God Is With Us


Everyone is searching for happiness through consumption instead of realizing happiness is inside of us waiting for us to realize its light. People try to find happiness through buying things and by placing meaning in matter which matter is transitory. So it's an empty chase. Everything in the outer world is only existing in light for us to recognize our truth as Love.  When we look outside for happiness we seek but never find because ultimately what is outside of us is only born through us. We are the light everything lives in. It's only our perspective that dictates what life is living as.  And when we change our perspective we change the world we experience.

We want to live accessing Heaven while here on earth. Our relationship with God might be living as a Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, Christian, or another sect but it doesn't matter. How we feel in this moment is the perfect place for us to begin understanding how life is living on this planet floating in space. Many generations have established how humanity presently believes in God and doesn't believe in God. But what was established didn't live in God to understand God.

Everything until now has been passed down to us from other generations who were taught their perspective. We've never lived what Jesus, the Bible or any enlightened master gave. We haven't even lived what Hare Krishna or Buddha taught. Human beings have had many different levels in life giving us the way to God and we've never lived them beyond society's level.

Our level of understanding has only been from one level of consciousness which never knew what a molecule was, what a human being was or how matter was existing.

How people know God is only through religion which religion never lived a day of Heaven on earth to understand God's existence. Taking the Bible or any other religious text and interpreting it from one level of consciousness only gives us one level of thinking to live from. We have to consciously evolve unraveling what is given to higher interpretations based on carving our Soul. Consciousness is telling everybody that life only lives out of one channel until you change that channel.

Jesus was persecuted because human beings didn't understand God or life. When humanity persecuted Jesus it would be over a thousand years before the Bible came into being. During this time humanity continued living from a level of consciousness that was in darkness from living at matters level instead of Spirit. We shaped human consciousness in darkness instead of light when we didn't live with God as deeply as we should have.

When we started having rewards that were tangible we continued living more for matter than for Spirit. The world is energy and Spirit was the only way for us to understand our existence. We associated life through our senses instead of realizing what we couldn't see was more alive than what we could see. The earthly level diverted us away from unlocking our ultimate truth in God.

We can only understand God and life from our present level of consciousness. If we live cultivating matters level we can't experience what is in light.  We'll only understand God from one perspective which doesn't evolve deeper into God. This is why the high priest that killed Jesus didn't understand Him.  They lived from a protocol and practice that never went beyond itself. They never rooted any deeper in God to understand how a human being could live in God's light. This has continued for thousands of years with humanity not going deeper into God because religion didn't go deeper into God.

When Jesus was persecuted it was through the highest level of religion. The high priest were threatened by Jesus's knowledge of God and His ability to perform miracles. Jesus knew more than the high priest and they didn't understand how He had knowledge of God beyond them. The high priest could only live from their practices and protocols. They couldn't conceive any greater light and that ignorance killed Jesus.  Which is similar to today, over 2500 years later humanity still hasn't gone deeper into God. We live with God at society's level placing Him at religions level not living at the deepest level we possibly can. Nobody has ever been taught to live beyond religion and no one ever thought living beyond religion was something to do.

When we started living for matter over Spirit we began living away from understanding our existence. Christ is a light that goes beyond human living and is in God. It's out of the light of Christ Hare Krishna came. Hare Krishna was the level of divine form. Humanity has brought into being many divine forms that speak to the same message but live through different human created religions. It's good to understand the world is energy and what is living out of energy is only manifesting in form through levels of Christ energy. Jesus was of Heaven and born into a human being. His materializing in form was from immaculate conception into the Virgin Mary. Jesus is God's Son and in every human being, there is the light of the Son.

Our level of consciousness has each of us living through a religion, perspective of life, God and Heaven.  We're taught how to live in this world. But we don't understand everything we are experiencing only exist in our mind. It's living in our perspective and never lives outside of it. The world only lives in our light. Which has been taught to us from the family we are born into and societies present level of consciousness. Our family is a level of energy in photosynthesis. They're part of the costume we put on to live through consciousness in matter. They're part of the mortal world experience. In every life, we will have a different family which is manifested from our Souls light. The energy in our family will evolve into higher light as we become Love. All energy changes form leaving the body for new life.

A child born today is born into a family that's of a religion.  Their parents and the religions collective consciousness teaches the child how to think of God, life, and Heaven. What's being taught represents the present level of human consciousness. It's important to understand what is being taught has never understood creation or human existence. It's been a linear level of consciousness evolving at matters level. Even today we find humanity existing at a level with the same perspectives as thousands of years ago. No one has lived beyond societies level of consciousness except for Krishna, and Buddha.

Understanding God is to realize all form is manifesting out of His energy and only living in His energy. Our perspective is our level of consciousness slowly awakening to the illusion of what being alive is. We slowly acquire light for greater wisdom and knowledge which unveils God more and more. We've had many people showing us the way to Heaven while here on earth including many enlightened masters. We didn't listen. Everyone who has come before has given us what we needed to open our word. We have never lived what was given.

People worship God but live for false idols making money a second God. Which keeps them in darkness instead of light. We haven't been cultivating eyes to see or ears to hear with. God didn't want us to live for false idols or creating a second God because we would shape human consciousness to live earthly at matters level unable to understand Heaven. We've been putting humanity in a tiny box believing life is about our bank account when the entire time we have been in Heaven in a miraculous existence with miracles and greater life. The mortal world is only an illusion we're living through to God.

If we shape human consciousness at the level of matter we create linear consciousness that stays earthly, not able to understand Spirits power. Earthly levels keep incessant thinking at a level that never recognizes itself.  Incessant thinking keeps us living in a thought system jumping from one thought to the next. We live in self-chatter talking to ourselves about everything we did yesterday and what we need to do tomorrow. Human beings live talking to themselves more than they do to another human being. There isn't a moment in our lives that our thoughts aren't speaking in our narrative. We keep ourselves in a story that never goes beyond itself or realizes we are not our thoughts. Earthly levels never ascend to higher levels of intelligence because they have no light to process.

We have a choice with every thought and that's either choosing to think incessantly through the mortal world level which holds darkness and is temporary, it's the illusion or live in the conscious space of God. Those are the only two choices we have. The mortal world lives in one thought system and stays within itself and Heaven lives in another thought system in light that is infinite and unlimited.  The knowledge we gain when we live for enlightenment takes us beyond the illusion to ultimate reality.

Even if we have a practice that takes us to the temple or church seven days a week it doesn't mean we're living greater in God if we keep our thought process at the level of society. Only through carving the Soul and living in Love as Christ do we experience a greater understanding of God.  If we live in a thought process at society's level in incessant thinking we can only process God from that same level. How we think determines what we live through.

Having our thought process in God keeps us aligned with what is infinite. The image of the all-seeing eye shows the pathway of ascending from the bottom level to the higher ones. When we live at earthly levels humanity can't ascend to higher levels in consciousness. Only through Spirit do we live going higher into God.  Faith is the light to God.

Living for false idols is like a veil over our eyes not giving us the way to conceive life beyond it. When Jesus walked the earth many religious people didn't have the way to understand Him. They couldn't fathom the Messiah was right in front of them.  Jesus speaks to how humanity is living unable to see or hear the Truth because of our lack of faith in God. Without faith, we have no way to understand His existence. God is the blueprint to life and we're living in His energy trying to live deeper to understand Him.

Conscious evolution is out the conscious space of God. If we think incessantly from one thought to the next we fill our minds in self-chatter. We never leave that level for what exists beyond it.  Through meditations, mantras, and stillness we open consciousness to greater levels of light. Humanity wants to learn to not think and instead live consciously as Love.


Abraham is a Bible figure who heard God telling him to leave his home for a new land that God would guide Him to. One day while outside Abraham heard a voice out of nothing. And the voice told him it was God and said, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” Abraham had so much faith in God He ran back telling His wife and nephew Lot that God spoke to him and they needed to go to the new land.

Imagine if a relative came over to your house and told you they heard God and He told us to move. How many people would believe it and do it? Would we think about our work, money, friends, if it benefits us or would be thrilled it was God and start packing? Most people would miss the miracle of God. Humanity hasn't been living with God to understand how He moves through our world. We live with little faith in Him. He moves through our world in every atom always with us but we have to trust him beyond the mortal worlds temporary level. Understanding there is a deeper thread in everything where His light is.

God is permanent. Love is permanent and our consciousness is continuous in every life. What is temporary is everything in matter we are experiencing including family, friends, job titles, clothes, cars, homes and bank accounts. We live in a bigger world where everything is emerging out of. Everything in matter is transitory. Focusing on energy and where everything emerges out of is the way.  Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. When Jesus was healing people He would tell them they were being healed according to their faith. We can only receive the level we can conceive. Everyone that was healed believed they would be with zero doubt. Faith is the matrimony of Heaven. It's the only way to live in God. There is no other key that gives you a greater understanding of His existence other than living with faith that's infinite.

When Heaven first came into my life it was only through faith the door opened. So much happened that seemed impossible and unexplainable the faith of it being Heaven created the door. When the orbs and voices began there was little doubt Heaven was entering my life. Even though I considered myself atheist the Love I felt was so overwhelming. One day I heard God's Angels telling me to go to my mom who was in Saint Louis that she needed help.

My brother thought my mom was fine and when I spoke to her on the phone she sounded fine as well. There wasn't an urgent reason to go and in order to take that trip because I was living below poverty, I would need to sell my BMW which was fairly new and my only car. My journey into poverty was very quick. When God's Angels told me to sell my car it was through faith I acted. From that time on it would be a journey through faith understanding God living deeper and deeper through His guidance and teachings.


Abraham is a profound lesson in how little we believe in God. Most people would think the person was crazy if they told them God is telling us to move.  Humanity is living at society's level instead of with God.  Our world is extremely quantum in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Human consciousness never understood matter was only existing in consciousness. We're living in God's energy and that's the only way matter has form. We don't see the totality of anything because we can only experience matter from our level of consciousness. We don't even experience the totality of our children, parents or friends because they're living in another level of the world experiencing life from their level of consciousness. We only experience them from our level of consciousness.

How we think is the only pathway for Heaven to be realized through. What we can conceive is all we can receive. God will not violate His own principle in free will.  This is why conscious evolution is detrimental.  There isn't a way for us to understand life beyond our thought process. We must continue going deeper in God to materialize in matter from greater levels of consciousness. How God moves in our world is extraordinaire and profound. What we don't see is more alive than what we do. Faith is the kingdom in God.


Moses is probably one of the most incredible examples of faith beyond any other. He was a Bible figure known for using his rod to part the red sea which gave the Israelites the way to freedom. Moses had been a prince of Egypt and didn't know he was an Israelite. At the time when Moses was born the Pharaoh was killing all male babies out of fear of the Hebrew population. Moses had been placed in a basket and set out on the river.

The Egyptian Queen found the basket and raised Moses like her son which her actual son lived despising him. Moses went from being a prince to a nobody overnight.  When he learned he was an Israelite and his people were Egypt's slaves.  Moses went into the yard and saw a slave master beating an Israelite. He picked up a stone and hit the man in the head which killed him. Moses then fled Egypt and lived as a shepherd outside for over forty years.

One night Moses saw a bush catch fire in a blazing light of flames.  Then out of the flames, he heard the voice of God telling him to go free the Israelites who had been enslaved for over four hundred years. God told him to go back to Egypt which the step-brother who hated him was now the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was the most powerful man in society and had numerous armies and slaves.

Moses said to God, ” Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”  And God said, ” I will be with you. This will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.” Moses said to God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?” God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.” 

So Moses heard a voice and believed it was God. Which is a miracle within itself that He didn't think it was just amber crackling. Then he had to think about going back to a place where he had murdered someone and where he was hated by the Pharaoh.  Moses had no army, and was going on faith alone. Would it be something you would do? Would you believe it was God you heard? Or would you think it was the fire crackling? Would you live in the light believing in God?

The level of faith that Moses had was a testament to living in redemption for so many years. His faith and belief in God were beyond any other. He went to the Pharaoh and told him to free his people.  The first time he saw the Pharaoh he was beaten and thrown out. It would take Moses ten times before the Pharaoh would release the Israelites. Each time he went back to the Pharaoh telling him to release his people he kept faith in God. He didn't yell at God after five times and it not happening.

He lived with God understanding there was a process and his faith would strengthen and continue to create the next level of what would ultimately free the Israelites. Taking him ten times is a testament to humanity for how God works in life. Even when we believe it should happen right away there is more happening in life and our light for what is to come that is a blessing. What we conceive isn't the entire truth of what is happening.

Once the Israelites left Egypt they began their journey to the promise land. The Pharaoh enraged by His son's death claimed retribution by enslaving the Israelites again in harsher conditions. The Israelites were at the sea when the Pharaoh's army began closing in on them. Again Moses had infinite faith in God when he placed his rod into the sea parting it believing God was with him. It's incredible to think about one person doing what no one could do in four hundred years because he had the ability to live absolute faith in God.  The power in having faith in God is what creates possibility in what seems impossible.

Moses was also the person God gave the Ten Commandments too. Which two of the Ten Commandments are, ” Thou Shall Not Kill and Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Home or Possessions.”  Israel has been at war with Palestine for over two hundred years. The question to ask is why have we not followed the Ten Commandments? There is only one answer and it's because we have little faith in God.  We're being taught to live with God at society's level instead of living with God at Heavens Level.  There is a parable that Jesus speaks about that has to do with a farmer planting seeds.


Jesus says, “A farmer went out to sow his seed.  As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up.  Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow.  And when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root.  Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.  Still, other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.  Whoever has ears, let them hear.” 

 The disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”  He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.  This is why I speak to them in parables:

“Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:”‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise, they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.” But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

The message is telling us to live our lives deeper in God for greater wisdom and knowledge. Otherwise, we live at the surface level that never has roots in God to live the splendor and miracles of His light.  When we live from the mortal world level we may temporarily experience false idols but we forfeit our Soul. There is no way for us to understand God unless we live with faith. Living with God will always test our faith and provide us the way to go deeper into Him. It's never in the way we think it should be, it's always outside of what is normal to us. Faith doesn't make sense because it's not at our level. That's why heavenly to have in living through matter. It carries us beyond our level of thinking to greater levels of our world.

Society's level doesn't live in the light of Heaven but every individual can. Society has lived in darkness for false idols instead of through Spirit for enlightenment. Some people live with God on Sunday but go back to hating their neighbor on Monday and then live for wealth on Tuesday. Never planting their seed deep enough in God to have a greater understanding of Him. Other people live in a practice and protocol every day worshipping God but that doesn't root them any deeper in God. The world keeps religion living at society's level.  Humanity is a great example of being created by God, knowing about God and yet not following the Ten Commandments. It's only because society is living at matters level instead of with God we have such little faith.

When society doesn't live at the level it should we see and do nothing in Heaven because we have no faith in God to experience His light. If we always make choices based on the mortal world's level of circumstances we can only experience that level. Our thought system keeps us living at earthly levels. We have to live in the light of Jesus, Abraham, Elijah, Moses, and John the Baptist. They tell us the way to God is beyond society's level and won't make complete sense. It doesn't have to make sense and that's very important to understand. What makes sense to us is at our level of thinking which is society's level and what makes sense to God is at God's level. He's taking us out of our level of thinking to a higher realm within Him. What we don't see He does and what we don't hear He gives us to hear and what we don't understand, He gives us understanding.

We think of Jesus as only being of Heaven but let us remember he was a human being of Heaven. He lived among everyone and was brought up in a human family but raised by God. He grew up in a neighborhood where people knew of Him. Many people couldn't believe the kid they grew up with was claiming to be the Messiah. People didn't believe in God at the level to understand Jesus.

Imagine living an experience so great and telling people becomes a nightmare because they don't have the faith to believe you or comprehend what is so good. Jesus on the cross said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Humanity had no intelligence to conceive God in human form on earth right in front of them to not crucify Jesus. Today we're living along the same level as people were then. We're very oblivious to how God is existing. The level of our world is deeply rooted in the opposite of everything God told us to live.

There is a parable in the Bible about Sodom a city that is wrought with sin living for false idols and having second Gods. The city ended up being destroyed. We have shaped an entire planet to now live as Sodom. Every child born is taught to live for money. Success for the human being is not living in the light of God for enlightenment instead, it's living for wealth and false idols.  We cultivate darkness in human consciousness by living for matter instead of Spirit.  Which keeps our thought system in darkness instead of light. This creates a reality that doesn't leave its source which keeps us living earthly. When we live for Spirit we live through what is celestial.


It's heavenly to awaken to how we have been denying God since the beginning of human creation.  Here are some of the places we denied God. Jesus was crucified by the highest level of religion at that time. Which only tells us how practices and protocols can not root us deeper in God. The Israelites were freed from slavery by Moses. Moses was given the Ten Commandments but Israel doesn't live by the Ten Commandments. Humanity doesn't follow the Ten Commandments either. We created a society to live for wealth and false idols which is the opposite of what God told us to do. Religion became the only way a human being learns about God when God isn't in religion He is the blueprint to life.

What happened thousands of years ago was biblical but biblical never ended. Life will live in what is biblical for eternity because God never goes away nor does Heaven. Our faith is all we have in having a connection with God. When we sever that level we literally put ourselves in the devils grasp creating suffering that doesn't need to exist. Only human consciousness veers away and loses the sacred connection with God.  We've had Heaven right beside us the entire time and yet because of our little faith, we haven't experienced what we could of. We lost our relationship by choosing a second God and false idols. We replaced faith in God for what doesn't he even live in God. We have to sustain the level of faith like Moses.

 If we have such little faith in God how can we experience Him in greater ways? We can't. Consciously we close that door when we live at society's level.


Experiencing God is through faith. Jesus lived with God as His only reality. Consciousness will only give us the world we sustain. A good way to understand consciousness is understanding we can only live through one level of consciousness. If we think from level “A” we will only experience a world that lives in level “A”. If we think from level “B” we will only experience a world that lives in level “B”.  This is why we don't see the totality of anything. We can only experience life from our present level of consciousness but there are unlimited levels for us to experience matter through.

Another way to understand consciousness is humanity never see's what is keeping us alive. The level of life existing giving us the ability to live is overwhelming. Yet, we don't see any of it taking place we only witness what is comfortable. Human consciousness doesn't experience the light giving us life. Bacteria covers everything including our bodies. Particles are everywhere and yet we don't see them. If we saw the particles we wouldn't be able to walk through a room without them blocking our path. Energy is like a web and covers every level of life in existence. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.


Religion has been the only way someone is able to learn about God.  When God isn't in religion He is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. God doesn't discern who is Jewish, Catholic or Muslim human beings do. Living in a life continuum tells us that every level of life is temporary including our present religion because we leave everything behind when we leave our bodies. No matter goes with us. No title, bank account or congregation. We leave this world with only the level of Love we are of which is our consciousness. We live for eternity changing form manifesting in matter for different experiences in human consciousness. Self is a transitory level that doesn't exist. Its part of our costume we wear for experiencing matter at this level of consciousness.

We'll live in many different forms and will experience human created religions of that time. Human beings are not the level of matter we are conscious energy having a human experience in matter. Religion is part of that experience in consciousness. What is continuous in every life is Love and that is the light in consciousness. It's the Soul. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter for our experience at this level of consciousness.  God gave us the way to live at any level of consciousness we could and experience that level of consciousness in matter. This created our life continuum living through conscious evolution. Herein lies how photosynthesis is creating the light we experience as life. The Love lived in human consciousness creates the light of the world we experience in our life continuum.

Nearly 75% of the world's population practices one of the five most influential religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. That's about 5 billion people out of 7.5 billion people on our planet. If everyone claiming to be religious lived Love our world will live in unity in humanity. There would no starvation on this planet or anyone homeless if we lived in what religion was trying to teach us. Humanity must begin a deeper reflection into what we have become and why our moral compass is so far away from living in compassion, mercy, and charity. Living with greater maturity in life is needed to take greater responsibility for the suffering in life. We are the ones creating it by not living Love.

Every human being is on a personal journey into light. How we live every day is shaping our experience and the world's light. We need to live with each other as our sole purpose in life. Cultivating compassion, mercy, tolerance, and givingness. Caring for one another and providing for each other beyond any level presently lived is the way. There is no excuse for people not having their basic human needs being met when we are creating luxury items, satellites and performing heart transplants. The only reason billions of people suffer is the devils level in human consciousness creating darkness in our Soul.

There is a higher light in energy that holds Love. We want to be able to process thought in energy that carries God's energy. When we live through Spirit we live Love and we gain knowledge from God.  Jesus taught us to live deeper in God while human consciousness shaped what doesn't understand God. We want our faith to live in the light of Heaven opening our world.  Living with energy in our light is the greatest experience to have. No one can imagine what it's like to experience life that is part of the fabric of our world communicating and guiding us through life. What is living in Heaven is extraordinaire and living in a light hundred of billions of years alive.

Society created preachers to have impressive credentials and dazzling performances living in million dollar homes which is the opposite of God.  There is nothing in the light of Jesus that will ever have a preacher living in wealth or false idols. God will be their reality.  We want to deeply root ourselves back to living with God as deeply as we can. Living with greater faith than society's level.

God doesn't give any human being any greater decree over another. We are the same and there is no greater authority because someone lives in a practice or protocol. We want to worship God focusing on our thought process and live Love.  God doesn't live trying to understand our religion he is trying to keep humanity alive in conscious evolution. Every human being is a level of energy becoming Love and on that journey, we gradually awaken to God. Our choices in thought and our choices in action will create how we experience God. Even if we don't believe in Him existing. There is no order of difficulty when it comes to God moving through our world and providing what teaches us about Him.

God gives each of us the same opportunity to understand Him. It's incumbent upon each of us to live open to living with Him in order to live in miracles and extraordinaire experiences.  The only requirement is to Love. Everything in life is about becoming conscious of Love because there is no light that gives Heaven other than Love. If we want to live deeper in God we have to carve our Souls deeper. Without consciously evolving deeper in God we have no way to experience greater levels of Him.

Our world is living in miracles, light, and Love but we must be the light able to receive the charge for living deeper in God. Every human being has the same opportunity to live in Heaven while here on earth.

If we only live at the level of matter for money it's impossible to know God and our existence at the level of Heaven. Every world government along with their resources, institutions, and money never had the ability to understand creation or our existence. There is only one reason why so many people over thousands of years couldn't understand life and that is little faith in God.  We never understood human beings were conscious energy living through another level of energy for living in matter.  We didn't know about photosynthesis, Conscious Energy, or how matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Humanity didn't even understand a molecule or atom in holographic light to realize our world wasn't three dimensional it was energy.

Humanity has to live in a higher level of energy in order to process greater levels of intelligence. We want to understand the atmosphere is living with conscious plasma and greater levels of life in intelligence able to communicate. And how photosynthesis is giving our Soul images to live through.

Today we're having an experience beyond what anyone thought possible. We need to look within for living deeper with God. We'll awaken this time to understand the level of the world in Heaven and how God is living in every atom. God has always been reality and the blueprint to life. Learning to live conscious of Love is a requisite for every human being because Love is the way of the world.

When we think of God it's good to realize He hears every thought and knows every desire. Our thoughts live through Him and that is how we receive the images of matter in our Soul. Nothing in this world is secret because everything has to live through Conscious Energy for us to hear it or speak it. May we live to understand God.  The gift is wisdom and knowledge which is light.

Faith doesn't make sense. Its a level of God.