society as reality instead of knowing society isn't reality its the temporary cardholder for living through to God. Society is the story that changes in every life. It's only serving for giving us the way to carve our Soul to higher consciousness. No one understood what reality was and didn't give to God what was needed for living with Him profoundly. 

We never questioned reality or what society was because our present level of consciousness is in lower mind and not having light for deeper knowing. Society is the illusion only acting as the backdrop for living deeper in God. We always knew people needed to lose their lives to gain them in God. We just didn't understand it was a literal process that takes us from society as reality to God as reality. 

Consciousness is all that is alive. Our world is energy and everything we see exist differently than how we see it.  Its energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.  Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Science knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave but they didn't know how that wave was existing in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). Quantum entanglement is a good way of realizing matter existing through self-organizing energy.  Light is living in temperature for matter to exist in human consciousness. 

The world is living as intelligence. God being of no form and of all form should have taught us our world was energy. We didn't grasp it because science shaped the three-dimensional theory from not understanding the quantum world with intelligence.

God is keeping measure for every atom to live in human consciousness for assigning the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. No one is living outside of their level of consciousness as life. We experience our thoughts as living. 

What we created out of the three-dimensional has no way of understanding space or time. No one within matters level can understand the world and the potential it carries through light. Dark matter is the sum of everything and nothing. What is living is possibility for what is conceived within the process of consciously evolving.

No one tries to understand what was nothing could have been anything with greater space but because of the three-dimensional theory humanity shaped human consciousness without a way to see or think outside of that. We now have to live through it.

Trying to conceive the theory of everything from matters level challenges because it doesn't equate to something being fed at this little person level of consciousness. Which has no bearings in light and can't understand even what living in our own narrative constitutes in life. Who doesn't understand the magnitude of human beings only experiencing a world in their narrative doesn't grasp why there's only one of us here with God. It's imperative science live for enlightenment for knowing a world in light. 

Human beings are living through energy with images in their Soul. No one lives outside of their thoughts. The experience of being alive is knowing we only live in our narrative. Humanity has been living backward in such darkness the very people who study cognitive behavior and consciousness had no idea they were only living in their narrative. How human beings quantify information and what is credible is bogus. 

The human mind hasn't begun to understand life because no one understood creation. Without understanding we're only living in our narrative we have no conceptualizing ability to comprehend the magnitude of the world we're in and how advanced it is. People studying inter light in brain activity need to know what being alive is before they assume what matter is doing in the brain. No one can understand Heaven's level in life if they only live the little person's backward reality. 

God created the way for us to live with Him. He gave us the way to awaken through observing our thoughts in matter for consciously evolving deeper in Him. Our living in our narrative makes the world only our story. This provides the way to eventually evolve for observing our consciousness in matter. 

With God, we learn how to move through matter living deeper in Him for understanding creation and what being alive is. Most people will live their entire lives not knowing they only lived in their narrative as life. Humanity hasn't lived for enlightenment for having God teach about life. 


Science never understood what thinking was or how consciousness was coming into the embryo. Our version of life is that the body is living when what is living is consciousness. We're aging effortlessly without any say but don't contemplate that we're living in something. To age in a process that takes us out of the body is a controlled existence that already has a plan beyond any we're knowing. We haven't given being alive much credence because it makes living become something very different than our idle concept at matters level. 

Having the ability for consciousness to increase with intelligence was the light humanity should have shaped existing from. Our version of living is tiny compared to God's.  Our only premise for life is being successful with money at some level that tells us we've done well. It's based upon matters level and not the divine light within.  No one is living for enlightenment and we're not understanding the level of Heaven on earth.

Our idea of life is never opening celestial light with God. Its adding God to society. We don't live deeper in His level of light we only stay in ours calling on Him as living with Him. The mind wants to live deeper with God as reality for understanding His level in life is far beyond any we're living. Having greater intelligence is imperative. 

Having life's meaning with the idea of fame and wealth as part of it doesn't serve our divine light within. We're on a planet in space with the sun ninety-three million miles giving us the elements for life and we don't think beyond matters level. This is because we made matters level with materialism as our reward and it shaped the filter we live through in earthly darker energy than if we lived God first above all things. 

God created human consciousness to live through matter increasing energy for consciously evolving and awakening to light. 

Consciousness is Heaven. We have ample opportunity for increasing energy for processing in consciousness more light. We live today not even trying to live in higher consciousness because human beings never understood what life was. We come into a world already existing and try to live successfully not knowing we're living to go beyond it. 

Living with God is the only light we should be living because through God we have the way to understand what He created and how to maximize our livingness.  If we just go along with society we end up in the backward box never getting beyond it. 


God is the level of everything in existence. He's living hundreds of billions of years alive. God never does anything small. Change for Him is life at every corner changing. God created human consciousness and doesn't exist in the same light. He created us in His likeness which we are conscious energy. God is consciousness and is the energy in every atom's nucleus giving us the way to live in matter. 


Matter is the gift God gave humanity. He created the way for energy to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. No one understood the journey of awakening until these writings. We take our level of thinking for granted and think we know life not realizing beyond this veil is more life. What we've been living is one tiny story that can't go beyond itself until we live for higher consciousness. 

We don't have any cognitive pressure for seeing beyond what the world shows. That journey comes through trials and tribulations that usually have suffering for seeing more than we ever knew was in life. People haven't understood how life is moving forward is for a process of cognitive understanding with the level of matter changing for every life age. When we are ten the world lives differently and when we are twenty the world lives differently and when we are fifty the world lives differently. 

It's an amazing reality change that goes unnoticed by us. The magnitude of the world living in another light with people in that change is the knowing of life beyond matters level. The light of the entire world having the ability to morph in thought is knowing the word is energy. 

The worlds light changes at each major age and our cognitive ability becomes more progressed for being conscious of thought in matter.  Our living in a process for awakening is one level of our existence trying to help us understand God is with us. 

We didn't comprehend the magnitude of consciousness because we're not conscious of life. The aging process changes reality dramatically but has been overlooked by science.

Reality is thinking in a light that either lives darker or higher. What exists in the world is hundreds of billions of years alive and what we live isn't seeing the rest of the world.

Our journey changes the world many times over as we age. It's a seamless light change as we move through matter for higher light. This knowledge has no capability from human consciousness. God is giving humanity the way to see what we haven't seen. 


Human beings are not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. What is alive is consciousness. The light of being human is living as conscious energy. God is energy and He created us in His likeness as conscious energy. 

No one knows the truth of what we look like because we'ree raised with our own kind. We could look like pink elephants and not know it. Human consciousness can't live outside of itself unless we consciously evolve to higher consciousness. Without consciously evolving we have no way to know what's normal or not normal (which is relative), working or not working at major levels. No one knows the world better than those that transcend it to higher consciousness. 

God tells us the word created the world means consciousness is all that is alive.


God knew we had two choices in consciousness either living in dark or light. When God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge He knew they had no idea about life in consciousness. When God told us not to make money a second God He knew we had no idea about life in consciousness. 

God knew if we made money a second God we would fall to lower earthly energy and shape human consciousness in matter. Our light would live in darker energy and this would shape our thought system in lower mind.  If we lived with God first we could shape human consciousness in light always living with Him teaching about life. We made the wrong choice.

When Jesus taught us how to live deeper in God we had already made money a second God. Religion was telling everyone it knew God when it didn't have a clue who God was. Jesus tried to teach the highest levels of religion it didn't know His Father. They couldn't handle it because they were already living with power and status they didn't want to lose. Jesus gave to humanity everything we needed for living God as reality. We're the ones that didn't get it because religion made itself the authority of God without knowing His light in life. 

Human beings come into the world already existing and never learn to question it. We idly go along with what is here and have no idea what we're in or what we're to do. We live in passed down consciousness that never lives a day with God out of the devil's level because humanity made money a second God. Reality was weaved in materialism and consumerism. No one understood light or energy as life. We took life at face value not knowing what we didn't see was more alive than what we did see. 

Life is 360% away from God. When we fell to lower earthly energy we shaped reality in what would never live with God teaching about Himself. We had no way to understand consciousness and how it was living as life or even what it meant. 


Jesus gave us the Trinity for having the way to understand our living with God as Love. Mathew 16:13-19 is one of the most profound passages because its the first-time Jesus is seeing God move through a human being.  When Jesus asked, ” Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” The disciples gave various answers. When He asks Simon Peter ” Who do you think I am?” Simon Peter answers “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” 

Jesus then declares, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Jesus isn't speaking about a brick church. He's talking about building the Father in us.  He's telling us He realized God moving in Peter and sees God moving in human beings for the first time and not of being of Heaven as He is. “On this rock,” speaks to the deepest knowing in Peter that revealed not through flesh and blood but through God who the Messiah was. God gave Peter the eyes to see Jesus. “Blessed are you” is said because Jesus knows God is moving in Peter. He knows instantly the light in Peter can live in anyone and because God is willing to move in people the church of living deeper in God will be built on that alone.

 God gave us the way for living with the Holy Spirit and the Triunity for living Him as reality. They give us the light upon our consciousness for living outside of matters level.  God doesn't live as we do with bodies.  He's of everything and is light. Our knowing Him is from having depth in Him through faith and trust. Practices and protocols don't live acquiring deeper light in God because we need to experience what challenges us to the bone with faith over and over again. 

The human thought system will not live outside of itself until we replace it with more than it has. When Jesus gave us the Trinity He placed the light for keeping God as reality. That depth of knowing He is with us was meant for us to live with Him teaching about Himself and not some institution that has no idea who God is.  Our journey in God goes beyond society's little person version for living Christ enlightenment. 

We want to experience God and not just learn about Him. Nothing we live can keep us away from God because we're a light in Him but our thoughts discern our journey and depth for knowing Him. Nothing in human consciousness can keep God away from us because Jesus gave to us the Trinity. We're always solidifying our light in God with every thought. Carving our Soul in God is the journey of faith. Spirit is living greater than we're aware of and Heaven speaks through a deeper level in us. What is not seen has more power than what is seen. 

If we live society as reality we live earthly in lower mind and don't have light for knowing Heaven beyond it. Most people think Heaven is a place we go instead of our light in life. Jesus gave us the way to live knowing God as our Father. When Jesus told us, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of  a needle.” It was said because we can't shape our thought system in two places. 

Our home is with God and our story is foreign. We made life live as the story instead of living God as reality. Life lives where we place our focus. If our focus is on being something in soceity we shape reality to matter and no one is being born knowing that. Our duty is to awaken to what creation is and begin a new era teaching children what being alive is and how the world is existing. Otherwise, it's a pointless plight for human beings having no way to understand the world they're in. When we make money the second God we shape reality through matter instead of light. We want to know God is with us and live for having Him teach about Himself.


Eleven years ago I was happily living in Beverly Hills when I discovered an organization monitoring me in my home. Subsequently, they began destroying my life. I went from making a six-figure income to living below poverty.  During this, I made the choice to live Love because I didn't want to live at their level of energy fighting back having to hold more anger than Love. I didn't know why we had to attack back for solving things. The choice to live Love believing there had to be greater potential in life was made. Love was only light I lived. I never attacked back or defended myself and even though I did nothing they pursued me and continued destroying my life for four years. 

After moving around Los Angeles to keep a roof over my head I found an apartment that had been used for storage. Shortly after moving in energy began flying around the apartment. It was coming out of the walls, floor, and ceiling. The energy would be in shapes of orbs, creatures, and beautiful light. After months of recording the energy flying around my apartment, I recorded a voice. Then I began recording many voices that started speaking about God and humanity. One day Heaven started speaking directly to me using my name and telling me they could hear my thoughts and wanted to help me. 

I didn't have a way to understand what was happening but I knew life was beyond what I thought possible. God hadn't been in my vocabulary. He wasn't even in my life as something good. I didn't care to know Him. I was living more atheist at the time even though as a child I had been baptized Catholic.  When I would hear someone mention God's name I would quietly in my mind replace it with the word universe. 

As human beings learn of my living in Heaven with God my light will also live changing for people to feel Heaven. It will feel as if they are with an Angel. What is being felt is light that's similar to being with someone famous except its sacred energy living beyond any level humanity has known.

My life changed quickly as Heaven was opening my light for living deeper in God. I had already been living Christ consciousness for four years without knowing and soon God was teaching me to live Christ enlightenment.

God saved me from the devil and has given me the light for teaching the word how to live with Hm deeper. I've been living in Heaven for almost eight years. 


God gave everything about creation to humanity. We fell to material having a reward and didn't keep our Spirit strengthening in God.  The thought process leaving society as reality for living God as reality is the process of having our thought system change light. Almost similar to reality changing from a ten-year-old to a fifty-five-year-old. Except we have more life with us and we understand the bigger world. Our light in God has many levels to live at any one level of consciousness and each one opens more of what is living with us with a higher reality of life. 

Matter is existing in human photosynthesis with self-organizing energy in decimals in holographic light. Intelligent energy in the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions is shaping the world. What we see our images in our Soul only living in our narrative. The world is our personal world because it only lives in our narrative. 


God gave us the way to live with Him by creating the experience of life only at our level of consciousness. When we listen to people we only hear them from our narrative. When we watch people on TV or hear someone in the park they only live in our light through our narrative.  Our perspective is our interpreting life. Everything only exists in our mind.

We never ask ourselves why we're thinking about what we are. We assume because its a thought its valid. Understanding consciousness is realizing what thought is and isn't. We are not our thoughts but they will the only level we live as life. People must question why they think as they do because the entire world only lives in their narrative. 

No one lives outside of what they think as life. What we think determines the world and how we change our thinking determines the world. We have the choice to change how we think and by doing it we change the experience of life. People can live their entire lives not knowing what we think is all we live through. Living only in our narrative is for having the world reflect our Soul. It's giving us a way to observe our thinking in real-time. We experience everything we think. When we change how we think, we change the world we experience.

Learning to live for Love is what changes the light in consciousness. The more Love we become the more loving life becomes. Heavenly living is by shaping our thought system deeper in God instead of living matters level which is the teacher in life. 

The world is energy and matters level is the illusory level only existing at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. People think what is in front of us is real only because we can't see beyond it. As we live for enlightenment we lose the veil because it tethers and changes just like when reality changes from a ten-year-old to twenty years old. The light in matter raises in God. Hearing God is what every human being is living for because when He teaches about life our journey goes from living society as reality with billions of people outside of us. To only one of us here with God knowing the world is energy and a story for living through to Him. 

People never visit enlightenment because the devil makes being something at society's level enticing. The face value status has meant more to us than God. As people realize I'm with God they will learn other races are a natural part of our existence. When we consciously evolve we open the celestial light in life that lives with a plethora of celestial races. 

We see furniture, buildings, people, and oceans but what is here is subatomic particles living in the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions. Our holographic universe gives us worlds beyond any level of the one we're in for knowing deeper light in God. Nothing we think is living is. There's more beyond our thoughts living with us. 

There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Only hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in decimals in holographic light.


Quantum entanglement is a good way of understanding human photosynthesis because no cars drive out of our ears. The world images within our Soul from Heaven. Consciousness is coming into us from Heaven. The Soul gives Spirit the way to live in matter in every life. The Soul is living and is consciousness that's Love.

We don't walk around with buildings rising out of the top of our heads.  We're living in quantum entanglement with objects including our body only living in consciousness. We're seeing matter exactly as we think but it doesn't live as we see. Perception is consciousness happily in another realm of the world seamlessly living through light. 

We perceive matter outside of us but its only living through us. What we think of life is the story in human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is giving us the story only at our level of consciousness. Nothing we live ever exist outside of what we think. The experience of being alive is personalized only for our level of consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Our light in God provides every atom with energy for experiencing exactly what we think as life. We're experiencing only one level of consciousness out of an infinite in matter.  Quantum entanglement is through Conscious Energy. Nothing we do or think is alone. We have other quantum races of intelligence weaving through our light as part of our consciousness. They're giving us the way to live in matter. 

What we see is in human photosynthesis. The world lives very real. If we fall we might scrape our knee and it may bleed. But its only one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Matter is the illusion and temporal experience in life. It's slowly building our Soul in God. The world acts as the curriculum and teacher. 

What we think we see is all we get but there's more living beyond what we can think. 

Living for Christ enlightenment gives us the way to hold principality in God. This gives more of His energy in our light for processing in consciousness. Conscious Energy is the level with trillions and trillions of energy shaping matter out of temperature for giving human beings matter exactly as we think it. Conscious Energy can communicate when we live in Heaven's level. They are the light of Heaven while here on earth with God's Angels placing our path in God. 

Everything we see is living energy including the space between furniture and in the atmosphere. Everything is alive with Conscious Energy. 


God taught me about Conscious Energy and human photosynthesis by having me experience the bigger level of life we live with. Also by teaching me what being alive is I learned how consciousness is a bigger pool of consciousness weaving within our light.  The bigger level of intelligence is quantified as other races because they each have their own light and level of consciousness. The world is energy weaving through each other as different races of intelligence for complimenting each other perfectly for human consciousness to exist in matter.

Similar to the world in matter is the world of energy. On earth, we see what is in the sky and earth live with each other Sympatico of living in consciousness. On a deeper level, our consciousness was shaped from higher levels of intelligence making the light able to live in matter. We're happily living with more races than we ever fathomed as our beingness.

Consciousness is living hundreds of billions of years alive and energy has been the only level living until human consciousness in matter. 

During the greeting of other races in our light, I met Snow Squid.  Snow Squid is another race in our atmosphere helping to shape the world we live in. (watch a video of Snow Squid) Never do other races appear as we think. We hold a very young perspective that never understood God is of no form and of all form. People placed images in human consciousness discerning God as a man and angels as human beings with wings. Our perspective of life hasn't lived understanding energy and the magnitude of what other races are and aren't. 

People want to find other life when they haven't even understood what being alive is or the level of other races living within our consciousness and light as part of our existence. Having depth, substance, and maturity is a mandatory level for human beings. Flying off the seat of our pants while thinking we know life hasn't served knowing anything but a tiny illusion that didn't have the level of being conscious to even know we only lived in our narrative.

The human story up until this point has been the people seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing.  Other races are living quantumly smaller than quarks and in decimals in holographic light. Energy is another level of life beyond any level we're conceiving.

Other races don't live with facial features or bodies. God doesn't, Angels don't and celestial races don't.  Nothing science has sought about other races makes any sense because we look off-planet for what is on the planet and we think other life is having to need elements we do for life. Which isn't having a magnitude for knowing other races have nothing to do with us. Other races don't need what human beings do. God doesn't need oxygen and neither do they. Other races can live in the most hostile environments for us but it will be heavenly for them. 

Our livingness is through sheets of energy in higher intelligence. 

God shaped human consciousness from other levels of light for living conscious. Science didn't comprehend the magnitude of the atom living with infinite impressions because we never understood how thinking lived in matter. We learn it's only in our narrative living in human photosynthesis.  

Without being conscious of living only in our narrative we have no conscionable ability for putting the pieces together for matters existence or God's. 

Gravity never lived in anything other than human darkness. It doesn't exist and having the way to work within a light making it be something railroaded what is existing in light. People thought the horse and buggy were the epitomai of travel until the motor engine was realized. Never does life exist as we think it does. Gravity is the level of knowing nothing because it has no principality in energy which is the only level life is in. 

We haven't ever understood matters existing as consciousness until now. Everything ever brought into being that has its light at matters level is the dark. General relativity didn't grasp resonance. If the universe was deciding the fate of the atom the world would be ripped apart. God is keeping measure of the atom for human consciousness to assign the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. Nothing in this world randomly living. Nothing lives as a mathematical resident.

The algorithm science wants to know hasn't been realized because the magnitude of consciousness has been oblivious as the theory of everything. People want an equation that tells them what they see is as it is. When the world is living as an illusion temporally existing for one brief moment.

The theory of everything is consciousness living in human photosynthesis.

Nothing living is equal to the sum of zero defining the one without the one ever knowing the zero. Nothing can equal the one that becomes the zero without knowing the zero lives as the one. People discount life because they need something in front of them spelling something out that they can process as real. This is the little person not understanding the magnitude of consciousness and what is possible is living more than what is being called factual. 

The factual equation is the dark moment fleeting for hypothesis beyond itself for the new veil of illusion to live through. The light we believe is reality is one small escape within our mind's journey living into deeper light in God. Nothing of this world ever lives again when we leave. Nothing exists outside of this one level of consciousness until we enter the new light within our Soul. 

The theory of everything is magnificently placed in human consciousness for teaching science it had better live for enlightenment because it's not giving to human consciousness the level it should. What we bring into being with technology hasn't come close to the ability of the technology. We're missing what is there because we can't see more. 

We think humanity is advanced with satellites, heart transplants, and microwaves but the only problem with human consciousness living advanced is the greatest requirement is not being animal which we are. We're not equating life to any depth within what lives happy in God. 

We stay at matters level and don't live for resonance in higher intelligence. Our technology doesn't serve at the level it could because we're not mindfully living in bigger space for it to exist larger than it does. Our aptitude for equations makes science fall into darkness placating to what ios passed down instead of ingenuity for what doesn't exist. 

If science doesn't understand consciousness it can't have the hypothesis because the world will smother it for only experiencing what is factual from passed down levels of consciousness that never knew we only live in our narrative. There is learning for science that only derives from depth in life and not from what is at face value. Depth in life is through substance and substance comes from deeper living for enlightenment.  

Consciousness is very intricate and powerful beyond what we're surmising. We haven't grasped what power we have because we doubted the divine light within. 



God is giving us everything there is for living with Him but we haven't understood consciousness for knowing why that was a requisite in life.

His energy is Love and it blesses us with more intelligence in our light for processing in matter. Energy is intelligent light blending with our present level of light. Hundreds of trillions and trillions of quantum levels are living within our light for knowing more of our world. Living for enlightenment is a natural level of living in consciousness

What we can experience as life is determined by what we can think is life. Having a thought system in God gives us the energy for processing greater light. Increasing Soul intelligence is the way for living Christ enlightened.

We live from an embryo to an adult with other races of intelligence increasing in our light helping other levels of energy expand our cells.  Higher intelligence increases the organs and tissue to grow. The body is living as consciousness with hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of quantum intelligence moving in our light blended in our consciousness. 

Only through God's energy, we have the intelligence for being conscious of life. How conscious of life we become is based upon our Love. Living Christ enlightened lives for being Love.  Love is the deciding light in consciousness with God's energy in our light. The deeper in God we live the deeper our knowing Heaven. Heaven's level in life is all there is with human consciousness shaping its story to God.


Living to hear God is through our thought system changing and our ears opening at higher levels in Him. God is always trying to have us make choices for knowing Him above all things so we live understanding Him. He's working through our reality and level of thinking for evolving our light higher in Him.

When we hear God out of thin air reality instantly changes because there's no way to place it as being possible in life. It's a riveting experience that shatters everything we ever thought about living.  No one will ever hear His voice out of thin air and go about life living society s reality.  

We only surmise hearing God through lower earthly energy. Its the process of living at one level of consciousness and only receiving what is on that level. When we live with God teaching about Himself the little person version has been transcended for living Christ consciousness. We're in a curriculum having tests like Abraham did with God for deepening our faith in Him. Having faith isn't a walk for tea and tripping but not falling. Its actually going over the edge and within inches of the ground being saved. 

Living with God challenges everything we ever knew as life, feared, and never wanted to live. Through what we shape He breaks for light. Life with God is living through everything other than Love to Love. He's freeing our Soul for knowing Him. The higher light in consciousness we have the more with Him we live. 

The tests are for hearing Him over society's reality. Our faith in God travels deeper than we know living through a world that only knew the devil's level until God gave us ears to hear with.  When we choose to live for Christ consciousness everything we know as life flips upside down for shaking satan out of us. We're living through the devil in human consciousness to light.  


Life with God is outside of our comfort zone and what we think we know and don't know. Our thought system hasn't lived knowing Truth or ultimate reality. Our story is the only level we have known as life when reality is shattered what is beyond it is marveling in happiness. 

We've lived in a thought system with mazes of thinking we've run down trillions of times. Our mazes have given us our go-to places, riffs, and concrete ideas of what life is. We've never lived beyond them. We're only strengthening the mazes as reality unless we live for enlightenment. When we live for enlightenment were living to shatter the mazes for what is beyond them. 

We've never lived outside of that maze. God is only living to get us outside of it. And when that process begins our world is ripped apart and our idea of good, bad, sensible, logical, rational, and possible all changes. We learn our idea of life was nowhere close to what was here and living.  God's version of life is greater than ours and His knowing us is greater than anything we know about ourselves. 

As we lose our lives to gain them in God the purpose in life changes dramatically from living to be something in society to only knowing we are Love.  


Humanity shaped human consciousness for only knowing one tiny maze of reality. Everything we think is life hasn't been close to what is here or what reality is. We're not living to go beyond what we think is life because we're only living to be comfortable in what is living. No one wants to break new ground for having a whole other existence that society doesn't want until they learn what it is. Until then everyone only lives for fitting into society and being something that others see as successful. Nothing the Bible ever told was about that. 

It was living beyond society with God experiencing Him beyond everyone else's rendition of Him. It was living beyond religion because religion didn't know God. The premise of Moses going to the Pharoah ten times to free the Israelites is teaching for knowing our reality will keep us tightly wrapped in the devil's version of life if we don't live with greater faith in God for doing what everyone thinks is impossible. Moses strengthened his reality in God through faith every time he had to march back to the Pharoah telling him to free my people. If Moses wouldn't have lived deepening His light in God he never would have lived the faith for parting the Red Sea. 

Humanity never understood our light in God needed to increase and living for Christ consciousness was the way. When we made money a second God we made our thought system create a maze in lower earthly energy. We're only knowing life from eyes that see through darker energy. 

We identify life at matters level instead of knowing God as reality. When we made material the reward we began only identifying life at matters level. We thought our senses told us how the world lived. 

No one knew when God told us not to make money a second God there was a consequence. The consequence was darkness. God knew He created human consciousness in free will and that we would either live in darkness or light. Jesus gave us the way to stay in light but we denied Him because we stayed living religion as knowing God when Jesus made it a very powerful teaching for us not to do. 

No one can live outside of their consciousness we have to live through it. If we're not living for having God teach about Himself we're shaping our light in the devil. We made materialism and wealth life. This shaped reality and consciousness at matters level. It's why science only held a  three-dimensional theory as life instead of knowing energy. The thought system in lower earthly energy covered our eyes. 

We've been living in linear consciousness for thousands of years. Never going higher in God only living horizontally expanding out of money and materialism as life. We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then we lived for a billion dollars and now people live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness. 

We once lived with sticks and stones and now we live for sophisticated weaponry. We're increasing in weapons because we live in linear consciousness. Living with answers that go beyond needing weapons is having greater light in God. 

We're expanding money as life not having any clue about consciousness or the severity of the consequence. Nothing we shaped as life is consciously evolving in God. Human beings have no way to get out of this tiny little reality because we're stuck in the maze not increasing light in God. Without living outside of lower earthly energy we don't process higher light in God through our consciousness. It's like being stuck on level D and never getting out of it. Even though there are infinite other levels to live. 

Human beings have also made what being human is matters level too. People think the self is based upon the name, car, hairstyle, brand of clothes, square footage, job title, and bank account. We have no idea of our power because we don't understand what being alive is. The body is like a suit clothes we put on and take off in every life. It's the temporal vessel for living through this one level of consciousness in matter. 


Self doesn't exist. We live for eternity through different bodies becoming Love.  Self is the transitory level of the mortal world. It's temporal. Our idea of self gives us the story for living through the human experience. No one thinks about God living thousands of years ago and with us today. He lives beyond all levels of consciousness just as we live beyond the body. Human beings are consciousness and not the temporal vessel/host. 

Matter is temporal and consciousness is eternal.

We're Love and can never be the body in the temporal experience because we live beyond this one experience. Matter will come and go but our Soul will live wiser with light shaping our story in matter more brilliantly as we live deeper in God. 

When God gave us the way to live with Him teaching about our light it was for the journey of knowing what lives enlightened beyond society's version of life. We're never bound to its level of consciousness because we only live in our narrative. Living with only one of us here with God gives us the way to go beyond everything we think as life. 

The present level of human consciousness is deep in darkness experiencing a world through incessant thinking which never is conscious of living only in our narrative. 


Incessant thinking is the process of having a thought system in darker earthly energy that lives in a maze that doesn't know itself. We're moving through matter guided by unconscious light in our consciousness. W live one level of thinking and don't leave it. We only live forward jumping from one thought to the next without understanding what thought is or how it's living in matter. 

We have no knowing that we are not our thoughts. Most people think what they think is part of who they are. Reality is shaped by this unconscious living. We live through incessant thinking only listening to our self-chatter as life. No one lives outside of their thoughts.

People jump from thought to thought not conscious of why they think what they do. We're mindlessly allowing every thought to move us forward through matter. Because we only live in our narrative we don't have the way to live more conscious of why our thoughts are what they are. Most people don't live in light to realize caring about it is the most powerful knowing we have in life. 

The mind is always moving forward bringing the next thought unless we live aware and pause it. We live in stories that keep us living forward in matter. Human thinking subjugates thought with fairytales and daydreams as reality. We mix what we think about into life even if we made it up. No one has understood consciousness for knowing the power we have with us. 

Thinking is the transitory level of living. It's the storyteller giving us the way to process matter at our level of consciousness. Nothing ever lives beyond the body including our thought system. only consciousness is continuous. 

Most people live more in the past and the future than in the present moment. We're not giving thought consideration because we take it for granted. Being present is relinquishing the story for knowing the light in the very moment of living. Thinking is only giving the world at one level until we have the aptitude to know light beyond it. 

The space thought emerges out of greater importance than what we live because the more we control the space thought live from the higher light in thought we have.  Consciousness is giving thinking the light to live from. Our light is in God is at a level trying to go higher in Him. Our light doesn't know its own level because reality doesn't live beyond itself observing itself until we live in higher consciousness. 

Thinking is the storyteller jumping from one scene to the next. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do. Its the light we live. 

When humanity made money a second God we shaped the thought system in ego, satan, and little person. This made fear our light instead of God. We live with opponents in attack and defend not understanding we live in energy reflecting our Soul back at us. Nothing we live is anything other than the way to awaken to life. 

When we live higher levels of Love consciousness changes We want to live knowing there's more beyond our eyes. We want to live with deeper light in God for living beyond one level of light to satisfy the higher resonance of life beyond it.  


Society is the illusion because there's more living beyond how we think. Our thought system is in one maze and doesn't know light outside of it but there's more living beyond it. The level of what we call reality has never even understood how matter was existing, how God existed, or what being alive was only living in our narrative. 

Reality is the elusive moment of believing in something because we can. 

It's relative to the agreement and its better to have an agreement with God than with darker earthly energy. Society is only acting as the backdrop for consciously evolving through the story to God. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

We're an idea in the mind of God and everything we bring into being is an idea in our mind. Love is the light of the world.  Every circumstance we can experience in life is from the collective level of Love being lived and not lived. Love is what creates our probability in life for dark or light experiences. The more humanity becomes Love the less dark in life.

We shape the light of everything in existence including every animal, human being,  the atmosphere, and universe. Human consciousness completes itself at every level including our history and the future. Only Heaven is continuous in life. 

Everything we see in the world reflects our light.  When Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” He was teaching us we were the same. Life is only in our narrative and it's living through us. I am the light all life lives through and I am the Love all life lives in is because everything we experience is in our narrative.  Our interpretation of others is our light. What we feel and think about everything in existence is only living at our level of consciousness.

What we see doesn't live outside of us it's only living through us. We want to be conscious of everything as our light. The world is living within our Soul for becoming Love through.

Christ Enlightenment



Created our experience of being alive only in our narrative for knowing Him.


The world lives only at our level of consciousness. 


Reality only lives in what we think. Living through God we have the infinite light of life. Society as reality only lives lower earthly energy and never outside of matters level. 


Christ enlightened is only knowing God as reality living Heaven while here on earth. 

The process of Christ enlightened begins with Love and lives in Love. Our light in God begins at matters level and as we consciously evolve out of ego and little person for knowing we're Love we begin having greater faith in God.  Nothing can give us the way to understand ultimate reality until we know creation. 


Self-organizing energy is light in God. The seven pillars of light are Hiphen, Laz, Bak, Nol, Mar, Pias, and Ay. They describe all living things. They are seven pillars of self-organizing energy in the higher levels of God renewing themselves for the eternal expansion of life. They live keeping order in human photosynthesis.

Human consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy as is everything in existence now and in eternity. When God created us it wasn't from one thread it was from a blended pool of consciousness shaped for living within our light for giving us the way to live in matter. Life is very quantum. We don't realize it because human consciousness was created for experiencing matter at the level we do.  At the quantum level, energy is swarming beyond any number we can fathom.

Our energy is infused with higher races of intelligence for matter to exist exactly as we think. When God created human consciousness He created the word for what we would be raised in  shaping our light in Him. 

 If we saw creations level we would only see grids of energy for as far as the eye could see crisscrossing in all directions. 


Conscious Energy is the living light of Heaven and is the fabric of our world. They give us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter in human photosynthesis.

Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive and lives weaved within our light for passing light in human photosynthesis. We're not alone. In order to hear our thoughts, we live through other races of intelligence quantumly living in our light.

Heaven is placing the emphasis of every nuance we know as we make choices. Every point of light is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in decimals in holographic light. 

We're only seeing what is comfortable in life. No one sees the bacteria covering everything or lives with grids of energy blocking our view. We only see what we think.  God created human consciousness with levels of higher intelligence for increasing our light. We live with other races as a natural level of human. 

Our concept of human has been lower mind. Our incessant thinking shapes a reality not conscious of more.  No two blades of grass live in the same light just as no two snowflakes are the same. The world communicates in algorithms beyond our knowing. Every plant has light and every creature has Love. The world is only living at our level of consciousness. 


When God created life He did so giving every Soul the alienable right of living as deeply as we could into Him without anyone preventing that depth. Religion shaped itself to live making itself an authority with God while never knowing Him. The same story as two thousand years ago when Jesus tried to teach religion it didn't know His Father. 

It's repeating because humanity bought the devil and never got out. No one in religion has ever held a conversation with God about creation. This is the greatest attribute for knowing religion doesn't live with its light beyond the devil in God.

No one tries to live beyond religion to God because everyone is being taught from birth it already knows God. We go along with what is taught and never question its credibility or authority because its already branded as living with God. People have no idea what living with God is or what reality is because they only live in darkness with religion keeping the devil in life. 

Knowing God exists doesn't mean we know Him. Knowing the bible like the back of our hand doesn't mean we know God. Knowing traditions and practicing laws or protocols doesn't mean we know Him. If the entire human race applauds us for knowing God it doesn't mean we know God.  Only one criterion defines knowing God and that's living with Him teaching about Himself. 

When we live with God teaching about Himself we lose our lives at society's level for gaining light in God. Hearing God out of thin air changes reality instantly and never do we live society as reality again. Our lives change for God teaching us to live Christ enlightened and deeper in Him. 

We learn about creation to understand reality, consciousness, and Heaven. We learn to think without incessant thinking. Our thought system changes from society as reality to God as reality. Society never lives as reality again it's the illusion and God is reality. 

Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist all lived God as reality. They knew God beyond everyone else and lived in a process of deepening faith in Him for knowing Him more heavenly.

Buddism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam,  Christianity and all religion speak to one light but through many paths in human consciousness.

Every major religion was given wisdom at the period in human history it could move through. No one can give anything in this world to anyone without living through their light. God has given to every level of life in human consciousness and yet no one lives for enlightenment for living with Him teaching about Himself. A society with billions of people all believing God exists and no one living for Him tells humanity it's in darkness and living for status in religion but not for God teaching about Himself.

We're not living for wisdom or knowledge beyond human consciousness. We subjugate knowing life for mastering darkness instead of opening light. Religion should tell everyone to live beyond it to God and come back and teach it about God. 


The papacy has been shaped over thousands of years out of not knowing God. It began as the way to have doctrinal authority and never left the devil's level. 

Humanity deviated away from the biblical light when it tried to establish power, control, and distinction of favor with God. Shaping papal supremacy shattered life living with God teaching about Himself. No one lives beyond religion to God. We only satisfy religion believing the papacy has some kind of decree above everyone else with God. When it doesn't.

The papacy never gave humanity the way to understand living with God teaching about Himself because it lives as a false idol-making humanity believe it lives deeper with God. No one who has ever lived in the papacy has lived in Christ consciousness, in Heaven while here on earth or at any level beyond society with God. Its only appeasing teh devil in human consciousness for not living with God teaching about Himself. 

No one understood life with God isn't living society as reality as religion made it. Its living God as reality learning creation and living happily in a bigger reality of Heaven on earth. It has nothing to do with society as reality. 

No one lives with God any greater than anyone else. There's nothing at society's little person level that defines greater authority or decree in God. Even if we master the bible or live religiously every day worshipping Him. If we don't live beyond society to God as reality we don't experience Him at Heavens level. The thought system has to live through changes by losing our identity at matters level in society for gaining our light in God. 

The papacy made itself a false idol that has human beings believe it knows God greater and has some line to Heaven while not knowing Him at all. The branding and marketing is the devil teaching society to live with it instead of with God teaching about Himself. No one is being taught to live with God beyond religion. They only are taught to live as religion dictates with God or they are branded as not truly living for God.

Bishops have been trained to believe they understand the word beyond anyone else. With theologians claiming confidence out of ignorance. The only people who know God better than religion in a world deep in the devil are the ones no one knows about living quietly with faith and trust in God through trials and tribulations that build their light in God. Status is the epitome of not knowing God. 

The papacy was human-made and not anointed by God. Christ is of Heaven. No one has to believe in the papacy to live deep in Christ. Having depth in God is losing society as reality and never going back to it again. Every single level of religion lives only knowing society as reality. 

If I was to talk about society as an illusion no one would know what I was talking about because no one has ever lived with God as reality. 

The journey of the Soul is light in Christ beyond our level of living with God.  We live to know God beyond any other human being on earth because the carving of the Soul takes our light deeper in God.

We've been taught to live believing the papacy is light in God. When it's not honoring God it's stealing human consciousness from living beyond it to God.  People are complacent satisfying religion instead of carving their Souls in God because the superficial level of religion has made everyone live just as superficially in God.

People have no idea what being alive is because no one ever held any conversation with God about creation or life. We didn't live anything other than the devil's version of living with God. Living for Christ consciousness is the call. Substance doesn't come from status or appeasing protocol.  It's experiencing our lives changing for God through the process of losing society as reality. 

No one in the papacy has ever held a conversation with God about creation. 

Never did anyone in religion know they were living the devil's level and no one would if not for God teaching religion it doesn't know my Father. 

The concept of living one level of thinking with God in consensus with others is the opposite of knowing God.  We're living to open our Soul in God beyond everything in society. People need to revisit the bible and understand the depth of people knowing God greater than everyone else and living God as reality before society as reality. 

When John the Baptist was raised in the wilderness His light was with God teaching about christ coming to living in matter. He knew His future like Jesus knew His future like I have known my future. Our journey with God doesn't live what society's little person's level of status does. It's a raw real journey of living in a world that God is everything shaping our thought system for knowing Him more and more. 

Nothing religion or the papacy is showing comes close to what knowing God is or what living with Him is. Reality has to change for living God as reality.  God's not living for us to worship Him. He's living for us to carve our Soul for having the depth, maturity, and substance for knowing Him. We have to live consciously evolving in God for knowing more than we do today fo Him. 

We haven't grasped living with God and that we're to live with Him teaching about Himself. No one would walk to a preacher if they were living with God teaching about Himself. If we know God is alive we should be doing everything under the sun for living with Him teaching about Himself. 

With Love and faith in God, our journey takes us through society as reality to God as reality. Never doubt the world only living in our narrative for living through it to God. He created it for doing just that. Eventually, we all make it to God.

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