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Knowing What Living in Your Narrative Means

Living in the Bigger World

Nothing we believe is life comes close to creation’s level in life.
There is more living beyond how we think in life.

The story of life is experiencing one level of consciousness in matter at a time, While the entire existence of life only exists at our level of consciousness. The story of life is never-ending but always beginning. 

  1. we live in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next
  2. daydreams make up most of our existence
  3. living in our narrative is the only level of life
  4. the world is only living at our level of consciousness
  5. there is only one of us here with God
  6. society is an illusion and temporal 
  7. we are not our thoughts. thought is the temporal story. no one lives again with any reference of this story except the love we have become
  8. society doesn’t live for God
  9. God is the only existence in life. we are algorithms out of God’s energy
  10. thought is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy making its way for human photosynthesis to shape our thinking in matter. Self-organizing energy is the fabric of our world. 
  11. we live going from the many to the one
  12. there are no human beings walking the earth as we see them
  13. the Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter
  14. the Soul is what is living and the Soul is the consciousness of Love. just like God is Love 
  15. human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 
  16. matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness
  17. human photosynthesis is giving us the way to live in matter exactly as we think
  18. God is keeping measure of the atom for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle
  19. Self-organizing energy is Conscious Energy a level in God’s light that is Heaven for giving human consciousness the way to live inmatter
  20. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is living in every atom giving human consciousness the light for living inmatter. 
  21. Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in matter. 
  22. human existence is as energy. Consciousness is all that is alive.
  23. Love is the light in consciousness that shapes thought. 
  24. Reality has no place in a thinking species but ultimate reality is living with God teaching about Himself. 
  25. consciousness is only existing as a level in God for making an entire complex idea exist for knowing Him
  26. consciousness gives us the way to live for eternity. living through matter at any one level of consciousness
  27. the body isn’t living. the conscious energy inside of the body is. 
  28. human consciousness is a plethora of other races of light shaping our light for living in matter. 

Consciousness is an algorithm in God’s light for making our way back home. Our idea of living human isn’t anything but our little persons basic knowing of what we can think today. Science has no idea how matter is existing and no one knew what being alive was. Every science idea or human idea of life is nothing more than a piece within an illusion that we brought into being to live through to the next one.

Consciousness has never been understood because the people studying consciousness never knew the entire world only existed at their level of consciousness. If we’re not conscious of living whatever we bring into being about consciousness is not sound. Human ideas continue to make doctors, scientists, and neurologists regardless of the fact that none know what being alive is or why society is an illusion. They never knew only their narrative exists as life or what that meant.

The most crucial element to life is missed but everyone still has credibility and legitimacy even if they have no idea what being alive is and isn’t. 

God created human consciousness out of a plethora of other races of light for shaping our light with the way to live in matter. God gave us the way to increase in intelligence for growing from an embryo to an adult. That increase only comes from energy increasing in our light. Energy is higher intelligence already placed in our light for growing through this one level of consciousness. Self-organizing energy is the world.  What we see isn’t what lives. We’re seeing images in our Soul as life. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Consciousness isn’t an idea it’s a light that swarms through the energy Love as its basis. Consciousness never changes as thoughts do. Thoughts are random pieces of the temporal world swimming around in a pool of consciousness. They live differently while consciousness stays the same consecutively throughout this life until we move into higher consciousness. Consciousness is set at birth and lives the same throughout our lives if we never obtain a higher consciousness. Thoughts come and go and live differently depending on the daydream or idea in life. 

Thought emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness is the deeper knowing in life that doesn’t change as thoughts do. It’s the light in God giving the Soul its livingness as Love.

Beginning for Knowledge

People live in routines and only live for what is comfortable. We don’t live outside of our knowing and not knowing. We only live for what we believe will work for us and never step outside of that. No one is trying to find what is uncomfortable and no one is challenging themselves. We want peaceful living as we see fit. 

People live incessantly thinking jumping from one thought to another without knowing all that is living is self chatter. We think the elaborate world in front of us is existing because it never registers were only listening to our voice as life. We build a thought maze that doesn’t know life outside of what we shape. Over the years we’ve made decisions for what we like and don’t like in life and our agreements with life have all been made. We don’t know this because it’s a seamless building that moves as part of life. No one is observing their thoughts and asking themselves, ” What do I feel for thinking this?” We don’t observe consciousness in matter. We’re not giving great inquisition for every thought. We live going from thought to thought not knowing our self-chatter is building stories in matter for living through. 

People only create a handful of thought processes that mimic other ones. No one is leaping buildings with other perspectives about family, friends, work, and life. Our idea of life generally stays pretty much the same. When we’re learning something new or hearing it for the first time we only hear what we want to hear and what we don’t want to hear. No one experiences anything except their narrative in life. We’re immediately trying to associate it with what works for us as knowing. 

When we listen to people it’s only in our narrative. We never live outside of our narrative in life. Everything we experience as learning comes from what we’ve already ascertained as knowledge. We only relate to what we hear or see from what we’ve known before and made right to us and not right. No one is objective because they already believe their knowing and not knowing is truth. We can’t live outside of our idea of life until we consciously evolve beyond the thought system we have shaped. 

People shape life for fitting into their idea of it. We have our go-to friends for telling us what we want to hear and we have the ones that say what we don’t want to hear.  This knowing and not knowing creates darkness for anything outside of it. We make credibility in life a good feeling because it works for us. We don’t know intelligence because no one in human consciousness has lived with God teaching about Himself since the disciples. Satan lives with millions of tiny snakes swarming around our thought process for always keeping darkness in life. We don’t even know what darkness is half the time because we made living in the dark have false light. Credibility in life has no judge except ignorance because no one lives with God teaching about Himself. 

Science has given us heart transplants, satellites, and cell phones. Does anyone believe science is the dumbest level in life? They can’t because they don’t understand celestial light brought things into our knowing for giving us something to live through. Science has never understood how matter is existing or even what being alive is. None knew human consciousness was a plethora of other light making the way for our strand of light to live in matter. Every scientist would Love to meet other races and know the universe but none have the aptitude for knowing God exists. Somehow credibility of intelligence seems selective to who is deciding what intelligence is and the criteria of it. We’re choosing what works for us. 

Science made the way for having curiosity beyond what people wanted to know about life. It shaped inspiration for knowing more. Nothing ever begins from where it left off. Every beginning in life has greater properties for more than any other knowing in life. We’re not looking for more. Science is sitting in a room out of passed down theories that need living through in order to bring more into being. They aren’t forging new ground but continually rebirth old. If society is living as reality for science they haven’t begun knowing the atom or resonance for knowing higher intelligence is the fabric of the world. Until science can grapple out of satan for digging more in quantum entanglement having nothing but knowing for human photosynthesis. They stay in the little person-level of life with celestial light doing all the heavy lifting just for humanity to have something to live through. 

We have to bring something into being no matter how absurd or ridiculous. Once gravity seemed logical and soon it will be a wonder for knowing higher intelligence shaped it be something because we had to bring it into being. We’re going to learn in this generation we are being raised and what we bring into being comes into life for something to live through whether wrong or right, good or bad, ignorant or light. 

No one is learning to open the world beyond what we presently believe we need. No one is surmising an existence with what harms life. We only create what we think benefits life. How we arrive at what benefits life is selective choosing out of never acquiring depth, substance, and maturity in life.  Never should a world on a planet in space shape billionaires in life while half the planet lives impoverished. Balance in life only comes from the balance in human thinking. We’re expanding out of money as life creating luxury markets and people accumulating in excess while losing our minds to the lower earthly energy. We don’t acquire light when money is a second God. We lose virtue and knowledge in life. 

Having choices is part of acquiring more perspectives but no one can garner a deeper perspective when we only live for wealth and fame as living. We’re on a planet in space with finite space shaping human beings to believe they need two hundred pairs of shoes, four houses, and as many cars as they can fit in their driveway. We made human beings believe square footage was part of their self-identity just as we made the car they drive and brand of clothes equal prestige in life. We held the most moronic ideas as the depth of knowing life. No one who understood life would have shaped a world for profound ignorance. 

Living on a planet n space already signifies our existence is profoundly beyond our concept of it. We don’t question everything in the right light for seeing it. Our question comes from ignorance trying to make it be what works for us. We’re not living with questions about blood knowing what vein to move through and when. We’re not telling the heart how to beat or the lungs how to pump. We don’t give instructions to the digestive system for breaking down food while we sleep. We don’t have any idea how Spirit lives in an embryo or how a complete personality with characteristics can become a human being from a blob of plasma. We think we already know everything and therefore we never learn anything of depth.  Science and world government have enjoyed making their idea of life what people live but now a new twist completes the human saga of God. 

When a human being lives to experience God teaching about Himself. What becomes of government? Or science knowing that someone is living with other races of light that are part of the fabric of life itself.  Higher intelligence overrides any power because it’s the light of life that carries their knowing in life, to begin with. The story of life goes from the many to the one. Knowing God should be the sole purpose of science. The world governments need to live for enlightenment before trying to give human life a path in life. No one is able to teach humanity about life in science or world government and yet both signify the path for humanity. 

Never has there been a time greater than this generation for understanding consciousness and how matter is existing. We’re walking on a fragile bridge that if it breaks the human race has no way back to life. Consciousness is shaping so dark we won’t have any aptitude for Truth if we continue living earthly in lower mind. 

We need depth and that only comes from carving our Soul in God. Enlightenment is a mandatory quest for every human being. It’s not a choice but a requisite because we’re a thinking species. Never does life give anything for moving in light until the dark breaks everything for light to come into life. World government has broken everything in life for a feeble idea based out of satan for making money a second God. The rip-off to humanity is substance, depth, and maturity. It’s the right to life that has been stolen because of world government’s little person idea in life. It made everyone a slave to money and made life’s choices shrink for what first gives to the money realm and then to someone’s life choices. Every choice in life is based upon money now and that is solely because world government tried to make themselves God on earth. Every country is trying to be something for conquering their position in life. Some want to take over the world and have been positioning themselves for it. Roman days are over and so are Pharaohs. 

Human knowing in life is coming into being for knowledge and wisdom to reign over power and control. Intelligence and living with a world in Heaven is our course. The little person’s idea is sliding away for deeper knowing of life through higher levels of consciousness. Human beings have been living with higher intelligence they never fathomed because the door to intelligence was shut when society decided what intelligence was without knowing what the Soul’s journey was or how to open life. 

Telepathy, translight, and living in conversation with God are greater than any human education system for living through an illusion. God created intelligence and celestial light swims with us for increasing intelligence. Almost seems silly that people try to live powerfully with society as reality while knowing God exists or knowing that the fabric of the world is Heaven. That’s the recipe for living through lessons. 

What doesn’t work for us has the miracle of life and the ability to catapult us into greater light.  If only living in what we wanted was the oyster in life then why are we aging effortlessly in something that forces change with a knowing that only comes from that change. 

The world as a ten year old live from one perspective and the world as  a twenty one year old lives from another. Then when we are in are forties we have another perceptive and when we are seniors we have another perspective. Nothing in life is anything but change because every day is a new day and every moment is a new moment. We’re not understanding what God created and have made what we wanted as life with what rarely changes or has disruptions. We make everything in life try to be what works for us not knowing what works of us makes a tiny island in an enormous university of life. 

Darkness is living in our knowing and not knowing without a way to get out of it. We shape an idea of life that never changes. If we’re attending church and learn scripture when we learn the scripture from our present idea of life that has been taught our knowing and not knowing of God. No one is living from the start with God teaching about Himself as Jesus did. We’re not having aberrations of Heaven at birth. We’re only hearing human beings telling us what life is and how to get what we want through it. No one learns about God through God. They only live what their religion tells them is knowing God. 

No one in religion has ever lived with God in conversation. If they did they would know there is only one of us here with God and would live enlightened. They haven’t begun the journey to Him because they kept society as reality without understanding consciousness or what living in the light of Christ was for. No one can carry what they haven’t carved in God.

People live the devils level because they haven’t walked away from adding God to society as reality.We’re not consciously evolving in God. We’re only living the layer of satan as knowing God. If we live twenty years studying scripture and preaching about it but have lived as we chose and for what was supporting the institution we haven’t begun our journey to God. God isn’t existing for the little persons idea of Him. He’s ripping our lives apart for having depth and substance in Him. Every disciple left their lives and lived through more than what anyone else in life could fathom. Consciousness has to change to know more of God. We cant live in agreement of God on day one and keep that same agreement for fifty years and think we know God. If knowing someone for fifty year’s has never changed or increased in knowing them we haven’t learned to live knowing that person. 

God didn’t quit speaking thousands of years ago. We quit hearing Him because we live in religions little persons practice and protocols instead of ripping our lives apart consciously evolving in God. If going to a church means we know God then why have billions of lives to live knowing Him. If everything about God in our fifty-six years in life knows God perfectly than having a life continuum is null. Thinking we know God is the devils armor. Believing we hear God is satan whispering in ours ears. When we hear a voice out of thin air its a profound change in reality for figuring our what is going on and where did it come from. It’s not normal and nor it is available for knowing and not knowing. It comes out of left field and we have no balance in what is happening. 

People live saying they hear God all the time because religion made living with God a shallow level of the devil that everyone thinks is easy and available with satan crawling on us. We haven’t realized living with God means we consciously evolve to higher consciousness than where society sits. No one is living with the creator of everything in existence and living ignorant to life. Right now every religion lives society as reality. Once my time has come not one will knew why they fell deep into the devil long ago and never knew it. Our reality of life is an illusion that has been made to live very real until we open another door through it. If we only live in our knowing and not knowing of God we never get anywhere but the devils level in life. 

Our knowing has been handed to us from the present level of human consciousness that only lives society as reality. When Jesus chose the disciples He began the process of changing their idea of God and life for eternity. When Jesus gave us the Trinity He gave us the same path as the disciples to Him. We’re the ones not knowing that living with God is a reality change because religion is making the human race stay in satan. They don’t tel anyone to live beyond them to God and come back and teach us about God because they believe they know God. When we make the world believe we have decree in God we shatter every possible pathway to Heaven. No one who is living with a title or position with human beings believing they know God has ever lived a day with God or heard His voice. They made their bed in satan when they couldn’t acquire the aptitude for the path in Christ. Society screamed louder as real. 

Nicodemus is a lesson for everyone to know deeper in us is truth but we can mask it, try to fool it and shame it but no one can escape it.  Nicodemus knew Jesus was the Messiah but couldn’t get past the devil screaming for him to live according to Judaism giving society as reality credence. He had status and didn’t have faith deep enough to surrender and be shamed to his colleagues for God. The test of his life came and went. Interesting to know that after Jesus was crucified Nicodemus came for the body for burying. We can’t escape truth and we can’t escape what haunts us in life when we do the devils bidding. 

The test for everyone is always living beyond what works for us and is in agreement with society. Everyone ridicules us, judges and damns us but it only lives for awhile. We live through standing with God while the rest of the world for a moment only knows satan. That moment is the birth of faith making our matrimony in Heaven.  We stand when no one else does and we believe through what no else believes. We know God and can’t waiver from what He give us to live. Hearing God isn’t living in society as reality. It’s the opening for walking in the light of Christ while here on earth. 

The mind doesn’t tell us the pathway out of things when we only repeat our idea of life. People keep trying to revisit their knowing and not knowing when it comes to God. Amazingly people scramble for scripture when they hear something they never did before about God. They do that because they’re not living deeply in God. They are the seeds that fell on the thorns and slowly blew away for society as reality. They don’t live with God teaching about Himself and don’t have conversations with Him talking back. They try to find experts for telling them what they want to hear and don’t want to hear. We don’t know everything is only in our narrative or that there is only one of us here with God. Or that He’s trying to give us what helps us evolve deeper in Him. Human beings are the only ones that rip themselves out of God’s arms. 

We don’t bend because we never got use to surrendering to God. We made our living with God for what works for us and gives us pleasure in our knowing of Him. Everyone has added God to only existing as an add-on to society as reality. No one trying to learn more about God because religion tells everyone they know God perfectly. No one is living beyond the institutions depth of God to God. No one taught us why it’s mandatory we learn there’s only one of us is here with God.  When we  learn it we know to live beyond all things to God including religions idea of Him. Nothing in the mortal world should be more real than our getting to God for teaching about Himself.

Consciously evolving in God is living beyond everything in this world. In ancient days people would point to the sky as if the Heavens were above them. Now we know God is within us always and Heaven is all there is in life. Human consciousness is inside of Heaven trying to get back home. We shape the human story how we want and it becomes the teacher for consciously evolving out of darkness to light. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. 

Human beings are a thinking species and because of that we need agility in living with more perspectives that go beyond what is at face value in life. The body is nothing more than a vessel for giving us the way to experience matter from this level of consciousness. It’s like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The body isn’t what is living the conscious energy inside of the body is. The body comes and goes but what is continuous and eternal is consciousness. We’re leaving self for light.

Knowing self doesn’t exist is mandatory for knowing truth in life. There is more living beyond how we think and there is more life beyond what we think. If we only live in a tiny reality of knowing and not knowing because we only want what works for us we never open life. Feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable, wrong or confused make cracks in the devils armor for light to pour in. Status in religion is evil. It prevents people who Love God from getting to God. They only live society as reality and not for the light in Christ. We’re building a small island instead of knowing we are the universe. 


Love is the only way we consciously evolve. Consciousness is energy at different levels of light. The higher in God we live the more of His energy we have to process in consciousness. If we only live in lower earthly energy with society as reality we only process darker energy. Everyone who comes into human consciousness is being baptized in some religion and never do we live beyond that idea of God. 

Jesus came int the world and wore the clothes of the world. He wasn’t a real rabbi but He was the teacher of God. No one understood the magnitude of Jesus because of that. They couldn’t believe that the son of Mary was God. No one knows how God moves n life or what He does in our consciousness for knowing Him. When we are to knwo Him the tests come. No one is teaching about God with knowing of Him. 

Making an idea of God live as knowing God only discerns magic fro Him. Nothing we are presently doing is anything except making our knowing feel comfortable in what we want to feel is knowing God. Religion hasn’t battled for God since it fled the dark for the devil and made itself the authority of God. Simple rudimentary teachings in human precepts have laid out the protocols to follow in order to be seen as knowing God. We have literally stolen from life and designed our only idea of God for human beings to live. No one is working  alone for not having principality in God. The entire concept of religion is keeping the capitol in God at the devils level. 

Life doesn’t exist at our level and nor does God. For anyone to believe they have knowing of God while not even knowing there is only on of us here with God is psychotic. Bishops and cardinals have lived like the high priest making the world believe they know God so they could feel like they had authority over the word and were doing Gods wok on earth.  Teaching about a God they have never heard is blasphemy. Our idea of God is so little we think position at the devils level know God. The disciples carried all of humanity in their light living through hell for God. 

Living through the devil in human consciousness isn’t a small task for us. It’s fighting with everything we have for moving through what can’t live in the right light until we get there and that can take decades of falling outside of everything society knows as life. The journey of Love is through our devil and the devil in human consciousness. Its unraveling everything from birth that placated to satan building ego and the little person level of life. We don’t know our satan until light comes in and until then everyone thinks they are doing fine with love and warmth. No one thinks they are animals or terrible people. Everyone believes they are loving people until some minor adjustments in life challenge them. The adjustments are always outside of what works for us. They don’t live complimenting satan or making it easy for satan.

They tear holes through the veil we have over our eyes. They create greater perspectives of deeper living in God. They live as teachers making adjustments that destroy everything we made live perfectly for us. No one understands our knowing God doesn’t begin until consciously evolving in Him does. Until that time were in human precepts with ideas about God only living in the illusion. When we make it too God as reality we have lifted the veil of illusion for knowing Heaven on earth.

No one can understand living with God who only lives society as reality because intelligence in higher light hasn’t moved in them for it. Once celestial light starts changing and Heaven begins processing everything in our lives has the light of Christ placing the test in front of us. What we do will determine our living Heaven or hell.  We can’t get out of the devil’s grasp as long as we keep choosing society as reality like Nicodemus.

Life brings everyone tests but we miss them because we’re living incredulous to God’s enormity in our lives. People don’t live knowing they’re being raised by a higher intelligence. We don’t even think about what being created means because we’re not grasping that when something is created it means we’re living in something. The word created the world and our lives slowly live for unraveling it. 

We package God and only want to receive God in what works for us. Religious people believe they are the only ones knowing God. And the hierarchy in religion believes they work for God while not one is having conversation with God. They have no aptitude for even knowing why society is an illusion but swear they know God perfectly.  

Human beings live in incessant thinking with self chatter as the only idea life lives through. No one is telling us the entire world is only existing at our level of consciousness or that living in our narrative is our only existence in life. There is only one of us here with God seems ridiculous until we understand creation and how human consciousness exists only in resonance with other light giving us the way to live in matter exactly as we think. No one is experiencing anything as life except their own thoughts.

People want other people to like them and compliment them in what feels good because they haven’t learned what life is for. We think it’s for winning some place in society deemed as successful instead of knowing it’s for living through to God. We don’t live from birth with God teaching about Himself. We have to live through our story to God. Self identity in matter keeps us moving in different ideas of life for finding what fits for us in life. We don’t recognize eternity in the temporal world or understand consciousness and the infinite level of our existence. 

What we ascertain as life removes Heaven at the beginning of our journey because it depends on what society tells us is good and not good, success and not success, happy and not happy. No one knows society as the illusion in kindergarten. We don’t have any teachers teaching it and we don’t have any way to question what is being given. All we know is what we are taught to know as life. Anything outside of that we have darkness because it’s not in our knowing and not knowing. We are slaves to the devil which comes as the little persons idea of life until we reach God. Once we know God exists the opportunity to Heaven begins but few will ever see it. It’s not lit up with neon signs giving the path to it. It’s a pounding within our Soul yelling for us to think deeper about our existence and what life is for. We’re having many signs reaching us for questioning God’s existence ourselves and making inquisitions into why we think as we do. 

No one lives without an arsenal of signs and wonders living for them to question. We’re not living beyond what has already been given. We’re accepting it and doing the mundane walk to fame and wealth. We become soldiers of money instead of divine creatures in God. Human knowing and not knowing made arduous living as acceptable for keeping the money realm existing as life. We have a world in higher intelligence and God upon us and yet we’re not moving for opening that world but instead satisfy society as reality.

The quest for knowledge isn’t one. We want someone to give us the secrets of life not knowing every human being has a sacred scroll inside of themselves for unravelling. The greatest wisdom in life is knowing that living in the light of Christ brings the pearl of knowledge we seek. Only by carving our Soul through this world do we acquire substance and aptitude for removing the veil of illusion for God. No one knows more until they leave their knowing and not knowing. If we only continue trying to be right, having authority over God and making our one level of consciousness the totality of life we swim in hell for eternity. Living with God is knowing everything in life is a teacher and our perspective is the pupil.

There’s no point in knowing everyone carries the face of God if we deny God living in a human being because we want what works for us. No one knows God like the one who lives with God teaching about Himself. Like Moses who lived as a murderer the one who decides our destiny isn’t making the choice based upon our ideas of living. God doesn’t care if the papacy wants the entire world to believe somehow he knows God because the truth always lives at every level of consciousness. Eventually people know those who have titles and live by clothes discerning their depth in God have never lived a day knowing God. 

Remember the servant of everyone is at the right hand side of God. The lamb who suffers for all of humanity knows God greater than anyone who study’s scripture or masters protocols. Humanity is living with God like children who never grow up for the walk in Christ to Him. If going to a church meant we know God we would all know creation and have enlightenment. Our childish endeavors for walking the devils path while screaming its Gods path ends now. Living outside of society to God has always been the way. Noah lived not having any way to know the floods were coming. Society told him he was foolish and laughed. People thought Jesus was a fairytale and some people didn’t have any way to know they didn’t know God because religion professed that they did. Losing isn’t a real idea with God because we never lose. We only move through what we once wanted for something different.


Everything in life is moving towards God whether we know it or not. Even when we think we know God perfectly He is moving for us know more than we ever did but only we prevent the miracle from unfolding. World government, science and all major elite colleges have produced human beings to live unconscious to life with no clue what being alive is and isn’t. They have no understanding of intelligence because they were told if they master this and that they are intelligent. They must master the idea of another in order to feel good. Knowledge has lived in darkness since ancient days with people proclaiming genius from their own statue of genius. What the devil has done is make society life while it’s the illusion only acting as the backdrop for making choices to light. The devil has created institutions to live credible as sources of knowing that have never known that being alive is only experiencing a world at our level of consciousness or that only one of us is here with God. 

It would be hard pressed to find anyone who has graduated from any top universities or is a recognized scientist to know only one of us is here with God. They would have no aptitude because all they know is society’s story as life and not a drop more. Their thought system is living tiny mastering a raindrop in the ocean. They can only refer to their knowing and not knowing  for everything in life and their knowing is tiny. It’s based upon human ideas that shaped intelligence for human education to serve only the illusion as life. We don’t carry enlightenment from birth but we’re living with higher intelligence for having it. It doesn’t come from human education and only comes from carving our Soul deeper in God. We must become Love for light to move in consciousness. Soul intelligence opens the universe. Human education bastardizes it for small knowing. 

Living for Love can seem silly until we realize the magnitude of the challenge. Society has shaped Love for what works for us. We don’t give to others if it can appear to hurt ourselves. We don’t want to disrupt what we want in life, and we want what makes us feel good and live exactly as we want. No one wants to do what ruins their day. We try to only do what is living perfectly for us. Sometimes we can give but the moment it becomes challenging to give we have thought processes with escape routes that immediately kick in. 

Most people have no idea what Love is.Our idea of Love is only what feels good. We made Love an idle concept for what feels good and works for us. When relatives come over unexpected and want to stay for weeks we learn more about Love than we do when we plan a vacation with relative months in advance. The unexpected life routines being disrupted and having to provide for others and live respecting their ideas of life can challenge even the saints in life. Giving when it hurts is when we learn more about charity than any other time. When we give exactly as we want to we learn nothing more than that one tiny level of Love. Learning about depth n Love is what humanity needs desperately. 

Living Love as Christ loved is our aim. Creating depth in Love comes from knowing tests of Love are better than trying to Love exactly as we want for what works for us and feels good. People get stuck in a tiny concept of Christ that lives only in their knowing and not knowing. We literally live doing the devils work because we learn to choose self over others in life. No one wants to give food to others if it means they have to eat rice for weeks but once we have chosen that we realize the power of God making Heaven for light to pour into ours Souls. We never lose with Love. The world is self correcting and divine compensation is greater than any other remedy in life. God is seeing everything we do and Angels are writing the dairy of life as we live.  

Love challenges every part of our existence and takes us where we don’t want to go but where we end up is Heaven. We want depth for knowing what we make as comfortable is nothing more than satan’s choosing. Beyond that box is more life waiting for us. The thought system in ego, satan and the little person keeps us believing self is the body and life is society as reality.  

Human education gives history for only the story of life in the illusion.  No matter where we are in consciousness God gave something for us to live through to Him. We only experience what we can think and what we can think is all we get as life. When we live for deeper knowing we get deeper knowing. When we live for knowing God we better live for going beyond religion to God. The little persons level in life will keep us weaving webs we never get out of. The idea of hearing God has become idle because religion exists as knowing God. No one hearing God lives listening to a preacher or even walking into a church for knowing God. They already live with Him and have no need to listen to a human being. 

Common sense tells us if we believe God exists we should be living with Him teaching about Himself. Everything else is the lite persons idea of God that has never made it to God. The Bible never signified a religion. It was levels of knowing about Christ and the stories of the disciples perspectives. Jesus never wrote anything down and no one ever lived again with God after He was crucified. We only lived with our idea of God. 

People think if they take on another human beings perspective of God that someone they know God too. Its absurdity moving in human consciousness for believing we know God when we don’t live in conversation with Him. We’re not living with enlightened masters on earth and no one in religion knows God  No one can know God until they experience Him unraveling their thought system for Him. He’s not living in our light for us to stay in satan with society as reality. God takes us out of satan for living in the light of Christ.  Jesus lived battling the devil  for forty days showing the journey in consciousness for living through the dark to light. Consciously evolving in God takes ego, satan and the little persons idea of God out of it. 

If our present idea of depth in God is living at one level of consciousness with false idols teaching about God instead of living with God teaching about Himself than the devils level in life is only living because of that. No one will ever live in human precepts and know divinity. Mastering scripture, practices and protocols are the baby’s idea that hasn’t left the crib for the walk in Christ. Losing our lives to gain them in God isn’t walking across the street and becoming religious. It’s losing everything we ever knew about ourselves, reality and life. The change is another world emerging far from society’s idea of life. The kingdom of God knows only Heaven as life not the human illusion.  

When the mind shapes a story it’s from our present level of consciousness. Consciousness is energy processing for matter to exist. Thinking lives out of consciousness. Thinking is the temporal level of life and processing of this one story. Nothing thinking is, has any light beyond this one experience. When we leave the body the entire story of this life goes as well. Consciousness doesn’t change like thoughts do and is the eternal light of our Soul and is Love. 

When we hear something or read something we only gather its meaning from our present level of consciousness. Most people haven’t begun to be conscious of what thought is or even know what being conscious of life is yet. We’re only existing one tiny idea of life without any way of knowing what is beyond it. Many people don’t live conscious of living in routines or continually repeating what they did the day before or five years ago. We don’t vary what works for us for trying new things that wont live comfortably as what we have already made live comfortable. No one lives outside of the tiny bubble of life they made that works perfectly as they choose. We’re not living for challenges that disrupt our lives, rip them apart or make us work harder and harder for something. 

No one wants to climb MT. Everest all the time. We try to set things up for living comfortably with only what works for us. We made what happiness is from that set up and we made peace inside of that set up. If anything arrives outside of our little set up red flags go up. We can’t handle what is beyond our level of comfortable. Comfortable shapes our perspective in life for only knowing the devils level as life. No one can live outside of what is comfortable and not suffer on some level. We don’t understand the miracle of our existence and why there is so many different elements beyond our knowing and not knowing. 

If we try to understand what we read on day one and never change aptitude on day six hundred. Nothing will have changed in our depth of knowing. It can’t magically acquire substance if we don’t live carving our Soul into more light in God.  This is also why the human education system is stale and only feeding a minimal level of intelligence. We’re not living for aptitude, substance or maturity. We gliding along the surface of life without having a clue about the abyss in consciousness that lives. 

The Bigger World