Adam and Eve created darkness in consciousness when they ate from the forbidden Tree of knowledge. It opened a bigger part of life they weren't ready for processing. 

When Adam and Eve were living with God they were living in Love with no inhibitions or worries.  The temptation of the snake for eating the fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge came out of what was existing in them. Which today lives in all of us.

The Tree of Knowledge is representing our world and the complexities in human consciousness. Understanding a deeper level of creation was needed before ever considering eating that fruit. They were clueless about human consciousness and creation having no idea how enormous and intricate the thought process was.

Adam and Eve had no way to understand the world at the level of God. They didn't exist in any level of enlightenment to handle what would be unleashed.  When Eve took the fruit and shared it with Adam it unleashed guilt, resentment, shame, sin, and fear into human consciousness. They unleashed for the first time seeing themselves as naked and ran behind trees placing fig leaves over themselves with great inhibition and fear.

The parable of satan the angel who was kicked out of Heaven when he tried to take over is referring to all of us who choose to live outside of God's way. We see this in Saul the first King of the Israelites not listening to the Prophet and then becoming crazy and falling to David. With Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon going mad after wanting everyone to bow to him as God. And we see it in the Pharoah not wanting to free the Israelites.  We also see it in our own lives in our level of thinking not keeping God first before every experience in our lives.  

Humanity has not lived deeply with God and instead, we live knowing of God as we live through our version of life instead of His. His required us to live the Ten Commandments and to live as Jesus taught us. We haven't listened to God to know God.  We denied Him for living in false idols and making money a second God. 

Living in darkness has kept us from understanding God's creation. The parable of God kicking Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and no longer walking with them, talking with them or being close with them as He had before. Is because sins level created darkness in our thought system that hinders us from living deeper with God. Which keeps us from knowing Him as we once did. 

We haven't had the knowledge we needed to know we are imprinting upon energy the matter we live through. Consciousness is all that is alive. Eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge shaped our thought system away from seeing the world we're in. We opened other levels of energy which shaped darkness in human consciousness.  

Today the human race is living through everything other than Love to Love for having light to know God.  Our perspective of life is in a veil that keeps us seeing a tiny reality instead of our divine existence. 

God tried to tell us how to live in His creation. We didn't listen. Making Him first above all things was imperative for giving Love to our thought process for processing higher levels of energy. Which would have given us greater light for intelligence. God gave every human being the key to life by giving every child born a level of Love for expanding. We're trying to acquire greater levels of Love for having higher energy in God.  

Humanity created life out of fear instead of Love. Never living deep enough in God to get out of satans level. This kept us forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing. We have a thought process that stays in incessant thinking at one level. Instead of learning to pause our thoughts for living deeper into the conscious space of God.

Love is the key to life and in every thought, we have the choice to live it.  Our world is living in Heaven with human beings trying to live through society's illusion for living light in God.  

As we understand creation and living in consciousness we will live for enlightenment opening our thoughts for only living in God.