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The world is a teacher. It's the veil of illusion searching our light for teaching us to live deeper as Love as we consciously evolve to ultimate reality in God.


The Alchemy of Light

Four Holy Knowings

Come Into the Light.

Live trusting life is beyond what you think you see.  

Return to the Light

Train your thinking to question what life shows for living Love.

Deepen the Light

Happiness is the brother of Love. 

Live One Light

Only Love is real and everyone is a level of energy within your Soul.  


 PRAYER Meditations

Let your light shine deeper in God with methods of prayer and meditation. Always making Love first, last, and in all things.  Will download immediately upon choosing download.



The world is the window of our Soul living for consciously evolving. Nothing we're experiencing is anything but a teacher to enlightenment. We live in a world that's moving very fast and our mind matches what we see in life if we don't understand reality.  Thought is all that is alive and every thought moves us forward in matter. What we think is imprinting upon energy for what we experience in matter.

No one ever lives outside of what they think as life. The world is our personal curriculum living with only one of us here with God. There's only one of us here with God because the entire experience of living is only in our narrative. No one lives outside of what they think as life. God did this for giving us the way to be with Him.  We're living through our own thoughts slowly awakening to light. 

No one understood reality because no one has ever lived enlightened to God. We're only going along with society instead of releasing the divine light within.

People live incessantly thinking. We jump from one thought to the next only experiencing our narrative as life. No one lives outside of the self-chatter. We never live outside of our thoughts. Even when we listen to people we only hear them in our narrative. Everything we see is only in our mind. It doesn't live outside of us. It only lives through us in our perspective. Nothing we see is matters level. Everything is only energy living at our level of consciousness. 

Human consciousness is living quantumly with light for experiencing matter exactly as we think. We're living in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). Human consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy and is shaped from a plethora of higher intelligence quantumly living as other races of light. 

Our level of consciousness has greater light within it waiting for us to recognize it. 

Quantum entanglement is good for realizing there are no pieces of furniture sticking out of our ears. It's a good way to know how we're living. We're experiencing furniture as images in our Soul.  Everything we see isn't as we see, its hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles only giving us exactly what we think as matter. The buildings, earth, and body are hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. Nothing lives as anything other than energy placing images in our Soul exactly as we think. 

Nothing, as reality, is permanent. It's a transitory story in matter for consciously awakening through. Consciousness is constantly living for going beyond itself into new light in matter. As people understand matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness, we have the capacity for realizing why living for enlightenment is mandatory for living opening the world. 

Nothing we live is reality it's the veil of illusion searching our light for teaching us to live deeper as Love consciously evolving to ultimate reality in God.

As we become Love we increase God's energy in our consciousness and begin a process for changing reality from society as reality to living God as reality. 

Higher consciousness is a natural process in life. We're experiencing one level of thinking for increasing light for experiencing matters level as Heaven on earth. Consciously evolving is imperative for human beings because consciousness is all that is alive. 

Our shaping reality in darkness is from making money a second God and never living with God teaching about Himself. We live in lower earthly energy which is the devil's level because it keeps the thought system in ego, little person, and satan which never leaves the illusion for God.  We make living in fear our way of life. We only think through attack and defend having opponents in life to conquer. Our divinity is never known from this level of thinking. The world shapes itself for only experiencing the darker version of life. 

Our thought system keeps living in the devil instead of through God.  Religion has never lived a day with God outside of the devil's level. When Jesus walked the earth, we were deep in darkness living society as reality and never got out. The reason so many live religion as living with God is no one understood living God as reality doesn't live society as reality. When we live God as reality our lives change for only knowing Him teaching about Himself.

Living only in our narrative quickly becomes the gift for living with God teaching about Himself. We have the way to understand our thoughts in matter and consciously evolving deeper into Him. Our thought system makes our journey to God the greatest light of living. We can happily understand Him as we evolve in greater light. 

Without understanding creation, the human race has lived at matters level and not beyond it. We made money a second God and expanded out of money as our way of life. Society has been living in linear consciousness from the beginning. We first lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then we lived for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness.

We're expanding money as what living is creating luxury brands and increasing the level of consumerism as what life is. Always needing more and more money. We have no way of greater depth because money created people to live with power without having Love for humanity or greater intelligence of knowing life. The human thought system made the illusion the reality because we never had the intelligence to understand what matter was or how life was existing. 

This ignorance is only because of making money a second God and human consciousness living in lower earthly energy instead of higher in God. No one is living for knowing God beyond religion and religion isn't consciously evolving in God. Nothing in life is holding the way to live with God teaching about Himself because we made living with God only what religion is doing. No one is being born to go beyond religion living with God to then turn around and teach religion about God. 

Heaven's level in life beckons us for deeper knowing of our world in Heaven. And for understanding why we only live in our narrative. As we live for Love the world begins to unravel with light for understanding God. If we only live society's little person-level we never get beyond the illusion for hearing God out of thin air. People are living with God like a third person not realizing its little psychotic to believe God is alive and then not do everything under the Sun to live with Him teaching about Himself. 

The darkness has us living in practices and protocols without consciously evolving in God. We're not living for Christ consciousness.  When we live with God as reality instead of living society as reality we lose our lives at society's level for gaining them in Him. Our reality changes instantly when we hear God out of thin air.

No one who hears God out of thin air ever again lives soceity as reality. It's impossible because the world changes the moment we hear God for trying to understand His existence like that. People believe they hear God all the time while living society as reality. When we hear God at Heavens level we lose our lives at society's level for gaining them in God. We never live society's purpose again. 

God is giving us the way to open our divinity in Him which takes us out of society's reality for having only purpose in His teachings and guidance. We lose our lives to gain them in God is literal. Nothing we presently live as living with God comes close to Him rearranging our thought system for knowing the world is our personal curriculum and there's only one of us here with God. 

As we understand we're only living in our narrative we understand better that there's only one of us here with God.  Nothing about the world as we know ever remains again. Everything about life changes the moment we are living with God changing our thought system for living Him as reality.

The light in our consciousness only experiences the depth of our light in Him. If we only live soceity as reality that is our reward.  There are no reasons for thinking God is blessing us to know Him at the superficial level of fame and wealth. He wants us to live for Christ consciousness for carving our Soul deeper into Him for experiencing Him teaching about Himself. 

God knew what He created as life and that if humanity didn't live with Him first we would shape our thought system to the devil's level. None of this is religious. All of it is about understanding God for living Him as the blueprint to life.

Heaven's level in life gives us the way to live in matter. There are greater races in our light for increasing energy in consciousness for having matter live exactly as we think. As we age from an embryo to a five-year-old there are greater increases of energy in our light. The world is only energy.

If we saw creations level there would be grids of energy going in all directions for as far as the eye could see. The energy would be crisscrossing and moving in every direction. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy which is the living race of Heaven. 

Conscious Energy is the living species of Heaven that give us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Conscious Energy can communicate with us when we're higher in consciousness. Heaven's level is a plethora of celestial races. Nothing we understand as life is our world until we begin understanding how matter is existing and what being alive is. Understanding society is an illusion and God is reality. 


Self is the transitory level of the mortal world and doesn't exist. We live for eternity changing form to experience matter from different levels of consciousness. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. What is continuous is consciousness. Consciousness is life and is the Love of the Soul giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The human race is living from Heaven for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. We live for eternity consciously evolving for greater light in God. As we increase with higher intelligence we deepen our knowing light in God. The journey is never-ending because God is hundreds of billions of years alive. 

Each level of consciousness we experience in matter completes the world. As we live Love we shape Heaven on earth to live through to the next level of consciousness. 

Because we made money a second God and fell to darker earthly energy we've shaped self for only living society's story which never goes beyond matter into our divine light. No one understood until these writings to live beyond society for unveiling the bigger world and our divine light. Everyone has been living without trying to hear God out of thin air. We must live for God teaching about Himself. 


Soceity is the backdrop and only living as the temporary illusion for carving our Soul in God. It's for living beyond it slowly awakening to consciousness living in matter. At society's little person level, human beings live in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next. Not aware of living only in their perspective or how life is existing. We move through incessantly thinking in self chatter unconscious to how life is living in our thoughts.  We think we're conscious because we live knowing we're alive.

Thinking is living within different variables of our consciousness. And at the level of incessant thinking, we're not conscious of life because we have no concept of what only living in our narrative is. 

The human mind subjugates thought with daydreaming and fairytales. It lives in energy that keeps images running through our mind until we understand what thinking is. Human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human beings in this life because we're constantly living in self chatter. Our self-chatter is what we live through but we're not our thoughts. They're part of the temporal story just feeding the energy for awakening through to God. 

Incessant thinking lives as real as a daydream. People live more in the past and future than in the present moment. We replay what happened in yesterday's meeting and think about what to eat for dinner. Rarely do we have a focus on the present moment. Many people experience suffering because of what is thought instead of what is living in the present moment. 

Thinking doesn't live as consciousness. Consciousness is giving the light for thinking to live out of. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all and doesn't change as thoughts do. Consciousness is the light we're experiencing as our perspective of life. Thinking is the only level feeding the little person story for evolving to higher consciousness. It's one level of thinking and can't go any higher until we increase greater levels of energy of Love within our light. 

When we live Love we increase God's energy in our light which changes the light in consciousness. God told us not to make money a second God and to keep Him first because He knew if we didn't listen to Him we would shape a thought system in darkness not understanding consciousness in matter or how to move through this world realizing our potential at this level of consciousness. 

Having God with us gives us the way to live consciously evolving in light moving through what He created. Humanity has never understood life or how matter was existing which is pretty profound. Its a profound level of how dark our reality has been in the illusion. The world is living backward because of it. Nothing about soceity is permanent. It's was always been the temporal level for evolving through.

This is the quick trip in matter. We didn't understand reality or God for knowing what consciousness was living for in matter. We assumed what life was from our little person-level only making what our senses told us was real. Nothing we think of as life is life. We're flying without a compass that knows Heaven's level in life. 

What human beings shaped as the thought system created a reality in lower earthly energy. Nothing can carry light until it has light.  We've lived in lower earthly energy that doesn't live for higher light in God because we're not living for Christ consciousness. We're not living for God to teach about Himself. we're only living to satisfy religion. Humanity wants to live beyond religion for living for God to teach about Himself.  

What is eternal is God as reality. Consciousness is always reaching for higher levels of light to live through Him. The world leans towards Heaven and we're aging effortlessly fro going out of the body into new consciousness. 

We made society reality and only live at matters because we didn't understand God. Everyone is born into a world already existing and only goes along with what society is doing. We've been living in passed down levels of consciousness from the beginning, not living for evolving beyond religion and society to God teaching about Himself. 

We're taught to live society's little person level as what life is instead of living in our divine light for opening up divinity in God.  Religion became the knowing of God out of people not living God as reality. We want to live for our divinity and we want to live beyond any level in society. 

Every human being is with God and yet nothing we live has Him teaching about Himself. Society is adding God to religion not realizing we want to live with God like the disciples with Christ living God as reality. When the majority of people didn't have the capacity for knowing God was alive religion became the level that was always trying to teach people about God instead of living for Christ consciousness for living with God teaching about Himself. 

We needed to stay living God as reality over everything life was showing. If our thought system never changes from matters level we never know God in light. Our rendition of deep living with God at society's level is a shallow level only complimenting the devil's level in life. 

People must leave society as reality for God as reality in order to consciously evolve deeper in God. Consciously evolving in God is the process of living beyond society into Heaven. We change our level of thinking by living for Love at levels society would deem as crazy. When our thought system changing we're literally losing our lives at society's level for gaining them in God. This means we lose the status, friends, money, and purpose for building our light in God.

When we make soceity reality we shape the thought system in lower earthly energy having no way to know God outside of it until we consciously evolve through society to Heaven. 

Our Soul builds our life continuum through becoming Love. Consciousness is Love just like God is Love. Our light in Him is the source of all living. We're deepening our journey in God for what awakens us to the enormity of life and how consciousness opens greater realms of existence.

No one understood enlightenment for realizing the only reason consciosuness exists is for higher intelligence. 

If humanity only lives for money nothing we identify as life every becomes light. Human beings have placed meaning in materialism and self-identity in matter because of our living for money. Most people think that self is our hairstyle, clothes, job title, name, the car they drive, neighborhood, and bank account. 

There's no way to live for enlightenment until we unravel everything we think we know as life. This happens living for Christ consciousness. The process for higher consciousness is unraveling everything we believe is who we are, what we are, and who God is. 

God shapes consciousness outside of everything we live. He works in our thought system for teaching us the light in life. We don't understand life because our version isn't living with higher intelligence.

Having depth, substance and maturity only comes from carving the Soul deeper in God. If we only live for mastering bible study, practices, and protocols we never live with faith greater than society's little person level of knowing. 


In order for the light to come in, we must shed the dark. Satan is the thought system in darkness creating fear in life instead of Love. We live with pain energy shaping our thoughts and don't become aware of the dark because we never know the light. The process for removing pain energy is Love. Having the aptitude for forgiveness and giving everything to others as life opens us for higher energy that processes in consciousness.  Having a thought process that moves through Love for consciously evolving in God begins having greater awareness for life. Our living for peacefulness is only shaping life for compassionate living with animals. 

Most people haven't understood that we're being raised for light. Animals give us the way to Love without receiving anything back but Love. How we treat animals is one gage for the level of human consciousness, and having weapons increase on earth is another. Animals carry light beyond what we know and have always been the teacher in the relationship. Human beings have always believed they were the masters of their domain but never understood the Soul carving itself into greater light. 

No one can harm the Soul of another human being. We only harm our own because we're only living in our narrative and ultimately there is only one of us here with God.  Jesus was teaching us to “Do unto to others as we would have them do unto you” so we could have a principle in life fro awakening to God. We're the ones living through the world only existing at our level of consciousness. 

Nothing ever done is real but Love. The rest eventually erases but love lives forever shaping our Soul into light. 


The process for breaking incessant thinking is increasing the space between our thoughts and losing identity in them. Living with fewer thoughts is the way for living deeper in the conscious space of God hearing Him. Otherwise, we only listen to our self chatter as life. We want to quiet our minds and live in energy that holds peace, compassion, and Love. Mantras, Christ meditations, and quiet living aid in deepening our awareness of life.

Love is the only energy that brings higher levels of God's energy in our light. Every time we choose Love over everything else we deepen our light in God. Keeping Love first, last and in all things deepens our light in God. Making our thought process live quietly with God is the aim. Consciously evolving is another level that Love builds the substance for. 

Consciously evolving is a process making choices through trials and tribulations that hold faith in God for living Love as Christ. The determination only knowing Love as life carries more experiences for having light in God. Only through the complications of our mind do we relinquish satan for Heaven. The human mind is swimming with millions of tiny snakes that multiply through the darkness. The reality shaped from incessant thinking only knows matter as life and doesn't to live for the divine light. 

We have to shed the incessant thinking for deeper knowing of God.  99.9% of humanity never knows they only experience life in their narrative. They have no idea there is only one of us here with God or how it's possible because they don't understand how matter is existing. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Teaching humanity what being alive is and how matter is existing is more vital to human life than teaching history. 

History is a temporary level of the mortal world. It's only living for each level of consciousness. When we leave the body and live in new consciousness our history will be for that level of consciousness. Learning what being alive is and how matter is existing gives everyone the way to understand God as the blueprint to life.

Without human beings knowing they experience the world only at their level of consciousness and only in their narrative. They have no way to understand what being conscious of life is. Instead, we live in incessant thinking without knowing any level of what the word is that's actually the world. Without our consciously living we have no way to consciously evolve for sustainability.  

Human beings live in a state of unconscious living because no one understands that knowing what being alive is-is knowing we only live in our narrative and the experience of life is only at our level of consciousness. There is only one of us here with God.

Nothing we live has us waking to what being alive is because every level of life has been in darkness. World government and every scientist never understood how matter was existing None ever knew what matter was or how consciousness was living in matter. Our darkness doesn't tell us we're living in darkness it makes us believe we know everything and are in light. 

The story of Adam and Eve with Adam falling asleep never speaks about him awakening. Human beings fell into darkness by making money a second God and now we live trying to awaken to God for consciously evolving out of the lower darker earthly energy for light.  We're living through the illusion of society to God as reality.

Living for enlightenment is a requisite for humanity. 


Many moments in life can be lived in happiness but we never seize them. While waiting for a friend we have time to send Love to everyone we know and to them. We have time to adjust our focus of being with them for only living Love. 

At the grocery store, we can either stand in line impatiently, incessantly thinking about what else we need to do. Or we can come into our light present to everyone in line living as a level of energy within our Soul.  They are only existing for us to live Love through. Everyone we see is only living for us to live Love. We should send them Love and wish them blessings. Each one is Christ. 

When we're in traffic we can be in a hurry and suffer or we can know God has better timing than us. We have no idea what is happening on the back end of life but everything is for living Love and trusting God over what is at face value. We have to go beyond our circumstances for living with God guiding and shaping our lives. Knowing there is more existing beyond what we see. There is more existing what we can think. 

We're the only ones that can think fro what changes our energy and mood. Every thought is all we live but we have the power to live different perspectives by living greater levels of Love.

When we're working we want to live present to having joy in what we do. When we work mindfully choosing periodic moments to focus on Love and our light in God we live happier.

Knowing that everyone we work with is a level of energy in our Soul for living Love tells us they will only live in what we want them to be and don't want them to be.

Everything we think is only in our narrative and living for us to awaken through. 


Every day there are moments we can come into our light. When we live through Love we live beyond the level of matter. When we stay present to God being with us while we do chores, think, and work. We live with energy beyond the level of what we're doing. Being present to the light beyond what we do is opening the conscious space of God.

We want to return to our light until we blend it completely as life. Many thought processes become livingness as we understand consciousness is all that is alive. Our thought process becomes a greater livingness in God as we understand consciousness is all that is alive. 

If we don't become aware of our thoughts we live asleep without having the power for deepening peace, joy, and unity in God.

Wisdom is living out of God's energy.  If we only know life at one level of thinking and never consciously evolve we never know the bigger world. We can only live what we can conceive. 

There is more living beyond our thoughts. Life is greater than what our eyes see. Our eyes can only see what our mind can think. Life moves through us and doesn't live outside of us. Our narrative is the only level of life existing. 

If we on level “A” we only experience what lives in level “A” including our interpretation of God. We can't go outside of our thoughts and can only live through our thoughts. If we live on level “B” we experience what is on  level “B” and know what is also on level “A.”

The human mind was created for evolving and not laying dormant in one illusion. Our world is bigger than our knowledge and we want to increase energy for having higher intelligence. 

We want to live through the veils of illusion dropping them fro going deeper and deeper into God. Soul intelligence is the only level that gives higher consciousness for human beings. The human education system will shape thee thought system for the level of matter not light. Soul intelligence is from living and for living with God teaching about Himself. 


Waking meditation is done as a way of life. We changing the light we're living through for seeing what is beyond face value. We don't have to go anywhere and can sit anywhere to begin. Whether on a plane, bus, at work, gardening or in a waiting room we can begin. 

We want to open the conscious space of God instead of living in our self-chatter. Learning quiet living no matter where we are is the premise of waking meditation. We're strengthening our mind for going beyond everything for the light of Heaven in our world.

We're part of something very big and we're part of something divine that's beyond everything we see.  Our light lives beyond this one level of consciousness in Heaven with the Soul giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Thinking deeper about our existence carries substance into unity in God.  We're much bigger than our jobs, cars, houses, and bank accounts. There is no situation or level of self-identity in matter that carries the magnitude of our existence in God. We're divinely living as Love for awakening to that truth. 

Let us begin. First focus on listening beyond what you hear. Keep going beyond everything you hear to going deeper and deeper for where it's emerging out of. 

Beyond everything we hear is energy and its not in any level of livingness until we are conscious of it. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. As we listen beyond what we hear we travel deeper and deeper to a focused state of nothingness. We're not thinking incessantly and were not trying to live with greater awareness of anything. Except to go deeper and deeper beyond everything we are hearing. We're quieting our mind for going beyond the sound.

Between every sentence, there is a space. we want to widen the space between our sentences for having an emptiness. that emptiness is where thought is emerging out of. That emptiness is where sound emerges out of. 

Everything in life is an algorithm in God. It's vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We want to keep quieting our mind and quieting everything we see and hear as we keep traveling beyond it and beyond it into a deeper space within the conscious space of God.

Everything is floating in light for us to go beyond it. Look beyond what you see for a nothingness. Understanding creation helps us when we do waking meditation because we understand energy is all that is existing. We're to go beyond everything we see to the nothingness that's only existing of light. 

Nothing we see in front of us is living as we see its energy. Look beyond it for light. and as we listen for nothing hearing deeper and deeper beyond the sound we go into a greater level of quietness. There's silence beyond all sound we hear. 

We never want to prevent ourselves from slipping into a space of stillness. Even if we're in the city and there's car honking or buses gong by and we hear hearing people loudly. No matter what it is we can always find stillness through what you're perceiving by going beyond it to the light to where it's emerging out of and that's the conscious space of God.  

Once our eyes and ears have centered on light beyond the surface levels. We can take that light and travel deeper and deeper into greater levels of Love. The sounds fade into softness. What is seen doesn't have emphasis. Even if we're watching a busy street it will gradually become a place of nothingness. The space beyond everything we see carries happiness and peace. If the eyes get lost or thoughts come in simply let things glide in and glide out.

This waking meditation goes very deep once the practicer is understanding matter beyond all matter. Heaven is the level of everything with human consciousness creating its version inside of Heaven. Let Heaven guide your mind beyond matter to light. Ask for guidance and you shall receive. Often we miss living present to God because we focus on our surroundings at what is at face value. 

Waking meditation allows us to know our light beyond face value and all levels of matter. There are higher levels of intelligence watching for our level in opening Heaven on earth. Our journey of deepening our light in God is a beginning for always understanding the celestial light in life. 

Meditation is one way of moving through energy. Mantras are another and simply sitting with quiet light in our mind absorbs energy for higher knowing. There's nothing as we live in this moment that is as we see. Let us quiet our minds and also lose our lives from incessantly thinking through matter at one level for holding a greater level of light within God for teaching us about Himself. 

Consciousness is a gift giving us the way to know that life is only in our narrative. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.  We want to understand creation, we want to understand how matter is existing so we can live deeper into God for always living as Love.