Consciousness in Life

Human beings haven’t understood what being alive is for understanding how God is living with them and what He is capable of. We live in practices, protocols and bible study instead of experiencing Him talking to us and moving not only in our world but through us. Consciousness in life is the only level living in all things. There is nothing else existing except consciousness.

Every human being, bus, tree, building, and the star is energy living in trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. There isn’t form. We only experience form because God is in every atom’s nucleus giving us the light for living in human photosynthesis, which gives us our form.

Every thought we have lives through trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in God. There would be no way for matter to exist if not for the race Conscious Energy giving us our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. They are definitely existing beyond any level we’ve been knowing as another race. They live quantum as energy but can communicate and live in all things. They are self-organizing energy living in the conscious space of God. God is of no form and is of all form only because of human consciousness living through matter. Otherwise, God would happily only be of no form.

God created all life out of His energy. We’re not grasping the light of life because we only experience it from our present level of thinking. We don’t see creations level and science hasn’t lived in the light of God for knowing how matter exists. Even though science knew at the smallest particle, there was only a wave they didn’t know how that wave existed until now.

Every atom is living in hyper light with its measure in God’s energy with human consciousness assigning the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We never live outside of our thoughts and only live listening to our narrative as life.

People will talk more to themselves in this life than to another human being. When we think about life in matter, we want to understand it's a veil of illusion that changes as thinking changes. Perception is only a level of energy and when we change our energy, we change the thoughts that emerge out of that energy. We’re experiencing the world as images in our Soul. If we saw the world at creations level, there are only grids of energy in all directions. No matter exists.

How can food which is a wave change the body? The body is in consciousness. Human consciousness has created every morsel of food to live in the light it does. The only level existing at creations level is subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. The earth and universe are in consciousness and we bring them into being.  We've brought every principle into being in human consciousness. Gravity doesn't exist and yet technology uses it in our world in almost all industries. Atoms only exist in human consciousness. The universe isn't assigning the purpose of any subatomic particles.  If gravity existed it would rip apart the world and matter would cease to exist. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

Heavens level in life is creating the light for human consciousness to being into being anything we can. Gravity would have no existence if not for human beings creating matters level to live in a three-dimensional theory. If we would have understood the particle was a wave, consciousness and human photosynthesis we wouldn't have gravity but a more profound theory carrying the theory of everything which is consciousness in human photosynthesis.

God is a phenomenal level for humanity to understand because it helps us comprehend consciousness and matter. Everything we experience as life, meaning all relationships, friends, family, and worldview only live in our narrative. They never live outside of our thoughts. We give them their livingness through the energy in our Soul. It’s not to say we are living with them as the puppeteer but it’s saying our perception is the only level giving us their livingness. We can’t live outside of our thoughts and every thought is all we live as life.

When God created human consciousness, He created the word for creating the world. We live in free will and can think anything we want and live through it as life. The parameter is human consciousness. We can live beyond human consciousness into Heaven’s level for experiencing a bigger part of our world consciously opening its level in life.

Energy is always living for what gives us greater experiences of the bigger world in Heaven. Our thoughts and what we create as reality makes the opportunity infinite or finite. Society is the temporal level in life. It comes and goes but what is continuous is consciousness, which is the Love we live and have become. The body is like a suit clothes we put on and take off in every life. The entire experience of life will leave for a new one. The people in our life will manifest again through the energy in our Soul for eternity.

If we give self-identity matters level, we end our ability for knowing our Truth. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. This tells us to keep our knowing of self as light instead of identifying self as the name, body, hairstyle, clothes, car, neighborhood, job title, and income.

We live beyond the body in greater light that is honoring our Soul’s journey in more than one experience of matter. Living in matter is giving us the way to carve our Soul into light. We are consciousness leaving self for light. This means we are consciously evolving increasing God’s energy in our light for understanding what being alive is and how God is living. The world is the backdrop giving us the way to awaken and experience Heaven on earth.

Our world lives inside of Heaven for matters level to exist. We have the most incredible opportunity for experiencing celestial races, miracles, and God. When we live society as reality, we become incredulous without really knowing and lose our little person living in Heaven. We make materialism and society’s level of life instead of living in conversation with God and making Him first in all things for experiencing His level of life.

Consciousness in life is for observing our thoughts and how we see things positively or negatively, light or dark, incredulous or childlike,  in fear or Love. It’s for having a way to know are we upset, angry, jealous, worried or happy, inspired and falling in Love with life more and more.

Consciousness in matter gives us the light we are living in and how we are evolving with intelligence, and as Love. Every circumstance and experience gives us the way to live Love effortlessly, but we haven’t been knowing the power of Love or God in life. Love is the energy that expands consciousness and is the only energy in existence giving us higher intelligence.