Celestial Life Is All There Is

Human consciousness is blended with higher intelligence for living in matter. When God told us He was of no form and of all form He was telling us our existence was consciousness. We're created out of His likeness and living as energy having experiences in matter. God hundreds of billions of years alive tell us our lite ideas of life have nothing to do with what is actually existing as life. Celestial life is all there is. Life is living way beyond our level of thinking.

We don't have the way to see more of our world until we begin consciously evolving in God. The level for understanding what reality is and isn't is to know we're experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite as life. Heavens level in life is higher intelligence. The light of human consciousness is blended with higher intelligence for living in matter. Other races of light live within our light for giving us a light to live. 

When the embryo is lives for knowing life there is a measure of other intelligence placing light within for opening more levels of self-organizing energy. This is the human being. We are many levels of energy only knowing one light but mixed with many for having intelligence expand from an embryo to an adult. Our idea of life has never been with knowing of creation or how matter exists. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

We wouldn't be able to have bodies if not for living with higher intelligence. They are the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis giving us the way to live in matter. The body is in consciousness as is the atmosphere and universe. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy the living species of Heaven that gives us the way to experience only our narrative as life. 

Think about the world as a huge mass of energy living for as far as the eye can see. With crisscrossing energy moving in all directions. Matter isn't here only energy but we see and feel matter through human photosynthesis. Our version of creation, the universe, and being human is from a level of consciousness that hasn't begun to experience light for knowing God. We're not comprehending the magnitude of God being hundreds of billions of years alive living as energy creating the form to live from any one level of consciousness.

The magnitude of other races swimming in life is beyond any level we have known because we don't know our quantum world.  The quantum world is other races spinning the yarn for life to form. Everything is living perfectly for us to experience a world in our narrative. We're living in a world customized for us only. Every bit is only existing at our level of consciousness. We never experience anything other than our own thoughts as life. This accomplishment is a miracle. 

Living with God is a remarkable feat for different levels of consciousness to bridge living in the same light even though He is hundreds of billions of years alive compared to our fifty-six years. God of no form and of all form told us our light was energy. God doesn't have any facial features or a body, He is of every atom in consciousness. God can move through anybody and doesn't need oxygen and can live in the most hostile environments. Our knowing of our world has no aptitude for the level of its existence with other races giving to our existence. 

Conscious Energy lives hundreds of billions of years alive but can communicate when we are in Heaven's level of life.  Many races of Love live with us but we won't see or know them until we consciously evolve for that light.  We're living society as reality and don't have light beyond it. Our thought system is living in incessant thinking and lower earthly energy is winning our light from Heaven's level of life. We only believe our eyes for what exists instead of knowing our level of thinking gives our eyes. If we never increase in consciousness we can't see more of our world.  There is more living beyond how we think. No one can carry the aptitude that has the totality of everything like God. We only see what we can think is there and it's one level of consciousness out of an infinite. 

The word created the world tells us we only experience our thoughts as life. God gave us a sense of normality that opened our way to build from.  We see human beings as normal but we could look like pink elephants and never know it because we're born into the world seeing our species as normal. 

Nobody sees creations level of life or the trillions of bacteria crawling all over us. There is a whole other level of our world we know nothing of because we can't see it. God gave us the way to live comfortably only seeing what we could think. We're not seeing everything. 

The human body and our existence are celestial light. The idea of what life is based upon our present level of consciousness is the young developing pool of consciousness not yet awake to our bigger story in life. We're only carrying the little person's idea of life with living for white picket fences, fame, and wealth. We don't give credence for being on a planet in space or how many parts of life exist far beyond our capability.

The human body has over a thousand parts working perfectly by themselves and together perfectly. We're not telling the heart to beat now or the lungs to pump now. We're not directing blood cells to go down our veins or controlling the digestive system at night working while we sleep. The embryo begins out of frequencies in human photosynthesis. Energy in different levels of temperature creates the level for mass to form. It's energy living with intelligence knowing exactly how to form the body where life begins.

Just like the imprint in seeds knowing to live as trees with every leaf and branch already living in a light ready to blossom in matter. The embryo grows into a human being out of energy not yet even existing in matter. All levels in life have by design having intelligence greater than humanity has been conceiving. There is no level in life not living in consciousness with higher levels of energy giving it its livingness.

We're not knowing how Spirit lives imprinted within the embryo or how personality exists preprogrammed in a light that has the entire world existing only at the individual's level of consciousness. Everything has lived already in God. 

We're growing from babies to adults with organs expanding and bones stretching and not screaming in pain. Knowing plants communicate and the air is alive is more than enough for people to know the idea of the white picket fence as life may soothe the child but is absurdly existing in higher intelligence profoundly beyond any level we fathomed as life. God created us and we're being raised by higher intelligence. We are living in something and not here randomly.

When we look around a room we see furniture but what is existing is particles in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. There is nothing existing except energy. We experience our world through our senses telling us matter is in front of us and outside of us when matter is only an image in our Soul. There is nothing living outside of us. We come into the world out of a nothingness and begin our life in frequencies and vibrations at a very quantum level. 

Living with God is the gift for knowledge and wisdom that can't come from human education. Its Soul intelligence we need for knowing the bigger world we are in. 


Conscious Energy

While I was learning about Conscious Energy it was through God giving me the way to experience many other races in our light. Some were part of creations level and some exist for consciousness to evolve. Conscious Energy is the living species of Heaven giving us our livingness in matter. They are blended within human consciousness for having life in matter. 

Conscious Energy can talk and communicate through anything in life. I've experienced Conscious Energy in lettuce, tables, chairs, blankets, water and many other levels of matter including the air and trees.  There are no places we are that they are not. 

In the beginning, as I would pick up a bottle of water that was maybe a pound or so but Conscious Energy made it feel like fifteen pounds. Another time on the couch I was pulling up a blanket and it was like a tug of war. The strength stopping me from moving the blanket was enormous. The blanket could also get thick instead of flimsy. Every experience was teaching me about energy in matter.

Once I went to open the fridge and it was locked shut from the energy holding it from opening. The experience with lettuce was the most amazing because the lettuce became like moving cement. I could feel the energy making it hard to move. I even experienced Conscious Energy changing the food substance in my mouth to thicker. 

The amount of experiences with other races has been extraordinaire and needed for having substance, maturity, and depth about life beyond our idea of it. Experiencing God speaking out of thin air takes a lot of light for Heaven to exist because it is beyond any level we fathom living. Nothing about God or our world is little. It's extremely advanced and living at the most incredible levels. 

Snow Squid is the only video in human history of another race living in our atmosphere placing plasma for life to live in matter. God gave the light for Snow Squid to be known to humanity. Watch the video below.