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The architect of intelligence is knowing human consciousness isn’t one strand of light but multiple strands of light. Our light is deeper in God than the world. The world is the illusion only living for giving a base level of consciousness for living through. We feed a story into matter and hopefully live through it awakening to Love. Society as reality is a backdrop providing trials and tribulation for choosing Love. 

The architect of intelligence is energy. It’s not how we think intelligence lives. Human education doesn’t breed intelligence. It’s the equator for keeping the story in play. Its level is only for this one level of consciousness. It brings us into a world for living through. Human education was shaped by human beings who never knew what matter was or what reality was and wasn’t. It’s been the project from people who didn’t know only their narrative was existing as life. It’s the elementary idea of life not living for enlightenment. 

Human intelligence isn’t even human. Our idea of human ideas is because we don’t live with God teaching about Himself. We designed our world only from our level of thinking and we’re not anywhere near intelligent knowing. We’re not even conscious of reality or what being human is and isn’t. Most people don’t even know the magnitude of what being created is or that we are living in something being raised.

Everything we know about self and life has never been in knowing of what self is and isn’t, how matter is existing or even what being conscious of life is and isn’t. We’re living at face value in assumptions that never know God.  All intelligence is an idea in the mind of God. Just like everything we think as life is an idea in our mind. The idea is only living for a brief time and is only existing at one level of consciousness out of an infinite.

Consciousness is continuous in every life but thinking leaves when the body does. The entire concept of life and every idea we had of life is gone. This is only a quick trip in matter living through a story to God whether we know it or not. Consciousness is completing itself at every level of consciousness with a history and future for giving us real instances as life. everything we deem as real is nothing more than a thought coming and going. 

Our ideas are moving with other races of light for bringing them into matters level. Human photosynthesis gives us the way to experience exactly what we think in matter. Conscious Energy is the living species of Heaven giving us our livingness in matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. We see buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. The world is energy. 

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We’re living only in our narrative with every thought shaping the world we live through as the teacher.  Human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life.  We live in self-chatter thinking about the past and future instead of knowing the present moment. Human thinking subjugates reality for daydreaming and fairytales changing stories for what we want to have happen and not happen. They are ideas swimming in our mind coming into matters level when we react to them. 

The architect of intelligence is relative for keeping one story in play as we live through our consciousness in matter. It’s the idea that we muster up and experience. 


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