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Knowing our light is in God for living through everything in life with Heaven upon us. 

Human Photosynthesis

Before learning how balance exist we have to understand the bigger world it exists out of. Living in a world only existing in consciousness tells us our ideas, perspectives, and reactions to life define our existence. We shape what happiness is and isn't and we shape what is acceptable and isn't. That agreement makes us the only ones who can change our world for more happiness. 

We want to live with knowing that something greater is living beyond what is at face value.  What we first see in life is the outer level of our thinking. It doesn't go beyond the surface idea of itself. It dwells at face value and only through selfish living. Most people don't consider themselves selfish because they haven't learned about living enlightened. 

Living for what works for us or having ideas of, self-care and self-Love as part of our repertoire is the little person's level in life. Not yet knowing what reality is and isn't or what being alive is.  Our idea of society as reality bends everything to its idea of what life is and isn't. But it never goes beyond that one little maze of knowing and not knowing. 

We don't understand we're being raised with higher intelligence because we don't see other life with us. Knowing God exists doesn't mean anything to some people because they can't fathom how or what He is. That idea seems ridiculous until we know how matter is existing and that life is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. Then we begin thinking deeper with the knowledge that matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. Once we learn more about creation we know why it's imperative we start the process of ending incessant thinking for controlling light in our thought system. 

Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next in self chatter. Every human being lives in it until they consciously evolve out of it. We hear a voice talking to us about what we did, need to do, or want in life. We fantasize constantly with stories about how things could have been different or what would make us feel good. Human beings subjugate thought with daydreams eighty percent of their life. We're mastering how to make things up without understanding dark and light. 

No one knows the idea of thought until they carry depth and substance. Both are acquired through living as Love. We're gliding through a world in incessant thinking having no balance or clue about consciousness living in matter. We look without thinking for how something benefits us, makes us feel good, or look good.

We mimic celebrities and magazines that tell us who is trendy and what is the best life to live. We want to be accepted and live what society deems as successful. We don't learn about society being an illusion or that there is only one of us here with God. For us living famous and wealthy is the real world and God is the fairytale. When what we think is the fairytale and the real world is knowing God teaching about Himself. 

Nothing society carries as success ever reaches Heaven's level. It doesn't live with a thought system that can.  Only consciously evolving beyond society as reality with enlightenment opens the bigger world.  This means unraveling our thought system for an entirely new perspective of reality. The process goes from society as reality to living with God teaching about Himself. Only knowing society as reality tells us we haven't begun that journey in life for knowing what the world lives won't carry a balance but what we live with higher intelligence does. 

Human photosynthesis is carrying the light from human consciousness into matters level for this level of consciousness to experience its story.  When we live with a thought system knowing society as reality we're deeply living through incessant thinking which is ego, satan, and the little person. 



No one is knowing they are only living in their narrative. They think the world is living outside of them instead of through them. Our knowing that God existed was for knowing to keep light beyond our world with the eternal level in us. Most people haven't bothered to observe their thoughts or understand what life is because everyone thinks they know by the time they are thirty what life is. We're not conscious of the world only existing at our level of consciousness. At thirty everyone is living society as reality without a clue what thinking is or how matter is existing. We don't try to enlighten ourselves because education tells us we know life.

No one in science understood how matter was existing or what being alive was until these writings with God. They didn't understand human beings only live in their narrative or what that meant for why atoms have infinite impressions or why quantum entanglement gives for understanding we live in human photosynthesis. 

Incessant thinking is a thought system in lower mind we are to move out of but we never woke up enough to do so.  Our mandatory level in life is living for enlightenment because we are a thinking species only living in consciousness.  

The world only existing in our narrative is for observing our thoughts for living as Love. Our thoughts are the only level existing as life. Even if we are in a room of five hundred people the observer is in the light and everyone else is only living in their narrative. They will hear them say what they want them to say and don't want them to say. Everything will only live in their perspective no matter how elaborate the world can flip and jump it will only exist in the observer's idea of it. Nothing ever exists outside of our narrative. 

Learning to live without incessant thinking is the next chapter in human consciousness. We're leaving the little person's level behind for climbing to higher light in God. No, enlighten master will ever give anything to someone other than society as life because they are not hearing God's voice. Knowing the world is a veil of illusion has never made the climb to knowing God as reality because no one gets to Him for hearing Him teach about Himself. 

Hearing God speak shatters everything we know about life living. It rips apart our idea of what is possible and rattles us for figuring out what is happening. It's not some idle level that lives like getting a cup of tea. Everyone making hearing God a normal part of life hasn't heard Him once. No one who hears God will ever live society as reality again. The idea that titles and positions accrue depth in God because a human being plays a role in life is absurdity at its best. Nothing society gave holds decree in God. The temple in us is the light in HIm. 

No one will live with God teaching us to master being an accountant or tax collector. We're living with God for living the light of Christ in humanity's present level of consciousness. 

There is no secret path in life. Our idea of learning how to manipulate energy falls to the devil. Or existing for only seeing the outcome in everything as the cup of life. We're not grasping the divine nature of our existence or the enormity of Heaven upon us in life. The journey of thought in matter is only existing for enlightenment with God teaching about Himself. 

Since the Bible, everything has been in front of us for knowing God was upon us. We simply didn't read it in the light needed. We made money a second God and human consciousness developed in lower mind before we understood that consciousness was energy living as matter. Without living with God teaching about Himself we shaped a world in darker energy and haven't learned about human photosynthesis, Conscious Energy, or light blended within consciousness for living in matter. 


The Alchemy in Balance

Living through human photosynthesis gives us the way to move in a world only experiencing our thoughts as life.  Having balance is knowing there is light in everything including where there is dark. Opening our power to being malleable is providing the light for balance.  

Only our narrative is living as life. No one lives outside of their thoughts and no one experiences anything except their thoughts as life. We listen from our narrative and only hear what we want to hear and don't want to hear as life. Our truth is Love. We're living through everything other than Love to Love. 

There's nothing living but Love with human beings writing on top that their story which falls deep in the devil's level of life because of living in satan and lower mind. When we made money a second God we placed meaning and attachment with matter which keeps us in lower earthly energy. Human beings are not the little person level. We're divine creatures in God but never know it because we only live for what society says is life. We don't begin this life hearing God teach. That only comes later in free will. 

Having balance isn't working out a schedule to have part work and play blend perfectly. Having balance is light in our state of mind that carries Heaven in all things. We don't think for it because people don't know the world is only existing at their level of consciousness. People chase the empty bowl trying to apply balance in satan instead of understanding the truth of their power in God. We try to control our world and only do what works for us. Which only shapes the devil in life.  We haven't understood I am the universe or the light the world lives through. We're only being at the effect of the world instead of at cause. Matter is the effect and consciousness is at cause. 



Having balance is knowing light is living in everything and is always there for moving through. Strengthening our ability to glide through life with God becomes a necessity when the world is still in lower mind. We achieve this by knowledge and then living it. Only by becoming it do we know it. Nothing in life is textual except the first knowing. After that experiencing it is all there is. We drop away and come back. We conquer and learn to go deeper. We live experiencing our thoughts and energy shifting. No one is born enlightened at the level of knowing all. We are born for living through everything other than Love to Love but we have to make the choice of Love to open the bigger world we are in. 

Knowing God is with us wasn't something religious it was for carrying light in life. No one lives believing they have been created or live in something with higher intelligence raising them but that is our existence. We have so much with us and don't even know it because our thought system is deep in darkness and can't see the light. We bury it living for fame and wealth. We lose knowing the bigger world when we accept society as reality. No one is learning to live with Angels, celestial light, and other races of Love because everyone thinks society is reality. 

When people learn they only live in their narrative and that there is only one of us here with God. They realize the bigger world was always here for teaching us how to live with God in light. 

Our journey won't be perfect, exactly what we want or even what we think is right. There will always be different ideas about what we want to do, need to do, and have to do. Sometimes we don't have an agreement for the experience but that doesn't mean it can't live in light.  Our knowing God exists is for pulling us out of the dark to light through everything in existence. 

Our agreement only has to be with Love for it to also be with God and Heaven.  Balance begins arriving the moment we become the alchemy for its existence. We want to shape our ideas of life with Love. We want to carry gentleness and observing life more. No one realizes the balance of life already exists when we allow life to unfold with higher intelligence knowing exactly what is needed.

Our ideas live out of human consciousness and the little person's idea of what works for us. No one realizes that life was created and there is a higher intelligence that knows the truth for what works for us beyond any level we could know. 

No one walks onto a huge plane and kicks the pilot out to fly it. We're in a world that is raising us when we allow higher light to work with us. Living with balance means knowing the mortal world circumstances are not living as real unless we make them be what we think they are. 

Many experiences have light no one ever sees because their idea about the experience was already set in stone before it happened. We don't change perspective because no one told us what works for us closes light instead of opening it. We have to pause and surrender to light telling ourselves there is more here than we know. There is more existing beyond how I think. 

Allowing for higher intelligence to work in life is giving everything we can for knowing there is more happening than I am knowing. Balance is freedom in life at deeper levels than the little person's idea of balance. The light in our state of mind carries God and the ability to know Heaven shape out of anything. This gives us the way to live with greater calmness when the devil rears its head. Living in happiness only lives out of deeper knowing about life. 

Happiness from material goods, accolades, or feelings that make us feel superior on some level fall away. They don't answer the heart they only give to the mind what feeds the ego and the little person. Our divine light needs to be used. Nothing in this world can triumph over God. When we only live society as reality we cut ourselves away from God.

We are in the light of Christ for living that. We shed ego every time we choose Love and give to others over self. Remember self doesn't exist. It's only a story at the temporal level giving us the way to live through the human story to God. Self separates us until we learn that everyone is a level of energy within our Soul and that we are one Love. As we learn about our eternal flame in God we understand the body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. What is living is the conscious energy inside of the body and that is continuously evolving in God as Love. 

Balance is the art of light. Knowing everyone is a level of energy in our Soul tells us the face of God can be any one of them giving to us the light for learning and choosing Love. If at the top we already make that choice and live pausing and living gently this starts our eyes seeking what gives us the light for Love instead of fear.  Life is our personal curriculum catering to what carves our Soul deeper in God.  Let us live this moment with agreement from the start of our day that we live knowing the bigger world is trying to help us have Love and happiness through everything we shape.

Our version isn't God's but He will work through ours when we let Him. Knowing light is there tells us to extend our perspective beyond what is at face value. Don't sit in the experience but live beyond it with light in God. Choose Love with people in the experience and choose Love for knowing more is here than we are knowing. More is living in the experience than we are seeing. Choosing Love opens Heaven on earth and brings light into our mind for balance over our world.