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Ascension of Christ

ascension of Christ

Life is Eternal

The ascension of Christ was because of the Pharisees creating the death of Jesus. Nowhere do we talk about the high priest plotting to kill Christ. Instead, the blame is placed on the Romans at Calvary c.30 AD.  Jesus was killed by the highest levels of religion at that time and this gives us the way to know why religion has never lived a day with God teaching about Himself. We’re living at a time that Heaven is on earth for truth and salvation and not a continuation of satan. 

Only through God can life live. Nothing in existence carries living except through the light of His Love. Jesus rising three days later tells us there is no birth or death only a continuation of consciousness. It’s the crucifixion of our light in God and the resurrection in Christ we are saved.  The ascension of Christ is light in all of us.   

It’s written in the universe but the alphabet isn’t taught in schools. Is there any creature who doesn’t talk to humans just because we don’t all read the same books. It’s not the laws of man that guide life it’s God’s light always working in us for knowing Him whether we do today or not. †

Loving Christ

The ascension of Christ is the rebirth in us. The teaching and the crucifixion are celebrated every Easter without depth, maturity, or substance for what Christ bore for us all. We talk about the ascension and God relinquishing our sins but we don’t hear about the teaching of why religion created His crucifixion killing God’s only son through the highest level of religion at that time.

Living with God isn’t the idle level of religion’s human precepts. It is the ripping of our Souls for light as God shakes satan out of us.  Never underestimate our divine world and the walk of the disciples, Abraham, John the Baptist, and Moses. They give us the right level for knowing our journey with God is through our thought system and the changing of reality for God.  Our light in God is the only level we can increase and if we only live society as reality who knew God. Living with God is an experience that shakes us to our core at every turn because He is giving us the world to open our light in Him. No one who knows God ever lives society as reality they only live God as reality. No one who knows God ever goes to a human being to hear someone who has never lived a day with Him talk about Him. They go to God. 


Every Easter should be the remembrance and celebration of the Love of Christ in each of us making Love the way of the world.  Knowing the light of Christ within us tells us the salvation of our depth in God is the only light we know as salvation. Never does anyone fall deep in hell because of their ignorance of Christ. He is with us always through our eternal existence in Him. Life doesn’t exist at the level of human consciousness. Human consciousness carries its story but God’s story is all of life living in Him. 

Every easter the devil has its place because of Christ being handed to the Romans by the high priest denying the Messiah right in front of them. At no time has religion known God. It’s synonymous with not knowing Jesus as the Messiah living with them. Religion never understood its role in life wasn’t shaped for God it shaped its level killing God’s only Son. It’s one of the greatest teachings for why Jesus taught us that religion did not know His Father. Nowhere did religion live for Christ. They had no way to learn from Him and never understood what living with God was. 

What we shaped out of ignorance is the level of the devil making human precepts more valuable than living beyond the institution to God. Today people believe the hierarchy, titles, and position have some difference with knowing God. What it created was its idea that never lived a day with God teaching about Himself. Nothing in any religion in over two thousand years has been an increase in knowing God. Nor do we have enlightened masters walking the earth.  It’s quite the opposite. 

We live in a world worst than what Sodom was with no nation on earth adhering to the Ten Commandments, money is a second God and false idols make up religion. No one understands what reality is or even knows how God is existing. The time for atonement is upon humanity and living every fiber of our being to God teaching about Himself. 

God created every human being whether we knew Him or not. That tells us no matter what we do or live He is with us. Having the ability to claim Jesus Christ as our Savior only gives us the advantage of keeping satan out of our thought system. At no time is there a sinner or bishop without God. Nor does a sinner or bishop live any deeper in God than one another. The idea of human beings living in the human-made hierarchy and making up titles and positions places someone at the table of Christ is blasphemy. 

Loving Christ is noted but claiming authority over the word or in knowing God is the devil. Only when we live with God teaching about Himself do we know Him to teach about Him. Otherwise, the entire human race is lost in those who made themselves authorities by branding and marketing with the devil as their guide. Knowing God only lives with consciously evolving in Him and that comes with a price of reality changing and our lives forever in Him. 

May every Easter be the ascension of Christ coming home for taking us into the depth of the disciples as we celebrate the ascension of Christ.  

Back to Life Video

Never does God teach without giving substance into our light for living in Christ’s Love. Without hesitation, life brings us chances for deepening our trust and faith in God. The ascension of Christ is essential for understanding Love and life. Our lives only experience a world at our level of consciousness. If we don’t know God we don’t have  light in consciousness. Many live very incredulous to divinity because we haven’t experienced celestial light or Heaven on earth. But we haven’t experienced it because we continuing living the little person version of life instead of for enlightenment.

God opens us to see the truth of our potential at this level of consciousness. Not only does He open that light He blesses us with experiences for solidifying greater maturity in Heaven while here on earth. God has given moments that bring human ideas of life to a halt for His level in life. Over time, I’ve been bringing tiny creatures back to life. It began when I was living in Santa Monica and saw a spider on my wall. I picked up my slipper and as I swung to hit it, I saw it cringe but had no way to stop the killing of it in time. 

At that moment I made a vow to not kill insects. When I catch spiders I set them free outside. Then it began nurturing life deeper when one day I drank my coffee and in the end discovered a fly at the bottom.  I poured it onto a paper towel and began blowing life into it. It was in me for what to do for bringing it back to life. I saw golden light living through it and imagined it flying and perfectly living. I would see it move in my mind and feel that joy of saving it while it was still dead. This one took almost an hour to bring back but something in me kept doing it. Now I only do it when God gives me light for it. Many insects choose how to leave form and that right of passage is to be honored as well. 

The video happened because God told me to video it. It’s a bit shakey because I was holding my iPhone while blowing life into the fly. My mouth had to be close to it but it was so small I didn’t want to blow it away. Let this be a glimpse of knowing God that gives to us where life doesn’t. The ascension of Christ living three days after being crucified is for us to know there is no death only consciously evolving in God. It’s very poignant to have God bless me the day before Easter Friday bringing the insect back to life. Let it give possibility and divinity into the higher existence within our Soul we each carry. 

What is the difference between mind and Spirit?

The Spirit is the light of the being and the mind is the apparatus that is thinking the story at the level of the temporal world for living through. We are not our thoughts. They only exist temporarily for walking through this one level of consciousness in matter. Consciousness is all that is alive and consciousness is the Souls level of Love giving the Spirit the way to live in matter. Spirit exists beyond this one version of life and is an everlasting light that lives out of the Soul for living in matter.