Everyone is living to experience levels of consciousness in Heaven. Some will live for Christ consciousness to experience the omnipresence in life. In order to open the universe, we live through light that is already in the universe. The light already in the universe is the energy Love. Love is the way of the world and is the only energy that expands the light in consciousness to Christ consciousness.

Our world is energy and only one level of consciousness. The present level of humanity’s consciousness has been living at the level of matter instead of the level of Spirit. This created consciousness to live through everything other than Love as we try to become conscious of Love. Every person we see and what we call our world is energy in levels of energy within the light of our Soul. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. The energy Love is the light in consciousness giving us the level of matter we see. We would not be able to experience our bodies or any level of matter if not for photosynthesis.

When God created life He gave every human being the way to experience Heaven while here on earth by giving every human being Love at birth. Love is the key to life. Jesus showed humanity how to live Love giving us the light to live Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is the light giving us the way to go beyond the present mortal world into deeper levels of Heaven. The power we have is enormous because consciousness is infinite and unlimited when we live Love. We are choosing God's level to live through when we live Love.

The world we are of is enormous and beyond anything, we have been able to conceive as life. Knowing everything in existence is energy tells us the level of what life can be. Living with God gives us the way to expand beyond our present level of consciousness to greater levels of life.


Humanity is living to become conscious of Love. The mortal world is the illusion only existing in human consciousness. It is the level we are trying to evolve through to Heaven. Since Adam and Eve, the human race has been disconnected from God. When Adam and Eve ate the apple they went from living in Love to creating fear, sin, and guilt. Consciously because we disconnected from God we created a world at the level of everything other than Love and have been trying to get back to Love. The mortal world is a level in consciousness existing inside of Heaven. There is nothing existing as the mortal world but the energy in the level of our Soul. We are living through our consciousness experiencing humanity's present level of consciousness. 

The collective consciousness creates the circumstances we experience as life. The mortal world is living everything other than Love trying to live greater Love to experience the bigger world of Heaven we are in. This is why we choose the principles of Heaven to live in this life. The more Love we live the deeper in God we live. The mortal world creates experiences for us to become conscious of Love by giving us choices that test the level of Christ we live. Each choice decides whether we stay at the level of the mortal world which is everything other than Love or we live Love and live greater into Heaven.

We want to focus on what is continuous in our life continuum. Continuous in every life is Love, our level of consciousness and Heaven. What is transient in life is self, the mortal world, our level of thinking, the body and all levels of matter. We are only moving through matter for greater levels of light. When we leave this part of life nothing goes with us except our level of consciousness. Love is the only level continuously existing in our life continuum.

We have been living Love in the thought system of the mortal world instead of Heavens. We think we know what Love is and what Love isn't based on how we have been taught to see and feel. We live Love when it's convenient and fits into our lives, we don't go beyond our present level of Love. Instead, we live through what is the devils level of Love using our level of thinking to rationalize, justify and make judgments for what Love is and for when we call it Love. We live Love through our minds instead of through our hearts.

We have been taught the mortal world is real when the mortal world is the illusion only existing in energy at one level of consciousness. We are living through it to become conscious of Love. Everything we see is energy existing at a level of energy within our Soul. This gives us the way to observe our consciousness in matter.

We want to live Love out of the mortal world into levels of Christ. Today, we live reacting and responding to the mortal word's level of circumstances. Not knowing we change the level of light in matter by changing our level of Love. The world we experience is only energy in a level of photosynthesis helping us observe our consciousness. The meaning we have placed in livingness and in matter is from our present level of consciousness. We identify our living by our level of matter when matter is a nothingness only having its living by what we place in it.

As we become more conscious of life we place different meaning in matter. The more light we live through the greater light in matter there is.

All people we see are energy in the light of our Soul. We never see the totality of anyone because we can only experience them from our level of consciousness. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. What we see of them and experience is only in our light to live Love through.

Living Christ consciousness is a level beyond what we are familiar with because we haven't had the light to understand Love at the level of Christ. We have been living Love based on human consciousness which created Love to be lived from the level of thinking of the mortal world instead of through Heaven. Choosing Love is a process that carves the Soul into greater levels of light. We carve the Soul when we live Love beyond the present level of the mortal world. Life’s premise is conscious evolution and the only way we have the light to evolve through is by having the level of light from Love. Living Love gives us greater experiences that deepen the Love within. When we live Love we are living in a greater level of our world. Its the level in Heaven that opens us to our divine light and the potential in living. The mortal world experience is only one level of consciousness in a world that has infinite levels to live when we live Love.

When we live Love at humanity’s level it is the devils level because it’s living through everything other than Love rather than Love. We have made Love a comfortable choice, convenient and living at our level of thinking. Never striving to live Love to higher levels. We instead live Love at the level of humanity’s collective consciousness. When everything of humanity is only existing to evolve through, including Love. Jesus walked the earth to teach us to live a higher level of Love.

How someone will begin to live for Christ consciousness is going to be in their individual light and will never be the same for any two people. Christ consciousness will always be an organic part of our existence that eventually creates a choice in choosing Love at levels beyond the present level of Love we live.  There is no level where God cannot come into one's life. We may be atheist, in prison, having problems we created that are enormous or worshipping another deity. It doesn't matter. God is in every atom. His level is beyond what we presently believe. God is life. Our conscious evolution is through God. Our living in matter is only possible through God’s light in photosynthesis. Our livingness is only existing in the conscious space of God.

Humanity’s level of God is at the level of religion instead of understanding there is no level in a human beings existence that is able to exist without God in every atom. God is beyond our present level of understanding.

There is no level created in human life that can decide who has Heaven or who doesn't. Income, ethnicity, culture, education or any other level in life has no living in God.  There is no human interpretation of a doctrine or dogma living in God. Humanity’s religious interpretations will have changes as consciousness evolves. What is everlasting is knowing God is in every atom and is the light all life lives in. All roads lead to God. God is reality. How we live Love is going to determine the experience that leads us deeper into levels of Heaven while here on earth.


When levels of life are living in everything other than Love the choice in living Love will always seem ridiculous and not the choice to make. Based on human consciousness when we live the level of Christ people around us will see our Love as not Love, insane, not good for us, and will believe this isn't Love but a mistake. This is when you want to live Love. Humanity isn't going to live Christ when you do. The perspective of the majority would never live Love at the level you will when you are living for Christ consciousness. Human consciousness will always live at its level but we have the choice to go beyond it when we live Love.

When something happens in our lives that presents a deep choice in choosing Love at the level of living Christ consciousness it will be a personal choice quietly made. There won't be conversations with anyone rather it will be a quiet time that has us reflect and question the crux of our being. We search within for what life has become, what is in our hearts, what is right, where the goodness in life is, what our truth is and what is Love. We reflect deeply on Jesus's message and why it exists.  It’s good to go as deep as one can and meditate in God for your existence and it’s potential.

Life is only existing for us to experience God. The level of choosing Love over the mortal world's level is a very deafening experience that changes the light we live in. There is no other level in life that can give Heaven at the level of one living Love at the level of Christ consciousness. Love is all that is real. When we give our lives to Love we give our lives to God. Making the choice to live Love at a level beyond human consciousness is how we begin to understand creation, God, and the human experience. There are answers to one’s existence only found by living the light in God.

Humanity’s level of living Love is with judgment. I’ll give an example. We judge people we give money too. We make decisions if we should give one dollar or five dollars based on whether we think they are drinking, scamming, doing drugs or just down on their luck. This is the devil. If we are living to give to the desolate, poor and those in need we have to understand we are only seeing them in our light. Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul trying to become Love. How we perceive them reflects our level of Love. No matter what anyone is living their lives like the question isn't the level to give from. The devil Loves that perspective because there is no way to live Heaven if we are living from that level.

If we judge others we live in a light of being judged. If we crucify others we live trying not to be crucified. We are never free because our level of thinking keeps us in the devils level instead of living through Love.  When we think Heavenly we live in Heaven. When we think at the level of the mortal world we live through the mortal world's level of circumstances. Only what we think is creating the level of the experience.

We want to give knowing there is no level in life except our light and God's. When we give we are giving everything we have. If we have twenty dollars in our wallet that is the level we give. There is no judgment or worry. God is heavenly when we live His light. No one is living without because they give. We increase our light. People only exist to live Love through. Every level of what we are doing in this experience is only to live Christ consciousness. The person in front of us is an innocent child of God and loving them is the only requisite for light. Our level of thinking that surrounds our giving to another human being is only living for us to observe our consciousness in.

When God created humanity He gave human beings free will to live in matter creating the world at any level we could think. Which means we have the choice to consciously live with God or not, but eventually we all live through experiences that lead us to God. When we live to Love deeper it is God's light we are increasing in ours. Love is the light in consciousness we are living this life through.


Gods energy is in every atom giving us the way to live Heaven while here on earth. Human beings are conscious energy. We are not the body but we are the conscious energy inside of the body having an experience in matter at our level of consciousness. If not for Heaven we would have no way to touch our fingers, see a bottle or experience our consciousness in matter. Conscious Energy is the livingness in all matter in the conscious space of God giving the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. This is important to understand because humanity is living believing the world is a three-dimensional world existing outside of us. When the world is only energy living through us. The world only exists at our level of consciousness. We are experiencing matter in photosynthesis. This is giving us the way to experience the world from our level of consciousness.

Our perspective of the planet, life, and the universe is only one level of consciousness in an infinite amount of levels. We can only experience greater levels of light in matter by living greater levels of Love. The different light in matter changes the way we experience matter. Human beings have never been able to understand life because consciously humanity has been living at the same level of matter and not through Spirit/energy. We were born taking matter for granted because it was existing all around us. We didn't know life was living in consciousness through photosynthesis.

Living at the level of matter created material and money as the purpose in life not knowing our divinity. The time for living in matter has ended and living in energy through Spirit for conscious evolution is the era. Love is the way of the world. Humanity is once again living very connected with God just like the beginning of life. Living with God is the only level there is and as consciousness evolves humanity will live in deeper levels of God.


To live Heaven there are two levels to know. One is life is only existing in energy and we are experiencing levels of energy in matter through levels of light in our Soul. Everything we believe is outside of us is only existing through us. There is no place where one person begins or ends. Every human being is existing at a level of energy within our Soul giving us the way to see our consciousness and the level of Love we are of. How we feel about other people, treat other people and think of people is through our level of Love. If we see fault in another we look for it within ourselves. All the places we see that are wrong, or anything other than Love is the level of our energy needing to become Love. People are only existing for us to observe our consciousness in and live Love through.

We have to remember we never see the totality of any human being. Including our mom, dad, best friend or co-worker. We only live them from our level of consciousness. They are in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness.  There is no level of their existence real for us beyond what we make real. They are a level of energy existing in a level of energy in the light of our Soul.

The second one is understanding Love is living in higher levels of our world. Love is God and Heaven is in Gods light. We are in the conscious space of God living in Heaven with light waiting for us to live Love. Heaven is in everything in existence trying to have us choose what can give us greater levels of light. Every level of our experience is living through our level of Love. We are the Love all life lives through. We are the light all life lives in. Every level of Love we live takes us deeper into God.

Human consciousness lives in incessant thinking. We think from one thought to the next without being present to what we are thinking as creating the world we experience.  Humanity thinks incessantly weaving a story to live through. We only live through thought. The incessant thinking keeps us living in experience’s from our past and thinking of what we are doing in the future. We live quietly thinking in our own narrative through these thoughts that build stories. This constant weaving in thinking creates our level of reality.

Nothing can expand or fit in when a thought system is never conscious of itself. 

We are seldom in the present moment unless we are being mindful to be in the present moment.  Thought is continuous and a level in life that keeps us living forward.  We can choose our thoughts and the level of what we live through when we are being conscious of our thoughts.

Life is always moving forward. We age effortlessly from an embryo to twenty-one to a senior in a process giving us different experiences in matter at different levels of consciousness. The level of circumstances we can experience is created from humanity's base collective consciousness. They are created from the level of Love lived in photosynthesis. We are trying to live through the level of the mortal world to Heavens level.


We change how we think by changing levels of energy. Thinking only emerges out of consciousness. Thinking is processing the temporary level of the mortal world. It is creating the story we live as life. If we are to live in greater levels of light it is by leaving thinking and living deeper in the conscious space of God.

Levels in life are giving energy in different frequencies to give our light greater levels in photosynthesis. As we are living for Christ consciousness levels of Heaven are with us trying to be in our light. If we are incessantly thinking from one thought to the next we are not able to have a greater light come in. Being able to pause our thinking is very important in order to have the space to live deeper in the conscious space of God.

When we focus on a few words rather than thinking incessantly through a story we begin to slow our focus and calm our energy. As we are able to become present we begin to live with no thought but in the conscious space of God. Consciousness is a greater level in humanity that is a deeper level of energy in the knowing of all. It is not transient and random like thinking. Thinking is a temporary level of the mortal world giving the story we live through to Heaven.

In order to have a level of energy able to pause incessant thinking, we have to live it. Meaning one will not be able to allocate time to say a mantra for five minutes a day and resume living at the mortal world level believing it will change their level of consciousness. There is no way for a mantra to give what is of God and not be lived through God. Consciousness can only evolve through Gods light. One has to live the mantra just as incessant as the mind thinks. The mantra is only for pausing incessant thinking and for giving energy a way to come into our light. The level of peace and forgiveness is what we expand upon in our living with others. The level of Love, compassion, charity, caring, and kindness is what we expand upon living with others. We take what we are living into all levels of our existence.

Every word in human consciousness has light at the level of humanity's consciousness, but the words God, Jesus, Love, Light, and what is in the emphasis of Heaven have light in God. The power is when we invoke energy in levels already connected with God. When we do this we give a level of our light only to God and this gives Heaven the ability to have greater light in our lives. The mantra does not have power if one is not living Love in greater levels bringing Heaven into their light.

Love changes consciousness and is the light in consciousness taking us beyond the mortal world into Heaven. The mantra, “I Love you, God,” is a level that is omnipotent in energy. Every level we are living is of God and connecting with God in praise creates a heavenly light to live through. When we are understanding energy, photosynthesis and what being alive is, having praise for God is naturally opening our light into God’s.

Living the mantra is very important. We want to end the incessant thinking by replacing our thoughts with it. Saying it either quietly or out loud as frequent as we have thoughts is the way. As we are saying, “I Love you, God,” we eventually begin sending as much Love as we can to humanity's light. Every human being we see is only in our light living through a level of energy within our Soul. They are reflecting our Love. We want to Love them in all ways. The more kindness, compassion, charity, and peace we can bring to their lives the greater level of Heaven we can live through.  Living infinite Love, and having mercy, and forgiveness heals our light to Love.

As we live the mantra religiously knowing that saying it a million times a day is too little. We add in between saying, “I Love you, God.” with sending Love to everyone we know. Praying for their happiness and peace. We do this in conjunction with the mantra for every thought and it leads us to send Love to governments, countries, and all sentient beings as well as all races off-planet living throughout our universe. Everyone we see we pray for and send Love too.


Love becomes our only purpose. We put Love in front of every level of life. God is reality leading us deeper into His light. We trust God and have faith that He will guide us when we feel fear, uncomfortable,  not seeing our brother right, or have thoughts other than Love. God is living for us to live the Son of God. Every feeling other than Love is going to rise as we choose Love because we will be letting go of energy that has pain in it. What we are feeling is ego/satan screaming to try to stay in our light. The devil in our mind is trying to keep us out of Heaven and because we don’t have the light yet to understand consciousness we will battle with God. Living Love takes us out of every level we have been living to a different level of light. It will always be a level very different than what we thought was living Love because it is beyond our present level of thinking. We are now learning to live Heavens level.

The process will challenge us to our core because it is carving our Soul to have greater substance. Substance gives us the level of energy needed to live greater levels of light. It will always be a level we never imagined to be the way because it is outside of our level of thinking. When levels of energy are changing for Christ consciousness life is changing dramatically to give the levels that bring the greatest level of light into our lives.

As the Soul is being carved into greater light is when the mantra can help one to stay deep in God. We want to stay in God's light with every thought and dwell in His consciousness. Living God is reality. Love is the only way to live Heaven while here on earth. The level of Love lived is definitely not the level humanity is presently living. We are giving our lives to other people knowing they only exist in our light.

As we continue living for Christ consciousness we begin asking quietly in our minds for forgiveness from everyone in our lives even if we believe no wrong has ever been done. There is a forgiveness process at the bottom of this writing to help. We ask forgiveness to cleanse our energy of everything other than Love. Any suffering in our light is only keeping us from feeling Heaven. Pain is a level of human consciousness that is existing in almost all levels of living. We want to stay present to living Love and asking for forgiveness. To see people as levels of energy in our light only reflecting our level of Love. By doing this, we live beyond the mortal world into greater levels of Heaven.

Our perspective of other people tells us the level of pain we are having in our light. Our attachment to matter reflects our level of Love. All places we see that have any level of negative energy is a level of energy in our light. The mortal world is living through us. It is only energy living in the light of our Soul. Everything we live through is only for us to live Love through.

If we can live knowing every person we see is only a level of energy in the light of our Soul we can understand why Jesus said, “Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself.” How we judge people is only through the places within our light not yet of Love. Whether we have jealousy, anger, frustration, negativity, fear, contempt, or competition it is part of everything other than Love to Love. We will have in our light these levels of energy to live Love through. Energy is always changing form and manifesting in matter for us to live Love through. This is why history repeats itself and people have the same experiences over and over. When we live Love through these experiences they will end, but probably with one more experience to test our level of living Love. The devil is always trying to keep us out of Heaven. We want to release all pain and replace all fear with Love. Suffering is the absence of Love.

We carve our Soul into greater light having experiences that test our faith, trust and Love in God. We begin to experience God in ways we never imagined. The teacher in life is God strengthening our level of substance to hold greater levels of light. As we keep living Love in Gods light we have greater communication with Heaven and Heaven helps us to live through Gods process and our consciousness. It is a psychological unwinding from the level of the mortal worlds thought system. The more Love we live the more we are living in Heavens level of consciousness. When we are able to hold the light at the level in God we go deeper into God. Every level of what is being lived is in a process to become more conscious of Love.

What today feels normal, who we think we are and what life is will completely change in Christ consciousness.

When we are living Christ consciousness we are living in the greater level of life. We invoke greater life forms and levels of Heaven beyond humanity's present level of consciousness. What is being lived is with God. God is teaching in all levels creating what gives consciousness the light it needs to evolve. His teachings are different because they are outside of our level of thinking and outside of our level of knowing. God knows us greater though than we know ourselves and He knows the level of light we can live.

In consciousness, there are different levels of life living in higher levels than humanity's consciousness. There are many beautiful divine shapes and objects that have levels of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive sharing Love and wisdom. Life beyond humanity's level is only living to expand our consciousness to greater levels of light. There are many elder levels of consciousness that give to humanity’s existence and have been living with us since the beginning. For example, plasma in the atmosphere is a living species that has been with us from the beginning creating the level that gives us the elements to breathe at our level of consciousness.

There are as many levels of living species we do not know about as there are living species we do know about. Human consciousness can only live with life it can conceive. In higher levels of consciousness, there are greater levels of life we can experience. In a universe with billions and billions of galaxies, we have millions of planets with consciousness. Everything is living in consciousness to realize its potential at any one level of consciousness. 

God is reality and the level we eventually live is only one of us here with God. We live increasing greater light in photosynthesis for all life to have greater light in God living through Love.


We let go of pain by changing the energy in how we think. Life is in energy and all suffering is the absence of Love. The level of changing how we think can only happen when we change the energy we feel. Forgiveness is a process that takes us off the cross. It releases us from the energy causing pain and suffering. Suffering can be justified anger or sorrow. There is no level in living that is any level other than our own level of energy existing for us to observe and live Love through.

When we forgive and release energy we are freeing ourselves to feel Heaven. If we are to give ourselves what can live happiness and peace we will need to say the below as many times as we have felt pain and suffering in our lives. All the times we felt or did something other than Love towards another human being is living in our energy.

Our thoughts only come from our energy and when we release pain we give the light in consciousness greater Love to live in Heaven.

Think of everyone who has ever harmed you, upset you or is in your life not in Love. Think of everyone you ever did anything to whether in thought or in action that harmed their life. With Christ think quietly to yourself or say out loud:  I wash the feet of EVERYONE in the light of my photosynthesis and I beg for mercy and forgiveness, I never meant to harm you in any thought or action, I am sorry,  I Love you, I am Love. You want to say this like a mantra a million times a day. Do it for days, weeks, months or years. One will know when it is having an effect when they are living Love in greater levels. Living this as a lifetime practice is to little. We want to replace the mortal word level of thinking with this practice.


In between saying it or when you remember replace the word “ everyone” with a specific persons name:  With Christ think quietly to yourself or say out loud: I wash the feet of STEVE and I beg for mercy and forgiveness, I never meant to harm you in any thought or action, I am sorry, I Love you, I am Love. Repeating it endlessly is too little.  Do it for days, weeks, months or years. One will know when the pain is leaving because all they will feel is Love for that person. 

The power in saying this over and over again is it alchemizes our energy to a higher level of light. We are literally changing the frequency in our thinking by changing the level of energy we are of. Remember a human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. The world is not matter it is energy. Caring for our level of energy is all there is in living greater levels of happiness and peace.

We forgive like Jesus because all life is in our light and if we are to free ourselves it can only come from freeing everyone in our light. We want to live for Love to free ourselves from the mortal world into Heaven. When we forgive we are able to have a level of Love in Heaven greater than any level we knew possible.