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Buddha, Confucius and Socrates

Buddha, Confucius, and Socrates heralded in the Axial period for changing human consciousness. We’ve been living at matters level and don’t think about divine light. We see society as reality and don’t know Heaven. We made the body self and didn’t know Spirit.  We’re claiming religion instead of living to God teaching about Himself. The walk for intelligence was made out of human ideas. 

We created human education from our ideas and placed our measurement of intelligence within it. We don’t go beyond it or live for enlightenment. No one wants to walk the path of Soul intelligence because they can graduate college and live with accepted mainstream ideas. We don’t live for greater depth, substance, or maturity. We live for a representative who wears a costume and as self. The concept of Buddha, Socrates, and Confucius, all living hundreds of years from each other was a growth period for humanity. We’ve stayed in lower mind however because we didn’t live to God. 

We still live the body as self and don’t know Heaven on earth. Socrates gave us a way to question even the most astute ideas of intelligence. He broke the view of someone carrying credibility because of branding and the original ideas place with us.  He thought about more reasons, places, and possibilities with ideas. The gift was deepening our ideas and questioning them. 

Buddha gave depth for knowing we lose our lives to gain them in God even when we don’t know He exists. His leaving his life in royalty for ascetic living is a human sacrifice beyond society’s ideas. His leaving the comforts and power for finding answers to suffering and liberation is the walk everyone passes through. He blessed us with light for finding Love out of simpler ideas in living that bring about peace. 

Confucius gave the moral compass for living with each other as equals and respectfully. Each one was placing something more in human ideas for living balanced. We’re striving to be someone for society instead of digging deeper into our Truth. We don’t live for depth and instead believe if we can obtain status and wealth, we have found the keys to life. Society is the teacher and living for moving through rather than living as someone in it. 

Buddha Confucius and Socrates

Love is living through many paths in life without knowing the way. Kenosis begins another idea of knowing. 

Society is the illusion for the little person’s ideas. We’re trying to awaken for knowing incessant thinking for moving out of satan to God. The bigger experience of life is beyond our eyes, and we slowly acquire the substance to know it by kenosis leaving self for light. It doesn’t come from human education or religion. It’s the making of our Soul’s journey to Love. 

We don’t associate Buddha, Confucius, or Socrates with God, but all had light to bring upon human consciousness for moving deeper toward Him. They give another avenue to live outside of mainstream ideas to God. 

Moving Through Life

Consciousness is all that is alive. We’re moving through energy in resonance through images in our Soul. The roads that lead to God don’t have to know He exists. 

We don’t carry the formula of God like we think we do. We don’t find Him in religion; He finds us. Even when we walk late at night gathering ideas for choosing ways to Him, we end up lost in the forest of faith. The world isn’t telling us the secrets of life; we’re unraveling our thought system for knowing more. When God gave us the way to know He existed He was giving us the map. Knowing that He is here is telling us there is more life beyond our eyes. We have more here than we know, but in order to unveil it we have to consciously evolve acquiring light. The world we see is the illusory of ideas playing out in matter. We’re trying to carry more Love as our existence for carrying more light in our eyes. 

Buddha, Socrates, and Confucius made a lifestyle idea over an institutionalized one. The knowing of God wasn’t theirs, even though some carried ideas of Him. None knew the difference between thinking and consciousness or what the Spirit and the Soul were. When Jesus embodied, He gave human consciousness the way to know God. He gave the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to live with God teaching about Himself. When we hear God we learn ultimate reality. Everything other than living with God teaching about Himself is lower mind. 

Until we hear God, we only live in our narrative within a story of human consciousness. When we hear God, we go beyond society’s level of living and into another realm of Heaven on earth. Hearing God changes our thought system and ideas of life. Every idea in human consciousness leads to God. They carry ways to acquire depth, substance, and maturity. Even the atheist is traveling towards God. Buddha, Confucius, and Socrates all turned the wheel for knowing more. 

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