Living with God

When God created human beings He didn't just create human consciousness. He had to find a way to set a path for all life to follow so we could exist for eternity. It was done without us seeing Him or having a way for us to hear Him, for our ears could not hear. Instead, God created the way for us to know Him and speak to Him so that He may live in us.

Our path for being alive today was through people who lived with infinite faith in God able to hear Him. They gave us light to follow.

In the beginning, we lived with God teaching us the way of the world. Our relationship with Him was like a son to His father or daughter to her mom. The covenant was absolute and we lived with God like our father. Slowly over time humanity has been darkening the light within to know Him.

While we have continued claiming our Love for God we live breaking every Law He gave us to follow. Which takes away our light. Instead of building in Spirit and in brotherhood we've created a society to live for wealth and for false idols. Which it's only through our lack of faith and not believing in God we've created this.

Our living in false idols created calloused hearts, closed minds, and a  hostile planet. We hold a sword to our brother even though we live in abundance and there is nothing to kill over. We're creating it. Our darkness has taken away our eyes to see and our ears to hear with. We've become a people that no longer live in miracles, light, and Heaven. When we made material the reward and money our God we lost the only light in life giving us the way to know our world.

Humanity has never known about creation or how we are existing on this planet floating in space because our minds only live at matters level, not in God for understanding.  Today,  the Lord stretches His arm with His hand reaching for us giving the opportunity to rekindle that light in our Soul.


Heaven began entering my life after I discovered an organization monitoring me at home. I didn't know what was happening would change humanity for eternity. The choice made was living Love beyond society's level. There was never a time I defended myself or attacked back while this organization destroyed my life. Even though I had ample evidence to pursue legal action.

Instead, I lived Love completely through every level of harassment and act they committed. They took my life taking me very quickly from a six-figure income to below poverty. And continued doing so for almost four years before Heaven entered my life profoundly. Which I know now Heaven had always been with me because there was an inner strength always pulling me to live Love. That feeling saved me from the consequences of not fighting back.

There were days I had nothing to eat and was selling everything of worth to pay bills. The power that kept me choosing Love gave me the way to live through everything slowly understanding a greater level of our world. It gave me faith that there had to be an answer to this through Love instead of fighting back at their level.

When Heaven began entering my life it was through my level of thinking. There were orbs, moments of overwhelming Love and bliss, different levels of heavenly life, supernatural occurrences, and voices.  Heaven took me through a process of first seeing what I never believed could exist and then I began hearing Heaven greater and greater. In the beginning, I could hear voices on the videos pretty easy and then it changed to hearing Heaven in other ways. They were changing me to live deeper in God. I didn't know I would be learning about creation, what being alive was or the level of our world.

When this began I was more atheist. I hadn't been to church in nearly forty years and God wasn't in my life. There was no religious practice or dogma. There was only helping Marianne Williamson who spoke about a book called, “A Course In Miracles.”  Which I never did the course but now know it's of Heaven. At the time when I was helping Marianne, I was so far away from God I couldn't stand to hear the word God and would replace it in my mind with universe. Marianne's teachings to live greater Love and compassion resonated deeply and her profound ability to communicate knowing humanity's issues was definitely living blessed.

When Heaven was coming into my life I was recording hundreds of videos a day of amazing energy flying around my apartment. Then after some months, I began recording voices on videos. There's an audio of God I posted on Heavens.Love/videos saying, “Follow” with Angels saying, “He loves you, happy, happy, happy.”  Which I wasn't sure if people would be able to hear God but thought it might be audible because it was recorded at the beginning of Heaven coming into my life. Which today, no one would be able to hear what I do because my consciousness is in Heaven.

A good way to understand this is to imagine our world is living on level “A” and we only experience what is on level “A.” Its filled with what we know and what we think we don't know. It becomes our reality. I'm experiencing what is on level “A” but now also experiencing what is living on level “B.” Which is Heaven. Heaven's level is greater in my light than level “A.” Human consciousness is trying to evolve out of the darkness into light and move beyond the mortal world for living more in Heaven. By living Love we lift the veil off our eyes for greater understanding of God.

When I recorded God's voice it was through a moment of despair that He saved me. His voice is in one vibration out of an infinite He could come through.  What I recorded is a gift and was the beginning of me hearing God through anything.

When I started telling people there was a recording of God I realized how far away my life has been living from society's reality which prompted me to do this podcast.


I thought about Jesus and what He went through trying to tell people about God.  Knowing they didn't know God like He did or have the ears to hear with.  When Jesus walked the earth, no one had ever experienced God beyond society's level. What society teaches as God, Heaven and life become the only reality we know. Which doesn't give us greater understanding of God because no one is being taught to live beyond religions level.

Which religion was never to be the authority of God. They were trying to help people understand God and spread what Jesus taught. How we live this life is as the observer opening the world for living deeper in God. It's an individual journey beyond the collectives perspective.  Religion gives us the starting place but will never give us the ending. God should be understood as the blueprint to life instead of only in religion. He is our living journey to ultimate Truth.

When God manifested Jesus, Jesus was beyond religions level and for good reason. Religion was stuck in practices and protocols. They could have never given us the deeper path into God as Jesus did.

Humanity has made a reality into a tiny-tiny box that never goes beyond itself to the bigger world we're in. Because we live in consciousness it's imperative we live consciously evolving for understanding God.  Instead of existing at this one level.  Jesus gave us everything to have the way for eternity for living deeper in God. When he said, ” I am that Way, and that Truth, and that Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” He gave us the key to life.  When we live this life as Jesus taught giving our lives to others, in Love and faith we understand God better. 

People doubted Jesus and were upset with Him because He taught what they didn't know.  When all He was doing was trying to help them understand God greater. He was sharing something so good but because people had been taught to only live from practices and protocols at religions level they had no way to understand Him. Their eyes could only live in what they had been taught. They couldn't see beyond that.

Jesus had to experience living through a society literally where people claimed authority in God knowing they didn't know God at any level to understand He was the Messiah. Jesus was persecuted by the high priest who were threatened by His knowledge and deeper living with God.  Their darkness was from not living in God at the level to have greater light. They were the ones living more in satan.


Human beings are living to become conscious of Love so we can rid the darkness with greater light.  But Since Jesus humanity has continued living in sin and living asleep to God. We live for false idols and second Gods making our Heavenly Father live through darkness instead of Heavens Love.  We haven't lived deeper into God and instead live the opposite of what Jesus told us for living in God's creation.

The Bible's principles and the Ten Commandments have been considered something of the past.  We don't think they pertain to how we live today but as we understand consciousness and how matter is existing we will return to God.  God created human consciousness for living in His light and when we darken that light we create hell on earth instead of Heaven on earth.

As human beings established a way of life money became the only way we live having what we need. This created a second God and created human beings to live for money. We never went deeper into God because through generations consciousness has been shaped to live at matters level instead of with God. We're now learning why God tried to tell us not to live for money.


Our world is very different than Heavens level. Society would consider me the last instead of the first not because of anything I am. Only because of what lives on the outside. When we look at another human being we see their facial features, clothes and judge them by society's standards. Instead of seeing with eyes that look at Spirit and recognize they are us. God created everything in our world for us to live in our light so we could live through the Love we give If we're able to live deeper with other people we will live deeper within ourselves. Which takes us through light out of self and into Love. We are consciousness leaving self for light.

If we judge people based on how they look, what they drive, wear or how much money they have we miss the miracle of Heaven. That level can never define our truth and who we are because it's transitory and only creating a story for us to awaken through. When we become conscious of Love we build the bridge to our Soul. Spirit is the key to understanding who we are and why we're on earth.  The human story is only providing the way to become conscious of Love. Nothing in matter is permanent. Everything in matter is a temporal experience. Love is all that is real and Love is creating every level of what life is.

Before Heaven came into my life I would have been considered the first instead of the last because before this happened I drove a BMW, had clothes to signify I was something in society, worked out religiously, dyed my hair and had a great title along with money. I was living just like everyone else trying to satisfy society's level of acceptance.

Today,  I don't wear any makeup or dye my hair, my car is old and dented with duck tape, my clothes are not designer, and I only make what I live on. I have no life purpose at the mortal word level. There is only God and living Christ consciousness to give humanity everything that blesses our existence with greater light. Light is understanding, its knowledge, and its Love.


After four years of having God teaching me about creation and consciousness, there's still so much more for humanity to learn. We all carve our Soul to acquire substance and deeper maturity in God. Everything that's been written on Heavens.Love is out of Heaven.

There was never a time in my life the word photosynthesis would have been used or the subjects of holographic light, decimals, gravity, and conscious energy spoken about. I only went to high school and in high school, I was a jock and voted most mischievous. When I first wrote about photosynthesis I searched the internet to try and figure out what Heaven was talking about. Only to learn human photosynthesis is different than what we've known about plant photosynthesis.

What has been written has never been in human consciousness. Humanity never knew we were living in human photosynthesis or that God was in every atom. We didn't understand our existence as energy or that we were living in another species called Conscious Energy.

As I have been writing with Heaven there is a light within that is only living deeper in God. I can hear Him speaking as if there is only Him and I in the room. There is never a time where I have to do anything in order to hear.  And I don't have to speak out loud nor does God. Heaven is always everywhere. Most people walk into a room and see furniture and other people. I see a room only of Heaven and relate to Heaven's level in everything. When I go shopping it's Heavens level everywhere greater than what is in matter.

Humanity is beginning to experience what is outside of our knowing and soon it will be an experience we never fathomed existing in our world.  We want to live this experience through light because we may not understand how it's possible to feel so much Heaven. We want to keep our hearts wide open with childlike innocence or we'll miss the miracle living with Heaven. Keeping our eyes wide open, our hearts overflowing with Love, and our ears able to hear the glorious trumpet of God.


When Jesus walked the earth people couldn't believe He was the Messiah. They had eyes that couldn't see and ears that couldn't hear because their hearts were calloused from living at society's level. They missed the most extraordinaire time in human history living with Jesus in form.

When Jesus walked the earth people didn't believe in God at any level to know God. If they would have been living deeper in God they would have believed in what seemed impossible. They would have understood how God works in life and moves through form. There is no difficulty in Heaven bringing light through Love.

No matter how much authority and decree people claimed when Jesus walked this earth they had an empty basket in God. They accepted society's level of thinking instead of taking their journey deeper into God.

The majority of people on our planet will never experience what the minority does. When we think of people who have had an impact on life greater than most human beings they did so because they went beyond society's level. This is as true for those that have lived enlightened as it is for those that have triumphed moving the Soul of humanity to greater light such as Claudette Colvin, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many others.

People who go beyond the majority experience a world beyond the majority's idea and concept of life.  Every world record broken, every invention and product brought into being first lived as an idea in the mind of the individual. Thought is where everything in matter first begins. Through that first idea believing grows to bring into being what no one else does. Their imagination created the first light for the second light to come through.

Everyone has a spark inside that doesn't fit society's level.  God created us with different levels to give greater light to life. When we never live letting that light out we miss the glory of our truth. We want to always live creating and doing what doesn't fit nicely in society with no worries.  The human race has always been blessed by those that walk a different path and see a different world. Every living organism lives in its own light including every animal, human being, blade of grass, raindrop, and cloud. Unique living is life. We have our own destiny contributing to life's existence and have been designed to bring to life what no one else can.


When the high priest persecuted Jesus they never considered anything greater existing other than what they had been taught. Jesus was paving the way for human beings to know God beyond any level religion could give. He gave each of us the path for living in God through Love and that Love would always guide us deeper into God. There will never be an institution knowing more about God than the individual who lives deepest in Him. This was created to give life the way to have billions of opportunities of knowing God deeper instead of a few. Otherwise, humanity would have little hope to live deeper in God because we would always only live at society's level of thinking.

Jesus lived like the last even though He was the first. He told us, “He that findeth his life shall lose it…and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” We want to give everything we can to Love and lose the pain, falseness, and the little person inside identifying with titles, material and wealth for knowing we are Love. We increase the divine light within as we shed the meaning we've placed in matter. It's a process of letting go of our attachment and the endless chasing of the empty bowl for living with what fills our Soul with Love. It's the path of faith, trust, and miracles. We open a world with greater life all around us while Heaven showers us with opportunity for living deeper in God.

We can't experience what is beyond the level we live until we go beyond that level. If we never change how we think we never experience anything different. Faith is given according to our living it. When Jesus healed people He told them, “You're healed by your faith.”  We want to live Love beyond society so that we don't get trapped in what is meaningless.

God knew the high priest didn't live at a level to teach humanity the path to God.  When God brought Jesus into being it was to lay humanity's path to God. So that we would know how to live in God's creation. Jesus gave us the way to understand our existence and He took us beyond religion to understand living Love is a requisite in life.

Every child born today is born into a family that has a religion or they are atheist. It's imperative we know God deeper and understand what being alive is and the level of our world to give salvation. It's profound to live Christ consciousness in a world not living to know God.  Thousands of years after Jesus and we still haven't understood God is reality.

When God created humanity He created all of us through the same light.  No one will ever have a greater decree or authority in God than any other human being no matter what their title is.  We're the same and each of us is living our level for awakening in God.

God created every human being to live in their own light at their own level of consciousness whether they did so through being Muslim, Jewish, atheist, Hindu, Buddist or any other sect.  He knows the Souls journey will live through many paths to Him. He's not concerned. Whether we know it or not all life is living in God. We're not going anywhere except eventually deeper in Him and as we do we'll awaken to Heaven being all there is.

When Jesus walked the earth He spoke in parables to the public because human consciousness wasn't able to hear Him. Which tells us everything about our level of consciousness and how easy it is to believe we are deep in God and yet know so little of God. We must never take a second God. There is simply no way to understand life outside of how we shape our consciousness. If we shape it at matters level that's all we can know and experience as life. We have to keep living deeper in God for understanding our existence in Him.


If we never go beyond society and religions level we have no way to realize God at any greater level than theirs.  Seventy-five percent of the population claims a religion but our world lives deeply with war, anger, homelessness, evil, poverty, and children starving to death. We're not believing in God. It would be impossible for a child to starve in a world that had seventy-five percent of the population living Love. We weren't awake when Jesus walked the earth what makes us think we are awake today.

We've created the entire planet to live as Sodom. We live deep in false idols and live a second God.  How can we understand life if we have never lived in the light to understand it? We don't follow the Ten Commandments or live what Jesus taught us. God gave us those Laws for living awake to life. The light in consciousness lives from Love because Love is God's energy. He gave us the way for living in His creation.

We're like people on a plane kicking the pilot out and trying to fly it solo when we've never had a plane lesson in our lives. God is living to help us live through His creation. Every level in our existence is based on our understanding of Him.

We've never experienced Heaven because we've never lived at any level to experience Heaven. Without Jesus, we would have never had a way to understand God because the high priests were clueless.  Today we know of Jesus and people go to church and temples but we're not living Christ. We're living society's version which keeps us in the devils level instead of God's level.

We walk past homeless people and at the very least don't even offer a prayer. We judge our neighbors and hate our co-workers. We don't live, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We'll live Love until someone does something we can't stand and then its out the window.

Without living greater levels of Love, we can't acquire light in consciousness. This is why the world has a deficit in believing in God. We're sleeping in the darkness trying to awaken so that we may have eyes to see and ears to hear. But it only comes out of living greater Love. We've made the world in matter more real than God. Now we're learning why Love is the way of the world and that God is the only level to live for, for creating a world in Heaven.

Society created preachers to live in million dollar homes while people make them holy believing they are close to God. I tell you they are not and will never be until they give everything they have to those desolate, poor and in need. A simple question to ask is, ” Would Jesus do this or would Jesus give everything to the poor and live meagerly?”

We've been living for false idols and second God's for so long we've made preaching a business instead of the Kingdom of God. Living in God is never going to give anything greater than how we live it. If we play it shallow we only receive what is shallow. This is why human beings do not experience the light of Heaven in life. We closed that door long ago when we made money our focus instead of God.

Those that live deep in God as Jesus will experience Heaven on earth profoundly. Jesus said, And when thou prayest, be not as the hypocrites: for they love to stand and pray in the Synagogues, and in the corners of the streets, because they would be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.  But when thou prayest, enter into thy chamber: and when thou hast shut thy door, pray unto thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.”

The lesson is telling us there is no level in life that society can give greater than what we create in eternal Truth. Our Truth will never be determined by how society perceives us. It's placed in how deep or shallow we live with God. God sees everything and knows everything. Deeper living with God is the call. Living with faith is the only way we live understanding God because it leads us into the deeper levels of our world.

Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist taught us to live beyond society with infinite faith in God. Teaching us to walk the path that would give Heaven unto earth for those that heed the call.  Living with God is an experience that doesn't speak to the collective experience. It's greater than that. Society doesn't understand miracles happen naturally or that Angels live among us. When we live with God we know it to be true.

This is why we're trying to become conscious of Love so that we increase our light and rid the dark.  Our eyes and ears only see and hear out of the level of Love in our Soul. Not everybody has eyes to see or ears to hear. They forever look and do not see and they forever listen but the word of Heaven is never heard. Living with little faith in God darkens our Soul and closes our eyes to what is living all around us. To live in miracles, happiness, and Heaven we have to be rooted deep in God and keep strengthening our level of living Love.

God is the blueprint to life because we are living through His energy and as we increase His energy we experience the bigger world. His energy is Love and Love is the light in consciousness that gives us wisdom and knowledge. This is why the human race is living through everything other than Love to Love. We're acquiring God's energy to increase intelligence for understanding our existence in His creation.

As we live through our life continuum, hundreds of years from now we will know God differently than we do today. Our relationship with God will always be going deeper and deeper. God lives in all levels of consciousness coming through at the level we are of. How we think is the only road He can travel on. God will not violate HIs life principles or our free will. We can receive what we can conceive. Heaven cannot give more than we can process in knowing. We are the only ones that take ourselves out of God's arms into the devils by not living with faith.

Everything Jesus did was good. He helped the poor, healed the blind, made the crippled walk and spoke of God but our level of darkness kept us asleep to light. People including the high priest made Jesus out to be satan when they were the ones that were living in satan. Jesus was pure Love. No one gave to the poor, desolate and maimed as Jesus did.  They were to busy living in self-gluttony and self-interest to see.

When Jesus lived the forty days through satan. It was through His thinking He would overcome satan. Every thought either lives in darkness or light. Jesus taught us Love overcomes satan.

When we don't live evolving deeper into God we lose light because our mind doesn't expand in Love which is the light in consciousness. We stay earthly and that creates darkness in our thinking. Controlling how we think is the call. Having a greater ability to live Love is where we must strengthen our Soul for pausing incessant thinking.

We never live in the power of light that we could because we never experience the present moment we are in. The mind keeps us living in the past and future without telling us the moment we are in has peace.

We want to live light to experience miracles and our bigger world.  Living like children in a candy store marveling at everything we see is the way human beings want to live.  Excited, positive and believing everything is possible even if we have no way to understand it.

Knowing life's enormity tells us God is living hundreds of billions of years alive and we're more advanced than we've ever imagined or conceived.  We're only experiencing life from one level of consciousness not even understanding what is on this level. We don't see ninety-nine point nine percent of our world. We have more to see but need to live in God for that understanding.


People pray in the morning creating a space of beautiful prayer energy that is loving, kind and compassionate. Only to walk away and fifteen minutes later begin incessantly thinking at the mortal world's level carrying burdens, negativity, and contempt. Living in God means to live in Him twenty-four seven. We want to live out of the incessant thinking and instead live in God happily.

This is why people meditate and do spiritual practices for pausing incessant thinking. Humanity wants to live present to the moment we are in instead of living through thoughts of the past and future. We're being absorbed in incessant thinking with self-chatter missing the miracle of life right in front of us because we can't see it or understand it.

The more we practice pausing thought the more we open the conscious space of God. We want to take the space between every sentence and widen it. Quieting our minds and learning to live more in silence with stillness. Every thought keeps us living forward in matter. We're aging effortlessly in a process that eventually takes us out of the body and into new life. Our thoughts keep us moving forward through that process.

Incessant thinking jumps from one thought to the next. We talk to ourselves in our own narrative creating what doesn't exist more than what actually does exist. The brain is processing energy non-stop and we're living through every thought as life but we are not our thoughts. They are only part of the transitory world we are living in.

In this life, we will talk more to ourselves than to other people. We live in self-chatter as we do dishes, yard work, walk, shop, drive, listen to others, watch TV and sleep. Self-chatter is what people don't understand is living in matter. We are bringing everything into being to live through. How we think becomes the light in matter we live through. Self-chatter never pauses until we consciously pause the incessant thinking and control our thoughts. Which we desperately must do because we're not living consciously in self-chatter.

Our body, persona, and world only live in the light of this one level of consciousness. We don't see the totality of anything including our children, parents or friends because they live in another level of life experiencing the world through their level of consciousness.  We have no way to see the totality of anything other than what we see from our perspective. Human beings live in human photosynthesis which doesn't live with billions of people separate than us. It lives as images out of our Soul.

Human consciousness was created by God. The “word” created the world and still does today.  Our words live out of energy. Thought emerges out of consciousness. Most people have experienced on social media someone passing along an image that has words terribly misspelled, and letters missing but we can read it effortlessly. This is because we're registering in a higher frequency of light that doesn't need letters if we can read the energy.  What is written isn't what we are seeing, there is no level in matter there are tiny waves with vibrations giving us our level in reading it.

It's the same when we look in the mirror. We define our hair color, eyes, and features but energy is the only level existing. What we are seeing is out of consciousness creating the body to live through.  At different levels of consciousness, we live in different levels of light that may not see today what we're seeing. For example when we were ten we saw a different world than we do now.

Human beings feel their world before they think it into being.  What we feel is out of billions of living organisms creating light in every cell throughout our body with energy that lives in photosynthesis. Every level of life gives different light for what we think.

Human beings can communicate with other human beings without even speaking a word. Many people have experienced this without knowing. When we're driving we can feel when someone wants to get into our lane or when someone is not going to let us get over before it happens. We're reading energy without ever speaking to anyone.  There is no separation between any form in life.  It's a web of energy with images in our Soul.

Jesus had the ability to know what people were thinking and He knew His future way in advance. Everything He did on earth was in another light. Life isn't in the body. People have always believed consciousness was in our heads and contained in the brain. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us from our Soul in Heaven. Our universe is consciousness. The Soul is giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to experience matter in.


Humanity wants to acquire infinite faith in God for having greater light in our world. But faith doesn't live out of claiming faith it comes out of experiencing what has us choose faith. Which means there are tests in life that will have choices to either live at society's level or God's. When we choose God we want to keep greater faith because the mortal world will always try to stop us from leaving it. It will make more sense to live at society's level than God's but this is the crux of experiencing faith. We learn God's way is the better way.

Faith is the matrimony of Heaven. We want to live in the Kingdom of God instead of living at the mercy of the mortal world's level of circumstances.  We can experience the miracle of life's design as we understand Love as a requisite in life. We've been living with miracles all around us and yet we deny the light of Heaven in everything.

A caterpillar turning into a butterfly is living two different cycles of life. In one part the caterpillar lives on earth and in the second part of life the butterfly flies through the air. We leave the body to soar with Heaven as conscious energy. Spirit rests in Heaven with Loved ones as the Soul creates new life. Every human being changes form just like the butterfly does.

Nature is a miracle. There are no two snowflakes alike and each one has a geometric design that lives beyond human consciousness. Not to mention our sun is ninety-three million miles away existing at the most precise level creating the most precise elements to give us the most precise level of hydrogen to have oxygen to breathe. The intelligence of our world is profoundly living as one living organism through self-organizing energy.

There are countless levels of life all around us living in ways we haven't been awake too. The earth is alive with plants communicating with oceans and other trees with what is off planet. The air around us is alive with different living species that help regulate it. All life has intelligence because it's Conscious Energy able to communicate.

Life is living beyond what we're seeing. We seek to find new life off-planet all the while ever since the beginning we've been existing in another race. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and the level of Heaven giving us the way to experience life in matter. We have no way to live in bodies if not for their self-organizing energy.  They've been giving us the way to live on earth. Our atmosphere is filled with living plasma that is other races able to communicate they've been part of our lives from the beginning.

We're the ones that have not had the eyes to see or ears to hear with because our level of consciousness has been shaped through living in false idols instead of God.  When people think about living in God's light we want to go deeper and understand atoms and quantum living. There is no way for a human being to have consciousness in an embryo and then later leave the body as Spirit without human beings living in a light far beyond what we've been conceiving as life.

We're a species that can live for eternity and yet for most people that would seem like a pipe dream until you understand how God created life in consciousness. Then you realize matter is the pipe dream and how we are experiencing it is only through one level of consciousness. Humanity has never understood what being alive was which now we're learning and this knowledge will change human life forever. Human photosynthesis is the level of life.

It's good for humanity to understand greater levels of intelligence because our world has many more levels that only reveal themselves as we consciously evolve. We can only receive what we can conceive. Other races help us to expand how we are living in God's creation. Their existence is giving to our existence. Knowing how far in advanced they are helps us understand the intricate quantum level our world.

Our world is living in intelligence far beyond our level of consciousness. Conscious Energy is a great example of another race not living in our light which means they're not human beings nor do they have human living in our purpose. They are the fabric of our world and live as energy creating the way for photosynthesis to exist but can communicate with us. They're hundreds of billions of years alive.

We have life that would appear to us as objects, shapes with colors and energies that can communicate and they live in our atmosphere. They're part of what gives us the way to breathe. We will never come upon another race that looks like a human being because we've been created in our light for our level of consciousness.

Every other race has been created in their light for their level of consciousness. No two races will ever look the same or have the same life purpose. Life is living in a pool of consciousness and every level of consciousness has its own medium, life purpose, and existence. All life is giving energy for everything in existence to live. There is unity in life from energy out of every level of consciousness in existence. An order was established for life's existence and all life plays a role in that order.

Life lives for conscious evolution because matter only lives out of how we think.  Truly comprehending God is hundreds of billions of years alive tells us our level of consciousness doesn't come close to grasping how much life is existing. We see a universe and try to measure it not yet realizing we can't see all of it because we only see what we can be conscious of. Our world is ninety-nine point nine percent invisible. The earth and universe are consciousness.

We think of human beings as normal and yet we could look like pink elephants and would never know it because we are born with everything existing and our level of consciousness only knows itself.

It's pretty celestial to understand human beings are a species constantly changing form for new life. And what is living is the energy inside of the body leaving for more bodies to live through. We live changing bodies for new experiences in matter from new levels of consciousness. We live eighty, ninety years and then leave the body as conscious energy.

Our perception of life has been at matters level believing we die. When there is no birth or death only a continuation of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. Energy is all there is. The body is the gift God gave us along with the ability to live in matter as conscious energy.  This is why we live in human photosynthesis.

We've been taught to see life living outside of us out but everything we see is only living through us.  And yet we think people are separate from us when there is no place where we begin or they end.  Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul. We're not seeing how life is existing we're only experiencing a version for evolving to higher levels of consciousness. What we live through God has created for us to see comfortably and pleasing.

We don't experience everything giving us the way to live comfortably. We don't see bacteria covering our bodies or buildings, streets, grass, and furniture. Nor do we have any trauma from our cells dropping off our body or changing in the trillions and trillions. Even our body parts like our lungs renew as cells continue living through every change without us doing anything or feeling anything,

It's a miracle when we can honestly pause and dwell in what God has given us.  Consciousness coming into an embryo with the adult already imprinted upon is a level we'll never understand like we could until we become more conscious of God.


I've spoken many times about Heaven's Conscious Energy helping me understand our world. They live in everything we see and in everything we don't see. They are giving us the livingness in matter at our level of consciousness. I've experienced them making lettuce heavy and hard to move, making a bottle cap to tight to twist off and then making it absolutely effortless to twist off. They've made my laptop weigh thirty pounds and a bottle of water weigh fifteen pounds. They even made a case of water incredibly heavy like it was fifty pounds or more.

Even while creating Holy Oil they have stopped the oil from pouring out and then flooded it out. They've made my bed sheets to hard to pull up and kept me from turning the doorknob to enter the house. They've made the refrigerator impossible to open and they have given me living in what hasn't happened yet. Never has anything been something someone could have told me existed in life. Yet, it's as comfortable to experience as being home in God.

When God created life in consciousness it was for us to always live expanding vertically not in linear consciousness. We became a society that lived linearly creating life to live for one million dollars, then a hundred million dollars and then one billion dollars and then one hundred billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. We started with one house then people lived for mansions and then for two and three houses.  That level of consciousness has never opened the door to God because it stayed at matters level. Living linearly doesn't give us the way to awaken through conscious evolution. We end up darkening our light by not opening God's door.

God is the way that takes us into higher levels of consciousness. His way takes out of matter and into light.  God created human beings to live understanding His level for experiencing His consciousness. At matters level we close ourselves off from greater light. This is why we've lived linearly instead of understanding how to experience His creation.

God is living hundreds of billions of years alive and has created a world that has everything in it while we are the ones unraveling what is here. God knows everything already. It's already been created. Heaven showed me how photosynthesis is living only in our light. They changed human beings right in front of me for seeing without a doubt my light in them. When I tell you life is energy and there is no level of difficulty in God changing matter, I mean it literally. Our world is malleable to how we think and can change in a split second.

We take matter for granted because we were born with it all around us. We never question how it's existing.  Our perception is far away from what is here. We need to live deeper in God instead of in matter to know our Truth. The body is nothing more than a costume we put on to experience matter in.  When we leave the body we are still alive existing in the light of God as conscious energy. All matter leaves when we leave. When we come back we experience a new level of human consciousness.

Scientist have known at the smallest particle all matter is a wave. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. We've continued using theories based on general relativity and gravity that have brought us into the twentieth century with technological advances. Yet, they only exist at one level of consciousness. There is no gravity or general relativity existing. The universe isn't assigning anyone atoms purpose or anyone particles livingness only human consciousness is. If the universe was deciding an atoms purpose our world would be ripped apart. Consciousness is the only level giving us matter.

What we bring into being we can experience because human beings live in consciousness. We make everything as real as it is. This is why learning about matter in consciousness is detrimental for our sustainability. As humanity understands human photosynthesis those theories won't exist. We will understand the world is not three dimensional but nine and beyond because we're living through energy with atoms in holographic light in decimals.


The most important level for us to finally understand is having faith in God as the crux for understanding our existence.

How many people would live like they do today if they truly believed in God? Would we walk past homeless people like they were nothing?  Would a human being hurt another human being if they knew God was right next to them and we had a life continuum to live through what we do to others? Would we deny caring for our parents because of our self-interest?

I don't think anybody would live as they do if they really believed in God. Every one of our thoughts has to live through God to come into being.  Heaven is the only level there is in life. What human consciousness creates to live through is our level inside of God. We want to live through our level of thinking to Heaven. As we live greater Love we pierce the veil for living Heaven in our world.

By living for only wealth and luxury we've created a planet to live as Sodom deep in sin. Without following the Ten Commandments we never have the path for living deeper in God.  It's important we awaken to how far away from God we've been living. Moses freed the Israelites and gave us the Ten Commandments yet Israel isn't following the Ten Commandments nor does humanity. We're not believing in God. How many priests and rabbis are screaming from the top of their lungs humanity isn't following the Ten Commandments? Or have we become a society now living blasphemous as part of our existence.

Israel is a profound level in the Bible and has a history of living with greater faith in God. Moses freed the Israelites after being enslaved for four hundred years and gave the Ten Commandments. There was a covenant created that needed to continue for eternity. Without faith in God, we live society's level losing our light in Heaven. We want to live in God greater than any other level in life. The Ten Commandments were God's Laws given to humanity to follow because it was the only path that would give us consciousness in light.

With God, we live understanding every level of life greater than outside of God. Human suffering is the absence of Love and only lives from us not doing what Jesus taught us. Israel has been continuing a journey for living greater in God. The Ten Commandments given by Moses were God's Laws for humanity to have a path for how to live in His creation.

We tend to think biblical times ended when Heaven and God never went away.  What was biblical then is biblical now and will be for eternity because God is always with us. God said, “If Israel returns to Him and gives everything to Palestine without fear of losing anything for peace. It will be Israel that lives eternal Heaven.”  

Living through consciousness never has us understand how we live until something happens that gives us greater light. Humanity has been experiencing God from matters level which is the devils level and not in light. We want to live everything Jesus taught us in Love and live it at the level of Jesus and not society. Society lives Love out of self-interest instead out of giving without benefitting what so ever. There are no self-accolades with Love when we live Heavens Love.  Humanity has made Love a level of darkness because we judge, rationalize and justify when it's time to not Love. And yet it's only in our darkness we deny the power of Love.

If humanity is going to live with miracles and Heaven its through living Love at Christ's level caring more for others than self.  Only human consciousness keeps us from God. When we live within God's Laws we understand living beyond society is mandatory for keeping faith in God.

Moses, Abraham, and Elijah have given every one of us the level of faith we must live to know God. Without living faith at that level and going beyond the mortal world we only experience the mortal world's level. Faith is one of the greatest levels in human consciousness that gives us the way for living deeper in God.  We carve our Soul for greater substance and light when we live through trials and tribulations that have us choose faith. There are always test because our consciousness is changing but we solidify our faith in God when we stay trusting Him.

The key is to listen to God and no one else. There will never be another human being that can give us what God can.  Let us always remember Moses had to ask the Pharaoh ten times before the Israelites were released. His faith was infinite. Never did He doubt God even when things got worse before they got better. He held his faith in God and only lived in God. His belief was from living deeper in God than any other human being at that time.

The devil tries to keep us living at earthly levels instead of through our divine light. Challenges and the opposite of what we want to have happen will happen otherwise we wouldn't know faith. Humanity has created darkness but there is infinite light we can live through and God is with us.

Every level of life is living in thought. Every thought is living in matter for us to observe how we think.  It's all teaching us to live deeper in God. We have to understand matter being energy tells us how we think is the only level discerning its existence. Having the ability to change how we think is where humanity must focus.  We went along with life without understanding our entire premise is conscious evolution. Enlightenment is what we are living for. Always trying to live greater light for expanding our consciousness.


“Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”  (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

We have been living at matters level since the beginning not understanding how life was created.  We think self is all there is and who we call self is who we are. But let us remember we live in a life continuum and the body changes in every life. Self doesn't exist its only a transitory level of the mortal world. We are not our thoughts.

Love is the only level existing and we are gradually becoming conscious of Love as who we are. Just like God is Love.  The body and the persona only serve for us to live through the human story at this one level of consciousness. Then we drop the body for new life. Every human being we know in this life will manifest throughout our life continuum as we become Love because every person we are conscious of is a level of energy in our Soul.

God never discriminates any level of consciousness.  He lives for us to understand His existence. No matter our education, wealth, religion or sins we're all on a journey to awaken deeper in God.  Our level of thinking is all over the place and in a level of consciousness slowly acquiring what is needed which is Love to understand Him greater. When He created life He created trillions and trillions and trillions of different possibilities in thinking in a world that has infinite possibilities in consciousness. Everybody eventually comes home to God.

Everything other than Love is the way to Love. When Jesus was walking a man came up to Him and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?” “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.”  “Which ones?” he inquired. Jesus replied, “‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.” “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”  The man was disappointed because he had great wealth. He denied Jesus and walked away.

That man could never have eyes to see or ears to hear with for understanding God beyond matters level. After the man walked away. Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.

He said this because we consciously can only live at the level we place our meaning and attachment. If we live for matters level we do not live for Heaven's. If we live for wealth and material we shape our consciousness to live at the same level. Which is the opposite of God. Consciously we lose light if we don't live in God. This is why God told us to not take a second God. Consciously we would only have the ability to focus on one or the other. There is no way to experience what is in a different light if we don't live in that light.

When Jesus spoke in parables it was also because every person needed to unravel their own journey living in God. Each person would only receive what they could conceive. This is why when Jesus healed people He also said,  “You're healed by your faith.” What you believe is what you get.  He tried to teach us to live believing in Him beyond anything in matter and to always make Him first so that we could understand His creation.

When humanity has the opportunity to learn more and experience what no one thought possible its a blessing from God.  More people will experience Heaven on earth in greater ways than society because that door has been opened.

The light humanity is being blessed with is giving us the way to learn more about God and how to live with Him. Love is the key in life because it gives us God. The more light in consciousness the deeper we live in Heaven while here on earth.

I'm including in this podcast and writing the audio and link of God speaking. You can also go to and listen to more audios as well as watch and download videos of energy in Heaven.

The audio with God speaking happened at the beginning of Heaven coming into my life. Heaven was removing deep wounds in my light. There was a traumatic childhood experience and when it was brought up I felt pain and upset. Within seconds as God spoke it was released and all I felt was ecstasy. He said, “Follow” and Angels were saying, “He loves you, happy, happy, happy.” Literally, within seconds they had guided me to feel nothing but ecstasy.

The recording has been looped three times. May it bring you greater Love and faith in God.