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We all want to believe in Angels but we haven’t experienced a deep enough level in God to know how heavenly our world is. Somewhere in life we become incredulous and miss the miracle of living with God and Heaven. At the beginning of this video, you’ll hear an Angel say, “Throw the halo.” It was said when Heaven was first coming into my life and began talking directly to me. I wanted to know how it was happening. And became very upset and started yelling when an Angel said, “Throw the Halo.” In the video, you see a big bright light with something on the end flow in a line from the bottom up. It’s the only video in the history of the human race of a halo being thrown by an Angel.

People haven’t lived beyond our tiny reality to open this vast universe. When we placed God in religion people believed they lived deep in God simply by going to church. We don’t live for Christ consciousness experiencing God changing our reality. When God lives deep in our lives our thought system changes from living society as reality to God as reality. If we live shallow with God in a world that’s made money a second God and lives for false idols. We lose the ability to have Heaven on earth. We’re already living like the high priest who never saw Jesus because of religions level in life. We’re only living in Bble study, practices and protocols not experiencing God in Christ consciousness. 

The purpose of living with God is to experience Him like Moses, Abraham and John the Baptist. It’s living beyond society in a process that opens our eyes to how God is living. People don’t communicate with Angels or live going from first to last in society. We try to appease society’s acceptance not understanding society is the illusion were living through to God as reality.  

The original video is first and then it’s looped 3x’s in slow motion. May it open your eyes to a world living with God, Angels, and celestial races able to talk to us and teach about life. Feel free to download the video and take more time watching.

Humanity has been living with money as a second God and satan is deep in our thought process. No one in religion has ever had a conversation with God about creation. And this should be a wake up call for everyone to live for Christ consciousness. No one should ever question how God moves in this world and why He does things at the level He does. He’s teaching religion they’re still living like the high priest from two thousand years ago and need to live for Christ consciousness.

We’re the people forever seeing and not seeing and always listening but not hearing. Jesus lived beyond religion for a reason. He was teaching us they can’t have the depth of living with God because everybody can’t live Christ consciousness until humaity has ascended. Until then the individual will.

Our lives our existing in a light where God can hear every thought and answer us back. We can experience beyond reality a bigger world where other races of Heaven communicate. 

Never has another human being given as many videos as I have on Heavens.Love with celestial races, other races,  Heaven’s voices and writings only God could give. Some people have no way to comprehend the miracle God is giving. There’s no human being on earth writing about human photosynthesis, consciousness or how matter is existing at the level God is giving. God is giving creations level for humanity to understand how He’s existing for consciously evolving deeper in Him.

Some people respond negative because they never fathomed how enormous life is and are afraid of feeling a loss of power. No one lives more incredulous than those that are afraid of a bigger world they can’t process existing. God will always give what changes the world. No one will ever live videotaping other races perfectly timed or having Heaven in their lives beyond any level society can fathom without it being God creating it. Our world is malleable and living in consciousness. And He has the power to bring to us what we could never bring to ourselves.

People have never experienced the power of God giving other life for teaching the enormity of our existence. Only God has the power to give the video’s, audios and writings.

No one can ever live as Jesus. He gave us the way to live Christ consciousness for knowing God deeper. When God saved me seven years ago no one could of told me He existed or that Angels did. My consciousness changed through God’s teachings for living Heaven while here on earth in Christ consciousness.  We keep God in Bible study, practices and protocols never knowing our living beyond society with Him as reality is the path. We’re only  living for Christ consciousness beyond the base reality we come into.

Everyone thinks they’re living with God perfectly and any place that we are with God is perfect for going deeper. When you hear God at Heaven’s level it will be the most riveting experience of your life that shatters reality. To hear a voice out of thin air is surreal and over the top in what our minds can’t process as being real. No one would live society as reality if they were listening to God. It would be impossible.

Living with God changes reality and our lives for living last. Looks go, wealth goes and every bit of our living in materialism vanishes. We learn to understand the level of what living last is through higher levels of consciousness beyond matter. The thought system changes for God only. We lose our lives to gain our lives and by the end of it, our existence is replenished, renewed and restored.

Living God as reality doesn’t mean worshipping Him night and day. It’s living with Him teaching and helping us know Him. It’s a relationship and a reality. People live with a fairytale idea of who God is and what Angels are because of our shallow depth in Him not consciously evolving in Him.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and living in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. His existence is profoundly beyond any level we’re grasping. Our reality of life doesn’t show us what is here. We can only see what our little person level of consciousness can conceive. What is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in a world enormously bigger than any level we know.

Life is in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis.) There isn’t a human being walking the earth as we see them. Just like God is energy so are we. Every bus, person, tree, and ocean is subatomic particles giving us images in our Soul to live through. Humanity doesn’t live for intelligence for knowing any better.

We don’t live for enlightenment and world governments are living at the greatest level of ignorance in the history of the human race because money has equated to power. The reality money has made steals from the human race’s ability to live sustainable because were not consciously evolving increasing intelligence.  We’re not really understanding life or how to live deeper in our existence. 

No world institution or government on earth knew what matter was until these writings. They haven’t even understood what being alive is or how atoms are living in individual consciousness. All the while they plan and plot how to keep humanity existing within a juvenile perspective that’s created a species on a planet floating in space to live accumulating in excess. As if resources renew themselves. We’re accumulating houses, square footage, cars, shoes, clothes and anything we can buy because we only expand money as life. We create luxury brands because of our making money a second God. It’s darkness for people to live creating the Souls journey in sand instead of rock when we are a species in divine light.

Consumerism is living out of linear consciousness. We once lived for a million dollars and then we lived for five hundred million dollars. Then we lived for a billion dollars and now people live for a trillion dollars. That’s liner consciousness. Its the greatest negligence humanity could live.

When God said not to make money a second God He knew what He created as life and that the consequence would human consciousness in darkness if we didn’t listen. Which we didn’t. Lower mind is humanity’s level of consciousness because we live in lower earthly energy. This is why Jesus said, we were the people forever seeing and not seeing and always listening but not hearing.

We once searched for bigfoot believing if we found him we would know more about life. There has always been a level in humanity that couldn’t comprehend the world in God because we couldn’t understand at the smallest particle there was only a wave. Which told us our world was living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance in consciousness.

People want only what they can live comfortably in knowing and not knowing. When life challenges us for what we can’t fathom or didn’t believe we feel inadequate because we couldn’t get there sooner. Trying to understand something when we can’t find the way to know it takes faith for opening that door. Our living in consciousness tells us our heavenly living is out of trust we seldom choose. When people couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of God or life we started questioning the universe wondering why we were the only ones existing. Living among trillions of galaxies and questioning that isn’t what makes us ridiculous. It’s from not understanding how matter was existing or how consciousness lives in matter that keeps us ignorant to our own existence and what being alive is. And the magnitude of God in our world.

If science would have had any magnitude in living outside of a three-dimensional theory people would have known about creation and other races long ago. Our little person level of consciousness couldn’t comprehend energy was alive or able to communicate. Even though everyone knew God was of no form and of all form we just shrugged it off as hogwash. All the while we’ve been living in another race with Heaven having many other races.

Our little person looks off planet for life and thinks extraterrestrials are something way out there when on planet there has always been other races helping us as energy live in matter. 

A challenging question for science is whether their existence in dogmatic political systems has given the true spirit of science to benefit the human race or keep it suppressed.  Humanity deserves science opening the universe in hypothesis that rattle reality into oblivion. Living in another race tells us our reality doesn’t show creation from our level of thinking but it gives us the way to understand energy. Energy is quantumly smaller than quarks in decimals in holographic light. We can understand it the more we understand consciousness in matter. Presently, we don’t have the way to see what is here until we consciously evolve for light in God.

Society has never understood God as Spirit or what that meant as living as energy in Him because we’re not living for intelligence or for Christ consciousness. 

May this video inspire people to think about life beyond any level they do today. Living for Christ consciousness is how we experience higher consciousness in God. Only by changing the way we think can we change the world we experience. We want to think outside the box and open ourselves to Heaven.