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The White Room Cleansing Meditation

Forgiveness & Love 

When we carry pain in our energy we live with another lens to life. The idea of thinking is for carrying the most Love for the most light in our eyes. The White Door Cleanse Meditation is for forgiveness and for Love. 

Building Our Light 

White Room Cleanse Meditation MP3 (9 minutes)


This meditation can be done by laying down or sitting in a chair.  Its only ten minutes and doesn’t require anything but the ability to hear an MP3. The meditation is also free to download. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy! 

Send the Meditation to Someone You Love

Prayer Request

Let others around the world pray over you for healing & Love. 

More Meditations

Video meditations for healing, happiness, balance and Light. 

Holy Oil & Salve

Consecrated by God and filled with Love.