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California Backyard Birds


Description of Images Above

1. Northern Mockingbird sings all day and is known to have over 40 different voices, including mocking a dog.
2. Two Black Phoebes come here. One is nicknamed the Woodszo, and its voice is beautiful.
3. European Starling – Yellow Beak
4. House Sparrow, a group of 4-15 come.
5. Beautiful Anna & Rufous hummingbirds are here. They stay in the avocado tree, nested and raised many fledglings here.
6. Lesser Goldfinch, a group of 3-6 come in the morning.
7. The Cassini Finch 2-4 come during the day.
8. Western Scrub Jay 3 of them visit often. They have amazing voices that reminded me of the Northern Mockingbird.
9. Red Crowned Parakeets are very voiceful in groups of 30-80 flying around the neighborhood. When there was a crab tree next door, they came and flew through the backyard. Extraordinaire!
10. Red Tailed Hawk
11. Groups of Yellow-rumped Warbler visit.
12.  Downy Woodpecker
13. Black-Eyed Junco
14. Bushtit
15. Morning Dove
16. Yellow Warbler
17. Song Sparrow
18. Beswick’s Wren Building nest in the birdhouse.

Listen to the Mockingbird

(sound like a cricket at 42 seconds)


(they fly right over me)

The Fly

(it stayed being filmed for a long time)

The Baby Praying Mantis

(it made a long journey)

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