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Buddha, Confucius and Socrates

Buddha, Confucius, and Socrates heralded in the Axial period for changing human consciousness. We’ve been living at matters level and don’t think about divine light. We see society as reality and don’t know Heaven. We made the body self instead of learning about Spirit. We’re carrying religions instead of living to God teaching about Himself. The walk for Intelligence is out of human ideas and into celestial ones. 

We shaped human education from our ideas and placed our measurement of intelligence within it. We don’t go beyond it or live for enlightenment. No one wants to walk the path of Soul intelligence because they can graduate from college and live with acceptance in mainstream ideas. We don’t live for greater magnitude of life, substance, or maturity. We live for a representative who can wear a costume as self and be seen as successful. The idea of Buddha, Socrates, and Confucius, all living hundreds of years from each other, was period for growth.

We didn’t harness in a deeper value to our existence for knowing more. We continued making money a second God and lived for only what we could live from matters level of life. The celestial world fell to lower mind. We’ve stayed in lower mind without learning consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. 

We live the body as self and don’t know Spirit. Socrates, Buddha, and Confucious gave us depth for deepening our light in God even though none heard Him. They lived out of the light in Christ and placed depth in human consciousness. Socrates gave us a way to question the most astute ideas of intelligence. 


Love is living through many paths in life without knowing the way. Kenosis begins another idea of knowing. 

He broke the view of someone carrying credibility because of branding and gave depth for climbing back to the originating place of knowing and the purpose. He thought about reasons, ideas, and possibilities within ideas. The gift was deepening our depth and questioning everything. 

Buddha gave the way to know a middle light for carrying greater peace. He gave humanity the road to living outside of worldly materialism and wealth. His leaving his royalty for ascetic living was losing his life to gain it in God without knowing God. He traveled further than many people in religion to leave one world for another.

The depth of his conviction placed him with Christ without Siddartha Gautama knowing anything about Christ. When he left the comforts of royalty and power for finding answers to suffering and tried to liberate himself from pain to know where suffering came from, the walk placed him in light.  

Confucius gave the moral compass for living with each other as equals and with respect. The honor code of living with others was finding depth, substance, and maturity. All three placed depth in human consciousness for civility, living deeper in God, and carrying light.

Living with Love

Humanity hasn’t begun to know creation to understand consciousness and living in our narrative Even though Buddha realized living was temporal he didn’t have consciousness or God. He never knew only his narrative was existing as life or that consciousness was all that was alive. The bigger existence of consciousness hadn’t been known. Human ideas tend to live only in what works for us instead of in what doesn’t work. We don’t realize the small box of thinking we shape while only living in what works for us. Reality doesn’t live in tiny human ideas, illusions do. 

The depth of knowing society was an illusion escaped Buddha, Socrates, and Confucious. Buddha knew ideas were temporal and placed perceptive as illusory. We shape veils of illusions to live through. Society is an illusion; once we leave the body, none of our thoughts remain. Consciousness is a continuous level, and human life is constantly changing form. We only experience our level of consciousness as the world. The mind doesn’t detect illusion but is the master of daydreams.

Human thinking is only daydreaming. Until we hear God, we live only in self-chatter as life. The mind will think incessantly, jumping from one thought to the next, keeping us busy without knowing we’re not in the present moment. Human beings rarely know the present moment because incessant thinking keeps us wandering in the past and future, thinking about experiences that have already happened or ones we want to have happen. 

Only what we think lives as life. We hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. We could be in a room of fifty people, and the observer is the one in the light. Everyone else will say what they want to hear them say and will say what they don’t want to hear them say. They only exist in our light, in our narrative in our perspective. 

Life is living for us to awaken to our divine level of living. The walk is through our thought system leaving darker earthly energy for light. We’re living to unravel everything we’ve been taught and believe is life for living with God teaching about Himself. 

Until we hear God, we only live in our narrative with stories in human consciousness. When we hear God, we go beyond society’s level of knowing and into another reality that opens Heaven on earth. No matter where we stand in life even if we don’t believe God exists the road is towards Him. We’re learning more about life to understand creation and as we understand creation we know higher intelligence is with us. The magnitude of being human is far beyond our idea of it. The more we learn about creation the more we realize were living in something shaped out of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. 


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