Architect of Intelligence

The architect of intelligence is human consciousness knowing what being alive is and how consciousness is living in matter. Our minds are living with hundreds of trillions of tiny levels of energy smaller than quarks for processing hundreds of trillions of algorithms every moment. 

The energy we're living through is algorithms in God giving us the way as conscious energy to live in matter. The world is higher intelligence with human consciousness inside of God shaping its story for living through to deeper levels in God. 

Conscious Energy is the species of Heaven giving us our livingness in matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. We see buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. The world is energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness.  Nothing we're living is anything other than a temporary level for evolving deeper into God.  Matters level is giving us the way to observe our consciousness for consciously evolving. Most people think society is reality but its the illusion only existing in our narrative for living through awakening to consciousness. Most people don't know they only live in their perspective until its pointed out. Our thoughts are all that is alive. 

Human beings experience a world catered only to their level of consciousness. We're living to become conscious of that so that we can understand the bigger world we're in. Life is our personal curriculum becoming Love.  Love is the key in life because its God's energy. Human consciousness was created out of algorithims in God's energy. When we live Love we increase His energy in our light for processing more light in consciousness. 

We're living only in our narrative with every thought shaping the world we live through s the teacher for awakening.  Human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life.  We live in self-chatter thinking about the past and future instead of knowing the present moment. Human thinking sugjugates reality for daydreaming and fairytales changing incedients for what we want to have happen and not happen. People suffer more in the present moment from thinking about things that happened in the past. They're not happening but just thinking about them makes people suffer. The mind is constantly thinking incessantly running stories about the past and possible future.  We live believing we are conscious of life when we are only experiencing our existence from a level of thinking thats not conscious of itself.

Most people have no idea they only live in their narrative. Without knowing that we have no idea what being alive is. Knowing we only live in our narrative tells us the world isn't existing with society as reality its only living one level of consciousness for us to live through to God. Nothing reality is serving is energy in God at the highest levels. Its energy it its infancy not yet knowing itself. 

Human beings live in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next until we consciously evolve to higher consciousness.  We never live outside of our thoughts.

 Even when we listen to another person we're only hearing them from our narrative. 

Society is the illusion acting as the backdrop for evolving beyond to Heaven on earth.  Incessant thinking is the level of the thought system at matters level. We don't know the bigger world. Human beings create reality from the little person level of life that hasn't yet understood consciounses in matter and what being alive is. We think self is our body, name, job title, bank account and neighborhood. Our lives only live for becoming something in society. We haven't begunn the deeper journey for living with God teaching about Himself. 

The world lives very real and if we fall we may scrape our knee. The realness is only having deep There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Our version of reality is backward. What we are experiencing as life is a quick trip moving through matter at our level of consciousness. No one lives at one level of consciousness forever. Energy is always changing form. 

Human beings live through every level of consciousness with matter at the same level for acquiring higher intelligence. No one until these writings had any idea the world was only in our narrative with the level of every bit of its livingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

We've been knowing for thousands of years the dark as life because we made money a second God. We think we're conscious but never knew how matter was existing to understand consciousness and what shapes reality as relative to only one level of consciousness out of an infinite. No one lives knowing reality until they have lived beyond soceity as reality to God as reality. The thought system at society's level doesn't live conscious of what being alive is or how matter is existing. It's shaping everything in darkness. Only by increasing Heaven's level in life do we have the energy for processing greater light in matter.

Only by living Love do we increase light. Love is the key because it gives God's energy in our light for processing consciousness higher. Which means we see greater light in matter.  God told us not to make money a second God because He knew what He created as life and we didn't. But we didn't listen. We shaped the thought system out of darker earthly energy and made matters level all we know as life is. People believe the self is based upon their hairstyles, name, family, job title, and bank account. Never understanding creation or the divine light within.

Thinking isn't consciousness.  Thinking is a temporal level of life and only acting as a processor for matter. Thinking provides the story for awakening through. Consciousness is giving thinking the light it lives out of. We are not our thoughts and our thoughts one story for living through awakening. Consciousness is the knowing of all and doesn't change like thoughts do. 

Our thoughts exist from energy in our Soul from the level of Love we have become. Our light is living only for higher intelligence for holding Love as the only source of living. Higher intelligence lives from God's energy increasing.

We live from an embryo to an adult through increases of higher light which is other races quantumly existing in our light. 

Human consciousness isn't one tiny strand of light. Its a plethora of other races of intelligence quantumly in our light creating our level to live in matter. We haven't grasped being created from God and being created means we live in something that is raising us. Our light is in higher intelligence for living in matter and increasing in intelligence. What happens when we increase in intelligence is hundreds of trillions of tiny levels of light shape self-organizing energy for quantum levels of temperature to exist within our light. The temperature is what changes matters level in human photosynthesis. There's hundreds of trillions and trillions of energy living in decimals in holographic light fro human consciousness to live in matter. 

Increasing in intelligence is only through other races in our light. 

Every thought is energy in an algorithm existing through human photosynthesis. There isn't a human being walking the earth as we see them. There are images in light giving us density in matter for experiencing our little person’s level of consciousness as we awaken to God. 

Since the beginning, energy has been living in our light for having the ability to live in matter and increase in light. 

Energy is the quantum level of life that is other races of intelligence shaped out of energy in God for living blended in our consciosuness.

They live in consciousness blending within our light for having our emphasis in matter. What intelligence lives out of is other races of light. Increasing in intelligence is from energy increasing to process in consciousness. 


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