More Than One Being of Light

More Than One Light in Us Higher Intelligence in our Soul

We have more light in us for living through. One is the lower self we live out of for knowing our divine light within. 

Living within society as reality is shaping a thought system in lower mind. Our idea of self-identity, reality, family, and life purpose is based upon a thought system living in incessant thinking. We don't know the truth of who we are because we think we are our thoughts and where we have placed identity and meaning. This idea is nowhere near our divinity and God's creation. 

God gave us the way to live in higher light. We experience it when we grow from an embryo to a ten-year-old and as we age effortlessly to seniors and out of the body to new life. The experience of aging increases higher intelligence that lives in our light for living exactly as our light does. Higher intelligence has been blended within our light and with us since our inception for living in matter. 

Human beings would have no way to experience matter exactly as we think if not for living through God's energy. God created everything in existence out of His light and we are an algorithm out of His energy. Human consciousness isn't one strand of light. Its a blend of other races in God of intelligence for shaping human consciousness for living in matter. His light is a pool of consciousness that has self-organizing energy in different levels of intelligence for making our light capable of living through human photosynthesis. 

Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy only serving human consciousness for living in matter. That pool of light is upon every human being for experiencing a world exactly as we think it to be. Our narrative is all that is living as life and our level of consciousness is the world. Ultimately there's only one of us here with God. We live with higher intelligence moving through our light but never open the door to know it. 

Higher intelligence is the entire existence of life. Living energy is all there is. We see furniture, trees and bodies but what is here is only energy. The fabric of teh world is Conscious Energy giving us our livingness in matter. No one registers more light upon them becuase we live in incessant thinking only listening to our self chatter as life. We have no space for hearing God or Heaven. 

Incessant thinking keeps humanity asleeep. We don't observe our consciousness and we don't try to live with deeper inquisitions into why we think the way we do or carry the energy we do. We go along with whatever thought pops into our heads and never look back. Human beings will talk more to themselves than to other human being in this life.  All of this self chatter keeps us out of the light for knowing Angels, higher intelligence, and God. 

The blend within our Soul is beautiful for having wisdom and knowledge that human ideas cannot give. What is of the devil stays at the level of the devil. This is why we were to keep God first, last, and in all things. With God above everything else in the world, we carry light for hearing other races in our light. The space between every sentence must be widened. And the Love we live must be absolutely extreme. 

Opening doorways within our light doesn't come from the path everyone else knows. It's a unique door that appears in our journey of Love. The light of the world has much more than we can handle at society's little person level. The world is alive with a plethora of higher intelligece. Human beings only carry their idea of life as life but the world is far beyond our idea of living. As we open doors to more life we understand why society is the devil's level and why it has no clue to the extreme existence of life beyond it. Making our way through one door to another only lives with God keeping light in us. 

The idea of there being another entity in our light doesn't serve the little person's idea of living. Its Heavens level and its part of human existence for living in matter. The light in us changes from a baby to an adult. Who does anyone think was speaking as the baby? And who is the voice of the adult? How did the voice change? Light is changing the resonance for the idea in consciousness. The human existence is consciousness and the body lives in consciousness. 

Our experiencing a world from a five-year-old perspective and then seeing it from a fifty-five-year-old perspective has lived with millions of changes along with trillions of cell changes. We have lived with higher intelligence shaping and reshaping light for living at the level of consciousness in matter. Other races in our light are part of being human. 

The idea science carries as being human is out of satan without having a clue to how matter is existing, what reality is and isn't, or what being alive is and isn't. The human idea of being human has never lived withGod teaching about Himself or in any other light other than the devils. The human idea of being human is a child's idea that has never understood how matter is existing for knowing the extreme light giving us the way to think everything into being only at our level of consciousness. 

The atom is having infinite impressions and yet science cant grasp quantum entanglement or energy as life. Nothing life is revealing is at face value. Depth, maturity, and substance is needed for having aptitude of life. Without deeper training we can't go to higher levels of the world. Human education only serves the devil's level keeping society as reality. It keeps the temporal illusion as the eternal without anyone understanding that society is just a backdrop giving us ways to have choices and experiences that carve our Soul deeper into God. Without having the capacity to know the bigger world human consciousness gets trapped in darker earthly energy with matter as life instead of knowing God. 

Other levels of light keep us moving forward happily existing with only our narrative as life. The experience of being human is incredibly far beyond our knowing. Being created doesn't give us the way to understand being human because we first have to actually know we have been created.

Being created tells us the world has been created exactly for our creation to live in it. We're living in something and our idea of the something is only what we can muster up at this one level of consciousness. We won't ever see the totality of anything because we can only see what we can think we see. And what we can think doesn't tells us everything that is here. Life is carrying higher negligence for giving us the opportunity to see beyond the world we are in. 

Knowing God exists does that. God gave us the way to know more beyond any level we could fathom as life was here. God's existence is hundreds of billions of years alive and far beyond any human idea of His existence. We have never garnered wisdom or living with higher intelligence even though most of humanity believes God exists. We don't live for Him teaching about Himself and we don't carry Soul intelligence because of that. Acquiring greater magnitude of life is essential for having the way to understand other races in our light and the quantum world we are in. 

Creations level is outside of everything we know as life. We live in matters level while God is of nor form and of all form. The world is not what we see. What we don't see is more alive than what we do. Our living with God tells us there is more here and when we consciously evolve we open bigger parts of the world that if we didn't live for we would not experience. if we go along with soceity's story we never know the divine world we are in. The mind can't keep two thought systems at once. If we stay at society's level we only get society's level. If we live for enlightenment and for going beyond society to God we begin to unravel one level of life for a new one. 

Life is for leaving everything we know and don't know for light within our being. The journey of Love opens the way for knowing everything we want to know when we do it with Love.

More Than One Being of Light


This is a recording that was done for showing one level of light moving in my life. It's not how I live with Heaven because my ears are opened and I can hear God and Heaven in everything and anything. I live having many experiences that are teachers for teaching humanity about higher light within us that's part of intelligence. 

This is a great way of realizing light can move through us because we are human photosynthesis. Think of the human body as only light twinkling brightly with hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of other light that give us our sparkle but live differently and in higher levels of intelligence. This recording is done perfectly for giving human beings the way to know more is in us and with us for giving us the light of intelligence exactly in our Love. 

 The world is energy crisscrossing and moving through human photosynthesis based upon the Soul's light. Only God opens the world for understanding the deeper part of our existence. This recording is light moving through me. Which I realized could happen as I said, “I love you, God,” very quickly. At the time of the recording, I had begun to realize all the ways Heaven moves in my light. I hear God in anything including trees, wind, and any matter existing. 

You're going to hear another level speak through and say, “Loves abundance.” Then “Ningham has thinned” and “Lots of demons not ever again.” Then “Lots of good energy.” Which speaks to the devil in human consciousness losing life. Ningham is energy that only lived out of animal levels in human consciousness. It's lower mind's apparatus of anger. Nothing develops around ningham until someone lives beyond it. As we become Love we enter greater levels of God already within our light. We're slowly opening our pathway to home in God.