Atoms in Consciousness

Consciousness is beyond any level neuroscience, biology or physics has known because humanity never understood what matter was. Nothing prepares the world for understanding life when human consciousness shapes its existence out of the dark. People haven't even realized they only live in their narrative. Never outside of their thoughts. Ultimately, there are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We're living through images in our Soul.

When God created human consciousness, He had to create a way for individual atoms to respond to algorithms in self-organizing energy. The algorithm exists with infinite possibilities. Human beings are living in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for uniquely experiencing only our consciousness as the world. Nothing lives outside of our light. 

The world only lives in our narrative. Until pointed out we never realize what we think is all we experience as life. 

Consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy. God's consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance giving life the level of magnitude for having atoms in measure. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness.  Every thought we have create’s the Soul’s journey unraveling its light back to God.

The world is personalized living as our own curriculum for evolving. Everything we are conscious of is in our light. It only lives at our level of consciousness. We are shaping the algorithms we perceive in matter from our level of consciousness. Matter exists exactly as we think it and as nothing. We're bringing everything into being with every thought and we only live what we think. Every level of life lives through algorithms of other intelligence for living in matter. 

Human consciousness lives through a plethora of higher intelligence for our algorithm to exist in matter. God created human consciousness out of other levels of energy within His light for having Heaven on earth and consciously evolving in Him. We needed to have the way to increase in intelligence and other races of light give us the means.

We live aging effortlessly with other races increasing within our light for having higher intelligence. We age from an embryo to a twenty-year-old and so on because of quantum levels of energy living as higher intelligence in our light.  Energy increases for our bodies to live in consciousness aging effortlessly without any say to live as a senior and then out of the body. Consciousness is all that is alive.  

The world is higher intelligence with human consciousness living through it for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness.  Consciousness only lives out of God. It has no level for existing outside of His energy placing it in measure for the word to create the world. Algorithms live quantumly smaller than quarks and in decimals in holographic light. The level to understand the world is resonance. Nothing exists as matter at Heaven's level. There is only energy for as far as the eye can see in all directions. Matter is a temporal level of images in our Soul for awakening through to higher consciousness in God. 

Every algorithm has a unique pattern for communicating with higher levels of light. One emphasis lives in all emphasis to have matter at the level we think it to be. The possibility is infinite. 

Atoms in Consciousness

The probability of a particle we experience continuously. The human mind only lives in probability. The human mind lives in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next. We're in constant self-chatter only experiencing life in our narrative. Human beings live in fillers. We make up stories constantly that do not exist subjugating our thinking with fairytales we make up about our past and future. We're only living out of thought. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

We live creating probability in what may happen or what we want to have happen. Embellishing on future algorithms assuming their position for possible outcomes that don't exist. We're postulating without a light in knowing. Our minds are moving forward in matter giving us the reality to live in matter. The reality isn't anything but an agreement at one level of consciousness. Our world is infinite possibilities when we understand how matter is existing and what consciousness is.

Our thought system creates thought patterns that live to our probability. From birth, we are forming patterns in how we see and hear. Quickly we shape a reality without ever understanding what thinking is or what reality is.  The illusion we shape is very real to us because if we fall we could scrape our knee and it may bleed. The reality of life is only one level of consciousness among an infinite. It's an illusion made to live real so we can carve our Soul evolving in God for Ultimate Reality. Society is the illusion only acting as teh backdrop for consciously evolving through. God is reality opening our light for living within another reality of matters existence. 

Life doesn't understand living because our version has never understood how matter was existing, what consciousness is or how God is giving us the light for living in matter at our level of consciousness. Consciousness is intricate and the level of what is beyond our idea of it. Our idea of consciousness will never have the light until we live enlightened to matter. 

Science diverted its attention to knowing light because of theories from the beginning that made a three-dimensional theory life. They never understood the quantum world of intelligence or human photosynthesis. Science needs to gain in knowledge for the light in life and what is possible. Our greatest victories are tiny fractions of what is possible. We don't understand consciousness for bringing into being higher intelligence of theories that live greater than what we deem incredible now.  Living in light is understanding resonance as the only level producing temperature for matter to exist. Nothing else creates matters level. 

People try to find the atom that can announce the level of matter. They need to understand the atom is held in measure with God within hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of light that shape the atom. We don't see it at any level to know the magnitude of what is there. Were not seeing the totality of the atom we're only seeing what we can from this one level of consciousness that has never understood energy as living races of intelligence. The magnitude of any quantum level of life is brilliantly alive with thousands of light in trillions of levels of intelligence. 

The atoms level is for infinite possibilities in human consciousness. No one can ever live knowing of light until they themselves live for enlightenment. Having a degree in human consciousness doesn't equate to knowing a world that exists beyond human consciousness. What we shape as life and reality never touches on what is here. We only surmise our existence based upon on the present level of consciousness. Which has never until now understood how matter was existing. 

The darkness in human consciousness has made reality and our knowing in a box at the bottom of the barrel of knowing life. We shaped the opposite of what was living as life.

The theory of everything is consciousness living in human photsoyntheiss.

It is the axis of every level of matter existing and is the only light for understanding how every particle shapes matter. Nothing in life can exist without algorithms of higher intelligence which are levels of other races quantumly existing in our light. Nothing in life exists outside of God's energy and His energy within a mass of self-organing energy living as life. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. Air is alive with other races quantumly living intelligently shaping matters level at our level of consciousness.

Our idea of what the theory of everything should be is based upon our need for an equation at the little person level that satisfies knowing something within our light. The theory of everything is consciousness living in human photosynthesis. The equation is light existing only at one level of consciousness experiencing a world at one level of light without any principality of other intelligence. Nothing we deem as the world is anything other than our level of consciousness. 

We are awakening as a baby into the human story and the level of the story develops for our consciousness to live through matter experiencing the world living. Nothing is as it seems. Our reality doesn't exist in anything other than images within our Soul. We never understood what being alive was because we based it upon society as reality and the world living outside of us instead of through us. What we didn't understand was the entire level of what life is has only one light and that is ours. Our theory of matter has never understood the observer as the only light defining its level. No one is living with us as we see. People tell us what we want to hear and don't want to hear. They only live in our narrative. 

Life in human photosynthesis is providing the circumstances of the world at our level of consciousness. The atom has the ability for infinite light. Nothing about the atom is existing outside of God keeping measure. Our temporary visitation doesn't discern the existence of the atom. It's only living for one level of consciousness for the observer. What we think of atom and quantum level of life is anonymously only living at one level of consciousness. 

The theory of everything is consciousness living in human photosynthesis because what we deem at this one level will never exists again and will not live ten thousand years from now. People want to satisfy the level of creating more in matter without comprehending the magnitude of consciousness or why matter is living through God. If we can't live with the aptitude there isn't any equation for satisfying one's quest without light.

We need to evolve for comprehending the world as other races of intelligence giving human consciousness the light for living in matter. When we understand consciousness deeper we can comprehend the theory of everything is consciousness living in human photosynthesis. Reasoning without deeper knowledge of life doesn't help people understand the world it only feeds their present level without knowing other levels of light. Consciousness can't live outside of itself it has to live through itself. 

If we don't consciously live for happiness we can't achieve it. Consciously evolving through light is the process of understanding there is more than what we think existing and there is more living beyond matters level at this one level of consciousness. 

Science never understood matter for knowing life was vibrations, frequencies, and resonance existing quantumly in higher intelligence.  For anyone to believe they can jump from one level of darkness into light because of knowing atomic energy is the absurdity in human intelligence. Human beings have knowing without principality in enlightenment because of the darkness in humanity unable to move life forward. 

We live with technology without substance. The technology is more advanced than we are. The light we live it from isn't seeing the level of technology. We bastardize what it lives for. The military doesn't know peace. Its degrading human life because of not ever understanding what creation is or how reality is existing. No one should carry a gun that doesn't comprehend soceity as an illusion existing at one level of consciousness and only in our narrative. Nothing we experience as life ever exists outside of our thoughts. How many generals know what being alive is? None. They never understood that living in matter is only in our narrative. Nothing lives outside of our level of consciousness.  There's only one of us here with God living through the human story trying to become Love.  

God's Energy is Hyperlight 

God is the energy keeping measure for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.  The Heisenberg theory didn't know what was observed only existed at the observer's level of consciousness whether at the present moment or later through something. No one can simulate not seeing something and then seeing it. It doesn't live in anything other than what we think from beginning to end. Which is existing in probability out of our present level of consciousness. The Heisenberg theory is riddled within a concept of three-dimensional living because it's trying to find measure in particles based upon matters existence instead of understanding Heaven's level in life. Nothing in matter exists outside of the observer. What we should focus on is quantum entanglement living through human photosynthesis. 

Coherence in Consciousness

The coherence is through awareness regardless of our level in light. Awareness isn't the means of living it is only one level of acknowledging life. There are deeper levels of existing having greater coherence in consciousness. Living for enlightenment is mandatory for a society living in consciousness. Human beings haven't begun living for higher consciousness for understanding the awakening process. We think we are well versed in being conscious of life by the time we are forty without ever understanding our living is only in our narrative and the world is an illusion at one level of consciousness. 

Awakening is the process of increasing a higher level of energy within our light for processing consciousness in matter at higher levels. We want to live as Love because as Love we have more of God's energy in our light for processing in consciousness. Human beings are living through everything other than Love to Love and the process increases races of light within our consciousness for deeper knowing of God. 

Quantum Races Are Consciousness

Consciousness is a plethora of other intelligence placing light for human consciousness to have emphasis in matter. Consciousness is a pool of consciousness with higher intelligence living within our light for realizing light in matter.  We're living blended with other races of intelligence beyond our little person awareness. Even when we have no way of knowing higher intelligence it's living within our light for opening our level in God. What do we think happens when intelligence increases? Energy increases in our light.  

Never does anyone go deeper in God for enlightenment. It has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with human consciousness shaping a thought system in the light instead of darkness. We wouldn't hear our thoughts if not for living through God's energy. Only by increasing His energy in our light do we increase in higher consciousness. 

Seven Pillars in God

There are seven pillars in living through human consciousness and they live in God. God shaped self-organizing energy.  The light we live through was created hundreds of billions and billions of years ago. It lives only through higher intelligence. The hierarchy in consciousness is out of Love in our light. The seven pillars of self-organizing energy only comply in Love.  

The seven pillars of Heaven are like seven rays of light having properties of God in every level of all in existence. The light is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy in God living in decimals through holographic light. Parallel universes and higher dimensions are a natural part of life.

Our living is with other levels of light blending what we deliver as thought. Its the process of living in God's energy we haven't understood. 

Life lives as energy and energy is higher intelligence within God. He created His energy to expand. We were created out of His energy for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. Consciousness lives with multiple levels of light creating the light for human consciousness to live out of.  What we live in this life is shaping the next one, which is already having light for our knowing it. Human beings live in a parallel universe only knowing one world at a time. 

The seven pillars of light create God's light in everything. Everything we can think into being is out of these seven pillars of light and already existing. They renew life, restore life, and keep order. The seven pillars of light are Hiphen, Laz, Bak, Nol, Mar, Pias, and Ay.

Decimals have the equation of zero and give infinite numeration for existing in matter. The one doesn't know the zero but the zero holds the one. 


Everything we can live as already existed. We're an idea in the mind of God and everything we experience as life is an idea in our mind. Living is through levels of energy greater than ours giving us the way to live in matter. 

Simultaneous communication is how human beings live in matter. We're communicating with hundreds of trillions and trillions of energy in light shaping the images we live through. We're light in the desk, computer, fingers, sunlight coming through the window, and everything we are conscious of. If we are staring at the sky we are the light of the stars and moon. Nothing we are conscious of lives in anything other than our present level of consciousness. 

Waves of energy live in all things no matter the culture or language. Energy doesn't need to know Russian, Spanish or Italian. It's living within algorithms in a language outside of geometry and human consciousness. 

Our consciousness holds imprints in human photosynthesis. The depth of remembering the variance is light-based upon the temperature in our energy at extreme micro levels smaller than quarks or any idea we have of micro. What we store and process is only the temporal level of life. Love is all that is living.  We are not our thoughts and how we think is part of the temporal level in matter.

Atoms in consciousness are the art of understanding vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living within other races of intelligence. Nothing human is human from the perspective of present human consciousness. We're an algorithm out of God's energy and God is hundreds of billions and billions of years alive. What we think is normal and what life is has no level of comprehending reality at God's level. He created the word and the word created the world. Consciousness is all that is alive and our journey is only beginning for living conscious of life.