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Angel Throwing the Halo

We all believe in Angels but haven’t experienced a deep enough level in God to know how heavenly our world is. Somewhere in life, we learn to see a world at matters level instead of listening to Angels.  The world is moving faster for being someone instead of becoming Love.

God created life for knowing more than we can think into being. Even after college, the world is smaller. Life isn’t divulging its secrets to the invisible world we’re unraveling them. Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Love are with us. If we don’t carry greater inquisitions into who self is and who is thinking we slip into only believing the body as the self and society as reality. The bigger world stays hidden. 

At the beginning of this video, you’ll hear an Angel say, “Throw the halo.” It was said when Heaven was first coming into my life and began talking directly to me. I wanted to know how it was happening. And became very upset and started yelling when an Angel said, “Throw the Halo.” In the video, you see a big bright light with something on the end flow in a line from the bottom up. It’s the only video in the history of the human race of a halo being thrown by an Angel.

The purpose of living with God is to experience Him teaching about Himself. It can happen to anyone and through anything. The original video is first, and then it’s looped 3x’s in slow motion. May it open your eyes to a world living with God, Angels, and celestial races able to talk to us and teach about life. Feel free to download the video and take more time watching.

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