Life’s Divine Light

The light in life we are seeking is the light that gives us the knowledge and wisdom to see beyond the mortal world. Cause and effect is the living principle giving us the way to understand light. For every action there is another action in motion. Cause is consciousness and what we experience in matter is the effect. The level of cause and effect is an action existing out of light. Light is everything in the level of everything. God is the light all life is in. Light is the field cause and effect is coming out of.

The principle of light is understanding everything we are experiencing as life is only existing in our light. The world is only a level of matter with energy in the light of our Soul. Levels of matter are living only at our level of consciousness. Cause and effect is part of life moving forward. There is always a level in consciousness creating the next moment to live through. Every thought is energy creating in matter what we experience as life. The level we can think from is the level we live.

The premise is to live at a level of consciousness that can create in matter the experience of Heaven. Consciousness is all that is alive evolving to create in matter what it is to live through. We have to always be observing if what is in matter is Heaven. Are we living through Love or everything other than Love? What is giving life the ability to live in higher levels of light is higher energy and the energy Love is the most powerful energy in existence for God is Love. Love is the only light that expands consciousness. We want to live levels of Love to invoke Gods light into our consciousness. Every level of what we are living is in Gods intelligence. There is no place in existence that is not in Gods light.

In consciousness life exists in light. Light is the level of God in everything in existence giving us our level of consciousness to live in matter. How we perceive levels of matter is only through light in photosynthesis. If we are to live at levels able to understand how to live cause and effect it is to understand how to live in light. Love is the light in consciousness giving our Spirit the ability to experience matter through. Living in matter for consciousness to observe itself is only living for us to choose the energy that gives consciousness the greater light to live through. The greater light we have the greater level of cause and effect we can live through.

The mortal world is in Heaven and Heaven is the only reason a human being is able to experience matter at their level of consciousness. Humanity has taken it for granted that we live in matter not realizing matter is a miracle  from God.  The human body is in consciousness just as every level of what we see is. A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. The experience of a body and matter is only because of Gods intelligence creating photosynthesis for conscious energy to experience consciousness in matter.

The human world is a level in energy out of the light in humanity's collective consciousness. When we think of cause and effect we are realizing that thought is all that is alive. What we think is what we live. How we create in matter is through energy because energy is all that is existing, Matter is a nothingness existing only at our level of consciousness. If we are being conscious of life we are living at a level understanding matter is only our energy and what we think is going to have a level for us to experience in matter. We live creating our level in matter to live through in our light. What we have to live through is based on the collective consciousness.

We can live through matter in greater happiness, peace and Love by knowing everything is in our light. There is nothing in existence outside of our light. When we live in our light we are having responsibility for thinking and living in consciousness through matter. Knowing everything is in our light is giving us the way to see other humans, events and our world through it only existing at our level of consciousness. The experience in matter is to consciously evolve to the level of understanding there is only one of us here with God. God is reality. Having the ability to take responsibility for everything existing in our light is a gift that gives us reason to live greater levels of Love opening the level of Heaven.

Remember light is the energy in consciousness giving us the eyes to see matter beyond our present level. Light is Love. The more responsible we can be for living Love the greater light we can live through. We want to take full responsibility for how we think the world  is existing because everything in matter is only a piece of energy in the light of our Soul trying  to become Love. Just as God is Love. We want to be responsible for what we see in another as only being a reflection of energy within our Soul. As we live conscious of every human being and all levels of life only existing for us to live Love through we live with greater responsibility for the level of Love we live. Love is the only energy in existence that expands our light into Heaven.

If we are to live Love and experience God at the ultimate level it will be because we are living fully responsible for every thought we have. Living Love is the level that gives clarity in matter because the light is having us see with greater wisdom and knowledge.  The world is in Gods intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive and every time we live Love we are having greater levels of His light in our consciousness.

Life is living with an unlimited level of what can be experienced in matter. What decides the level we experience is our level of consciousness which is the level of Love we are living. There is more life all around us that we haven't been able to see because our level of consciousness is not giving us the light to see through.

If we are to live at a level experiencing our potential in any one level of consciousness it will only be by living Love.  Without Love we are living through everything other than Love at a level only seeing a tiny bit of life. Love is the energy that is God and is the energy that expands consciousness to greater levels of wisdom and knowledge.  Every human being is living to experience Heaven and every human being has the key to life to experience Heaven because God gave us Love at birth. Knowing Love is the light in consciousness is telling us to live Love greater than any other level and by doing so we invoke the light in our consciousness to be that of only Heaven.